Best Dog Friendly Bars In Barcelona Near Me

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1. BrewDog Barcelona

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2711 reviews
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BrewDog Barcelona

Address: Carrer de Casanova, 69, 08011 Barcelona, Spain

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 12AM

Telephone: +34 934 88 59 79

Business type: Bar

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BrewDog Barcelona: what do users think?

Kryštof Kavan: Very friendly place with good atmosphere, choosing from 20 beers is hard, so the staff helped us and recommended some. We had sweat potato fries with blue cheese and it was wonderful, we even got a popcorn as gift.
Response: Hi Kryštof, We appreciate your positive feedback! The team love to know when guests have had a great time. We are always happy to help people choose a beer that suits them. See you again soon, Cheers, BrewDog Barcelona

Jacob Alfaro: Lively atmosphere. Busy but big space. Lots of craft options. Small medium and large glass options and to to options too. Punk rock type music. Great staff. I’m enjoying the Hazy Jane.
Response: Hi Jacob, Thanks so much for your great review! We are pleased you had a good time, we hope to see you back soon! Cheers, BrewDog Barcelona

MrsQuokka: Our first experience with BrewDog Company :) Many options of craft beers, great staff and music allows you to chill and simply enjoy your time spended together right there ☺️
Response: Hi! Thank you for taking the time to provide us with a review of your experience. We are pleased to hear that you had a good time and we look forward to seeing you again soon! Cheers, BrewDog Barcelona

Karen Griffiths: yet again another great BrewDog. blonde lady behind bar was fantastic. food was excellent. Great atmosphere.

Charlie Smith: As is typical for a brewery that has an "outpost" location like this in another country, the beer is subpar. Had the Hazy IPA and it was not good. Clearly old and/or had been through some temperature cycles. If you want good craft beer in BCN check out a local brewery. The other brewery two blocks away in a "garage" is FanFuckingTastic. As an aside, the staff here was great. Not their fault the beer is old. One extra star for the staff!!
Response: Hi there Charlie, We are sorry that you are disappointed but appreciate your feedback. We hope you give us another chance in the future. Cheers, BrewDog Barcelona

Roseann Browne: I was really excited to come back here after a few years but the food isn’t really as expected.. we ordered some nachos and they are were very poor quality and decided not to stay and order any more food. Service was good and beers were good with a nice range to choose from. Was easy to get a seat outside as wasn’t very busy on a Sunday afternoon.
Response: Hi there Roseann Browne, We are sorry that you are disappointed but appreciate your feedback. This helps us to learn and improve, and we hope you give us another chance in the future. Serena, GM

2. La Pausa

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291 reviews
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La Pausa

Address: Carrer de l'Alzina, 44, 08024 Barcelona, Spain

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 8:30AM Sun

Telephone: +34 932 84 68 17

Business type: Espresso bar

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La Pausa: what do users think?

Saskia O: Lackluster. The tapas taste average at best. The worst part is they pressure you into adding a tip. It was classless and rude. I tipped but will not return just because of the entitlement.
Response: Hello Saskia O, we are sorry that your experience has not been good, we have spoken with the team, and they do not remember any situation like what you are exposing. It would never occur to us to force the customer to leave a tip. Since we are not the only bar in the square, perhaps there has been a mistake in the establishment. If this is not the case, we are sorry for the misunderstanding.

James Wilkinson: Pleasant spot with nice terrace seating though he careful a lot of flies.
Response: Thanks for your review 🤗🤗

Mathilde: Nice local bar not far from Park Guell 😊
Response: Thanks for the sweet review 😻

Gaia Cavallaro: Coffee shop in one of the most local and traditional squares of Gràcia. Friendly and young environment and wifi available to work there.
Response: Thank you, we try our best to make you feel like home!

Mirentxu Pascual: Quiet, nice, clean inside ir outside!
Response: Thank you for the review! :)

Manuel Escalera: Great place, Great food and great Staff
Response: Thank you for the review

Erena Roldán: Best place ever. Good service and nice variety of teas and sandwiches and pastries in the middle of Gracia. Go and try it!

3. Dow Jones Bar

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1075 reviews
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Dow Jones Bar

Address: Carrer del Bruc, 97, 08009 Barcelona, Spain

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 1:30AM

Telephone: +34 630 04 28 25

Business type: Bar

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Dow Jones Bar: what do users think?

Angela Xu: Super fun concept for a dive bar. Visting from NYC, we had to check out this bar and see what it was all about. Suffice to say, it lived up to the hype. Each time we purchased a beer, the beer price would go up slightly. We came late afternoon when it was quiet but can definitely see this place getting rowdy andlively later in the evening! Recommend stopping by and checking out if you’re in the area.

Oscar Forstrønen: Great bar with a cool concept. If you buy a drink the price of it would go up and the other ones go down. good drinks and fun shots like coronavirus. Would love to come back!

Angel Yu: I’ve wanted to come to this bar before we even got to Barcelona. It’s such a fun concept and the drink prices are drive by supply and demand. It gets super busy after 1030 so make sure you come early if you want to grab a seat!

Arun Gayam: It’s a good bar with a neat concept. I feel like it’s more of a touristy bar. When this place is packed it gets annoying to order drinks. The drink I had was good but I had to wait 20mins for my second round. I would come here on a more chill night.

