Barcelona public transport passes

With a myriad of travel passes and tourist cards, Barcelona offers different solutions suitable for every kind of traveler, let's see together the various options and how to choose between them.

Simple ticket

Il Simple ticket costs € 2,15 and is valid for both the metro and buses.

You can make a change on the same type of means of transport, for example between two metro lines, but not between different means, such as metro and bus.

It is not possible to reach the airport with this ticket. Of all the possible options it is certainly the least convenient.

T-10 notebook

Il T-10 it is a book of 10 journeys, which can be used in integrated mode: for example, you can take the metro and change to the bus within 75 minutes from the first validation.

The cost is € 10,20 for zone 1, more than enough to visit the city.

The T-10 is much cheaper than the single ticket, as the cost of each ticket in the carnet is € 1,02, much less than the single ticket (€ 2,20).

The T-10 does not allow access to the airport.

T-Dia subscription

Il T-Dia is the daily pass offered by TMB and costs € 8,60 in zone 1.

The methods of use are similar to the T-10, with the difference that with the T-Dia it is possible to reach terminals 1 and 2 of the El Prat airport.

Hello BCN! Card

La Hello BCN! Card is a special transport pass for tourists, available for 2, 3, 4 and 5 days.

The Card allows unlimited use of all means of the TMB and FGC within zone 1, including transfer to and from the airport and the Montjuïc funicular. For children under 4 the Card is free.

The Hola BCN! it is always cheaper than the T-Dia: 2 day passes of the T-Dia cost € 16,80, or € 2,80 more than the Hola BCN! since 2 days. Buy the Hola BCN from the official website.

Barcelona Card

Despite being a tourist card with more services than a season ticket, the Barcelona Card includes in its offer the free use of public transport in Barcelona, ​​ie metro, bus and tram.

Sold with a validity of 3, 4 and 5 days, the Barcelona Card is available in a reduced rate version, for children aged 4 to 12.

Which subscription is cheaper?

Which pass to choose is cheaper than another one mainly derives from how much you intend to use transport.

Assuming a 4-day trip to Barcelona, ​​and that during your stay you will make more than 2 return trips per day by public transport for a total of 16 trips, in addition to connections with the airport.

It can already be said that the Hello BCN! Card it's cheaper than the T-10 plus the airport ticket.

In fact, you will still have to buy two 10-ticket booklets, as 6 single tickets are still more expensive than a 10-ticket booklet, so you'll spend 9,95 + 9,95 + 9 = € 28,90, while the Hola BCN! costs € 26,50. If you have children between 6 and 12 you can already consider the Barcelona Card: in fact, the 4-day card costs € 27, but also includes free access, preferential queues and many discounts.

Those who go to Barcelona for 3 days on the other hand may not find appreciable differences.

Assuming to limit the number of trips to 10, the T-10 plus airport tickets would cost € 18,95, compared to € 20,50 for Hola BCN! 3 day card.

However, if for some reason you have to make an extra trip, and therefore you have to buy at least a single ticket, then the account goes back to Hola BCN! Card: € 20,50 versus € 21,10.

In conclusion, the Hola BCN! Card is advantageous when you plan to move around the city a lot, while the T-10 is cheaper if you limit the number of trips per day.

Compared to the Hola BCN! Card, the Barcelona Card can already be convenient for minors, even if only for transport, taking into account that you can take advantage of further discounts to enter the various monuments.

For adults, you can find out if the Barcelona Card is right for you by reading this article.

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