Best Elderly Care Companies In Barcelona Near Me

1. Associació Assistència Qualificada Barcelona - les Corts

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Associació Assistència Qualificada Barcelona
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Address: Carrer d'Oriol Mestres, 13, 08034 Barcelona, Spain

Telephone: +34 699 93 17 23

Business type: Social services organization

Associació Assistència Qualificada Barcelona: what do users think?

RubRey: La peor empresa que conocí nunca, totalmente no recomendable. Trato deplorable. A sus empleadas, y tienes gente muy mala.sin ningún tipo de cualidades. Mi recomendación es no contratarlos bajo ninguna circunstancia.

Jorge Campamá Bosch: Gran dedicación y competencia

Menchu Ribes: estuve hace dos días, muy organizado, servicio impecable y los resultados me llegaron en los plazos acordados

Brenda Gutierrez Hap: Me agendaron rápidamente y obtuve mis resultados a tiempo. La atención muy amable, en todo momento

Ricard: No intentes llamar, no contestan

José Francisco Guinovart Urriola: No son muy competentes a la hora de dar resultados ni cumplir plazos.

P: Buen servicio: rápido y eficiente

Raul: Me dieron cita para el mismo día, la atención al cliente muy amables, además esta situado muy céntrico

Kike Garcia Lovit: Atención al cliente muy buena, sin hacer colas

spames23 spames23: No he tenido que esperar nada, la atención de la recepcionista ha sido muy amable.

eloy Sanchez: I needed an urgent pcr, and they gave me an appointment for the same morning, without having to wait.The treatment of the nurse very good.I recommend it

lorenzo fasano: Fraud

Zee Jutt: Ladrones, llame a este laboratorio pero me han dado direcion de otro laboratorio algo cerca de diagonal y alli me estaban engañando con precio y me senti fatal como roban

Nguyen Anička: The results didn’t come at all! The don’t respond to our e-mails and calls. Very stressfull before flight. The worst service ever!!!!

Richard McConnell: and the doors opened promptly at 8am. The staff was welcoming and professional. We filled out forms, the staff then carefully confirmed all our contact details, and we had our test. We were back outside within 10 minutes. Our results were emailed to us 1.5 hours in advance of the promised time of 10pm. On check-in for our flight to the USA, the airline staff reviewed the PDF of our negative test results

2. Portanova | Centre de dia per a gent gran - Sant Andreu

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Portanova | Centre de dia per a gent gran
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Address: Carrer de Vèlia, 18, 08016 Barcelona, Spain

Telephone: +34 934 08 42 74

Business type: Senior citizen center

Portanova | Centre de dia per a gent gran: what do users think?

Sarca Sanz: The treatment of people is excellent, it is a pleasant, cozy, very clean and quiet place, I liked the variety of activities that users do to keep them active, for which I am very grateful to Giovanna for the attention she had with my father. Thank you

Rosa Borras: Very attentive to the staff

Lidia Grande tain: Small day center, very nice and correct.It's a pity that relatives of their boarding schools worry, saying that they will get lost if someone doesn't take them, so they can charge for this service.My mother asked us and asked us to discharge her and she is currently going to another center very happy.

Anna Oliva Mateu: En centre petit, molt familiar. Els profesionals molt atents i amables tant amb els usuaris com amb les families.Nosaltres estem molt contents

Beatriz Hernández Ruiz: Very very professional. Unbeatable, a super affectionate treatment.

Cenicienta SiL: Excellent day center, with cognitive therapy. They not only paint pictures, they even know tongue twisters, riddles... Very clean. Open from 8:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.

3. Fundación Unicef Comité Español - Eixample

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Fundación Unicef Comité Español
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Address: Via Augusta 13 - 15, 3ª planta, oficina 313, 08006 Barcelona, Spain

Business type: Social services organization

Fundación Unicef Comité Español: what do users think?

Joseangel Rivera: Hi, I am from Colombia

Raul Fash: They are calling me from a mobile 650280140, in the end it seems that it is a business


J B: There are a bunch of thieves, don't ask for more help, because then nothing reaches its destination, who in the third world would already live in villas with swimming pools, if everything you have collected for years had arrived. Another big lie. Who gets rich thanks to poverty

Lídia S: They call me every day 5 or 6 times.

