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1. Harlem Jazz Club - Ciutat Vella

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Harlem Jazz Club
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Address: Carrer de la Comtessa de Sobradiel, 8, 08002 Barcelona, Spain

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 8PM

Telephone: +34 933 10 07 55

Business type: Live music venue

Harlem Jazz Club: what do users think?
Berkay Demirel: This place is really event dependent. They host a wide variety of really good bands and performers, but it tends to attract more tourists than some other spots. The general vibe is nothing to write home about either. Good enough to watch a band you are interested in but wouldn't go otherwise.
Stephen BlauTV: Even If someone like me is not a jazz fan: great live music with real musicians, contagious good vibes, moderate prices, friendly people and open relative long. It was a pleasure.
Paul Criveanu: Harlem is such a great place, we return here often for the great music and the delicious atmosphere!
José Rodríguez: Buen sitio para escuchar Jazz o Blues. Pequeño pero acogedor
Liv R: Cozy jazz club with a relaxing atmosphere. We arrived about an hour before the show and we’re able to get tickets. There is a bar and seating with or without a table. The performance was fantastic with a good sound system to support them. Staff is friendly and helpful.
Dietmar Schmidt: Beautiful location for good music
Virginia Mozzati: El mejor sitio para disfrutar del jazz y de unas cañas bien frías ;)
Ghazal M: Definitely worth the price.
Laura Samvelyan: The person on the phone was super rude.
Maybelle Toczek: Omg! This place is a Vibe! 🤩Absolutely a good time!
Jorge Alcides Buffa: Una cueva de jazz y blues en el corazón gótico de Barcelona
Shaun Smith: Great band with a really great performance. Really is a must do for any Barcelona trip.
Glaucia Holzmann: Los conciertos de Harlem son muy buenos, con músicos de calidad. Pero hoy quiero avaliar la sala. La música ambiente que tocaba antes del concierto dia 14/06/23 estaba fatal. Tan fatal que casi nos fuimos. Es importante mantener la calidad y estilo musical de las bandas que ahí tocan. Las sillas podrían ser más confortables, se que es caro cambiar, pero algo a pensar en el futuro. Una decoración más de Speakeasy tb seria interessante.
Jens Krause: Nice place. Great live music.
Denis Zatsepin: Nice place with home atmosphere and incredible music!
Au _aurum: 색다른 재즈 느낌이었요~~ 관객들과 소통하는 분위기라서 좋았어요~하지만, 냉방시설을 안틀어줘서 땀 흘리면서 공연보느라 힘들었습니다.😂😂😂Tip. 입장료 10유로인데 인터넷 예매로 하시면되고 일찍 들어오셔야 좋은자리 선점 할 수 있어요
Alexis C: A real cosy place for jazz music. Not so expensive. Nice music. I strongly recommend for music lovers.
Klaartje De Backer: Nice place to jam
Mohamed Sherif: PerfectEvery one visit Barcelona must come
Enrique Vitali: An excellent place to listen to great musicians doing their own songs, covers, and jam sessions. We've been a few times and always surprised us. Last time, we saw Chino SWINGSLIDE with his band and was an outstanding performance.
Peacharoo: Best kept secret of BCN for live music. Intimate, small and cosy club, great artists and drink prices. Go!
Nathanael Semmler: Terrific live band! Played some terrific tunes and overall a fantastic place to vibe. Good break from the hustle and bustle of night-clubs.Nice venue and massive Gin & Tonics!
Alexander Morales: A place to jam and have fun with jamzz lovers
Silver Schvede: It was awesome, there were good players who had done their thing for a long time.
Frank Smits: Great night with the immensely talented Chino Swingslide!Wonderful!
José Rodríguez: Good place to listen to Jazz or Blues. small but cozy
Jorge Alcides Buffa: A jazz and blues cave in the gothic heart of Barcelona
Glaucia Holzmann: Harlem concerts are very good, with quality musicians. But today I want to evaluate the room. The ambient music that played before the concert on 06/14/23 was fatal. So horrible that we almost left. It is important to maintain the quality and musical style of the bands that play there. The chairs could be more comfortable, I know it's expensive to change, but something to think about in the future. One more Speakeasy decoration would also be interesting.

