Best Circus Shows In Barcelona Near Me

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1. Papallona Circus - Ciutat Vella

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64 reviews
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Papallona Circus
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Address: Av. de Francesc Cambó, 36, 08003 Barcelona, Spain

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 3PM Wed

Telephone: +34 931 19 16 99

Business type: Circus

Papallona Circus: what do users think?
ivan loza
ivan loza: Best juggling store in Barcelona! 🤹🏻
Carlota Royo
Carlota Royo: Great products and staff.
Milly Maldonado
Milly Maldonado: Good
Pablo G
Pablo G: An extra-ordinary space where performing arts, kindness and good products converge. If you are an acrobat, clown, or circus artist, here is your obligatory stop in Barcelona. Vicente and his team will assist you in finding what you are looking for. Long live dream shops like this one!
Miquel Carrillo Larrosa
Miquel Carrillo Larrosa: Hello, Two weeks ago I bought some regatons at the store. The truth is that I have not juggled so much in two weeks that they are already like this. Apart from the fact that it is the place where they have been more expensive, I think they should review the quality of these ferrules. regards
Ramon Peris-March
Ramon Peris-March: How lucky to have this store. They will advise you professionally and by juggling and circus techniques you will improve personal and collective aspects such as reflexes, discipline, effort, laughter, communication, acceptance, inventiveness...
Bousquet Anne
Bousquet Anne: super jolie boutique de cirque, pour les connaisseurs et les debutants. Petite mais tres bien achalandee, Vicente was a plaisir de vous renseigner et vous conseiller, il connait tres bien tous les produits. Super ideas pour les cadeaux de Noel! et prix tres raisonnables aussi. A very nice store, for amateurs as well as beginners. Small store but with a wide variety of products. Vicente is happy to inform and advise you, he knows all his products very well. Very good ideas for Christmas gifts! and with good prices.
Lola Hernandez
Lola Hernandez: The girl who has attended me, super friendly, patient and close. And they have everything you need... to juggle...
Saïd ABSE: Fantastic juggling shop and circus! Very colorful because in addition to circus material they sell paintings, drawings, illustrations, photography, sculptures... All circus! And they also have books!! And the people there, super nice and nice

2. Circo Raluy Legacy Oficial - Ciutat Vella

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56 reviews
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Circo Raluy Legacy Oficial
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Address: Rambla de Mar, 08039 Barcelona, Spain

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 11AM Wed

Telephone: +34 648 70 15 91

Business type: Circus

Circo Raluy Legacy Oficial: what do users think?
Benjamí Vilar
Benjamí Vilar: We liked it a lot, both adults and children. A very well connected and choreographed show. The breaks between numbers very funny. Two hours that fly by.
Laura Clotas
Laura Clotas: We went to the front row and for the kids it was great. It is a very complete and fun circus for everyone. great stunts
Marc Pericas
Marc Pericas: Magical, elegant, spectacular, close, intelligent... a reference circus. I love it!
Luisa Canton
Luisa Canton: Spectacular. Highly recommended. We have hallucinated 2 adults and two children. The show is amazing, the caravans are very beautiful and with a thousand stories to tell. Wonderful everything. Thanks.
Jose Sicilia
Jose Sicilia: It is the second time we go and we will repeat, for sure. For us the best circus show; infrastructure, staging, characters, performances, price... Very happy every time we go. Thanks for your work!
Luisa Boix
Luisa Boix: Beautiful circus with excellent artists. Every year they premiere a show, all of them are great. 2 hours of entertainment for young and old. Private events and parties are organized. Do not miss it!
Laura Gaya
Laura Gaya: High quality show, we loved it. To highlight the vintage visual style that differentiates them from other circuses (clothing, decoration), old, modernized and taken care of down to the smallest detail! We will repeat!
Ana Camacho Denueda
Ana Camacho Denueda: Two hours of magic, elegance on stage and fun, without a doubt we will repeat. Great professionals. We loved it. An incredible team of artists and comedians.