4. Apiumhub - Eixample

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Address: Plaça Urquinaona, 1, Entresuelo Derecha, B, 08010 Barcelona, Spain

Telephone: +34 934 81 50 85

Business type: Software company

Apiumhub: what do users think?

Lijie Ye: Having only been working at Apiumhub for a few months, I can say that it is the place where I have grown the most professionally, where I have seen more horizontality and where the team is trusted the most. Unlike other consultants, you work calmly, in a friendly environment, and always maintaining a high technical level.

maria mariño: Company very oriented to carry out quality work with great professionals. I currently work here and the environment could not be more motivating and with great colleagues who help you every day.Highly recommended!!!!

Anyul Rivas: It is a very nice place to grow as a software development professional. Very qualified and very nice people, excellent location and they are always organizing interesting events that I never miss. Definitely an option for those of us who are always learning

Kilian Jimenez: Friendly and welcoming environment with huge focus on quality and constant growth. Every day working here feels like a new opportunity to learn, improve my skills and enjoy with very talented and amazing professionals.

David Silva: Friendly and welcoming environment with plenty of smart colleagues open to share knowledge.Pragmatic, self-demanding and communicative management.They are really concerned about the performance and professional growth of the employees.

David Brito: Always focused on quality and promoting training, Apiumhub is an ideal place to grow as a professional. There is a lot of talent, but also camaraderie.

Arnau Gris: Gran empresa on créixer professionalment envoltat d'experts del sector.Apiumhub és un lloc on aprendre sense barreres i posar en pràctica tot el teu coneixement amb un equip humà genial amb el que no t'avorreixes mai.En definitiva, un bon lloc on treballar!

Ferran Ferri: A nice place to work. Good people, great experience and amazing projects

Jose Castro: Apiumhub is a very good company to work for. There's professional growth, a great friendly atmosphere, and you can feel like they care about you.

Pablo Trescoli: Very happy with my first few months at this company, hoping to stay for a few more! Great team environment, friendly as well as skilled!

Sergi Llonch: Awesome company and great place to work. Challenging projects, nice colleagues to learn from and very friendly environment.

Joan Ferrés Declair: This company is like a family, once you join them people treat you like one more.And by the way, there are a lot of talented people working whom you can learn a lot ^^

NAHUEL CASARES MARTIN: Apiumhub is a leading company in the technology sector, but the best thing is not that, but it´s way of creating a family and the added value that this later brings to its business partners.

David Garcia: Crecimiento profesional constante.Todas las personas del equipo son grandes expertos en sus áreas. Lo mejor es que son capaces de transmitir ese conocimiento sin barreras.Formando parte de este excepcional equipo de personas nunca te quedarás atrás.

Oleg Sokolov: Great company and talented teammates. Nice and friendly team atmosphere. A great place to grow and develop professionally with other talented people.

5. DomusVi Can Buxeres - Districte I

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DomusVi Can Buxeres
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Address: Carrer de l'Ametller, 6, 08906 L'Hospitalet de Llobregat, Barcelona, Spain

Telephone: +34 932 60 31 81

Business type: Retirement home

DomusVi Can Buxeres: what do users think?

Aurora Montoya: My mother has been admitted to this center for 5 months. We changed her to another residence because in the case of a bedridden person who did not enjoy the facilities, we thought that the fee to pay was excessive. Organizational problems arose in the transfer, in the settlement of the month and return of the deposit, but I also have to say that they have tried to solve them in the best possible way. Highlight the work of the social worker, a kind, attentive person with a lot of empathy, thank you Lidia!!

MARIA JESUS ANTON BLASCO: Thank you for the last moments that you all behave better impossible, thank you very much

Elisabeth Nieto hilinger: Exploitation of the workers, there are not enough staff and they pay very badly there and another thing not to leave anything in sight they stole a colony that a resident gave it to them, not even that you can leave a shameful place, bad attention and on top of that manguis.

Gemma Vilar: I had my mother at Domusvi Can Boixeres for a year and a half, she passed away 10 days ago, my experience in that center was very good, especially the last few weeks, my mother needed more care, even the last few days they let me stay the night With her, excellent treatment in every way.

Navarro NApe: The worst Residence you can find, food in poor condition, people without any attention, it is inhumane for the elderly

Jesús Calvo: . Sin duda es nefasta la administración de este centro y no recomiendo nada llevar a vuestros seres queridos aquí. .