Carlos Karaptian: amazing vibes, great musicians, cool atmosphere

Ernesto Jose Paz Palmar: Excelente música y atención, recomendado 100%

Steven H.: Era un muy buen bar. Puedes ir allí.

Gabriel Ceron: Se respira un gran jazz y blues, muy buen sitio

Gena voran: Good place for jazz/blues lovers. Pretty much original old school jazz club

Zain Gil: My favorite place in the city to hear music and have something to drink!

T M: Uno de los mejores lugares que visitamos en Barcelona. Ambiente muy agradable y económico, los precios de las bebidas eran bastante normales y la música maravillosa. La entrada costó 10 euros y valió la pena.Definitivamente recomiendo visitarlo.

Bharath A: Lugar maravilloso

Antonio La Furia: Simplemente increíble ❤️

Renato Cremonesi Jr: Un club de puro jazz con buena música.

Conor Birt: Ambiente impecable, músicos increíbles, almas hermosas y un tiempo maravilloso. Recomiendo este lugar a cualquiera que le gusten las cosas buenas. Ir.

Janco: ¡Espectacular!

Ramona Jobst: Desafortunadamente no es lo que habíamos imaginado bajo "Harlem Jazz".La banda era buena. Desafortunadamente, la cantante no cumplió con nuestras expectativas.

2. Big Bang Bar - Eixample

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Big Bang Bar
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Address: Carrer d'En Botella, 7, 08001 Barcelona, Spain

