Barcelona Card: what it is, how much it costs and when it is convenient

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What is the Barcelona Card?

La Barcelona Card is a service card intended for tourists traveling to Barcelona.

Allows free or discounted access to over 80 attractions, including museums, monuments and shows, as well free use of the entire network of urban transport in Barcelona.

The Barcelona Card also offers discounts at certain restaurants and shops.

When is the Barcelona Card worth it, and how much do you save?

The Barcelona Card is available in the following versions:

3 days (72 hours)? cost: € 41,40
4 days (96 hours)? cost: € 50,40
5 days (120 hours)? cost: € 54,90

Assuming a 3-day trip to Barcelona, ​​arriving by plane and using only a 10-trip T-10 booklet, the cost would be € 19,40 (€ 9,20 for a return ticket from the airport + € 10,20, 10 for a T-XNUMX).

If you want to imagine an average tour, choosing among the most popular attractions on Trip Advisor, in 3 days you could visit: the Picasso Museum, the Chocolate Museum, the Casa Battlò, the MNAC (Museum of Catalan Art), the Camp Nou, the Casa Milà, the Fundació Joan Miró, the botanical garden, the Parc Güell, the Aquárium and the Palau de la Musica. Finally you could take a tour with the Bus Turístic.

In the program under consideration, an adult would get a discount of around 25 eurosHowever, a 14-year-old boy would pay 12 euros more, as entry to various monuments or attractions would be free for under 18s.

A 10-year-old child, on the other hand, would save 10 euros. There are three considerations to make:

  1. The estimate does not take into account any evening activities, with which other journeys by public transport would be necessary, and it is possible to obtain other discounts with the Card.
  2. The Barcelona Card allows entry to many monuments and museums through dedicated access, practically skipping the line and saving time.
  3. In 4 days you can visit more attractions than those listed above: taking advantage of free or reduced admissions in numerous attractions, the possibility of skipping the queues, and being able to use transport for free, you can certainly go to more places, improving the economic advantage.

In conclusion: the Barcelona Card is convenient for adults with children who intend to visit Barcelona for at least 3 days, with a saving that is all the more appreciable the longer the stay.

It also turns out very convenient for those who want to live an experience artistic-cultural first-rate in the Catalan city, given that the largest reductions in the card are offered by museum centers.

Adults with boys between the ages of 13 and 18, they could get more savings by paying them single entrances.

While it is true that you could visit Barcelona without this service card, it is also true that you could organize your trip according to the card itself, obtaining even greater benefits.

One last note: those who have already been to Barcelona, ​​and are interested in getting off the beaten tourist track, can get very substantial benefits from the Barcelona Card: discounts on less traveled attractions (but no less interesting) are more consistent than the more well-known ones.

What does the Barcelona Card include?

The Barcelona Card includes free or reduced admissions to a variety of attractions:

  •  all city museums (among others MACBA, MNAC, the Joan Miró foundation, the maritime museum of Barcelona);
  • all the major attractions of modernism (Casa Batlló, Casa Milá, the Gaudí Museum House, Casa Lleó i Morera, the Collserola Tower, the Museum of Catalan Modernism, the Gaudí Center, Casa Amatller);
  • the major monuments (the Basilica of Santa Maria del Mar and that of Santa Maria del Pi, the Palau de la Música, the entrances to all the sites of the MUHBA, the monastery of Pedralbes, the mirador of Columbus);
  • sports sites (the Camp Nou experience, the Catalunya car circuit, the motorcycle museum);
  • attractions suitable for children (the Aquárium, the chocolate museum, the wax museum, the Tibidabo, the Poble Espanyol, the Barcelona Zoo, the Botanical Garden).
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The card offers a wide range of possibilities discounts adapted to the needs of travelers, such as tourist buses, guided tours on foot or by boat, or the rental of bicycles or motorcycles. Discounts are included in a dozen restaurants and some shops, including Barcelona Original Shops, Futbolmania shops and the clothing chain Unequal.

How much does the Barcelona Card cost?

The Barcelona Card is available in 3, 4 or 5 day versions. There is also a Kids version available for children aged 6 to 12 years.

The card is activated automatically with the first use, and is valid until midnight.

Where can you buy the Barcelona Card

The Barcelona Card can be purchased online via the official website, and collected from the following tourist information centers:

Is transport also included?

In the Barcelona Card it is including free access to the entire Barcelona public transport network: it is therefore possible to use all the metro lines, buses and trams, the urban trains of the Generalitat de Catalunya and the regional ones of Renfe within zone 1.

The Barcelona Card also includes transport to and from el Prat airport. The funicular and the Tram blau are excluded from free accessible transport.

With the Barcelona Card it is also possible to obtain special discounts for the rental of mopeds and bicycles.

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