JMLORD: Residence of the elderly. The treatment is normal. The food seems to be reasonable. Various places for residents to visit

roberto voces martinez: Dear fellow writer,Remind you that; As an observation, I will indicate that you cannot reveal personal information or any other aspect about me because of the LOPD, not out of respect as it vaguely indicates. That would be an attack against the LOPD as well as disclosure of secrets, typified in the penal code, among many other crimes that you would incur if your comment remains on this channel.On the other hand, you directly accuse me of pouring uncertain information about your center; remind you in this case that it is a public center, that there is freedom of expression and that we are on a public channel, apart from the following; My "accusations" as erroneously indicated are in the public domain, you can find them in any Internet search engine where they appear documented, including images that the community has been including, apart from this fact, you can follow the thread of reviews that support my opinion about the center, which I reiterate, I can expose publicly, so it is I who urges you to withdraw your comment, since this could be susceptible to crime.Reconsider accusing me of insults, or else reconsider accusing all those who, in the same way as me, give their free opinion on a channel of freedom of expression, and in the public domain. If you don't want people to make these accusations, improve your service.If what you are referring to is non-payment of salaries, as well as undue salary withholdings, fix that matter and it will not be subject to comment either, I invite you to talk to your employees and ask how they feel about not having received their salary, I I have been fortunate enough to be able to ask about it and for the most part there is widespread discontent.Well said, thank you for your prompt response.

Robert: Bad treatment of residents, lousy medical care, unhealthy food, lack of staff, complete disorganization, complaints, complaints and more complaints is what surrounds this center. Bad management, unfortunate communication, disinterest on the part of the team at all times. This center is a specialist in accumulating complaints for mistreatment, injuries, poor care, negligence, etc. Regrettable. Not content with that, now they defraud their staff by improperly withholding money from payroll, this month with unjustified delays in payroll payments, threatening their workers, etc. Soon a labor and social welfare inspection will come and I hope they will take out everything dark that their center hides. DO NOT TAKE YOUR ELDERLY THERE, they deserve better care

Merche Valera: To you, who calls yourself the owner, to you, who is the same or more shameless than the majority of workers you have in this residence. To you, Mr. Owner, who has the residence in such disastrous conditions, fatal in cleanliness, in the treatment of residents, in the responses of your workers to us relatives. There is no dispenser in the residence that contains disinfectant, in the corridors all empty, at the entrance always empty, the sinks downstairs always dirty with a horrible stench. They lost several things to my father, and until I said that I would put a complaint, these objects did not appear, thank God that today my father has left this disgusting residence, but I am sorry for the residents and their relatives who remain here. And we took him to another with very good references, very good treatment of the residents and to be well cared for. Mr. Owner, we have had the worst experience. They lost our clothes, one day we found my father with a sheet over his legs and a diaper, in case we had to take him to the garden, another day in pajamas, another day with pants that were not his. And the workers told us that we should go to the laundry to get the clothes, they had to mark the names on the clothes, and they didn't even bother, except for four white garments, they sewed us with black thread. Fatal, we should fuck all of us who have had this bad experience and report them and make them close this residence. Ana, the physiotherapist, you are the only one we can thank for being so kind to us, your desire to help people and your great humanity. For the rest, Mr. Owner, clean up the workers, stop owning this residence, buy a supermarket from the big Día chain, and take your workers with you. And the same one of these days, health care comes by to pay him a visit.

Iolanda Gurrea: Es una lastima que siendo una residencia tan grande y con personal agradable y experto, el lugar este con tanta falta de limpieza.Si tocas cualquier cosa te quedas pegada.reruras un mueble y está lleno de polvo .Y el mantenimiento es pésimo ,no se reparan los cables de la duchanrotos , enchufes caídos .pintura descacascariñlada.El suelo está tosco y sucio

Pedro Raja: Vergonzoso,humillante, no os merecéis ni una estrella,pero si no la pongo no me deja dar mi opinión.No tenéis vergüenza,no tenéis humanidad,no tenéis personal suficiente para cuidar de nuestros seres queridos.Pero si que ponéis la mano para soltaros los 2500euros que cuesta esta residencia,y de oferta,porque suele ser más.Toda la que trabaja en esta clínica,es gente de afuera,no entiendes lo que te dicen,y hasta la prepotente de la doctora Ana,que se piensa ser algo,y no es más que una estirada.Ojala hubiera leído las reseñas,antes de meter a mi padre aquí,porque no tenéis ni una buena,eso sí,denuncias a punta pala,y ya veremos si no os meteré yo una cuando saque a mi padre en breve ,No tenéis vergüenza,Una residencia antigua,en timbres de las habitaciones, en muebles,ya cuando la ves desde afuera,te das cuenta que no vale lo que pagas.Y lo peor,que no están bien atendidos,y si vas un fin de semana, ya no te digo nada,si se estropea algo no personal de mantenimiento. Bochornoso,deberían cerrarla.Los residentes tienen un pequeño jardín,en el que están con familiares y permiten a todo el mundo estar fumando.