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 8:30PM

Business type: Bar

Big Bang Bar: what do users think?
Esteban Lafuente: Barra increíble! Un lugar de visita obligada en Barcelona
joel feeney: Solía ​​ser mi bar favorito en Bcn con un gran personal, música en vivo y buen rollo. Desafortunadamente, ahora los propietarios se fueron y un nuevo tipo está a cargo detrás de la barra que claramente tiene problemas de ira, muy mala actitud hacia los clientes, los apostadores y los músicos que vienen a tocar. Hace cumplir agresivamente una política mínima de 2 bebidas. Muy triste ya que solía amar este lugar.
Harry Bennett-Cowell: Fantástico lugar! ¡Increíble micrófono abierto! ¡Personal amigable! ¡Qué lugar tan genial que tienes que venir a ver!
Sohee Jang: 남편이 미친 재즈바가 있다고 데리고옴.1인 6유로 (맥주 2병) 만 지불하면 공연 볼 수 있음. 언어가 통하지 않아도 음악 하나로 모두가 한마음이 되는곳 .. 누구나 신청곡을 작성하면 노래를 부를 수 있는것 같았다. 왜 이곳의 평점이 높은지 알것 같다. 즐거운 밤을 보낸것 같다.끼쟁이는 이곳에 오기를 👍🏻👍🏻
Andres Molina: Música en directo, en la que participan buenos musicos. En los Open Mic siempre encuentras más de un músicx que destaca y sorprende por su nivel
Blanca IGtherealsolaexplora: Gran lugar para sesiones de improvisación en vivo.
melis kaymaz: Vinimos aquí para una jam session. ¡Es genial! 100% recomendado. El menú de bebidas es débil.
Christian Sourice: (Traducido por Google
Oriol Pastor: Brutal. M'ho vaig passar genial amb la Jam de blues i el Marc DanielsRestricciones alimentarias: Tenen Daura pels celíacs
Maurice Fegan: Some or the very live music we've seen ANYWHERE. Highly advise you go on a Wednesday, Thursday or Sunday night.
DAWRIS DESING: Bonito lugar y buen ambiente , recomendado 🌹🌹
Raúl Ramón De Antonio: Local donde los artistas "desconocidos" pueden tocar o cantar 2 canciones por noche y siempre amenizado por Marc y su banda
aldric: Good atmosphere and good music, they don't go too far with the price of drinks considering that there is live music. Lazy service, the bartender was busy serving himself shots with two girls instead of serving us. And the sink is a bit disgusting, but hey
Malp Elvis: Very good atmosphere, I needed more participation, from musicians,Anyway, I will repeat.
Esteban Lafuente: Amazing bar! A "must go" place in Barcelona
joel feeney: Used to be my favourite bar in Bcn with great staff, live music and good vibes. Unfortunately, now the owners left and a new guy is in charge behind the bar who clearly has anger issues, really bad attitude towards customers, punters and musicians who come to play. Aggressively enforces a minimum 2 drink policy. Very sad as I used to love this place
Patrick Romeu: Food: 3/5|Service: 5/5|Atmosphere: 4/5More
Harry Bennett-Cowell: Fantastic venue! Amazing open mic ! Friendly staff! Such a cool place you have to come and see !Food: 5/5|Service: 5/5|Atmosphere: 5/5 …More
Erin Donovan: Service: 5/5|Atmosphere: 5/5More
Renzo Impellizzeri: Today after four years I am going back to this portal of sensations in the Raval, a tremendous experience
Andres Molina: Live music, in which good musicians participate. At the Open Mic you always find more than one musician who stands out and surprises with their level
Blanca IGtherealsolaexplora: Great spot for live jam sessionsService: 5/5 …More
melis kaymaz: We came here for a jam session. It is just great! %100 recommend. Drink menu is weak.Food: 3/5|Service: 5/5|Atmosphere: 5/5 …More
Christian Sourice: Very nice atmosphere. Friendly staff. Good music. Fair price (cheaper than average)Service: 5/5|Atmosphere: 5/5 …More
Nadim Khan: Service: 3/5More
Julia Murschel: Service: 4/5|Atmosphere: 4/5More
Oriol Pastor: Brutal. M'ho vaig passar genial amb la Jam de blues i el Marc DanielsDietary restrictions: Tenen Daura pels celíacs
Emiliana Liaci: Ambiente ideal para disfrutar de una cerveza escuchando música...
Maurice Fegan: Some or the very live music we've seen ANYWHERE. Highly advise you go on a Wednesday, Thursday or Sunday night.Service: 5/5|Atmosphere: 5/5 …More
DAWRIS DESING: Nice place and good atmosphere, recommended 🌹🌹

3. Soda Acústic - Gràcia

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Soda Acústic
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Address: Carrer de les Guilleries, 6, 08012 Barcelona, Spain

