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1. TEFL Iberia Barcelona - Eixample

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TEFL Iberia Barcelona
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Address: 3º, Carrer de València, 275, 08009 Barcelona, Spain

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 9:30AM Mon

Telephone: +34 934 87 51 16

Business type: English language school

TEFL Iberia Barcelona: what do users think?

Julio Recio: Coming to TEFL Iberia was a dream come true personally based on I wanted to live in Barcelona for a long time and couldn’t figure out how So when I found out that this school was a way for me to live there and also become certified as a TEFL instructor, I had to jump on it. My time at the school was enlightening, joyful, hard working which I enjoyed being busy and a goal in mind, and one of the best moments in my life. All the instructors that helped me along the way were THEE best especially at moments when I was stuck on an assignment or lesson planning. Before coming to the school they helped me with my accommodations, what to expect when joining the program, and how to find a job after the course was over. The day of graduation was such an experience as all the instructors gave us a celebration at the end with drinks and cake haha and with my class turned out to be one of their best classes they’ve had! If I can do this experience again I would absolutely do it and recommend anyone who has the same aspirations to do so also!! Love this school and everyone in it!!

marta izu: , you feel at home!The receptionist + teacher, Mirna, alwayssaid “good morning “ with the mostbeautiful smile and she’s was really supportive and helpful through the course!Juliana, the School Manager is, such anamazing person too! She has an eye fordetail, very empathetic, always with thislovely smile and such a professionalperson !, just to name a few as reallyeveryone is wonderful and that's whatmakes this school so unique!I have really enjoyed my time there, itwas such a rewarding experience that will never forget!I have also made lifetime friends with my colleagues!I have learnt so many teaching skills.I can only say a big THANK YOU toeveryone at TEFL Iberia!

cdpp: I had the most amazing time at TEFL Iberia thanks to the highly knowledgeable and qualified teaching staff. The coordination staff were also equally amazing and supportive, and always there to answer any questions related to life and jobs in the Spanish-speaking world. The course was fun, dynamic and gave a real taste of life as an English language teacher! The provided accommodation was also fantastic - I couldn’t have been happier with it. 5 stars for TEFL Iberia!

Dorita Abecasis: Excellent level of teaching and a warm and inclusive human group

Garcia Laura: I've just completed the Trinity CertTESOL teacher training course at TEFL Iberia and I want to say it was definitely one of the most extraordinary experiences of my life. The tutors and staff were super professional, friendly and supportive. They provided a helpful and encouraging environment throughout the 4 weeks which made the course much more enjoyable.They also helped me get settled in Barcelona and I got a job right after the course thanks to Mira's and Jayde's guidance. I highly recommend TEFL Iberia and the Trinity CertTESOL course. I'm from Argentina and It has always been my dream to live in Spain. At the moment I'm taking the Developing teacher course, which gave me a chance to continue developing my teaching while working as a teacher in Barcelona.

Marina Sanchez: I´m more than grateful to TEFL Iberia for the invaluable experience I had while doing the Trinity CertTESOL with them in February. The staff in general is really helpful, Jayde's guidance with the visa process was amazing, accommodation was niceIy set up and Mirna at reception made my days much nicer with her smile. I want to thank all my tutors: Sasha, Juli, JayG and Ian for their support, patience and constant encouragement: they made me love teaching the way they love it! I definitely recommend TEFL Iberia to anyone who wants to develop their teaching skills and have a great experience in Barcelona!

Karl Juvanon: . Leading by example with exceptional passion, knowledge, and guidance from day one.I would also like to thank the coordination team for their support and encouragement throughout.Very friendly and professional atmosphere.Highly recommend!

rachel punter: I've been a mature student in many courses, ranging from Master's degrees to more practical cheffing qualifications. The Trinity CertTESOL with TEFL Iberia was by far the most rewarding course I have ever taken. The teaching team were outstanding. They each shared their passion and expertise in unique and engaging ways. It was truly a pleasure and a privilege to learn from them. One crazy month of hard work and lots of fun led straight to employment for me. Highly recommended!

David Murray: Completing the CertTESOL course at TEFL Iberia was an incredible experience. The coordination staff provided excellent support for obtaining a student visa and helped to simplify the process. The course was well-structured and taught by experienced instructors who provided useful feedback every day. The teaching practice was a highlight, and I really appreciated all the instruction we got from the tutors. I highly recommend this TEFL course!

Lauren Hodkiewicz: .Unfortunately, there has been a recent change in Spanish law regarding student visas, and schools that are not accredited with either a Cervantes Institute certificate or appear on a list of accredited non-university schools do NOT qualify for student visas here in Spain. A few months into my time

Clayton Myers: The school is located in the heart of Barcelona and close to public transportation, they assisted me with accommodation and also finding jobs in the city. I've met amazing people from all around the world during the course! The school also has awesome tutors and friendly staff, would definitely recommend.