Vicky Ssnchez: Horrible , nefasta , inhumana y me quedo muy corta. La doctora no se dónde le dieron el título , a mi padre en vez de darle analgesia para el dolor ya que acababa de salir del hospital con dos vértebras chafadas le da un medicamento para tenerlo dormido todo el día y que no moleste y encima no dice que lo cambien de posición o que lo metan en la cama sino lo dejan todo el día sentado en una silla de ruedas. La limpieza ya ni que decir , no limpiaron la habitación cuando entro mi padre ,osea estabatelcolchón y el somier lleno de mocos y el suelo con cucarachas y sin barrer desde no sé cuándo , cuando me queje subió la directora y recogió con un papel la cucaracha que llevaba allí como cinco días muerta . . Bueno y muchísimas más cosas que en 15 días es increíble que pasen , os recomiendo que no pongáis a ninguno de vuestros familiares en esta residencia o que primero os lo penséis antes de cometer el mismo error que nosotros..

Celso MOURIÑO FERNANDEZ: Quiero dejar constancia de mi satisfacción con DomisVI-CanBuxeres.Me refiero a las instalaciones y su ubicación, al trato del personal, a la limpieza, comunicación y funcionamiento en general.Mención especial a como se libró la batalla contra las últimas acometidas de la Covid-19 ....¡Y la madre que la parió! Resumiendo: con transparencia y eficacia.Gracias a toda la "tripulación". ¡¡¡SIGAN ASÍ!!

Marta G.: Gracias por cuidar como lo hacéis de nuestra madre. Gran equipo profesional, implicado y con vocación hacia la gente mayor!!!

Yago M.: A una señora de 90 años le robaran los anillos ya estando muerta...Como puede ser que aún estéis ofreciendo servicios.IncompetentesYa está denunciado y ojalá os caiga el pelo.

Teresa Cardeñosa: Avisadas del empeoramiento de mi madre y de que esperaban la ambulancia para trasladarla al Hospital de Bellvitge, se presentó mi hermana en la Domus Can Buxeres. Hablaba con el doctor cuando se abrió el ascensor dónde mi madre sentada en la camilla, acompañada por dos personas de la ambulancia más otra con un traje Epi, se tocaba el dedo anular dónde desde hacía más de cuarenta años llevaba una alianza y una sortija con una piedra granate que yo había intentado sacarle cuando la ingresamos en la residencia sin haberlo podido lograr debido a la deformación de sus dedos por la artrosis, pero los anillos no estaban, se habían esfumado. Cuando llegamos al Hospital vimos la herida que le hicieron en el dedo para poder sacarlos.En Domus Can Buxeres nos dijeron que habían hablado con el personal y que no sabía nadie nada sobre los anillos "extraviados". Los anillos no fueron extraviados fueron robados con violencia a una anciana de 90 años. Quién se los robó sabía que ella no la podría acusar porque murió al día siguiente.Una Residencia de ancianos que tiene personal que en vez de velar por el bienestar de sus pacientes es capaz de hacer una vileza así sin poner medidas, no es digna de confianza alguna.Si lee esto la persona que lo hizo solo te deseo que vivas en ti todo el daño que has causado

Lidia Pozo: .Como se puede apreciar en las fotografías, salía con las heridas sin curar

6. Adobe Systems Ibérica - Sant Martí

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Adobe Systems Ibérica
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Address: Carrer de la Llacuna, 56, 70, 08005 Barcelona, Spain

Telephone: +34 935 22 02 32

Business type: Software company

Adobe Systems Ibérica: what do users think?

Jaime: .

7. Cognizant Technology Solutions Barcelona - Districte III

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Cognizant Technology Solutions Barcelona
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Address: Pl. d'Europa, 41-43, planta 11, 08908 L'Hospitalet de Llobregat, Barcelona, Spain

Telephone: +34 910 31 66 30

Business type: Software company

Cognizant Technology Solutions Barcelona: what do users think?