Mikyas Girma: I came all the way from Toronto to see this bar. What a great concept.

Eliyanna Polychronas: Was really excited to come here as it was all over our social media. The bar closes at 1 AM on sundays we got there at 12:20 and we were refused because they were cleaning up and the boss didn’t want more people to come. We asked the bouncer to let us in for one drink considering they were open for another 40 mins. We were in the same boat as another group of 5 girls . Would not recommend considering the bar had a decent amount of people but wasn’t full so capacity was not reached and they clearly hadn’t closed for the night!

Lilien Leber: The bartender messed up our drinks pretty bad (wasn’t even close to what we ordered, Long Island ice tea was a vodka coke and cosmopolitan was made with orange juice and like 5 different kinds of alcohol). Also the atmosphere is what I would expect an American frat party to be like. The idea is genius but it’s poorly done.

4. Flaherty´s Irish Pub Barcelona

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3174 reviews
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Flaherty´s Irish Pub Barcelona

Address: Plaça de Joaquim Xirau, s/n, 08002 Barcelona, Spain

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 2AM

Telephone: +34 934 12 62 63

Business type: Irish pub

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Flaherty´s Irish Pub Barcelona: what do users think?

Fiona Pannett: We had our Christmas Lunch here today and it was quite disappointing. I think we would have been better having a normal Sunday Roast instead. The carrots, gravy, and turkey all tasted burnt, such a shame. We were expecting parsnips, red cabbage, and cranberry sauce per the flyer but these never arrived. When I asked for mustard they bought New York deli mustard. The starter and the desserts were good. We would have liked a bit more brie , though. The Xmas pudding was delicious and would have been fantastic with an extra dollop of brandy butter. We were disappointed that there weren’t any Christmas crackers and were very happy with the party bag substitutes so thank you. Overall, we all had a good time and found the staff friendly and helpful. I would only say the Xmas dinner was a little disappointing and paled in comparison to the roasts we saw coming out of the kitchen. We loved our bailey’s coffees !
Response: Dear Fiona, we are very sorry that you did not fully enjoy your Christmas Lunch. Our goal is that our customers enjoy 100% of all the service we offer and this time it has not been the case. :( . We greatly appreciate your comment because it will help us make things better. We hope to see you again and you have the opportunity to fully enjoy our food and service. Thanks

Scott Main: In my 50 years, this was the worst Thanksgiving dinner we have ever experienced. Super disappointing as we frequent flahertys often and I have brought large groups of coworkers to events I have hosted at flahertys. The turkey was dried out and looked days old (attached pictures - see for yourself) and they ran out of dessert (which we waited 30 mins) which was supposed to be included in the price. They had the shame to charge us full price for a meal they couldn’t fully deliver. Flahertys - you should be ashamed of yourselves. I strongly urge anyone not to attend flahertys for a thanksgiving or Xmas dinner. You just lost my business. Go to cocovail. Much better. Update: I wish I had said something to a manager as we had thanksgiving 3 years ago and it was good. We did say something to a waitress and she said it was just the gravy. Surprised it was pecan as we were told pecan pie or Guinness cake. Otherwise we would not have come as the chocolate cake was a selling point as no one in our family eats pecan pie. We did notice people getting the chocolate cake while we were waiting 30 mins for dessert. Look closely at the turkey pictures. I didn’t say it was old but that it looked old. We have been in barcelona for 3 years and this was the worst dining experience we have had.
Response: Hey Scott, we are sorry to hear you didn't enjoy your Thanksgiving with us but I find it shocking as the rest of the feedback we had from our guests yesterday has been positive. You are the only person to comment on the Turkey being dry and if you had of mentioned it to a manager on shift they would have changed the plate for you without an issue. As for the turkeys being days old they were all cooked on Thanksgiving day. The dessert included in the price was pecan pie which we had not run out of it was you who didnt want it. I wish you would had brought your issues to the attention to one of our managers so we could have solved them for you.

Janine Exley: I was quite excited to try the vegan breakfast here, especially since it includes a crumpet. Sadly it was so bland and the crumpet was hard and dry, traditionally you’d butter it whilst it’s hot, obviously butter isn’t vegan but hello vegan butter! When I mentioned this to the waitress she was so defensive and rude. I’m not really sure what the tofu is supposed to be trying to achieve, it’s literally grilled slabs without any seasoning or flavours, everyone knows that tofu is a blank canvas and needs ingredients to be added - a tofu scramble would make a nice addition to the breakfast. Unfortunately the mushrooms were bland and honestly the only saving grace for this dish was HP sauce and salt & pepper. The service wasn’t much better either, it was late morning with hardly any customers to attend to and we were ignored, literally had to wave our arms around to get some attention, then they forgot our drinks. It’s a real shame because the pub feels like home but it doesn’t live up to the standards that you’d find in the UK or Ireland unfortunately.
Response: Janine thanks for taking the time to write this review. As you say, in our place you feel at home and that is one of the reasons why our clients come. However, we are sorry to hear that you did not have a good experience with our vegan breakfast. The truth is that we work very hard to make everything perfect, but this time it has not been like that. Sometimes there are days when things don't go well at all, but whenever something happens in relation to food or anything else, please ask for the manager, who will be happy to assist you to solve things as quickly as possible. All feedback is important and we thank those who take the time to let us know who we are doing, it helps us to improve our service

marc mcilveney: Great pub! We were in Barcelona for 4 nights and ate here every day, quality food especially the Fillet Steak, Steak House quality and only €15, staff were exceptionally welcoming and helpful, all live football here to, we will definitely be back!
Response: Thanks Marc! See you soon😊🍺🍀