Mery Chapler: Giving a review of TEFL IBERIA is exposing all its characteristics. Since everything is positive, the classes are interactive, the teachers are the best and most prepared, the school is the neatest, the environment is the best, the result of your learning is guaranteed. Very good school if you want to learn English dynamically... 100% recommended

ketty alfaro: This is my second time using Global to work and travel. My first experience was back in 2015 when I went to Korea. I used their support this time around as well because my first experience was a pleasant one. Supportive group of teachers and guidance throughout the journey.

Keke: was very engaging and meaningful

Marisa Femia: in the US for 4 years. I was worried that the program might not be as useful for me as it would for a new teacher, but that feeling quickly faded. Not only did I gain experience teaching adults, but I learned so much about the English language in a few short weeks. The program coordinators and tutors are incredibly knowledgeable, accessible, and understanding. The facilities are beautifully maintained and host a comfortable working/learning environment. I was so thankful to have been setup with a host and living accommodations. Finally, the friendships that I have made with other participants in the program are those that will last a lifetime. Barcelona is magical, and I would do the program all over again in a heartbeat!

Katelyn Krzemien: This course was a great challenge, even as a teacher. The staff is friendly, and the tutors bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to the course. I had a great time learning from them and my peers in Barcelona!

Sha Nismal: I had a very good learning experience with TEFL Iberia. The tutors and staff were very accommodating. They gave us motivation and guidance during our course. Since it was a one-month course, everything that needs do to be done was crammed into those four weeks but pacing-wise, it was done systematically. The facilities in the academy were conducive to our learning. Cheers!

Katie Love: I completed the Trinity CertTESOL course in August 2022 and loved it! The location of the school is perfect - in the heart of Barcelona, you can try lots of new restaurants in the area, see the beautiful sights the city has to offer and the weather is a bonus too. The school is modern, clean, bright, and fully equipped with everything you need. The library has all materials and books you need for preparing classes and developing your skills as a teacher. The staff are SO friendly and helpful, they are always on hand to guide you through the course and create a relaxing atmosphere for you to learn. The course has a mix of input tutorials and teaching practice. What I loved about the course is that you practice your teaching skills from week 1. Although this was daunting at first, you are fully supported by the tutors and this boosted my confidence in teaching massively. By the end of the 4-week course, I felt I had learned so much and was confident to teach English. The tutors continued to support me in making my CV and helped me apply for English teaching jobs in Barcelona.The school really does offer everything you would want in a TEFL school. I am so glad I decided to move here and complete the course with TEFL Iberia. I am now studying here on the developing teacher course to hone my teaching abilities.Massive thank you to everyone at TEFL Iberia, you are all amazing!

Sydney Amell: TEFLIberia was a super incredible institute to learn from. They have such a supportive and encouraging environment to learn and grow in. Their staff were very welcoming and were very helpful throughout the course. The staff want you to learn and engage with the material and be successful during and after the course. I highly recommend this company if you are looking to gain your English Teaching Certification in a foreign place!

2. Speakeasy Spanish School Barcelona - Eixample

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Speakeasy Spanish School Barcelona
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Address: Ronda de la Universitat, 7, 08007 Barcelona, Spain

