Best Dinners With Show In Barcelona Near Me

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1. Gatsby Barcelona

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1693 reviews
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Gatsby Barcelona

Address: Carrer de Tuset, 19, 08006 Barcelona, Spain

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 9PM Wed

Telephone: +34 937 00 44 53

Business type: Mediterranean restaurant

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Gatsby Barcelona: what do users think?

Demetre Dzmanashvili (Hohenheim): If you want to enjoy your time with friends and at the same time watch the great show you can go to this place. The show was absolutey amazing, the singing was so good sometimes you may mistook it with the original one. The food was good, especially strak was superb. Menu costed 80€ per person without drinks. So it is expensive but if moeny is not stopping you, you should try it

V M Ronnie: I did not have a great experience here as for the duration of the evening i have ordered several drinks and only 2 made their way to me after more than 2 hours waiting. Luckily we have been given some still water while waiting for the drinks. The food wasn’t great with only the jamon that was of a very good quality. Too expensive for the service we have received.

Chlo C: Heard mixed reviews about this place but wanted to see for myself. One of the things I head was the I’ll treatment for people of colours and sticky entry requirements. We booked online for a Friday night dinner and show. We called to confirm reservation and managed to get through however the lady rushed the conversation which was a bit off putting, she also said our table would be cancelled after only five minutes, normally restaurants allow fifteen minutes. We arrived and were greeted by staff who were pleasant enough. Our reservation was at 9pm which I believe may be the time they open as we were one of the first tables to arrive. We waited by the bar for a few minutes until we were shown to our table which I believe was one of the worst in the venue. We were at the back by the entrance. I am not sure when we were given that table when we arrived on time and the venue was empty. Throughout the night I saw staff changing tables around throughout the evening to accommodate the guests coming inso it was clear there were no “set tables” so to speak. So unsure why our group did not get a better seat. Food and drinks were good. I especially liked my salmon, cooked well with good flavour. The shows were entraining really enjoyed that aspect however I would have enjoyed more If we were not tucked away in a corner. When the hill came were were surprised to see three charges of €3.50. We questioned it as we thought it was a mistake only to be told that that is the charge for the use of cutlery, plates and napkin per person… this was quite odd and not something we had heard before but paid it anyway not to cause a fuss. To conclude I wouldn’t say don’t go, it was a different kind of evening and something that we don’t do all the time so was nice however I wouldn’t return in a hurry.

Nermeen Galal: They have small shows (singing and dancing) starting from 9.30pm to 12pm. So they give you time to have dinnet and enjoy the show. After that, the dj takes over and we really enjoyed the music, show and the food.

Max Martinuzzi: So great, I has been here for a private birthday party. The show is two hours long and the entratenement has been captivating. We eat very much nad it was good for beeing in a kind of disco. The place was very crowd but we has felt secure and had a lot of fun.

Maya Maria: definitely fun place, but very sceney so depends on what you’re looking for, set price minimum for the dinner and show.

Reem Wahoud: Beautiful place. Amazing experience. Wonderful shows. Delicious food

Omar Mandani: Nice dinner and the show was amazingThen after 12 the club was awesome 👌

Alena Gundareva: I really like this place! The best option to spend a weekend. Delicious food, good cocktails! Also they have good options of non alcoholic beverages. But especially I find attractive the show, girls are so beautiful!

2. Restaurant D'Divine

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923 reviews
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Restaurant D'Divine

Address: C. de Balmes, 24, 08007 Barcelona, Spain

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 9PM Thu

Telephone: +34 933 17 22 48

Business type: Mediterranean restaurant

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Restaurant D'Divine: what do users think?

Ricardo Jimeno: They have up to step up their game when it comes to entertain the crowds. Drag shows have become mainstream and everyone can really distinguish between a good show and a mediocre one. If you charge 42 euros for show plus dinner, Make sure the show is not just and old drag queen with the same old jokes of 1990.

Diogo Carreira: The show and people are very niceThe food can be better but it was okTo come back

Cindy Paas: I loved it. The organisation was great. I felt like I was invited to a party. Best fun I had in a while.

Hugo Pinto: Pay 50€ for something that is not worth it, show doing playback, don’t respect customers request of deserts

Mari Carmen Gamez: Fantastic

Jose Luis Martinez Rodriguez: Expectacular

Queen: Perfect place for a celebration, cheeky and very funny atmosphere, the food was not bad at all, but it is not the main thing, a very dynamic and very participatory show, we laughed a lot and had a great time, without a doubt a place to recommend.