Ian Bennett: a really great traditional fry up English breakfast, but they call it Brunch in spain, not onlY cheap but, good quality and plentyful, breakfast comes fast but any follow up service is very slow! Ie ordering a coffee to finish off
Response: Thanks Ian for your visit and comments.

JP Bray: Best Irish pub in Barcelona for sports event. Went there for Wimbledon final and Austria GP. Place was packed and great atmosphere. Staff is super nice!
Response: Thanks JP! We hope to see you soon 😊 🍺

Мартин Бранков: Great Pub, great menu and fantastic food! Friendly staff and brilliant atmosphere, highly recommended for Uefa Champions League matches!
Response: Thanks!😊⚽️🍺

Bob Bowden: Incredibly friendly and relaxed place. Fine selection of drinks and food. Tremendous atmosphere and good vibes. Love it here!
Response: Thanks Bob! See you soon!😊

5. Dunne's Irish Bar and Restaurant

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2075 reviews
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Dunne's Irish Bar and Restaurant

Address: Via Laietana, 19, 08003 Barcelona, Spain

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 1:30AM

Telephone: +34 932 68 99 17

Business type: Irish pub

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Dunne's Irish Bar and Restaurant: what do users think?

Ward Makhoul: Definitely the best Irish pub in Barcelona! A must visit! The scenery and the design are out of this world! Very spacious and the atmosphere is perfect. Guinness freaks! This is your go to! Surprisingly cheaper than other Irish pubs even though its in a fairly central area

Tami Sweigart: It was such a warm inviting place and all the employees were wonderful! The owner was working hard but still took the time to chat with us off and on and the food was wonderful. We loved it so much we ate there twice! THANK YOU ALL for your a job WELL done!

juan de dios murillo: Incredible attention, Franco was outrageous. Treat me well. Best Guinnes I ever taste in Barcelona. Lady on the local also amazing, suggested me to take a cab outside and not order in the app... Perfect.

Noel Heffernan: Nothing really irish about this place other than decor. No atmosphere and out of the way. Bartender made no attempt to be nice. At least try to make someone feel comfortable? Turn on a TV or something? No wonder it was dead. Had one guinnes, it was flat so I walked back down to temple bar. Skip this place. OHARAS down the block is much nicer with engaging staff and beer that is actually good.

Mariana Leal: Good ambience, great service. If you are looking for a sport bar is good. Good music. 3 stars because is VERY expensive, even compared with other bars around the area. 5.50€ a Heineken, 8€ for 4 chicken wings, with more more breaded than chicken. Cesar salad is delicious.

Sandra Alford: Great Irish pub. Thai green curry is fabulous. Staff amazing and well worth a visit..Food: 5/5 | Service: 5/5 | Atmosphere: 5/5 …More

6. Inu café

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196 reviews
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Inu café

Address: Carrer de Cabestany, 12, 08014 Barcelona, Spain

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 8:30PM

Telephone: +34 931 96 57 19

Business type: Cafeteria

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Inu café: what do users think?

Van essa: Japanese cafe that is very dog friendly. The food here is amazing and so is the service. It gets busy with dogs after work hours or the weekend. I just wish they’d have trilingual menus (JP/ES/EN) then it would be perfect.

Paul Sitges: Pet and vegan friendly. The place is really cleand and cute, also the staff is super polite and professional. They have a nice variety of sweets and also treats for dogs without sugar. Highly recommended for having a coffee in a cozy ambient.

Hsin-Hsin Fan: Perfect place, peaceful environment, nice price, friendly owner, cute dog, everything is clean and makes you feel relaxed. I can say this is the best cafe I’ve visited in Barcelona. The owner explained the menu to us patiently, even though the menu is in Spanish, she introduced it in English. We had breakfast set and lunch set here. Both of them are at reasonable price, we enjoyed it. Highly recommended if you are reading this comment. Although I personally would love to keep the quiet and beautiful environment like this before it gets too famous, this is indeed a place that deserves a fame. I will definitely visit here again next time.
Response: thanks very much for your wonderful comment, it is such a compliment for us:-). We (and my dog ) really look forward to seeing you soon!

Felipe Vaz: The food is awesome and dogs are welcomed.

Min Gu Kwon: Inu 🐕 friendly.Good Japanese food.Affordable.Friendly staffs. 💚

Yu Hsuan Li: Wonderful atmosphere with patiently owners who introduced the details of menu to us. Nice food and beverages as well. The highlight will be the súper cute dog who is really close to people!
Response: Thanks very much Yu! We ( including my dog of cours:-) are really looking forward to seeing you soon! thanks!

Sandra P: Japanese restaurant with the doggie friendly ambient. Homemade like bento box sets for menu del dia
Response: Thanks very much!