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 8:30AM Mon

Telephone: +34 933 42 71 97

Business type: Language school

Speakeasy Spanish School Barcelona: what do users think?
maritza rodriguez: He tomado clases de forma intermitente durante un par de años en un bar clandestino. ¡Los cursos son geniales para una semana o para continuar! Para las personas que visitan, además de mejorar su español, ofrecen excelentes actividades dentro y fuera de la ciudad. ¡Las estructuras del curso son súper fáciles de seguir y aprender! ¡Una de las mejores escuelas a las que he asistido!
Anastasiya Tyurina: Мне очень нравится обучение в школе Speak Easy, потому что мы сразу обсудили мои цели по изучению испанского языка, а затем оценили входной уровень и темы «пробелов».Занятия проходят в интенсивном режиме - и грамматика, и практика immersive, конечно, с носителями языка.Поскольку школа большая, у нас всегда есть возможность выбрать учителя по темпераменту, группу - по интересам и уровню. Менеджер София очень чутко и внимательно относится к прогрессу и уровню удовлетворенности каждого клиента, отдельное ей спасибо!
Виктор Черняк: Доброжелательный персонал, удобное расположение, учебные материалы хорошего качества и повезло с преподавателем (Бруно) Уровень B.1.1 - B1.3
Julia Fath: Speakeasy es una excelente opción para cualquiera que intente aprender español o catalán de España. Tienes la opción de tomar cursos que coincidan con tu ritmo de aprendizaje, y los profesores y la recepción son serviciales y eficientes. También tienen actividades a las que puedes unirte cada semana que te permiten aprender la cultura también. ¡Estoy tomando un curso de 6 meses y volveré por más!
Полина Глазкова: La única escuela en Barcelona que respondió rápido y resolvió mis dudas, y no solo envió bajas automáticas. Profesores de aula con una mirada amplia, que expliquen la lógica y la construcción, y no se limiten a ofrecer aprender todo de memoria.
Raquel Abambres Lopes: . The books and exercise sheets are really good. I thought that being in class all morning every day would be boring, but I really enjoyed being there. Thank you Speakeasy!!(Traducido por Google
Emily Valletta: (Traducido por Google
Valeriya Denisova: Отличная школа с дружественной атмосферой, вовлеченными и классными преподавателями! Я занимаюсь каждый будний день по 4 часа и по началу думала, что такая интенсивность будет даваться не просто для восприятия, но по факту занятия проходят очень интересно и активно, так что чаще всего 4 часа пролетают незаметно и есть ощущение того самого погружения в язык. Очень классно чувствовать эффект, достигаемый методом погружения: когда в начале не понимаешь ничего, потому что все объяснения идут на испанском, а потом внезапно это становится очень естественным) здорово!
Nadezhda Stepanova: Отличная школа! Прохожу обучение уже второй раз! Софья во всем поможет , а Бруно всему научит! ❤️
MeKa231 TTV: Amazing school with amazing people
Andres Alarcon: Good profs that answer all questions very helpful👍🏻
Tatyana: The best Spanish school in Barcelona, me and family love this school. The management team helps you to settle down in Barcelona. And the teachers are super professional. It was fun to study there. Thank you!
Ran Feng: central location, convenient transportation, good teacher, classmates from different countries. Especially they provide flexible classes, it’s important for me to study according to my schedule.
Jerry Woo: Very good and friendly school
ruiruiii du: 前台的小哥哥小姐姐都非常nice 教学的老师也很耐心 🏼 🏼
Renato Ramone: The school is great, teachers are friendly and Yasmin was very helpful with everything.
황민서: 바르셀로나에서 어떤 어학원을 다닐지 고민하고 있다면Speakeasy를 추천합니다! 매주 재미있는 액티비티로 다양한 경험이 가능하고 선생님도 잘 가르쳐주세요!!또한 Reception에 궁금한 것들이나 요청사항을 이야기하면 친절하게 답해줍니다:)
Elad David: I'm very happy to recommend Speak Easy. I was suprised for the best!The staff is kind' helping and always with a smile, the classes are digitally equipped and the teachers are extremely professional.Having this soft landing in Speak Easy when I moved to Spain was the best thing I could hope for.You are more than welcome to contact me if you have any question:WhatsApp: +972-546-596-995Calls: +34-671-244-526
Geoff D: A really great experience taking the night classes. It was fun and yet I learned a lot. I am definitely going back for more!
Iskander Shaymardanov: Great school, convenient schedule. Nice and patient teachers.
Kara Danielle Avanceña: I’ve been at Speakeasy for two weeks doing the semi-intensive program (10h/week) and I’ve loved my experience. It was such a welcoming place from the second I walked in. (I would, no exaggeration, die for my teacher, Joan, who is so wonderful and cares about making sure we understand the material.)The weekly field trips, with bimonthly ones outside of the city, have made it so easy to make friends in a place I just moved to. The team was also very responsive when I was emailing months ago with questions.Would happily recommend Speakeasy to anyone looking to learn Spanish and meet new people in Barcelona!
Coco: 很不错的语言学校,老师很认真,课程安排合理
Elizabeth Morin: I had a great prof (Bruno!) and experience learning Spanish at Speakeasy. The classes are with a small group of people and are quite interactive, which is awesome for learning and practicing. I also went on one of the weekend trips organized by the school to a town outside of Barcelona, and it was really fun. Would highly recommend!
maritza rodriguez: I have taken classes on and off for a couple of years at speakeasy. The courses are great for one week or on going! For people visiting, in addition to improving your Spanish they offer great activities in and out of the city. The course structures are super easy to follow and learn!! One of the best schools I’ve ever attended!!
Julia Fath: Speakeasy is a great option for anyone trying to learn Spain Spanish or catalán. You have the option to take courses that match your learning pace, and the teachers and reception are helpful and efficient. They also have activities you can join every week that allow you to learn the culture as well. I’m taking a 6 month course and will be back for more!
Полина Глазкова: The only school in Barcelona that responded quickly and answered my questions, and not just sent automatic unsubscribes. Classroom teachers with a broad outlook, who explain the logic and construction, and not just offer to learn everything by heart.
Raquel Abambres Lopes: I surely recommend!! The first impression was already amazing. Yasmin helped me with every detail. Then the classes started, and I got to meet my teachers, Bea and Leti. They are both awesome, really patient and explain everything very well (over and over in case it's necessary). The books and exercise sheets are really good. I thought that being in class all morning every day would be boring, but I really enjoyed being there. Thank you Speakeasy!!
Emily Valletta: I had a really great 4 weeks here in the B2 class. My teachers were incredible, the lessons were engaging and fun whilst also being thorough. Everyone in the office was also super friendly and helpful! They organise weekly trips which is a great way to get to know the city and other students from all over the world. My confidence in Spanish improved exponentially in just 4 weeks and I would highly recommend the school :)

marija popović: ¡Es una gran escuela! Los profesores son amables y pacientes, las clases son divertidas e interactivas y los asesores estudiantiles siempre están ahí para ayudar. ¡Altamente recomendado!