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 8:30PM

Telephone: +34 930 16 55 90

Business type: Jazz club

Soda Acústic: what do users think?
John Theo: Small place but amazing for listen to great music.
Àlex Gràcia Tomàs: Bon ambient, bona música i bon servei, lloc recomanable
Iván: Lo mejor además de la música y el ambiente el señor del bigote, tiene un carisma único y te traslada la hospitalidad eterna del gran Líbano
Viviana Bentata: ¡Mi favorito en Gràcia! Buena música, buen ambiente, buen trato. ¡Ojalá pudiera ir más a menudo!
Mevlüt Uzun: It is probably a good place. But they didn’t allow us inside because we didn’t have any cash for the entrance fee, which was “3 euros” (yeah, just three euros). We told them we are just tourists and promised to spend inside by buying extra drinks or whatever. They didn’t accept 🤷‍♂️
Norbert R. Stammberger: Geheimtipp: Vor der Jazzsession am Donnerstag gibt es Konzerte mit frei improvisierter Musik, die eigentlich interessantere Session.
Miguel Tudela Llorens: Buena música
María Verónica Gil Suárez: El lugar es bueno para escuchar música en vivo. Pero el dueño esta loco y amenaza a l@s vecin@s si se quejan del ruido. Actitud que resta todo lo que el lugar tiene de buena música!
Jaume Cirera Garcia: Bona música i bon ambient
Cristina Cacicedo: Local pequeño pero muy buen ambiente. Hacen conciertos muy interesantes y diferentes. El.personal es amable
Gonzalo Criado: Excelente música y sitio
Asun Lopez: Bar único en Barcelona. Buena música, buena cerveza, buen ambiente. ¡Un diez!
E. A. (Tirtaening): Great music, atmosphere and decoration. Come early to take a good seat as it's small and quickly get stuffed, but not too early or the barman would almost get you out! :)
Yoselin Riascos: Genial 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾
Pako Algarate: Buena música en directo en un ambiente agradable.
ANDREU PHOTO: Pequeño local de música en vivo, birras y copas...
Mark: What a great place! Incredible ambiance, nice bartenders, good taste in live music, and good music after the bands finish too. Nice crowd and regulars too. Highly recommend for a fun night. Maybe the best bar in Barcelona? Yes!
Pedro Donoso: Small jazz and related music club. Friendly attention and quite funky programming. Good place to listen to music up close.
Pablo Blanch: Excellent selection of musicFood: 3/5|Service: 5/5|Atmosphere: 5/5 …More
Iván: The best thing in addition to the music and the atmosphere, the man with the mustache, has a unique charisma and transports you the eternal hospitality of great Lebanon
Viviana Bentata: My favorite in Gràcia! Good music, good atmosphere, good treatment. I wish I could go more often!
Miguel Tudela Llorens: Good music
María Verónica Gil Suárez: The place is good to listen to live music. But the owner is crazy and threatens the neighbors if they complain about the noise. Attitude that subtracts everything that the place has from good music!
Cristina Cacicedo: Small place but very good atmosphere. They do very interesting and different concerts. The staff is friendly
Gonzalo Criado: excellent music and site
Asun Lopez: Unique bar in Barcelona. Good music, good beer, good atmosphere. A ten!
Yoselin Riascos: Great 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾
Pako Algarate: Good live music in a nice atmosphere.
ANDREU PHOTO: Small live music venue, beers and drinks...

4. JazzMan - Eixample

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Address: Carrer de Roger de Flor, 238, 08025 Barcelona, Spain