Mariyam Zhenis: A very cute cozy dog friendly cafe! The menu I got included a miso soup, honestly it was so so tasty, my favorite thing about this place)) the green Japanese tea was incredible too

7. The Wild Rover

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1444 reviews
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The Wild Rover

Address: Carrer de Santa Mònica, 2, 08001 Barcelona, Spain

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 2:30AM

Telephone: +34 935 34 27 62

Business type: Irish pub

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The Wild Rover: what do users think?

Sharyn: After searching for a pub that would play the F1 live, we found The Wild Rover. This is a bar that is totally dedicated to sport! We settled at a table close to the VERY big screen and ordered some food and drinks. We had the Dip Nachos with Cheddar, Guacamole and Salsa plus the Pizza Margarita and the Mozzarella Sticks. The food was good for pub food and was also hot and quick. The staff also continued to take drink and food orders from our tables during the race (to save us heading to the bar) and we also saw them helping other customers who arrived late and had not secured a position yet with chairs, both gestures were nice to see. Would definitely recommend this sports bar, especially if wanting to see live sport while you’re abroad!

Gabriel Popescu: Guiness beer & good old music, the right place to be with friends when visiting Barcelona and you are nearby La Rambla. Food is great too, the decorations of the place are the perfect setup for a great night out. Totally recommend it!

Hiba A: We went on 2nd July when the Spanish team was playing, the screens and drinks were good, however it took them ages to bring the drinks and we ordered some wings that were actually disgusting. We could not even eat them because they tasted microwaved or something like that. It’s a shame because the atmosphere is nice when there is a match.

Reinis Vitolins: Fantastic place. Great atmosphere and people. Prices are super low and food is delicious. Many different options for your preferable beer. All you can wish for when looking for an amazing Sports Bar. Recommending.Food: 5/5 | Service: 5/5 | Atmosphere: 5/5 …More

Joe Taylor: Genuinely the worst bar service I’ve ever experienced (having been as bartender myself). 25 minutes to order 2 pints from this sad, slow, rude, 40 year old bartender with a topknot who was only focussed on dancing around to get tips. The bartender deliberately took girl’s orders first (regardless of the queue) and then shamed men for asking for service. He tried to take my friend’s (attractive woman’s) order first and then insulted me when we explained that I was actually next. Unpleasant person

Michael Keech: Friday nights in The Wild Rover, baby Guiness, lots of laughing and dancing - here and the Food Market are my favourite places in Barcelona

8. DAN’S hot dog

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94 reviews
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DAN’S hot dog

Address: Carrer dels Escudellers, 31, 08002 Barcelona, Spain

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 8PM

Business type: Bar

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DAN’S hot dog: what do users think?

Sarah Cb: Amazing place, good food, thank you to Dan, the owner, really friendly and nice ! This is a place you have to go for the “big dan’s burger” and good drinks !
Response: 🚀🚀🚀 Thanks a lot Sarah !! Hope to see you again ))

Joseph Rios: Great staff and food, options for late night eating. Definitely a MUST if hanging oit late in BCN. Best wishes from Puerto Rico
Response: Thanks a lot !!

Lukas Neumann: Amazing hot dog !! The sausage is greatly cooked, little bit crispy, I recommend it 👍
Response: Thank you very much !! Hope to see you again !

Florian EHR: Delicious hot dog at good price. Loved it !
Response: Thanks ))

Frank Sorry: This is the truth of the hot dog cheesy. 🤮Nothing like the menu photos.
Response: Ummmm !!! It looks super good !!! I hope you enjoyed it my friend ! If you do not want it, bring it back, I wil eat itt !!!

Jay Jones: Dan is an amazing guy who is very accommodating to foreigners as well as has a great taste in music. His food is delicious and the atmosphere is top tier quality.
Response: Thank you very much american friends !! See you tomorow ! 🇺🇸

Alexandra Cohen: I really liked the hot dogs, and the people are friendly. It’s a feel good place and yummy for your tummy!
Response: Thank you very much for your comment ! Hope to see again very soon !

Emilia Dajcz: Very good place with hot dogs! Delicious fries! 😉 And super nice customer service 😁
Response: Thank you very much !! 🔥🔥

Rory Causon: The best hotdogs ever!!! Fantastic vegan hot dog!! Dan is a perfect chef and wonderful human being!!
Response: Thank you very much !!! Hope to see you soon my vegan friends !!

Juri Lichtner: our daughters loved the cheesy hot dog
Response: My favorite too !! Thank you very much !! 🚀🚀

9. Brew Pub Le Sec

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312 reviews
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Brew Pub Le Sec

Address: Carrer de Margarit, 52, 08004 Barcelona, Spain

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 6PM Thu

Telephone: +34 934 61 88 75

Business type: Brewpub

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Brew Pub Le Sec: what do users think?