Regina Vaicekonyte: ¡Maravillosa escuela de idiomas, profesores experimentados, personal profesional y amable!

Максим Кукушкин: Una excelente institución, ubicada en una ubicación conveniente cerca del metro. El entrenamiento se realiza en grupos pequeños, incluso en forma de juego, lo cual también es agradable.Planeo continuar mis estudios el próximo año también en Speakeasy.

Lia P: Maravilloso lugar, gente maravillosa, España maravillosa, ¡gracias Speakeasy!

Tyler Yeomans: Personal maravilloso, siempre dispuesto a ayudar. Una manera muy eficiente de aprender el idioma, no podría estar más feliz con la experiencia.

Benjamin Martel: ¡la mayoría de los profesores son increíbles!

ying peng: La escuela cuenta con transporte conveniente, con estaciones de autobús y metro justo en la puerta. El ambiente de clase es genial y el personal y los profesores son amables, especialmente Lina y María. Déjame tener más interés y confianza en aprender español.

Julia Aslanov: Fue realmente una buena decisión unirse a esta escuela. Mucho conocimiento, personal amable y servicial, y enseñanza muy calificada.

Zazie Knepper: Gran escuela, grandes profesores, tecnología moderna. A la vuelta de la esquina de Plaça Catalunya y de la universidad, también tiene una ubicación muy céntrica. Esto es divertido y aporta un rápido progreso en el aprendizaje. Aprendí muchísimo en tan solo unos meses... ¡Solo puedo recomendarlo!

Nikolay Mazurov: Excelente escuela de idiomas en Barcelona. Buenos profesores y administradores atentos. Los fines de semana hay un programa cultural y de entretenimiento. ¡Recomiendo!

伍芮莹: La escuela está ubicada en el centro de la ciudad con transporte conveniente. Los profesores son cálidos y amigables, ¡y la calidad de la enseñanza es alta!

Cem Kıray: Excelente ubicación, buenos profesores y compañeros de clase. Además, el registro fue muy fácil y rápido. ¡Gracias!

Milena Pereira: ; El personal del curso es amable y servicial. ¡Recomiendo mucho el curso!

3. Camino Barcelona Spanish language school - Eixample

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531 reviews
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Camino Barcelona Spanish language school
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Address: Carrer del Comte d'Urgell, 78, 08011 Barcelona, Spain