3. El Templo del Placer Barcelona Wapa club

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304 reviews
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El Templo del Placer Barcelona Wapa club

Address: Edificio Aqua, Avinguda Diagonal, 203, 08018 Barcelona, Spain

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 9PM Sat

Telephone: +34 647 75 97 32

Business type: Bar & grill

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El Templo del Placer Barcelona Wapa club: what do users think?

Jesús Alberto Pedraza Aranguren: Nice place to take a beer or a good cheap meal!!!

pilar lombarte: Fantasticoooooo

Margara Squeff: A side not so fancy of Barcelona..

ADRIAN ARIAS: Cheap place. Faraway from being a club.

Juan José González Sánchez: OK.

Tino Ellinas: Quality

Jonatan Salvador: Original

Jordi Rodríguez: Enigmatium

Marta Alegre: We celebrated my birthday there, and the truth is that we had a great time!!! The entertainers make the public participate a lot and interact a lot between groups to create a more familiar and pleasant atmosphere with lots of laughs! The food was good, and the open bar was the best! They did not stop rolling the beer mugs and wine bottles!! Without a doubt, I would repeat with my eyes closed! Thank you for such a crazy and fun night!!

Carmen Carrillo: We really had a great time, dinner was perfect, always with a drink available and to our liking. They always had the birthday celebration in mind and made him participate throughout the show. The shows pretty well. To put a but, I would say that when we see such large groups we doubt that we will be able to have a good time because we thought that there would be smaller groups or especially couples. But we still quite enjoyed it.

4. Kubik Restaurant

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533 reviews
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Kubik Restaurant

Address: Rambla dels Caputxins, 45, 08002 Barcelona, Spain

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 2AM

Telephone: +34 933 01 40 62

Business type: Mediterranean restaurant

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5. Wok Show Barcelona

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306 reviews
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Wok Show Barcelona

Address: Carrer de la Marina, 262, 08013 Barcelona, Spain

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 11PM

Telephone: +34 932 45 32 33

Business type: Asian restaurant

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Wok Show Barcelona: what do users think?

Ivan Klein: This is just amazing restaurant. Who gave less than 5* do not understand how the great food should taste like. Great and thankful personal fantastic beer and the sushi is just amazing. Thank you guys for this perfect time and food. You do wonderful job and you made my day. Thank you
Response: Thanks a lot for your fantastic review Ivan!!! We love it when our clients appreciate our efforts. ;-)

Hairy Meatballs: delicious food, the terrace was magnificent next to the basilica de sagrada familia. Cristie was very attentive. service 10/10 Food 10/10 Price so cheap 👌🏼
Response: Thanks 🙌🤗

James Johnson-Hill: This hidden treasure, located next to the Basilica de La Sagrada Familia, was such a welcome last meal to our amazing Mission Trip to Europe. The build your own wok noodle option is a game changer. They are so accommodating that you can just about satisfy any taste you might have! The food was fresh, hot and delicious! The bao sandwiches were delicious as well… so much so that I forgot to take a picture! 🤦🏾‍♂️ You will not regret your visit to Wok Show where you can literally watch your food being prepared!
Response: Thanks a lot James we love your positive review and above all, we are very pleased that you enoyed our food so much!!! Take care!

Marek Wagner: Pretty good food for the price. This is not sophisticated restaurant but you should be satisfied if you are not psycho-gourmet. Good service and reasonable price. I recommend as option for quick, tasty meal - even vege if you wish. Interior is pretty cozy but you can also order to take away.
Response: Thank you so much for your feedback.

Anna m: Ordered this as take out from glovo last night trying the poke bowl (my normal place was closed). Tasted all fine last night so worries (besides them making my bowl wrong). However this morning tosses and turned feeling nauseous all morning. Ultimately felt sick and vomited the poke bowl. I am not sick currently nor have I been. Therefore there must’ve been something real bad that i ate. Will never order from here again regardless.
Response: We take good care of our cooking process when preparing our food. And this is certified by the authorities. We are sorry that you were feeling unwell when you ordered one of our delicious dishes. We hope you are better now.

Maxim Velesyuk: A great mix of asian cuisine, ramens, woks, sushi, poke bowls. Very tasty and done fast. Also has outdoor seating
Response: Thank you Maxim!