Mark K: Excellent local brew pub! Beers are well balanced, and it is nice to be out of overly tourist areas. Highly recommend a pint in this local, quaint location in Poble Sec neighborhood!
Response: Thank you Mark!!! 🍻🍻

Doris Ampudia: Great place for the craft beer. The ambient is nice, good music and inspiring art in the walls. Anna, the owner and brewer, will explain you all about the beer list. She use to do special and tasty beers. As far as I know, these are the only beers girls made in Barcelona.
Response: Thank you very much Doris!! 🍻🍻🍻

Christopher H: Compared to many brew pubs the beer list was mercifully short, but covered all the bases. A simple microbrewery that does what is should; serve great beer with great staff. Worth going out of your way to visit.
Response: Thank You Christopher!!!

Jay Heathcliff Fanshawe: Great place for craft beer lovers, artsy cool and hip. Staff was friendly and attentive. I did not eat but I bought a t shirt and another person bought a real nice purse. I sure enjoyed the craft or as they say it here "artasanal" beers. Love these places they give do much vibe and coolness to the city.
Response: Thank You J !! Cheers!

Otto H: Good choice of craft beers and friendly staff. I did not eat here but the food looked good.
Response: Thank You Otto!! 🍻🍻

Rachel Yapp: Place was closed despite saying it is open Monday May 23rd 2022 at 11pm). Not cool. Response to owner’s comment regarding being closed on Tuesdays and Wednesdays: I visited on Monday (see date of review). Please correct your hours on Google to reflect you also being closed/closed earlier than you say on Mondays. Gracias 🙏
Response: Sorry Rachel, we close Tuesday and Wednesday. Thank You!

Abdón Urbina Camejo: Best craft beers in town
Response: Thank you very much for coming Abdón, Cheers!

Geoff Lawrence: Great bar with friendly staff on a side street in Poblesec. A choice of in-house brewed ales or guest beers in a choice of 4 sizes up to a litre. After a busy day sightseeing u can definitely recommend the IPA-inkiller.
Response: Thank you Geoff!! 🍺🍺

Edgar Kidulis: Very nice craft pub not far away from the main streets. Me and my friend had a tasting set of beers here and it was very nice. I am very happy to see craft beer scene is growing no matter where I am. The place is very cool focused heavily on celebration of a good brew. Many funny posters around which are available to buy. Also they make snacks here which include vegan options which is very nice. Great place for beer lovers.
Response: Thank you Edgar!! 🍻🍻

10. Belushi's Barcelona

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1757 reviews
new review
Belushi's Barcelona

Address: C. de Bergara, 3, 08002 Barcelona, Spain

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 2AM

Telephone: +34 931 75 14 01

Business type: Sports bar

Near Belushi's Barcelona:

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Belushi's Barcelona: what do users think?

Cate Mertins: Two words: bottomless brunch. €20 for a mixed cocktail (they were delicious), a breakfast item, and bottomless mimosas/Bellinis/San Miguel’s for 90 minutes. Excellent decision to come here on the weekend and take advantage of the deal.
Response: Thanks for the kind feedback Cate, we are glad to read that you appreciated our amazing bottomles brunch offer and reviews like these are the ones that encourage us to keep giving our best. Thanks again and hopefully see you soon!

Jens Light: Good food, good beer, and excellent viewing of football - our main reason for going. Very friendly staff too. English speaking is a bonus. PS we went on a Friday night and it was fine. Live DJ, great vibe. Football still featured prominently.
Response: Thanks for the kind review Jens, happy to read you had a good time with us and appreciated the different things we have to offer :)

Viktor Lakatos: Great atmosphere, amazing service and good price-value during happy hours! We had an amazing time during the world cup, absolutely recommended!
Response: Thanks for the great review Viktor, hope to see you soon!

eliya crossman: Went for some drinks here twice while in Barcelona. It’s a great place to meet young other traveler’s and had friendly staff. Drinks were well priced and the service was fast. However, On the Friday night it got ‘busy’ and the security started acting like it was an ‘exclusive club’ when really there wasn’t much of an atmosphere inside. They were quite rude. Other then that, it’s a good place to meet people.
Response: We are saddened to hear that you had a negative experience with a member of our staff and we hope that it did not impact too deeply on your stay here.

David Overstreet: Great sports bar with great energy, good food, and helpful staff!
Response: Thanks for the kind review David, esperamos verte nuevamente pronto! Thanks for the kind review David, we hope to see you again soon!

Bramley Johnson: First definitely NOT the place to watch NFL. Cheaper American-style chain. You’re in Barcelona for gods sake! Go somewhere awesome! Staff fluctuates from alright to extremely EXTREMELY rude. They do play red zone (like every single other place) but they will only put on four other games. 100% random. Called up, asked if they were showing a game. Said yes, got there and the tall bartender basically f-off. Food is alright Americanized stuff. The interior feels like a high school kid designed it. All in all this is a chain that’s worth passing on. There are SO many better bars in Barcelona. Do yourself a favor and skip this one. ESPECIALLY if you’re a real NFL fan. Gave them an extra star because, ya know, they need it.

Fateem Ahmed: Been living in Barcelona for the past 3 years, decided to give Belushi’s a try for their football screening nights. What a disappointing experience throughout! - The big room where was the match was screened was boiling hot. No ventilation/AC. - The men’s toilet was disgusting at first. Only one individual toilet was available for a bar that probably accommodates 150-200 people. However, they cleaned up later. - Even though I paid €40 in advance for a reservation of 8 people, I was not allowed to get my friend (the 8th person) inside just because Belushi’s let other people in upto the maximum legal capacity regardless of the paid reservations. - They have 2 smoking areas within the bar, both were closed for some reason. - Last but not the least, the appetizers weren’t good at all either. We had the nachos, some mixed platter and fries. - The only saving grace was some of their staff, who were nice and helpful. Team Belushi’s, if you want to label yourself as a sports bar, I certainly think you can still up your “game”.