Schedule: Open until 6:00 PM

Telephone: +34 934 67 85 85

Business type: Language school

Camino Barcelona Spanish language school: what do users think?
Shuvojit Banerjee: Good serious teaching with capable teachers
Askar Saginov: Very happy to study Spanish language in this school. Good teachers!
Liliana Plutino: Camino it is more than a language school, it is a multi-culture comunity were people of different ages, jobs and interest join with the aim of learning Spanish in a professional way and achieve the target result having a very pleasant time , not only during the lessons but also partecipating to the many outside activities .Succesfull and fun!thanksLiliana Plutino (from Italy)
Léonard Ouellette: Excellent school to learn Spanish in Barcelona! Staff was nice and answered quickly to all of our questions, teachers were excellent and the activities always interesting! I would 100% recommend.
Eva Löfgren: Hola todosMe and my husbond participated in Camino for one week in july 2023 to learn more spanish. Although beeing the oldest in the class (most students could be our grandchildren) we enjoyed every lesson and also the free activities in the evenings. The teachers are young and very professional. We will probobly come back next year.
Moritz von Pfeil: I really enjoyed my two weeks at Camino. The classes are fun and you are doing a lot of speaking, which makes you learn faster. Also due to the activities in the afternoon, you get to see different parts of the city, which was every day very interesting. In total I can definitely recommend the school.
Anik Neumann: Great language school!I‘ve been in the beginner class for 2 weeks now and I’m totally satisfied! The lessons are fun and the teachers are great, especially Ruben and Albert!I can only recommend the school to everyone.
Ks Kuznetsova: I took online virtual 12 weeks course with Camino. Yesterday I had the last lesson and now want to state: It’s the best course I’ve ever took. If you’re not in Spain and want to learn Spanish, improve all the aspects: speaking, listening, reading, grammar. Camino is the best school. At the beginning of the course I was scared to speak, I feel akward, and I want to say a big thank to Noelia and Elena – my teachers who helped me a lot with grammar, feeling confident while speaking. Miriam and Maria, thank you for “Club de tarde” and “juegos”. Such interesting exercises, discussions, Kahoot games which helped me to learn language interestingly, discover more about Spain and culture. I really see the progress, and want to move forward in my studies and Camino gave me confidence, motivation and priceless knowledges! Muchas gracias 🙏🏼
Alfredo Bonassi: Scuola con metodo molto buono. Insegnanti competenti e coinvolgenti. Ottima organizzazione.
Ann Michiels: Fantastische school! Je leert op een aangename en zeer vlotte manier Spaans spreken! De leerkrachten zijn zeer vriendelijk en zeer professioneel! Een echte aanrader!
Yezen Braick: So far I’m in my first week and I’m confident in saying that Carmino Barcelona is absolutely amazing. Everything that you see on the website holds true! The enthusiastic teachers, the fun and informative evening activities; the positive learning and social environment. I haven’t been to other schools but I don’t think I would recommend another place. The famous Barceloneta beach holds up to its high standards and the clubs speak for themselves. Would highly recommend to anyone eager to learn Spanish and have an absolute blast in another country!
Sammy 5150: I spent 1 week at this fabulous school. Had I known, I would have stayed the whole summer. The classes are a lot of fun and I have learned so much. Barcelona is an amazing city and there are so many things see and do. I will go back for sure next summer.
Holly Clark: Don’t let all the good reviews make you skeptical, Camino really is a great language school. My Spanish has improved an enormous amount having only spent 2 weeks here. The Camino team are incredibly helpful e.g when I needed a fan for my room or needed help finding a doctor.I definitely hope to come back, gracias Camino!❤️
Pawel M.: Amazing place full of positive people. I love the classes, the teachers and the students.
king: already have my one week class there,will have three more weeks to go. I enjoy going to the class there in Camino Barcelona . the teachers are nice and I can get to know many students from different countries,I like their afternoon club too,which made me learned a lot also.
Maeve Murtagh: A fantastic school....the teachers are fantastic and everything is so well organised, I can't recommend it highly enough. Thank you, Camino Barcelona for a wonderful experience!
Chiara Rani: Insegnanti meravigliosi con una modalità di lavoro professionale ed efficace, bravissimi nella gestione delle relazioni oltre che delle attività! Oltre a questo, gli ambienti della scuola sono confortevoli e con tutto il necessario, la scuola è in una zona stupenda e comoda per girare e la possibilità di avere un alloggio nei pressi è impagabile!Ci rivedremo (spero) presto!!
Alina Kul: Great Spanish school !I started at this school with 0 knowledge of Spanish. Teachers are professionals and teach in an accessible language. Every day holds various events both paid and free. Thanks to this, I plunged into Spanish culture and found new friends!
Liselotte: I followed a 12-week long beginners evening course, and I absolutely recommend it! I learned a lot and it was such a good introduction to the language, it is very practical, as you start from day one, using questions and conversations as a guide to learn more. Eventually we progressed to the start of some grammer and tenses, with interactive learning, practicing conversations and including some games or exercises to practice. My teacher was Albert and he is amazing.
E H: Very very good to study Spanish
Valeria: I thank my Spanish teacher trainers: Mariu Álvarez, thanks for all the information and creativity to carry out the classes, sympathy and knowledge. Ruben Chapel; Thank you for the methodology, your joy and the group dynamics, which is undoubtedly an excellent learning method.Geni Alonso; you are a "guru", thanks for seeing from the student's perspective and putting ourselves in their place, so the pedagogy and methodology of the course, makes the students acquire the skills from the first day: listening, oral, written and visual. They have been great trainers, I hope to be able to put the method into practice and be able to teach Spanish to all students who want to acquire our language. And thanks for the observations of the classes, with teachers trained by the school, they are super, I congratulate you all, it has been very helpful.And as a teacher and educator for many years, my vocation is to teach, "you never stop learning" and I have acquired a new, more dynamic and motivating method for students. Thanksssss. I will always be grateful to them.

Mariya Sulaymanhel: I was so excited to start Spanish classes at Camino, but please beware and read the negative reviews because this place is the worst. Once they take your money, you literally do not mean anything to them. For starters, I was told that my onsite accommodation was not available upon arrival. So they put me in a shared apartment with ALL males. The lady lied to my face saying that its a mix of males and females, but both my roommates were male. I felt SO uncomfortable being the only female that I ended up leaving classes midweek. They didn't apologize, didn't refund any of my money, and in fact they were extremely rude. In the 3 classes that I did attend, I had 3 different teachers, one who was training and did not know what she was doing at all. Please look into other Spanish schools in BCN because I promise you, this place only cares about your wallet.

Luke Ray Kelly: ! Los profesores son dedicados y siempre encuentran formas de hacer que el contenido sea divertido e interesante. Los recorridos y actividades son geniales y la escuela ofrece muchas opciones para un aprendizaje intenso/sencillo. ¡También debo agradecer especialmente a mi tutora privada Susana, quien hizo todo lo posible para ayudarme! ¡Muchas gracias camino!

Kai Stutz: Gran experiencia...lo haría de nuevo. Además, Daniela es una gran maestra.

Jan Muhler: Buenos profesores, buena organización! ¡Podemos recomendar la escuela a todos!

Justine Colas: Todos los profesores son muy dinámicos. Hay una muy buena relación profesor/alumno. Si quieres mejorar tu español, conocer gente de orígenes completamente diferentes y explorar Barcelona a través de actividades divertidas: te recomiendo encarecidamente esta escuela que está hecha para ti. Disfruté mucho de mi experienciaen esta escuela.

Tiffany Regan: Tuve una gran experiencia en Camino Barcelona. El programa está muy bien organizado y los profesores son maravillosos. Aprendí mucho y me divertí mucho.