3. Circus Universal - Nou Barris

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47 reviews
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Circus Universal
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Address: Plaça de Can Dragó, 08016 Barcelona, Spain

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 10PM

Telephone: +34 644 54 50 46

Business type: Circus

Circus Universal: what do users think?
Rachel Bachs de Miquel
Rachel Bachs de Miquel: My experience this afternoon has been good. I have always been fascinated by the circus world and have not been disappointed. Is it a small circus? Indeed. Does that make it familiar? More than likely. Although it is true that the sound of the microphone of Joanes, the master of ceremonies, affects his speech and diction a little, that does not detract from the enchantment of the story, much less the professionalism of each one of them. My 3-year-old son liked it and the adults loved it. I wish my session had been more crowded, because they deserve much more applause.
Noah: The show was good, the fabrics, the hoop, juggling... But last year it was longer and more impressive, there was a light show and other mini shows. I hope after this they make it longer or more impressive.
juliette arthaud
juliette arthaud: We found the show very disappointing. All very basic, the numbers, the clown, the plot..... We went with our son and he had a good time... For the price we paid it was not worth it.....
Laura Arroyo Rivera
Laura Arroyo Rivera: We were in Terrassa yesterday, we laughed a lot, the show was great, the only thing to try to improve is the sound that when the presenter spoke it is very difficult to understand and it is a shame because it gives the sensation that the voice vibrates. The clown a 10
Alfonso Ruano Fernandez
Alfonso Ruano Fernandez: Small but charming circus. My children and parents had a great time. David the clown is very funny and very good in his role. Shows with magic, trapeze artist, and others all very beautiful. If they return to Gavá I will return without hesitation.
Luis Asensio
Luis Asensio: Very good for children, they can interact with the artists. Circus staff very friendly and close.
Manuel López Fuentes
Manuel López Fuentes: Together with my wife we ​​have enjoyed an afternoon of illusion, laughter, fantasy and emotions. They are incredible professionals who take you into a fantastic story. Thank you very much and we assure you that this afternoon we will never forget it!!😃😃😃

4. VI Circ d'Hivern L'Hospitalet de Llobregat - Districte VI

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31 reviews
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VI Circ d'Hivern L'Hospitalet de Llobregat
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Address: 08907 L'Hospitalet de Llobregat, Barcelona, Spain

Business type: Circus

VI Circ d'Hivern L'Hospitalet de Llobregat: what do users think?
Umberto De Martino
Umberto De Martino: Nice show with a nice message/lesson for the kids
Yolanda AC
Yolanda AC: 12/18/2022 a very funny show
Pau RT
Pau RT: The show is fine, but for young children I find it somewhat boring.
Pamela FrongiA
Pamela FrongiA: I really liked the show and I also recommend it to my 7-year-old son
barbara fimia
barbara fimia: To be free is fine, but it is not a function that children can understand.
Merche Garcia Lopez
Merche Garcia Lopez: Highly recommended, we liked it a lot and it is worth going.
Gilberto C. Monasterios R.
Gilberto C. Monasterios R.: Good to have a different time

5. Palau Sant Jordi - Sants-Montjuïc

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21132 reviews
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Palau Sant Jordi
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Address: Passeig Olímpic, 5-7, 08038 Barcelona, Spain