Christoph Zimmermann: 1 star for customer service. Catalan customer service is literally the worst I have ever experienced anywhere. Staff is incredibly unfriendly to the extent that it even hurts to reward them with business… not accommodating with customers’ wishes or even needs in the least… Just imagine reserving for six people and staff telling the seventh person that shows up to either just go home or stay outside the door alone
Response: Thanks for taking the time to leave us your opinion Christoph, it's unfortunate to read that among the 12 languages spoken by our team (catalan included and spoken fluently by at least 6 of our 17 bartenders) you were served by one of those that don't speak this lovely language. We notice for your review that your english is quite fluent, or at least fluent enough to place an order, however we totally understand if you feel more comfortable expressing your needs in another language and of course invite you in the future to ask for a member of staff that speaks the language you're after. Chances are there will be someone on site ready to help! As for your mention about the bookings: we understand how frustrated you must feel yet we invite you to consider that it is quite standard to provide seating for the amount of people YOU asked us to book, so if you book (not only with us, but pretty much with anyone that takes bookings) a table for 6 there is a very good chance you're gonna get.....a table for 6. We usually try to accommodate those that forgot about one of their friends, but being the best sports bar in Barcelona and being full for every single world cup match, it's not surprising that we couldn't. Best of lucks with your future bookings in other places :)

Ava Tamizifar: Went there for an event, very crowded! super loud music! Could barely hear the person beside you!But great prices! 5 for €10 beers! 2 for €6 cocktails!If you crave food the quesadilla is also pretty good.
Response: Thanks for your feedback Ava, we will take note of this and work on improve as we always do and we are also happy to read that you enjoyed our great prices! See you soon again hopefully :)

11. The Box

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758 reviews
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The Box

Address: Carrer d'en Gignàs, 30, 08002 Barcelona, Spain

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 6PM Wed

Telephone: +34 934 05 98 29

Business type: Latin American restaurant

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The Box: what do users think?

Michael Doherty: Looked this place up and was not disappointed. It’s a little off the beaten path but the cocktails AND infused rums were delicious. Four of us tried different cocktails and we sampled 5 runs straight. A few of the cocktails like the Wasabi one were amazing. I highly recommend stopping by
Response: Michael, we're glad you liked our wasabi creation💚 Hope to see you soon again✨ Thanks for your review 😊

Dena H.: We came here for dinner and enjoyed our time. The owner was extremely cool and friendly. The nachos were good but a little too salty. The burrito here is good
Response: Thanks for your review 🏻

Jaden Gorman: This place is so unique and great for cocktails and good vibes. The bartender and lady were so kind and even though there were no available tables, we were able to wait outside for an opening. The Wasabi drink was so different and delicious. Many flavor options of tequila and rum that we are definitely going to have to try more of.

Rukaya Cesar: Loved this place! Amazing drinks selection and the bartender was fantastic, the hot dogs were delicious and prices were reasonable. Only downside is that the place is small so I imagine it can get full very quickly.

OLGA: Such a fun bar with a great cocktails! The cocktails are served in different and special glasses.All the place is designed in a cool and unique way. The ownership of the place was very friendly and nice. Very recommanded bar!
Response: Olga, thank you so much for your review!! We are very happy that you liked our venue and appreciate your visit very much 💖

ChristinaKatharina VG: Very nice experience and very delicious. They were very friendly and the atmosphere was great. The room could be a bit cooler but next to that it was a great stay.

12. Boxer CafeBar

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162 reviews
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Boxer CafeBar

Address: C/ de la Diputació, 167, 169, 08011 Barcelona, Spain

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 7PM Wed

Business type: Bar

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Boxer CafeBar: what do users think?

Sebastian Klinkhardt: I wish I could give 10+ stars for this bar. Marc and Rubén are awesome people, very attentive, fast, intelligent, funny, very kind and they make the best drinks, especially Mojitos. We actually went to the bar 4 times in one week because of them. I hope the boss from Boxer knows how good his workers are and I hope they get free shots and a raise!! We will definitely come back to Barcelona boxer Cafe at one point. I wish them all the best for their future.

Надія Тимощук: Great bar! Very friendly bartenders. Took a cocktail "Cosmopolitan". It is very tasty. I recommend! The atmosphere, the lighting music in the bar is also very nice. Prices are moderate, especially when compared to prices at nearby bars. Definitely recommend!

Javier Gil Infante: THE Gaixample meeting point. Great service, great location and reasonably priced drinks. There arras for day and night: terrace, inner seating with street view and bar with a more intimate seating area inside. The place to be in the gayborhood

Jolan Thierry: its a pretty nice place to drink something, we pretty liked Ruben (im not sure if i write it right) he’s a lovely person, 5* on this man <3

G M: Nice bar. Friendly barmen. Good drinks at reasonable prices. Good use of seating area space. Dark decor. Love this bar. Great meeting place

D M: Good prices on drinks and very friendly staff

Scott Kohanowski: Great, friendly gay bar to hang out for a beer.