Nikola Krpan: Average food.Not so expensive ,stuff friendly .Sushi was good .First option was Piccadilly restaurarant 100 m down,but it was closed :(
Response: Thank you Nikola we are happy you liked our 🍣 sushi

Nante Amador: Food was fast and superb! Had to get something to eat before our scheduled tour inside the La Sagrada Familia. The chef was able to cook something fast for my family of four. i would give the food 100 stars if I could.
Response: thank you Nante and we hope you enjoyed our spectacular Sagrada Familia ;-)

6. Showroom Fashion Bar

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284 reviews
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Showroom Fashion Bar

Address: Carrer d'Alfons XII, 8, 08006 Barcelona, Spain

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 9PM

Telephone: +34 611 45 13 94

Business type: Restaurant

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Showroom Fashion Bar: what do users think?

Sascha N: Amazing place, great food and nice people!

Uri: Horrible experience.Big fake.Luxury prices for extremely bad service.Warm beer, terrible staff

Eratosthenes Costas: Great food, great service, great price 👍

Alexandre Mansour: Color full place perfect for private party

Muhammad Saleem: Very nice place and beautiful inside

Artur “Volkinson” Volk: Amazing place. Recommend!

Artur Turdiev: No clue what this place is supposed to be, but for what it is its nothing to see

7. Cachaca Restaurant

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616 reviews
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Cachaca Restaurant

Address: Carrer d'Ataülf, 5, 08002 Barcelona, Spain

Schedule: Opens soon ⋅ 7PM

Telephone: +34 692 88 14 58

Business type: Italian restaurant

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Cachaca Restaurant: what do users think?

Jorge Serrano: Very good Italian restaurant. The focaccia was excellent, the Burrata was good and the gnocchis were very tasty. Friday staff and cozy place.We walked in but usually you need a reservation.And the price was just right.

Ted Lai: We ordered a different pasta for all 4 of us, and they were all very good, especially the fruitti di mare. Server was very pleasant. Restroom was on the second floor (more like a mezzanine) with steep narrow steps so it was tricky for older people, but very nice ambiance for a romantic dinner.

Ashlee Braxton: Where do I begin with this gem of a restaurant? First the staff and the owner are so kind. It’s a beautiful Italian restaurant in the small streets of gothic. Expect fresh warm bread, FRESH pasta and beautiful wine to pair. The tiramisu is homemade and to die for. Don’t want to miss this one in BCN. As a foodie, this one hits all the marks

Guillermo Reyna: I came twice here while visiting Barcelona. The five stars go for the Cacio e pepe. Delicious and Roman authentic. The place is nice as well.Food: 5/5 | Service: 5/5 | Atmosphere: 5/5 …More

Elissa Jajou: Best meal(s) we had in Barcelona (we liked it so much we came back for a second time). Service was phenomenal and the food was delicious.

Pablo San Juan: This is the best Italian food outside the Italy. Burrata, Focaccia and Cheese are the best we ever tried before. Five stars.

Natalia Mityushina: Seems cozy but unpleasant service. After being served we got asked to eat in an hour because of the other clients. Usually restaurants state time concerns in advance. What’s about relaxing? The clients at the next table were pushed to choose more quickly. The food is ok, nothing interesting. Against the Spanish hospitality tradition, they asked for tips right away after bringing us a check. We didn’t feel welcomed.

Brian Smith: Amazing Italian food. Cooked to perfection. Small intimate location punching way above its weight. 10 out of 10 and a must visit for that memorable meal


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644 reviews
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Address: Gran Via de les Corts Catalanes, 572, 08011 Barcelona, Spain

Telephone: +34 934 52 14 52

Business type: Restaurant


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AQUARELLA MUSIC RESTAURANT: what do users think?

Alex Martin: So much fun. Amazing show. I will return

audio trikz: Quality show in the city

gino ricci: I have done my birthday here ....and he was not a simply ine with people from all over the world what i have to say is .... Thanks to the people of acquarella .the service,my magnificent gabriela❤️ ( that i will remenber for ever) this birthday was the best in my life and my guest keep sayong that they passed a fantastic Night so the review is ... Beautiful place,professional people,fantastic Show simply THE BEST ......😍😍 Thanks again❤️ Gino Ricci
Response: Gino!!! We remember you and your birthday with a lot of love!!! Gabriela Maffei

Felix R Rodriguez Leon Rodriguez: Good experience for everyone!
Response: Thank you for your review.

Nicola Melissian: Wonderful place :)
Response: Thanks for your opinion;-)

Valerie Prieto: Mediocre.