Viacheslav Pavlov: Amigos, escuchen esta reseña de mi amada esposa:Bueno, déjame contarte mi aventura en la escuela de idiomas de Camino Barcelona a partir de enero de 2023. ¡Ha sido genial!En primer lugar, los profesores aquí son como magos de los idiomas. Hacen que aprender español no sólo sea fácil sino increíblemente divertido. En serio, son como los Gandalf de la enseñanza: sabios, pacientes y siempre listos con un truco de lenguaje mágico bajo la manga.Pero no son sólo los profesores los que hacen que este lugar sea especial. Tuve suerte de tener como compañeros de clase al mejor grupo de entusiastas de los idiomas. Formamos un equipo muy unido más rápido de lo que puedes decir "¡Hola!" y nuestro vínculo era como un club de idiomas secreto con interminables bromas internas.El ambiente en Camino Barcelona es simplemente increíble. Desde el momento en que entras, te reciben con cálidas sonrisas y vibraciones positivas. El personal es como el equipo ideal de ayuda y la escuela en sí es como un acogedor paraíso lingüístico.En pocas palabras, mi estancia en Camino Barcelona fue como una fiesta española con un lado de aprendizaje. No solo mejoré mi español, sino que también creé recuerdos que durarán toda la vida y encontré nuevos amigos fantásticos. Si quieres aprender español mientras te diviertes, ¡este lugar es el verdadero negocio!Salud,Puerto pequeño

Emilie Beck: ¡Hacen que la escuela sea divertida!Busqué en Google y encontré Camino, y estoy muy contenta de haberlo hecho. Me he divertido mucho, los profesores son muy buenos en lo que hacen, las actividades que organizan todos los días después de clase te permiten explorar la ciudad mientras haces nuevos amigos de todo el mundo, ¡y definitivamente regresaré!

Sanali H: Incluso le pidieron a uno de mis amigos que pagara nuevamente para el seguimiento. semanas ya que no tenían su registro en el sistema. Por suerte tenía sus recibos. Desafortunadamente, me siento en la obligación de advertir a los posibles estudiantes de cursos intensivos que vienen durante varios meses sobre los intervalos de vacaciones en sus estudios de español.Para cursos cortos de unas semanas o meses, Camino es genial y espero sinceramente que mejoren su manejo y coordinación de la comunicación y las clases.

SiSi S: Camino Barcelona es una escuela maravillosa. Los profesores son divertidos, acogedores y atractivos. Podrás conocer gente de todo el mundo y el personal se adaptará muy bien a tus necesidades.

Anifa Sba: La escuela y la enseñanza superaron mis expectativas.Los profesores son excelentes. Muy recomendable su forma de enseñar y sus conocimientos. En un curso intencional de una semana aprendí mucho. Desde el día que me matriculé hasta que llegué a la escuela, siempre ha sido profesionalismo.Recomiendo ampliamente esta escuela por la enseñanza, el precio y la ubicación.Ya estoy pensando en volver.Gracias a todo el personal que es servicial y organizado.

Fleur Spaansen: Hola! I am super happy to study at Camino. They offer multiple programs and you can make it as intensive as you wish! The teachers are ALL professionals, they know how to create a COMFORTABLE ATMOSPHERE for all students in the classroom. Thank you Camino and I am looking forward to the days still to come.

Brigitte Deneck: I had a very good experience, because of the professional approach of Camino Barcelona. The teaching is coherent and uses active methods to cover the grammar. The homework club comes as extra support. Activities allow some practice and social contacts. Teachers and staff are very pleasant. I was also happy with the accommodation offered by the school in their residence and the service provided.

Melanie Little: Me gusto mucho estudiando en Camino. Los apartamentos quedan muy cercas a la escuela, tienen actividades para pasear con guía o probar comida todos los días, y las temas y el currículo de las classes cautiva la atención. Recomiendo tomar la clase intensiva y conversación para entender la gramática, vocabulario, y como hablar bien en manera coloquial. Pienso que de cualquier nivel que entiende el español, se puede aprender en Camino. La única cosa de aviso es que si compras boletos de comida, solamente puedes usarlos en 3 restaurantes cercanos a la escuela y necesitas mostrar al mesero de inmediato cuando llegues porque hay diferente carta para estudiante. Una de las camas estuvo rota cuando llegó mi compañera de apartamento y cuando ella lo mencionó a la recepción, arreglaron las acomodaciones para ella con rapidez y buen servicio. Estoy muy satisfecha con la experiencia y imagino que si regreso a España y quiero tomar clase, lo haría con Camino otra vez.

Mariana Martinho: Buena escuela, con buenos profes y muy atenciosos !! 😊

Jenny W: I absolutely loved my time at Camino Spanish school - it's such a great way to learn Spanish. My teachers had great energy and they also had fun games for us to play to learn words and phrases. I also appreciated there being activities in the afternoons I could join to meet people and explore Barcelona. I hope to come back to Camino again soon!

江宜樺: Great Spanish classes!!! Recommend it !

Luca Jumabhoy: Fantastic learning school, I really enjoyed all the lessons and how the classes are taught. Would recommend.