Telephone: +34 934 26 20 89

Business type: Event venue

Palau Sant Jordi: what do users think?
William Burnett
William Burnett: Big in door arena we watched the hot wheels monster truck show here. Excellent show, excellent venu food is actually quite good for s place like this. Staff friendly and helpful. Entrance to the arena was very quick and stress free. All in all too venue, tip show would visit again.
Riccardo Pettignano
Riccardo Pettignano: Great Iron Maiden concert!Only huge sandwichs with mostly break and no food truck outside.90cl beers for 10€, quite good
DYM Rain in Spain
DYM Rain in Spain: The Wife was about seven years old when The Cure was formed in 1978. I almost saw them in 1989 in Dresden when the Berlin Wall came down. Paula Sant Jordi will hold a special place for me since it was the first big stadium concert for my wife, now 50.
Luis Ricardo Jauregui
Luis Ricardo Jauregui: Very good venue. Only thing is the seating shortening not very intuitive a lot of people confused their seats.
Nataliia Burlachenko
Nataliia Burlachenko: Great place for great events and concerts. My daughter is happy with Black Pink concert that we just visited. Good organisation, good location.
Marc Knoben
Marc Knoben: Nice concerthall with great acoustic!
Aaron Foo
Aaron Foo: Very large stadium with well-organised events and management team. I came here to watch Blackpink perform and it was a surreal experience. Thank you to everyone who made this event such a huge success and a feast for the eyes and ears.
Barry: Beautiful stadium, hosting the best and most popular music concerts and sporting events very well organised friendly staff, the stadium is ideally located a short drive from main tourist areas in Barcelona ,and surrounded by other tourist attractions, highly recommend visiting while in Barcelona

6. Centre de les Arts del Circ Rogelio Rivel - Nou Barris

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46 reviews
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Centre de les Arts del Circ Rogelio Rivel
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Address: Carrer de Portlligat, 11, 08042 Barcelona, Spain

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 9AM Wed

Telephone: +34 933 50 61 65

Business type: Association or organization

Centre de les Arts del Circ Rogelio Rivel: what do users think?
Jordi Jané
Jordi Jané: Excellent Circus school, both for professional and hobbyist training alike. Check out the website for course information, schedules, etc.
basel axiom
basel axiom: Good
Jowy Aerialist
Jowy Aerialist: Barcelona official circus school with regular workshops and professional training of 2-3 years in circus arts. Highly recommended to visit if you are a circus professional or if you are looking for good level workshops and to be involved in the circus scene in Barcelona. It is in the upper area of ​​Barcelona, ​​with good views and better air to breathe!
Juanjo Hierro
Juanjo Hierro: Unique in Barcelona if you have children it is mandatory to come. What an atmosphere It is impressive to see the faces of the children when they enter and on top of that the artists come to greet you. It is priceless, you also have the Casal nearby in case you still want to party. The only bad thing is that you have to walk to get there.
Miner Montell
Miner Montell: It is one of the pioneer circus schools in Spain. From the 2015-2016 academic year you can obtain a medium degree degree. Great work environment He also teaches a great diversity of workshops for outsiders.
María Jesús Mañas
María Jesús Mañas: At the foot of Torre Baró Castle !!!
Xavier Canalda Garcia
Xavier Canalda Garcia: If you want to know and start the circus, this is your school. The white circus tent is amazing.
Olga Ruiz
Olga Ruiz: My children enjoy circus school a lot, they learn techniques and it is very entertaining, fun and I supercommend it

7. Teatre Coliseum - Eixample

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6727 reviews
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Teatre Coliseum
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Address: Gran Via de les Corts Catalanes, 595, 08007 Barcelona, Spain

Telephone: +34 932 15 95 70

Business type: Performing arts theater

Teatre Coliseum: what do users think?
OdnetninI: Loved it!!! "El hotel de las reinas" was my first drag show and I will repeat next near.However, some spots are not very good... Chose something in the front midle but starting on the 4th row.
Yaaqobh: Very nice building!
Aldo A
Aldo A: Great theater with an outstanding atmosphere! Lower floor seems smaller than the upper one, however alĺ positions had a comfortable distance to the stage.
Ant L
Ant L: Very bad at informing pre booked ticket holders that an event has been cancelled. Look at the main entrance and poster for the event. Nothing to say event was canceled not even on their own website. Finally had to look on social media for an answer. Amateurs comms needing to reach out better to their clients.
Manny Florenzan
Manny Florenzan: I really enjoyed this theatre, the access is fine, the place looks maintained and the play we went to watch was really good.
Automatización Industrial 4.0 (Sergio Pérez)
Automatización Industrial 4.0 (Sergio Pérez): FOREVER The Best Show KING OF POP Michael Jackson
viking 4a
viking 4a: Very good show about the history of MJ. Performers were descent and its clear to the audoence that they love King of Pop. Also, the theater is beautiful and chairs are big enough.
MiR Gimenez
MiR Gimenez: One of the iconic places in Barcelona not to miss...