Gerhard Gerner: Nice, modern office with a great view. Not far from the airport

Giuseppe Paradiso: Good office

Sofia Bezzato: beautiful office

Guillermo Vazquez: Great place to work!

Gerardo Salazar: My Colleagues have always treated me very well, they always have fruit and coffee for everyone!

Xavi López: Luxury facilities to carry out work in a more efficient and comfortable way for workers and clients.

8. Barcelona Health Hub - Horta-Guinardó

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7 reviews
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Barcelona Health Hub
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Address: Carrer de Sant Antoni Maria Claret, 167, 08025 Barcelona, Spain

Telephone: +34 930 18 15 31

Business type: Association or organization

9. Oracle Barcelona Office - les Corts

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Oracle Barcelona Office
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Address: Avinguda Diagonal, 615, 08028 Barcelona, Spain

Telephone: +34 916 31 20 00

Business type: Software company

10. SAP - Sant Martí

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Address: Torre Diagonal Mar B1, Carrer de Josep Pla, 2, 08019 Barcelona, Spain

Telephone: +34 934 83 35 00

Business type: Software company

SAP: what do users think?
Ron Wessels: Inspirerende plaats om te werken. Modern ingericht. Tijdens je pauze wandel je aan zee.
Javier Rico: Hemos estado en un evento organizado por SAP en sus oficinas, las vistas envidiables y las oficinas espectaculares. Todo acorde a la empresa que es.
Antonio Ramirez: Buena empresa
Francisco Martínez Berthereau: Oficinas impresionantes
Angel Chamorro: Todo acorde a la gran empresa que es. Las oficinas excepcionales con unas vistas inmejorables y la amabilidad de los anfitriones exquisita.
Daniel Ruiz: Miy buen producto
Andrea Belart Andrade: Encantada de trabajar aquí. Un trabajo en el que la atención a cualquier empleado/trabajador es primordial y te hacen sentir agusto.
Stanisław Rasiński: Super
L v D: Gorgeous views
nick raymaekers: Best run businesses run SAP. Visit the experience Center and discover how business software can change the way you do your business.
Kat Knapp: No better software, especially the Ariba cloud!
Francisco Cantón: Buenas Vistas tiene este lugar.
Laura Mezo: les sales de reunions i events tenen unes vistes increibles.
Pedro J. Jiménez: La ubicación de las oficinas es inmejorable! Fui para un curso de FM y el aula y las oficinas estuvieron muy bien, a la altura del lugar
Yamilka Santana: Nice Place to work
Eduard Ferrer Belda: Bones instalacions i excelents vistes
Patxi Gil Crénier: Gente hermosa y una ubicación increíble para trabajar. Desearía tener esas vistas
Ramzi Musa: Empresa superior, oficina superior, vista superior desde los pisos superiores.
Francisco Angás: Sap
Pablo SI: Estupendo lugar de trabajo con unas vistas inmejorables de Barcelona.
Gérard D.: El mejor lugar para trabajar

Antonio Ramirez: good company

Francisco Martínez Berthereau: impressive offices

En Barcelona, hay una gran cantidad de empresas de atención a personas mayores que ofrecen servicios de atención domiciliaria. Estas empresas ofrecen una variedad de servicios para ayudar a las personas mayores a mantener una vida saludable y segura en sus hogares. Estos servicios incluyen ayuda con el cuidado personal, como bañarse, vestirse y comer, así como ayuda con el cuidado de la casa, como la limpieza, la compra de alimentos y la preparación de comidas. También ofrecen servicios de transporte para ayudar a las personas mayores a llegar a sus citas médicas y otras actividades. Estas empresas de atención a personas mayores en Barcelona ofrecen una solución práctica para aquellos que necesitan ayuda para mantenerse saludables y seguros en sus hogares.

In Barcelona, there are a large number of elderly care companies offering home care services. These companies provide a variety of services to help elderly people maintain a healthy and safe life in their homes. These services include assistance with personal care such as bathing, dressing and eating, as well as help with housekeeping such as cleaning, grocery shopping and meal preparation. They also offer transportation services to help elderly people get to their medical appointments and other activities. These elderly care companies in Barcelona provide a practical solution for those who need help to stay healthy and safe in their homes.

Rut Blasco Calafell

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