Sabby Kaur: Interesting experience, A large dog in a cage Delicious cocktails, Modern decor, Friendly and helpful staff!

Jaime Maroto Villar: Amazing fetish nights every other Sunday and great place to chill and have some drinks. The staff is amazing!

13. Paradiso

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3854 reviews
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Address: Carrer de Rera Palau, 4, 08003 Barcelona, Spain

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 2:30AM

Business type: Cocktail bar

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Paradiso: what do users think?

Andrés Zamudio: Great place. 3 in the list of 50 Best Bars and I think they really live up to the hype. Friendly staff, they make you feel welcome since you enter, give an explanation of every drink and are always available for any question. Cocktails are outstanding, each one being served in a really particular way. Definitely recommended. It’s usually full so you need to arrive early or be prepared to queue (totally worth it).

Nirupa P: There is a reason why this ‘speak easy’ is part of the world best 50 bars. It’s definitely not a speak easy anymore because of the long lines but the wait is definitely worth it. Everything on the menu was curated to perfection. I tried all the drinks on the menu. My favorite was the Coral and Great Gatsby. Apollo 13 was too sweat but great concept. The food is limited- but make sure to try the potatoes with olive and pepper. Great combination. Overall amazing experience.

Gautham Sridhar: Oh my goodness, what a place. This is like a science lab inside. The way they make their drinks are an art to watch. The queue is pretty long to get in - it took us nearly two hours. But the wait was worth it. This was rated as the best bar in the world. I understand why - they are absolutely amazing. This is a must try. Limited menu, but the staff help you with choose. This tiny little place with absolutely friendly staff gave us an unforgettable experience. I would recommend this place to everyone who visit Barcelona.

Isha Kumar: I see why this was rated best bar in the world. The drinks were super super cool! Our group ordered several different drinks and the staff was very helpful in explaining the drink, back story, and experience to us for each one. The menu is very fun to read and lists the strength levels of each drink so you know what you’re getting yourself into. (They also have quite a few non alcoholic options!) The big con for me was the wait time. A bar that’s rated so high is going to have a long wait time but two hours was way too much for me. I did hear they’ve implemented a virtual line so you don’t have to physically stand around waiting now. If so, that’s awesome and it’s definitely worth going to!

Michael vd Berg: If you’re looking for a nice place to drink cocktails and not be overthrown by hundreds of tourists, then definitely go here! The bar is behind the safe door, making the entrance quite an experience already. This place has been rewarded for having the best cocktails. This is totally understandable once you see how they serve your cocktails. Definitely recommend it!

poyi liu: Must visit if you are in Barcelona. This is probably one of the best bars I’ve been to. It had a cozy ambiance and on top of that y he drinks were very good and it was great sitting in front of the bar and seeing the bartenders prepare the drinks it was a really nice experience. There is a very long line so I would recommend to go there 1 hour before opening. Ambiance: 5/5 Service: 4/5 Drink: 5/5

Jim Ketting Olivier: Highly recommend!!! It’s for a good reason that they are the 3rd BEST Cocktailbar worldwide!! 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 Delicious and very exclusive cocktails and you should definitely taste their snacks and food! The smoked butter is 🤤 Thank you guys for the amazing special treatment that I got for my birthday!! You made my birthday unforgettable!

14. Eroica Caffè Barcelona

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1260 reviews
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Eroica Caffè Barcelona

Address: C. del Consell de Cent, 350, 08009 Barcelona, Spain

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 11PM

Telephone: +34 934 76 51 49

Business type: Italian restaurant

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Eroica Caffè Barcelona: what do users think?

Cagri Turhan: This gem is too good to be true, such a cozy yet spacious place, ideal to to do some work not only serves decent coffee but great food. Prosciutto sandwich, tiramisu and fresh pasta… Everything I tried is very tasty. But the best part is such a humble place with great staff, yes in a bicycle themed cafe.

Finn McDuffie: Coffee is absolutely exceptional; an incredible depth of flavour. Followed by a really beautiful and original take on Eggs Benedict. This place is excellent. Highly recommended!

Sofia Yuvilova: It was not at all busy for dinner on a Wednesday evening. The waiter was very courteous. We had some anchovies as a starter which were nice. For the main, I had spaghetti carbonara and it was fine although perhaps a little dry. The dessert - mascarpone cream with fruit - was lovely and delicate. During the whole dinner they were playing 80s British indie which was unexpected but luckily I like it :)

Stef: Great vibe. Authentic pasta wich is literately fresh made. You can even watch from an window. Outdoor seating and small outdoor courtyard. Bike themed with tours before the pasta :) Brunch options as well. All is well made and with focus on detail.

Amy Nguyen: Wonderful cafe with many quality offerings. They have vegetarian and vegan options. I went with a salad with meat and it was very tasty, clean, perfect portion. Service was excellent (professional and friendly). Clean dishware. The space had outside patio seating, inside seating, bar seating, and downstairs lounge like seating. Everything about the interior was nostalgic to the owners, nothing pretentious. Come and visit!

