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There is nothing better in Barcelona when the weather is good than having a beer in a outdoor bar to make the most of the pleasant climate of Catalonia. The city offers a good range of venues with outdoor terraces, some of which are located in the patios of historic buildings in the heart of the city, others in privileged positions to enjoy the view, or surrounded by greenery in public parks. To go with the family, or to go out in the evening, the possibilities are numerous, in this article we list some of the most beautiful places, it will be very difficult to make a choice!

La Caseta del Migdia

Terrace of the Caseta Migdia

Like all special places, to get there you have to take a good hike, but it's absolutely worth it. There Noon House (migdia means midday in Catalan) is a kiosk located on the top of Montjuïc, it is very close to the castle of the same name, looking at the sea on its right side. Originally the Caseta was a disused telephone installation, now in a state of neglect. Today a park has been set up around the kiosk with tables and benches where you can eat, if you prefer you can bring your own sandwiches and take advantage of the wonderful view of the port to have a snack out of the ordinary. During the summer, grilled chicken and roasted corn are usually prepared, but there are days where special dishes are prepared.

Where and when

La Caseta is in a strategic position for all those who want to dedicate a day to visiting Montjuïc: there are several ways to reach the place, perhaps the simplest is to take the road that overlooks the sea, under the castle ramparts, and follow it. with the sea on the left. Once there you can go back taking the internal road: it leads to the Botanical Garden.

La Caseta during autumn / winter opens on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays, from 12:00 to sunset. During the summer it also opens from Wednesday to Friday (only in the evening, usually until 12 am), and on Saturdays and Sundays from 00 noon to well after midnight. Almost always in the evening there is live music, here you can read the reviews on Tripadvisor.

The garden

Another jealously guarded secret in the Raval, El Jardi is a bar with a beautiful terrace located inside the garden of the ancient hospital of Santa Creu, home to the Biblioteca de Catalunya. El Jardi is not easily seen from the street, to find it you have to enter the patio from Carrer de l'Hospital. Taking into account that the Jardi is located a stone's throw from the Rambla, it is a good place to spend some time in peace without too much tourist crowds. Under the old management the restaurant offered few services at honest prices, however things have changed: the restaurant tends to leave something to be desired and the prices have risen a lot. The place, however, is too beautiful to ignore, and it is also possible to stop for a beer, perhaps accompanied by some tapa, without too many problems. Occasionally events are organized in the place, such as flamenco shows or live concerts, strictly in the evening.

Where and when

El Jardi is located in Carrer de l'Hospital, 56 (metro Liceu, green line 3), and is open every day until midnight. You can form your opinion by reading the reviews on Tripadvisor here.

The Old Theater

THEOld Theater it is first of all a cultural and social center that stands as a point of reference in the independent theatrical and cultural scene of Barcelona. The space occupied by the Teatre is an ancient building from 1650 in the city center. As a support tool for the creative center, the Teatre offers a wonderful space for catering, consisting of a small bar inside and two large open-air terraces, one of the two with the shade of a majestic fig tree in the beautiful half. Located in the Born, in the middle of the historic center of Barcelona, ​​it offers another point of recreation which is not limited only to catering, but which includes a very extensive cultural offer.

Where and when

The Antic Teatre is located at number 12 of Carrer de Verdaguer i Callís: the nearest metro stop is Urquinaona (metro lines 1 yellow and 4 red). The bar opens every day from Monday to Friday at 10:00, on Saturdays and Sundays at 17:00, while it closes from Sunday to Thursday at 23:30 pm, and on Friday and Saturday at midnight. If you are interested in theater programming, on this link you can find the official page.

The Summer Coffee

Probably no one could imagine that a few steps from the Cathedral of Santa Eulalia you can find a bar with a terrace in the shade of orange trees, but we are in Barcelona, ​​and surprises are not lacking in this beautiful city. Located in the patio of the Frederic Marès museum, the Cafè d'Estiu is another one of those bars that is worth trying for its magnificent setting, being able to observe the Cathedral while sitting comfortably sipping a beer, or a Portuguese vinho verde. To enter the Café it is not necessary to purchase the museum entrance, although it is worth a visit. In addition, one is expected 10% discount for those presenting the museum ticket, a discount that is also valid for the museum, for those presenting a receipt from the bar (not cumulative, however).

Where and when

The address of the cafe is Plaça de Sant Lu, 5. Located in the Patio of the Marès Museum, the Cafè d'Estiu can be reached by metro from the Jaume I station (yellow line 4), or from the Rambla, (Liceu stop, line 3). Being outdoors, the Café is seasonal, so it opens from April 18st until October XNUMXth. Hours are from 10:00 to 22:00, except on Mondays, when it is closed like the museum. You can read the reviews on Tripadvisor by following this link.


An authentic oasis in the city, in the right Eixample. Located inside the Prince of Girona Park, in the shade of pine trees and beside a pond, the Xiringuito.Aigua is a perfect place to find a moment of calm in the city: pleasant atmosphere, hammocks, and really tasty tapas. The place is particularly suitable for families with children: the little ones can play safely in freedom, and can be easily controlled even from the bar tables. The tapas are really good, and very reasonably priced, Sunday is full of Barcelona families who come to spend the day.

Where and when

The Xiringuito.Aigua is located in Parc Príncep de Girona, in the right Eixample. The closest metro stop is Alfons X (yellow line 4), or Sant Pau - Dos de Maig (blue line 5). The venue is located at an intermediate point between three of the city's major attractions: Parc Güell, Sagrada Familia and Recinte Modernista, respectively 1,6 km, 1 km and 400 meters away. The Xiringuito opens from Thursday to Sunday from 9am and closes at 00pm (Friday and Saturday it closes at midnight). It may be a good idea for a stop on a walk, in which case you should start your journey from Park Güell to walk downhill. Here you will find the reviews of the restaurant, and here the official Facebook page to find out about events and special openings.

Can Deu Civic Center

Terrazza del Center Civic Can Deu

Il Can Deu is a civic center owned by the City of Barcelona, ​​housed in a building decorated in a modernist style, near Plaça de la Concordia in the district of Les Corts. The building dates back to 1897, when it was built it was surrounded by vineyards, and was owned by a wealthy family of alcohol producers, and Deu and Cia, until it was bought in 1984 by the municipality, and later converted into a civic center for the district of Les Corts. Currently the civic center is a public center for social gathering, where a multitude of cultural and social activities are offered, as well as organizing numerous events such as concerts.

In addition to its frenetic cultural activity, one of the jewels of the center is its café bar, with a magnificent and peaceful terrace. In the same modernist style throughout the property, the bar alone would be worth a visit for its décor: mosaic decorated floors, marble coffee tables and solid wood chairs, as well as a series of stained glass windows decorated with floral motifs, each recalling the most prolific architectural period of the city of Barcelona. The air you breathe is that of a typical neighborhood bar: elderly people playing cards or dominoes speaking in Catalan, and children playing on the terrace. Great for those who want to leave the tourist circuits and try a different Barcelona, ​​more in contact with the local reality.

Where and when

Can Deu is located in Carrere Villamur, 21, the closest metro station is Les Corts (green line 3), not far from Camp Nou.
The coffee shop is open Monday to Saturday from 9am to 00pm and on Sunday from 22am to 00pm. On this link you can read the reviews of the cafeteria, and on this one instead the programming of the center.

Do you know other places that deserve to be mentioned in the article? Have you been to any of these bars, and you want to tell how it went? Write your experience in the comments, readers' opinions are always welcome!

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