8. Sala Apolo - Ciutat Vella

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8883 reviews
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Sala Apolo
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Address: Carrer Nou de la Rambla, 113, 08004 Barcelona, Spain

Telephone: +34 934 41 40 01

Business type: Night club

Sala Apolo: what do users think?
Ольга: I liked the place, the MONATIK concert was amazing. Full location of Ukrainians, incredible. When we came, we were a little bit late, but the stuff were really attentive and showed us were to go. We tasted the white wine at the bar, it was delicious, and the price was OK. We will go once more when search some new concerts.
Cat R
Cat R: One of the best concerts I’ve been to! We went to see Hermeto Pascoal band, one of my favourite jazz bands and we danced a lot. On the sides of the stage there’s a lot of space!
Michael Jakes
Michael Jakes: Bouncers are extremely rude. We were refused at the door as my friend was wearing shorts however was previously informed by another security guard that shorts were okay. I was later refused entry if I attempted to re-enter as I left under the line instead of waiting for the bouncer to open it. Unfortunately the bouncers are there for a power trip.
Yaël: Saw a Tiktok recommendation for this club. Did not disappoint. A ticket was 14€ and the vibes were great. 2 floors and both DJs knew how to entertain and did an amazing job. One of the best spontaneous club experiences of my life. HIGHLY recommend!
Charlie Van Ness
Charlie Van Ness: Me and my friends went to Apollo to have a good Friday night. About midway through the night after buying VIP bottle service, we were walking from the lower room up stairs back to our table. When we cross to the lobby we were jumped by about 10 bouncers, me and one other guy (probably mistaking us for someone else as we were not too drunk) they proceeded to take us out into the street and beat us into the ground (choking my buddy) until we stayed down. They broke my phone and watch and stole his wallet. We filed a police report and talked to the club owner but no damages were every received. When we tried to get our friends from inside the club we had to use other people to go and find them. The staff was violent and looked to be on drugs as there eyes were bloodshot and they refused to make Eyecontact. I’d also imagine the police is on there payroll as our police report was dropped even though they are about a block from the station. (We showed up all beaten up and they rlly didn’t care) Pro Tip- don’t go here
Sofia Alonso
Sofia Alonso: Horrible place. And the employees, one Brazilian was super rude to when my friend had a panic attack next to the stairs. This employee insulted her calling her “estás loca” after she was struggling with an anxiety attack. Extremely rude and poorly taken. Then I said “Pondré 1 estrella por lo mal que tratan la gente aqui” and the other girl responsible who was also an employee next to the stairs said ironically “Ponle 2 estrellitas” How are these people employed at your place? DISGUSTING behaviour.

9. L'Auditori - Sant Martí

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9009 reviews
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Address: Carrer de Lepant, 150, 08013 Barcelona, Spain

Telephone: +34 932 47 93 00

Business type: Auditorium

L'Auditori: what do users think?
Adrià Barrobés
Adrià Barrobés: Its a really good place to enjoy an orchestra. I will come!
Bárbara Dias
Bárbara Dias: Just saw Rita Payes last night, amaaazing show, but it’s just kinda sad that I paid more to see less, bought the tickets a few months ago, front row (right side/even numbers) came from Portugal, and just saw the drummer’s back the whole show 🙃
Ray Guan
Ray Guan: Horrible communicating by the staff (the girl even admitted). Instead of telling me to wait near the entrance so I could enter during the break, I was directed to the wrong floor and by the time I was at the right entrance the performance began again. Unacceptable.
Abraham Anka
Abraham Anka: The history of music, not only Spanish, but worldwide, spread out on a platform in a dynamic and entising way with instruments of all sorts. A very recomended museum for music lovers.
John Power
John Power: Always a pleasure to go to a concerthere. Nice atmosphere and great acoustics.
Jean T
Jean T: Exhilarating experience. Beautiful and intimate interior. Fascinating orchestra of Barcelona performance.
みん太郎: The wooden hall gives a soft sound.The 2nd floor seats, the front row will get better sound.
Cael Coventry
Cael Coventry: Spacious and comfortable seating, well designed auditorium that you can hear well from everywhere.
Brendan Quinn
Brendan Quinn: I visited a concert here that was performed by local school children. The auditorium is clean, spacious and very comfortable and the accoustics were amazing. The staff were friendly and helpful. The programme for the year is extensive and it really is a great place to see live music.
Steve Vink (Batvink)
Steve Vink (Batvink): Interesting for musicians and seeing the progression of instruments. The timeline needs updating, a lot has happened in the music industry since 2007 when the display ends.