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 9PM

Telephone: +34 667 61 85 93

Business type: Jazz club

JazzMan: what do users think?
박재: perfecto!분위기 좋고 술 맛있어요!
Marty Yates: A Barna institution. Highly recommended if you love intimate bars and jazz. Good times.
Fredy Gallo González: Sitio tranquilo con muy buen ambiente
Denis Shabanov: Great atmosphere and drinks. Gets full at ~12am. Unfortunately, wasn't able to listen to live music, cause it's only on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays.
Andrew Deans: Brilliant bar with great atmosphere, very good music 🎶 great whisky choices
Grace O'Connell: Such a cosy little place, the music was gorgeous and we felt so welcomed, could not recommend more! Such a unique and friendly place to visit and enjoy some live music. Would definitely go back
J Vixnina: Too small in space. Not ideal if you want to breathe and relax. Only standing at the bar if you're lucky, otherwise by the doors.
Mariana Enríquez: Íntimo, buena música (jazz), buena experiencia
Lewis Obrien: Good vibes
Macus Little: Great bar lovely atmosphere
David jerez rodriguez: Hermoso lugar para disfrutar jazz en vivo estoy encantado con la propuesta musical además .
Mostafa Younis: Good musics , cozy place
공영훈: 밤9시부터 열고 10시쯤 갔어요아늑한 공간 어두운 조명.사장님 친절하십니다.공연은 월화수만 열리고 10시부터래요.와인3 맥주2.6 내고 마셨는데월요일밤에 또 가보려고 합니다.비오는날 밤에 혼자 갔더니 더 좋았어요ㅎ
santiago costa: El lugar por excelencia donde se vive el jazz! Lugar pequeño pero de gran potencia musical! Lunes, martes y miércoles hay artistas en vivo donde se mezclan la buena coctelería con la buena música, los precios están muy bien y David el dueño te atiende siempre de forma muy amable e invitándote a vivir su espacio! Lo recomiendo 100%!
laia salomon: Bon lloc per anar a beure cervesa i escoltar bona música en directe.Serveixen empanades per fer un piscolabis
노토토: 와인 맥주 3유로 정도 칵테일 8~10 유로 정도 합니다.칵테일이 맛이 꽤 좋았어요.월 화 수에 있는 재즈공연도 꽤 좋아요. 추천곡도 받습니다. 재즈 공연 없는 날도 재즈 틀어서 분위기 좋고요. 사장님도 주문 넣으면 재빠르게 만들어 주시고 성격도 나이스 하세요.
Daniel: Buena selección de Jazz y decorado impecable
Roger: Imprescindible, encantador, auténtico...Un Club de Jazz de lo mejor de Barcelona.😍
Валерий Новик: Очень небольшое и уютное место с живой музыкой и хорошим обслуживанием.
Ingrid Vilanova: Jazz (i del bo) en viu el dilluns al vespre! Quina manera de començar la setmana!
Fabian Deckwirth: Live Jazz from Monday to Wednesday and well-picked recordings between Thursday and Saturday. The crowd is an interesting mix of music connoisseurs and people from the neighborhood in search of a waterhole. The place has been around for well over 40 years.
Dennis Coyne: Great little spot for live jazz music. Check their website to see if live music is on. Really cool little spot to hang outService: 5/5|Atmosphere: 5/5 …More
Marty Yates: A Barna institution. Highly recommended if you love intimate bars and jazz. Good times.Service: 5/5|Atmosphere: 5/5 …More
Fredy Gallo González: Quiet place with a very good atmosphere
Denis Shabanov: Great atmosphere and drinks. Gets full at ~12am. Unfortunately, wasn't able to listen to live music, cause it's only on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays.Food: 5/5|Service: 5/5|Atmosphere: 5/5 …More
Andrew Deans: Brilliant bar with great atmosphere, very good music 🎶 great whisky choicesService: 5/5|Atmosphere: 5/5 …More
Mariana Enríquez: , buena experiencia(Translated by Google
David jerez rodriguez: Beautiful place to enjoy live jazz. I am also delighted with the musical proposal.
santiago costa: The place par excellence where jazz is lived! Small place but with great musical power! Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday there are live artists where good cocktails are mixed with good music, the prices are very good and David the owner always attends you in a very friendly way and invites you to live his space! I recommend it 100%!
Daniel: Good selection of Jazz and impeccable decoration
Roger: Unmissable, charming, authentic...A Jazz Club of the best in Barcelona.😍

lourdes ochoa: Éste sitio me ha encantado de solo entrar, es íntimo y muy agradable el ambiente, la atención de 10! Sin duda volveré...

5. Milano Jazz Club - Eixample

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2173 reviews
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Milano Jazz Club
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Address: Ronda de la Univ., 35, 08007 Barcelona, Spain