Cecilie Reimer: I have taken now 3 evening courses at the school and I would recommend the school to anyone that wants to learn Spanish. The teachers are very good and the classes are interesting.

Yasmin Batenburg: I am currently doing a Spanish course at Camino and have loved the experience so far. The school is located in the center of Barcelona, the teachers are knowledgeable and incredibly nice and the activities programme provides a good insight into the city and culture. Would definitely recommend to go here if you are thinking about learning Spanish!

4. Linguaschools Spanish courses in Barcelona - Eixample

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232 reviews
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Linguaschools Spanish courses in Barcelona
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Address: Passatge Permanyer, 17, 08009 Barcelona, Spain

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 9AM Mon

Telephone: +34 931 76 15 36

Business type: Language school

Linguaschools Spanish courses in Barcelona: what do users think?
Mikhail Mololkin: Overall I've enjoyed the whole study period there, and I might recommend this school to my friends and anyone willing to improve their Spanish skills. The teachers I had are all very kind and knowledgeable people that operate with various useful techniques and methodologies throughout the classes (shoutout to Naná, Anna, Ana Maria, Mari, Arturo). I want also highlight the diversity of nationalities my group consisted of which, in my view, is a huge competitive advantage of the school in comparison with other language centers in Barcelona.
Naji Naffah: Amazing school with wonderful teachers & with great customer service by the receptionists 👍🏻Thank you for everything 🙏🏻
Fergal Slattery: Loved it - spent 3 weeks here and booked in for 4 more immediately afterwards!
Juliana Martínez: Very good language school with great teachers and a nice English style.
Aziz Mira: Une expérience magnifique, Je ne parlais pas un mot d’espagnol en arrivant mais après 8 mois j'ai commencé à travailler avec des espagnoles sans aucun problème, une administration serviable avec des professeurs très sympathiques et professionnels ; Mark, sara, cristina, Elena, Manel. Muchas gracias ♥️
Barkin Tavukcuoglu: This is an amazing school. I learned a lot from here. I got almost fluent in Spanish.
Ghassan Diab: It was useful & they help me much , specially one woman there name Janine
elodie boin: Après avoir suivi un trimestre de cours à l’école Linguaschool, j’ai beaucoup amélioré mon niveau d’espagnol.Les professeurs de l’école sont très sympas et très pédagogiques. Les cours sont bien structurés et faciles à suivre. Il est facile de s’exprimer pendant le cours car il y a 10 étudiants au maximum dans la classe.Je recommande vivement cette école.
Дмитрий Угарофф: Отличная школа, отличные преподаватели!
Noel Liang: Best place to learn Spanish in Barcelona!I have been studying here for almost 8 months, the learning environment here is perfect.They have the best and most experienced teachers in the whole of Barcelona.Highly recommend!!!!You will get all the most unforgettable memories here!Peace ✌🏻
Deniz A: I followed a language course at Linguaschools during 2 months and improved my Spanish immensely. I really like their method of teaching and all the teachers I have had were amazing, especially (Anne-Mari, Mayka, Marc and Alvaro). I am considering to return to Linguaschools in January for a few more weeks so that I can improve my Spanish even more. Hope to see you soon!
Sebastian: Ich war 3 Monate in der Schule und habe mein Spanish um Welten verbessert und obendrein viele neue Freunde gemacht! Die Lehrer sind alle sehr nett und gehen sehr viel auf die Schüler ein. Jede Woche hat es viele Events an denen man Spanisch sprechen üben kann und die Stadt einfach genießen kann. Persönlich war es einer der besten Entscheidungen hier herzukommen.
Chohdi: One of the best experieces in my life. A year to never forget I've spent with you in Barcelona, I enjoyed meeting people and making new friends. I enjoyed the school activities with Lena, and classes with Irena, Ana, Laura, Maica, Arturo and all the friendly staff at the school. Thank you infinitely Linguaschools for all the bright memories and bonds to last for years to come. I will surely come back just for the fun of it ❤️
lillian flores: The trip I made to Spain to study at Linguaschool in Barcelona to study a spanish course was fantastic it has been one of the highlights of my life, for reals. Since I always wanted to go to Spain to study Spanish and Linguaschools helped me to make it happen it was smooth planning with their help. I can’t say enough of the class settings, faculty, and my room accommodations I stayed with a wonderful family the hostess was Anna till this day I am friends on Facebook and remember them dearly. They made me feel like family. I would highly recommend Linguaschools. The teachers and accommodations are extraordinary 🤗💕
Kery Benedek: Nice school, also they sell drinks for only 1 Euro. That is a nice touch.The teachers are professional and funny as well, very important for a good ambience.Worth it.
Katie Ugland: I spent 6 months at Linguaschools and had the best experience. The school itself is super cute, the professors are great, and I met such great people through the school! They also had fun activities planned each week which I really enjoyed!
Ola: I spent an amazing month in Barcelona in July 2021 with Linguaschools. I was living with host family, which was fine option. I really enjoyed lessons which were funny and the staffwas always helpful. I loved evening acctivities. I reccomend this school to everyone!
Paul Tempest: I found the experience at Linguaschool transformational.The teachers and staff are superb. I never felt self conscious in class and felt confident the staff would do their best for me.Beyond that, the sense of learning and community here changed my whole Barcelona experience from being an outside tourist to feeling a sense of belonging which impacted my whole stay.The friends will stay with me long after I return.Highly recommend taking as many classes as you can for as long as you can.
Jooho Brian Lee: Great school to learn Spanish. Good spanish classes and especially the activities that the school offers are superb. I truly enjoyed the activities. Thanks to Lena.
Karoline Riedl: Definitely the best place to study Spanish in Barcelona. The school is beautiful and I could increase my skills from absolute beginner in a few weeks a lot!
Marianna Barańska: I went to Lingua school only for a week this summer (my level is around A2/B1) and just this week I felt like I improved massively. The course was well designed for learning the grammar/vocab basis and I would also HIGHLY recommend the conversation classes, these were done in a very fun way and greatly improved my confidence. Linguaschool also offers activities after class like walks around the city with a local teacher, yoga classes on the beach, bike rides. Overall it's super cool and I wish I could have stayed for longer!