Silvia Bcn: IN-LOVE-ART!! In this way it would define everything that is represented in the wonderful Aquarella Room. You can see the LOVE, care, dedication and affection with which they prepare each and every one of the details of the show, from the choreography and clothing of the singers and the dance team, through the lights, sound, scenery and set-up. very careful to entertain the public who can also choose the option of enjoying a drink or trying an excellent snack dinner with quality products while enjoying the show with a lot of ART. Thank you for making us have such good times. 100% recommendable!!

S. H.: As for the show 10/10. The restaurant service is good, we ordered some bravas and they were good. Perhaps, the organization could be improved when executing the restoration service since at times, it seems that they cannot cope.

9. Tablao de Carmen

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948 reviews
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Tablao de Carmen

Address: Poble Espanyol de Montjuïc, Av. Francesc Ferrer i Guàrdia, 13, 08038 Barcelona, Spain

Telephone: +34 933 25 68 95

Business type: Flamenco theater

Near Tablao de Carmen:

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10. Enigma

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390 reviews
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Address: C/ de Sepúlveda, 38, 40, 08015 Barcelona, Spain

Schedule: Closed

Telephone: +34 616 69 63 22

Business type: Fine dining restaurant

Near Enigma:

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Enigma: what do users think?

Nha Ha: A fun food filled experience. No longer a tasting menu type of experience but a choose your own adventure. The host will help you along the way in case your don’t know what you want. Overall the food was delicious and some of the pairings were interesting. Monica was our caretaker in this food adventure and she was great at explaining everything.

Adam Reed: Wonderful gastronomic experience. We visited on day one of their new menu reopening, and they were so accommodating to our vegan needs. The staff are exceptional and every dish not only looked amazing but also packed a powerful punch of flavours. Definitely visit if you are in Barcelona and want a first class dining experience

mariya mokshina: If I could describe this experience in one word it would be PRETENTIOUS. Also, I would describe this as mediocre microwave food. We tried almost everything in the evening menu and almost all cocktails and did not care for ANYTHING!! I’m only giving 2 stars because the restaurant is very beautiful , presentation of food is ok and the service was decent. We had to tell our server we’re going to leave early and not to submit the last item to the chef to prepare as we did not have any hope that it would be any good considering how sad the other stuff was . I cannot believe this is supposed to be Michelin star food . They served us lunch meat !!!! Come on . Just no. The only thing I truly enjoyed as the oysters. I hope they start doing a different concept as this one is AWFUL. I was truly prepared to spend $600 on a wonderful experience, but after a couple hundred spent on things that dint taste good , it was enough for me to decide if would never come back unless they would do things like they used to . This concept is not appetizing

Syahirah Halim: Come hungry and request for a customised menu!!! We prolly had about 20 + dishes for savouries and ended with 2 desserts. Super fun and creative overall, the vegan burrata was mind blowing. There were too many to recall but I think you can peek at their ala carte menu and have some idea. Service and ambience was nice as well. I think I’ll come back whenever I’m in BCN again. Prolly one of the top experiences for me. Highly recommend!!

Pat Norman: I love this place, I love the atmosphere, the incredibly friendly staff, and the amazing food. Spherified olive is a standout, but the flashburger is OFF THE PLANET GOOD. I had two, it was so so mouth watering and special. Loved it. Lean in and order a lot of food here, it’s worth it.

ashley burleson: Only reason I gave 4 stars was because of atmosphere and service. Food was not that great. Had 15 dishes and would recommend less than half of them. I think they are just trying too hard to be creative and the taste of the food suffers for it.

cristian canencio: After what it was a good experience with good service, it turned out to be a nightmare the following day; since my wife and I got food poisoned from this meal. After reaching out to the management team about this matter, in order to make sure his culinary team would be taking the proper precautions about this situation; they were completely dismissive about the matter, with not response back whatsoever. With this review, I hope the Enigma team to be more empathetic about situations like this, and take the proper precautions when needed.

11. La Ferreria

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639 reviews
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La Ferreria

Address: Carrer de Neptú, 4, 08006 Barcelona, Spain

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 8PM

Telephone: +34 934 88 60 50

Business type: Restaurant

Near La Ferreria:

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La Ferreria: what do users think?