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 6PM Wed

Telephone: +34 931 12 71 50

Business type: Jazz club

Milano Jazz Club: what do users think?
Behcet Rifat (Besh): La comida fue increíble, el ambiente fue increíble, la banda tocó de manera sobresaliente y definitivamente lo visitaría nuevamente, lo recomiendo al 100%
Teresa Cortes Castejon: Lloc de 'coctails' i mudica en directe.
Jose Antonio Muñoz: Buena coctelería, ya la antigua, sin medidas, buen ambiente, música en vivo, ¿qué más?
Miguel Calvo: El bar está bien ambientado y hacen buenos conciertos, es una pena que cuando termina ponen música de fiesta a un volumen atronador. No es un bar para bailar pero con la música tan alta tampoco puedes hablar con nadie. No entiendo porque se llama milano jazz club si no ponen jazz sino la banda sonora de Cazafantasmas y música del estilo. Una verdadera lastima, podría ser un gran garito. Pongo dos estrellas porque ponen buenos tragos.
Jonathan Duff: World-class music, from bebop to fusion to free to flamenco jazz! At reasonable cost.You're obliged to have a drink, though it's better to eat somewhere else before or afterwards!
Ivan J: Buen sitio para tomar un cocktail y escuchar Jazz en directo
100x100Miki: ¡Siempre el mejor ambiente!
Naysha Flores: Es un buen sitio para escuchar Jazz. Antes tenían entradas que incluían consumisión y hoy era la entrada y la consumisión era obligatoria en el sitio 😅
Lyn Rajah Musician: Poor service. I’d booked my ticket months in advance and travelled from overseas to come to the venue. I arrived half an hour before the show began. One member of staff said hello to me then walked off leaving me at the door without a I’ll be with you soon or someone is coming shortly - just nothing! As a solo female traveller, I felt very uncomfortable. Not sure if it was because they couldn’t be bothered, or if they were prejudiced because I’m mixed race. Eventually an older member of staff came and welcomed me who was pleasant but then I took my seat and ordered a mocktail. It took them a long time to serve me and service certainly was without a smile. I paid in cash but instead of them coming right back with my change they instead talked amongst themselves at the bar and totally ignored me until I caught their attention and ONLY then came back with my change. 9€ for a mocktail overpriced! Jazz band very good but half way through they put the levels up - why couldn’t this have been sorted during the sound check?! This made the levels very painful noise wise and I ended up walking out 15 minutes early. 3 stars are for the older staff member being kind and the band being good in the first half but NOT for the appalling service from the bar staff.
Giuseppe: Buen Negroni
Vicente Cardoso Sánchez: The Wax & Boggie concert was great.Food: 1/5|Service: 4/5|Atmosphere: 4/5 …More
Euan Smith: Good music, nice drinks made by a talented barmanService: 5/5|Atmosphere: 5/5 …More
Victor Morel: Very nice place first class cocktails we all would like to have a Christian in life the best Negroni Thank you totallyThe food left a lot to be desired.
Juan Carlos Arevalo: I had a reservation made at 9:15 pm. Ready to go there I see that they have canceled my reservation, to find out what was happening I called them a few times and they didn't even deign to pick up the phone. A joke and a waste of time.
Behcet Rifat (Besh): Food was amazing, atmosphere was incredible, band played outstandingly and would definitely visit again, 100% recommendFood: 5/5|Service: 5/5|Atmosphere: 5/5 …More
Ali NR: I tried to contact me by phone all week and they never answered me. The day of the reservation we went to listen to jazz and there was a trio of fusion music that I didn't like at all. If I had known it wasn't classic jazz, I wouldn't go.
Albert Ferrés Conejero: Service: 2/5|Atmosphere: 4/5More
Daria Gocał: Food: 5/5|Service: 5/5|Atmosphere: 5/5More
Oscar Riestra: The worst margarita I've ever tasted, the cocktail shaker was awful...
Miguel Gonzalez: Excellent live music club, good attention from the waiters, we attended to see WAS & BOOGIE and it was great, we were delighted with their music.
Mayra Alejandra Zabaleta: I love this place, the music, the show, the cocktails and the attention of the waiters is wonderful. We spent a wonderful night.
Jose Antonio Muñoz: Good cocktails, and old fashion, not using measures, good ambient, live music, what else?Service: 5/5|Atmosphere: 4/5 …More
Ambar Sofia Castellanos Villegas: Impeccable and helpful treatment. Punctuality in the show. Recommended to go for a drink and appreciate good music. Affordable prices.
Faisal: Food: 4/5|Service: 4/5|Atmosphere: 5/5More
Carolina Becerra: Good musicService: 4/5|Atmosphere: 5/5 …More
Gérard Massaad: Food: 5/5|Service: 4/5|Atmosphere: 5/5More
Manel: Sitio acogedor para escuchar música en directo, jazz, etc.