10. Razzmatazz 2 - Sant Martí

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134 reviews
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Razzmatazz 2
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Address: C/ de Pamplona, 88, 08018 Barcelona, Spain

Business type: Concert hall

Razzmatazz 2: what do users think?
Shawn South
Shawn South: Flew over from UK and saw Opeth at this venue as part of my holiday, was very impressed with the sound and drink prices, the rooftop smoking balcony was a nice touch as was the balcony seating. Will definitely return!
Hernan Mastrogiacomo (Hernee NYC)
Hernan Mastrogiacomo (Hernee NYC): Amazing... The PA system sounds awesome and the lights are absolutely insane! Went to see a swedish hard rock band last Sunday and it blew me away. Great spot in Barcelona to see live bands, definitely!
Brenda Kaiser
Brenda Kaiser: Went to see “la femme” the band was incredible, but the sound really really sucked. It was very bad. I feel it is not responsible towards the band and towards the spectators. Would have expected more. 100% issue from razzmatazz and not from the band.
Kristopher Kuss
Kristopher Kuss: This is a decent venue. The sound is good. The atmosphere is industrial.
Sonia Matarin Pino
Sonia Matarin Pino: Super🤘
Alba: Staff is not very friendly but i have seen great bands here
Rafael Pierre
Rafael Pierre: Amazing sound quality, cheap drinks, friendly staff
Mara Tabiadon
Mara Tabiadon: 11 euros for a drink and 4 for a GLASS of water? Yikes
Leni Moreno Penna
Leni Moreno Penna: EODM: nice concert
BIDEMI OLATAYO: Amazing experience

11. Palau de la Música Catalana - Ciutat Vella

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35772 reviews
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Palau de la Música Catalana
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Address: C/ Palau de la Música, 4-6, 08003 Barcelona, Spain

Telephone: +34 932 95 72 00

Business type: Concert hall

Palau de la Música Catalana: what do users think?
Steven Cheng
Steven Cheng: Not here for a concert but enjoyed a cup of coffee and admire the building! It is amazing! I was speechless! So much detail to discover, so many little things to appreciate! The coffee shop serves very nice coffee and meal! The shop itself also have lots to appreciate Besides the churches here in Barcelona you needed to go and see! This music hall are not to be missed!
Juan Jose Arroyo
Juan Jose Arroyo: Amazing place. A must visit. I really recommend the guided tour to get the most out of your visit. It is one hour. But you get great facts and can sit in reserved areas. Great tour
Jamie Marie
Jamie Marie: In awe of the interior and the details. It was a majestic feeling seeing the ceiling and the stage with all the designed pieces. We originally went to watch a concert at night and the next day, we even went back during the day just to see how gorgeous it is and luckily there were a few people during the afternoon since they close at 16:00. We went there at 15:00 😉
Dharma Initiative
Dharma Initiative: One of the most beautiful auditoriums in Spain, its modernist architecture is stunning inside and out. You must visit calmly to be able to really appreciate every corner of this amazing building and get in detail the great vision that Domenech had when he designed this palace. It is a must see when you are in the beautiful city of Barcelona.