Raja Sarkar: Hidden gem. Silver service for bistro prices. Insanely good 3 course menu for €35. Friendly service and great ambiance (if you like a piano player tinkling away in the background). Refreshing amuse-bouche of gazpacho followed by generous starter portions. The fillet steak was melt in the mouth and the tuna tartare was delicious. Finished with a white chocolate egg that would not be out of place in a Michelin star restaurant. Highly recommended if you want a refined dining experience, but don’t want to pay rip off prices. Will be back next time I am in Barcelona.

Nils Niederheide: Was a very nice and romantic dinner. Cost place with live piano music starting at 9PM and good service. We had one of the 3-plate menus and really liked the quality and quantity of each dish. Delicious and always creatively arranged.

Outi Herkepeus: This restaurant definitely punches above its weight. The food was excellent even for a pricier restaurant, especially the starters and the desserts. Several wines were available by the glass and the pianist added a nice touch with soft jazz standards and other tunes. Highly recommended!

Jen L: Came here for lunch today and the food was great, lovely waiter, we had a guy playing piano also which was nice. Will be back for sure.

Z. Alviana: Simple and tasty. Amazing dessert. Recommend chocolate egg. :)

Nour Mousa: What a discovery in the alleys of Gracia! The most and foremost is the kindness of the staff, then comes the unbelievably tasty food that looks appealing for the eye before the mouth. I would come back here whenever I can with a smile on the face and excitement in the mind!

Rui Silva: A very nice discoveryGood value for moneyExcellent service, on site piano & pianist setting a lovely atmosphereWell curated dishes, high standard cousine

Moshe Lapidoth: Excellent restaurant!The interior, the service and above all the food.Our first time here but definitely not last !

Marianne Kae Michaelidou: Awesome! Ambiance was lovely, food delicious and presented nice and beautiful, price is fine... Staff was very kind and helpfulHighly recommended...a couple date it is a romantic place...the live piano made the ambiance so lovely...definitely we will go back

12. Show Plate & Tapa

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170 reviews
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Show Plate & Tapa

Address: Carrer de Reus, 22, 08022 Barcelona, Spain

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 8:30PM

Telephone: +34 933 48 31 16

Business type: Tapas bar

Near Show Plate & Tapa:

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Show Plate & Tapa: what do users think?

Andrzej Drzystek: Cosy place with friendly atmosphere, the food was great and not so expensive.

gidi pridor: WP wonderful tapas, great quality, not expensive, small and cozy

Josep Maria Vila Rovira: Bones tapes en un local petit i agradable.

Luca Dellanna: Needs a reservation but worth it

Enric Roldua: Fantastic

Borja Arjonilla: Very small place that does not stand out for its decoration but certainly does for its cuisine. Classic cut tapas but with a fun touch. Ideal for tapas as a couple or with friends. Impossible not to highlight the oxtail, which is a true wonder. In desserts, the cheesecake is exquisite. For gatherings of friends/family, I recommend the private one, which is very comfortable and pleasant.

Alex Fabrega: A wonder Small and unobtrusive place from the outside with excellent personal service. The quality is very good. 4 people to share for 26 euros per head eating plenty and very well. Ox tail, feathers, croquettes, tartare, burrata. Everything spectacular. To return to it.

Albert Lloreda: Quality food, but scarce and at an exorbitant price. € 25 menu which turned into 39 with drinks and coffee. I will not repeat. For this price I have eaten much more and better in many other places.

Sergi Mussull: An exquisite experience, each dish was surpassed. A gift for the palate at an excellent price. I will return without a doubt

13. Teatro kitchen & bar

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169 reviews
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Teatro kitchen & bar

Address: Av. del Paral·lel, 164, 08015 Barcelona, Spain

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 7:30PM

Telephone: +34 936 83 69 98

Business type: Fine dining restaurant

Near Teatro kitchen & bar:

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Teatro kitchen & bar: what do users think?

Eduardo Bethlem: It was super fun. Amazing dining experience. We let our server chose for us and needed up tasting some delicious dishes we probably would never chose on our own. Really fun. It was expensive but very nice

Raphael K: Biiig experience with great flavors. We’ve had all oyster options and the tasting menu. Absolute forthcoming service, but you pay what you get. With wine we left with two person for 260€. Would do it again.