Rocío Enríquez (Chio): Una pena que cierren un sitio tan emblemático y especial!!

Jodie Costello: great performance and staff attentive - show was around 1 hour long, drinks were good but not very strong

Lexi Kwak: Era tan, tan buenoPuedes ver un espectáculo realmente bueno por 10 euros.

6. CASA FIGARI // Bar de Jazz - Gràcia

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263 reviews
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CASA FIGARI // Bar de Jazz
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Address: Carrer del Torrent de l'Olla, 141, 08012 Barcelona, Spain

Schedule: Closed

Telephone: +34 930 04 99 75

Business type: Jazz club

CASA FIGARI // Bar de Jazz: what do users think?
Jessica Villavicencio: Buena música. Perfecto para disfrutar y charlar con amigos
Arthur Rousseau: Nice vibe & good drinks.
Simone Secli: Top!!! Musica excelente tanto a nivel de músico que de Dj's y bebidas de muy alta calidad!!!!
Azul Alonso: Exelente para ir a realizarse con buena música
Willy Oppermann: Nice atmosphere and good drinks
Sébastien Roux: A groovy place for a groovy night
Cora L Galavis G: Genial. El chai mule es una delicia, la atención de 10 y la música top. Mi nuevo bar favorito de Gracia
Le le: Buena música, excelente atención, ambiente genial.
Leandro Aguero: Buen ambiente, para ir a escuchar música, bien dividido entre la parte de adelante para estar sentado bebiendo algo o en la parte de atrás bailando un poco con el dj de turno, lugar recomendado
Jose Pinto: Tremendo ambiente y buenos drinks.
Asun Pere: Volveremos
Francisco Campos: Buena música y tragos
Martin Bastos: Muy buen ambiente! Y precios accesibles!
ana tejedor: No.
Jgcarlos Norway: Es un sitio guay para tomar algo y escuchar música en directo
VALQUIRIA PLAZA: Buen ambiente, buena musica y los cocktails son lo mas!Hacia falta algo asi en Gracia 😊Ah! Y Romina, la chica que trabaja en la barra es super atenta, amable y rápida!
Aidan Deaves: Great jazz bar experience. Went on a thursday night (jam session) and it was amazing. Fantastic musicians and nice drinks, what else?
Monse Sol: Very good music, quality concerts and good service.
Fernando Müller: Incredible atmosphere to enjoy live jazz and craft cocktails
Rod Sevilla: It's a great place to drink good cocktails while listening to a great selection of music. highly recommended
Jessica Villavicencio: Good music. Perfect to enjoy and chat with friends
Simone Secli: Top!!! Excellent music both at the level of musician and DJ's and very high quality drinks!!!!
Azul Alonso: Excellent to go to perform with good music
Cora L Galavis G: Brilliant. The chai mule is a delight, the attention of 10 and the top music. My new favorite bar in Gracia
Le le: Good music, excellent service, great atmosphere.
Leandro Aguero: Good atmosphere, to go listen to music, well divided between the front part to sit and drink something or in the back part dancing a little with the DJ on duty, recommended place
Jose Pinto: Tremendous atmosphere and good drinks.
Asun Pere: We will be back
Francisco Campos: Good music and drinks
Martin Bastos: Very good atmosphere! And affordable prices!

SampleRate Producer: Sitio ideal para los amantes de la músicaSuele haber live music todos los díasEn géneros jazz blues funk soul, la calidad de sonido buena en una buena ubicación de gracia en su representación.🍻Despues de la actuación también hay 1 dj en este caso funky soul hits disco😵‍💫Me quise quitar la camisa y hacer unos pasos 😁

Aidan Deaves: y fue increíble. Fantásticos músicos y buenas bebidas, ¿qué más?

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