12. Companyia d'espectacles i animacions Tager - Sant Martí

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361 reviews
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Companyia d'espectacles i animacions Tager
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Address: Carrer de la Ciutat de Granada, 28, 08005 Barcelona, Spain

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 8:30PM

Telephone: +34 669 95 42 93

Business type: Entertainer

Companyia d'espectacles i animacions Tager: what do users think?
Spounge Panda
Spounge Panda: Gerad is a true professional! Efficient and repsonsive communication (in English in our case) meant that he turned up on the spot and time we agreed without any problems, and was ready to go as soon as he arrived. Not only did the kids love it - I mean, oh my god... they were falling over laughing, but also the parents had a fantastic time, as everyone can join it at some point anyway. Its maybe not the cheapest option for your birthday or event, but then cheap has rarely meant its good. And in times like these (Covid...) we were more than happy to support a true and very talented entertainer, whos passion can be felt. Hope that this can continue for a long time, as the only thing that really matters in life are - people!
Response: Waaawwww such a emotional words! I just can say THANKS for your confidence in this difficult times. We will continue doing our best for being a good entreteiners. Thanks you one more time :)
Laure DALBARADE: We had a great time. he was very funny with the kids who loved it! The animations are amazing, funny and professional; thanks again
Response: Thank you! It was a pleasure!
Gionter M
Gionter M: Positive: Professionalism, QualityVery professional, English speaking host, and very funny for children. They have enjoyed every single moment. Thank you so much, Gerard! Easy communication, all questions answered.
Response: Thank you for your review and your confidence with us. It was amazing party with lovely people. See you soon!!!
Gemma Cals.viñas
Gemma Cals.viñas: April Birthday, 7 years. Nothing more to say than ... GREAT !! It had the kids entertained for 2 hours (hard to get) ... interact with kids and parents, the show is participatory and super fun !!! We will repeat for sure !!
Response: Thank you so much Gemma for your words! I was very comfortable !! Thank you for trusting us on such an important day !!
Pilar Hidalgo
Pilar Hidalgo: Adults and children enjoyed an hour of a fun, fluid show, with great taste and full of magic! And finally, great fun dancing! The organization prior to the performance was excellent. Gerard is a professional in all aspects! We will repeat for sure!
Diana Durand Gómez
Diana Durand Gómez: A very exciting experience, my girl more than delighted! Children and adults had a lot of fun, lots of laughter and even dancing. Gérard is very patient, a professional!! Highly recommended 👌
Response: Thank you very much Diane! It was a pleasure to be at your daughter's birthday! Thanks for your words.
Dinamització Can Carol
Dinamització Can Carol: The magician Mestre Posay, from the Tager Company, filled the multipurpose room of Can Carol with creatures ready to enjoy a fun show. Both young and old, everyone ended up very happy!
Response: It was a great day! With a lot of people in the room, very participative and very eager to spend some magical moments! Surely we will see each other again with more magic and lots of excitement! Always yours M.Posay♥️♣️♦️♠️ ⭐MaaaaaaaaJinga⭐
Laura Toboso Martínez
Laura Toboso Martínez: It invites participation, is spontaneous, charismatic, innovates, seduces, motivates... Recommended for family shows because it attracts any age, knowing how to highlight what attracts attention at all times. Music, magic, fun, choreography, sense of humor, adaptation to a specific age, soap bubbles and laughter.... All included in 1 hour!!!

Barcelona is home to some of the most spectacular circus shows in the world. From traditional circuses to modern acrobatic performances, the city has something for everyone. The city's most famous circus is the Gran Circo Price, which has been entertaining audiences since 1881. This traditional circus features clowns, acrobats, jugglers, and other performers, all of whom put on a spectacular show. For those looking for something a bit more modern, the Cirque du Soleil has been performing in Barcelona since 2003. This show combines traditional circus acts with modern music and dance, creating a truly unique experience. For those looking for something a bit more daring, the Circo de los Horrores is a horror-themed circus show that features fire-breathers, sword-swallowers, and other daring acts. No matter what type of circus show you're looking for, Barcelona has something for everyone.

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