Boris Toet: Would have given 6 stars. Amazing experience. Each dish is better than expected. Super friendly staff, amazing wines, nice music!
Response: Hi Boris, We are so proud that you enjoyed our dishes, and staff We hope to see you soon 😀

Sandra P: Tasted several plates, very tasty, small portions but you expect it, very good wine and overall experience. Chill atmosphere, bill over 100eur for two people
Response: Hi Sandra 😀, thanks a lot for your comments, We are so glad that you enjoyed your visit. 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

Christel Peeters: Nothing is what it seems, a concept of The moleculair kitchen of the late El Bulli. Unbelievable creative and tasteful kitchen for a very reasonable price. Wow, what an experience! We had : hibiscus profiteroles with a creamy wasabi rilling ice of melon, passion fruit liquid olives Brava popcorn Air baguette Parmesan ice cream Molletes truffle brioche You are sitting at the bar where the food is prepared right in front of you, under the wings of chef Oliver Peña. The waiters are so friendly and helpful and make you feel at home. Now you can still make a reservation, but it won’t be long before it will be almost impossible to do so. It was so good that we immediately made a reservation for the next day. We will not be suprised If when Teatro Kitchen&Bar wiil have a rating on the list of the World’s 50 Best Restaurants of the World!
Response: Hello Christen 😄, thank you very much for such a detailed and beautiful review 💖, We love knowing that you had a pleasant time with us ✨, and that you enjoyed the dishes as well as the warmth of our team ❤️🤗.

Marta Farina: Amazing place, very good food. The personal is really kind and they always try to support you to have the best culinary experience. After dinner, you cannot miss the Backstage for a cocktail

Wai Keong Lock: This is definitely a fun place to visit. Food is modern, creative and delicious. An experience that I would highly recommend.

Chih Peng: We love it! The food was delicious, creative/original and flavorful. I highly recommend the airbaguette , oliva and the meat(pluma). The staffs were super friendly and will explain you with details each dishes and of course you can ask for any recommendations. We were 4 people and spent around 50-60€ each. Definitely recommend to come and try for people who like creative dishes and tapitas.
Response: Hello Chih, thanks a lot for your comments.

14. Happy Rock

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1470 reviews
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Happy Rock

Address: Gran Via de les Corts Catalanes, 373 - 385, 08015 Barcelona, Spain

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 11PM

Telephone: +34 932 89 31 52

Business type: Restaurant

Near Happy Rock:

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15. Disfrutar

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2210 reviews
new review

Address: C. de Villarroel, 163, 08036 Barcelona, Spain

Schedule: Closed

Telephone: +34 933 48 68 96

Business type: Fine dining restaurant

Near Disfrutar:

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Disfrutar: what do users think?

Karl-A Skjæringrud: The food is good, but not that amazing as the hype says. But what really was a let down was the service. They could just have prerecorded it and hit the play button each time they delivered food. It is so many techniques involved in making this food and we learned nothing about that. I tried to comment on one of the dishes and what I got back was a waiter that was shocked that I could criticize the food. And this place have two rooms, one large and open nice with a lot of light and the one we ended up in dark small in the hallway.

Mike Sem: It’s an experience …that makes you say wow. Definitely a 5+ star impeccable service, very different food presentation, it will be impressive to even the most experienced palate, it’s not food , rather art at its finest! full course is extremely well portioned to the point you will not be hungry while driving back home. Our 11 year old boy was very impressed with his special kids menu ( attached 3 pictures).

M L: One of the most wonderful dining experiences I have ever had and I am thankful for that. So much respect for chef owners who still physically helmed the kitchen despite its successful presence in the ever competitive world of fine dining scene, (I had the pleasure of meeting and chatting with chef Oriol Castro). Food was great, service crew was impeccable. Highly recommend!

Димитър Курдов: Unforgetable experience! We had the Disfrutar classic menu with wine pairing. The food was delicious except the pigeon. However, some of the wine choices were not good at all. The service was extraordinary, like a well choreographed performance. The ambience is a bit sterile, all white and lacking character.

Mike Sadowski: An impeccable experience. The food presented looked like art and tasted amazing. The service was outstanding. The sommelier suggested wine pairings were perfect. Highly recommended!

Nunzia S.: It was an amazing experience and I would definitely recommend going to Disfrutar. I have to say, though, that a couple of dishes were more focused on the visual wow elements and less on taste

Laura Cepukaite: It was an amazing gastronomic experience where food is an art! We chose the classic menu. We took about 4 hours, but time passed very quickly. Our compliments to the chefs and service staff 👏The food was innovative, creative, well balanced and delicious. I totally recommend being in Barcelona💯 But don’t forget to reserve a table in advance✨

José Sanchis: Flawless, just one of the best dinners I have experienced. You leave the place just wondering when will you be back. Thanks for such an extraordinary meal and a such a nice team.

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