Lorena Escandon: Loved the interior patio, really quiet and smoke free. The food was great! We had the eggs Benedict and the yogurt bowl.

Darko D: What a beautifully designed bar, spacious and dotted with retro bicycles.Excellent food and drinks, and above all the waiters are super kind and joyful.This bar easily enters my favourites list in Barcelona!

Lam Sally: Lovely food. Service was good except towards the end. Bill took 22mins to arrive from being acknowledged and actually being able to pay. (Had eye contact 2times in total, the girl just said sorry 1 second everytime, but its not 1 second). Understand lunch hour is busy but also missed my tour didnt expect need to wait half an hour for the bill.

Manos Heal: The place inside it’s amazing, but it’s super expensive. A caña (small) was 4€. The food the same. A small focaccia 13€. This legit doesn’t make sense. I don’t wonder why it was empty on a Friday night. Too bad cause the interiors are gorgeous!

15. CocoVail Beer Hall - Craft Beer Barcelona

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2869 reviews
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CocoVail Beer Hall - Craft Beer Barcelona

Address: C/ d'Aragó, 284, 08009 Barcelona, Spain

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 1AM

Telephone: +34 937 82 24 79

Business type: Beer hall

Near CocoVail Beer Hall - Craft Beer Barcelona:

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CocoVail Beer Hall - Craft Beer Barcelona: what do users think?

Sheena Pimentel: Difficult to get a table for walk-ins so better get an early reservation especially if the you’re a big group and there is a big game playing that night. Place is always full, and that’s because the beer selection is good too! Oh, and they serve 2kg chicken wings!! Beer is €6.
Response: Thank you for the thorough review, Sheena! :)

Kayla Crous: The best chicken wings of my life!!! And with the blue cheese sauce it’s even better 😍 there’s a really good vibe, everyone is friendly, there’s music, sports and even board games to play. I came for my birthday and they made it amazing. I also keep ordering online for delivery because I can’t have enough 😂
Response: Happy to have you, Kayla! Thanks for the great words and love! 🙏🏻🙂

James Cozby: Awesome beer spot with lots of Spanish local brews and a few American as well. Andres (the owner) was our bar tender, super friendly and speaks great English. As a beer lover, this a must visit while in Barcelona. Also recommend the chicken tenders, the homemade honey mustard sauce is the best we’ve ever had.
Response: Thanks a lot, James! 👑🎶☺️

Isaiah Tan: Ordered 10 sets of 6 chicken drumlets (8 flavours, with 2 repeating), 1 cheeseburger, 1 cheesesteak sandwich, 1 sweet potato fries and 1 Mozzarella sticks. Total bill came up to 62 Euros, which was super affordable given that we were all very full by the end of it. The chicken drumlets all tasted great, with a personal preference for those with a bit of a chilli kick, such as the Buffalo drumlets. The cheeseburger and Mozzarella sticks were good. The cheesesteak was great, as the meat was savoury, paired with jalapeños that gave a good kick to it. Fries were ok. This place fills up fast, and would be difficult to get a seat if ure walking in. Please remember to get reservation a week early or so!
Response: Thanks, Isiah!!!

Michael Doherty: This place deserves better than a 4.3 that’s for sure. The beer selection is well above average in Europe and I got to sample some beers from different Spanish breweries which is exactly what I wanted. The CocoVail IPA had good flavor and nice balance. Very crushable. I was very impressed with the La Virgen stout I had. I don’t think I’ve had such a good imperial stout outside the states as that. I may actually go back to try a few more Spanish craft beers
Response: Thanks, Michael! 🎶🎶🎶

Natalie Laras: Quality has gone down significantly. Used to love their superbly tasty crunchy wings. Nowadays when I order they just deliver leftover, reheated wings possibly from couple of days before. With or without promotion, regardless of the sauce flavor, they’re soggy, no taste, chewy, and definitely not fresh. Went from the best wings in barcelona to worse than frozen wings from a supermarket.
Response: Hello Natalie, the previous reply was erroneous. We pride ourselves in consistency, and apologize for this experience. Hopefully you've tried our wings again, as we won't disappoint again. Cheers!

Sayani Fouzdar: I love this place. Got a cool vibe with good food and a large collection of beer. You can sit here and relax for hours. You can also watch the games.Recommended dishes Cocovail Burger, Spicy Garlic, Honey BBQ …More
Response: Thanks, Sayani, come back any time!!! :)

rob g: This place has the best chicken wings, mac and cheese and beer selection in Barcelona. A great sports bar with excellent vibes and the only downside is that it can be really hard to get a table because it is so popular. Locals will definitely enjoy it and visitors/ tourists will be in heaven. Their origin story is really cool too.
Response: Thanks, Rob, we really appreciate it!

Jordan Quinn: Everything about this place is perfect. If you want to feel like you’re back home and you’re from the states, this is the place for you. More importantly, though, you’ll still find all of the things that make Spain so great here too. The wings are solid (highly recommend the green curry sauce) and the sweet potato fries are awesome. All of the staff are amazing people. I’m living in Barça for a month and I have a feeling I’ll be here many, many times during that month.
Response: Hello Jordan, thanks for the kind words. We are happy to hear you had a great time here. Cheers! :)

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