5. Olé - Spanish School in Barcelona - Eixample

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259 reviews
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Olé - Spanish School in Barcelona
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Address: Carrer de Mallorca, 201, 08036 Barcelona, Spain

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 9AM Mon

Telephone: +34 937 97 54 58

Business type: Language school

Olé - Spanish School in Barcelona: what do users think?
Tommaso Mura: Ottima scuola e professori bravissimi!Super consigliato!!
Lisa Michel Mora-Cuevas: Je viens de finir 2 semaines de cours intensifs !*¡ He acabado de terminar 2 semanas de cursos intensivos !*Les cours sont donnés en español, on apprend donc très vite.*Los cursos son en español pues, aprendemos muy rápidamente.*¡ Encore un grand merci à mes professeurs Almu, Marta et ivan !*¡ Muchas gracias a mis profesores Almu, Marta et Ivan !*J'ai loué un appartement proposé par Olé Language, et c'était super de rencontrer des gens qui venaient de partout dans le monde.*He cogido un piso con Olé Language y era un gran placer de aprender a conocer mis compañeros que eran de todo el mundo.**
Gian Guno: Asistí a la escuela de español Olé Barcelona durante 4 meses. ¡Debo decir que aprendí mucho! Hay una gran mejora con mi idioma español. ¡Los profesores y el personal fueron realmente agradables y amables!Raquel es una excelente profesora! ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐Su personalidad y estilo de enseñanza nos ayudaron a crear una comunidad dentro de la clase donde todos podíamos aprender juntos y aunque nunca había un momento aburrido, siempre se aseguraba de que se cubrieran todos los temas y brindaba explicaciones concisas y detalladas de las reglas o excepciones. .Recomiendo la escuela de español Olé Barcelona. Los profesores y todo el personal de la escuela son muy acogedores.
Nikolaus Walter: Me gustan mucho los idiomas y aprender español era increíblemente importante para mí porque ahora vivo aquí en Barcelona, he encontrado un buen compañero con OLÉ languages y la profesora Cristina Bernal es realmente fabulosa y las lecciones son muy entretenidas, aprendes mucho y es divertido.Por supuesto, hay cinco estrellas para esto! 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼
Savannah Marie: Excelente
Daniel Daniel: súper top
Christian Hitzl: or absolutely not suitable (too young, no experience, to bossy
Ghia Al Asmar: Me encanta Ole languages!!!I studied there to learn Spanish and it was very useful and entertaining! All the people that work there are very nice and they all put in the effort for students to learn😊Special thanks to my profesora Christina❤️ she’s become a friend and I am very thankful for her and her very very fun class🌈I would recommend Ole Languages to anyone that wants to learn Spanish in Barcelona☀️
Cristina Maffra: Very good experience. The course was good and people friendly.
Diana Diana: Estaba buscando una escuela para mejorar mi español. He pasado por muchas escuelas y puedo decir esta es la mejor con diferencia. Empezando por recepción y acabando por compañeros. Estoy muy contenta con todo.Hice 2 cursos - A2 y B1 con Marcos y con Ada, profesores de nivel profesional muy alto. Los cursos son muy eficaces. Las clases son muy activas e interesantes. Mi nivel de español mejoré mucho. Ahora me siento muy segura de que siempre podré explicar lo que quiero.Recomiendo mucho esta escuela.👏🏼
Brice Bambara: I attended Ole Barcelona Spanish Language School for two weeks. I signed up for the intensive course and I feel like I learnt a lot in such a short time. The profesors (I had Ivan and Marcos) were really nice and professional. They took time to walk us through the different lessons and homeworks and would always explain as much as needed.The atmosphere during class was great and it made 4 hours of Spanish fly back. I am planning on signing up for online classes until I can go back for more classes at Ole Language School. I really recommend it. The professors and the entire staff of the school are very welcoming. Buenas ondas!!!
Rebecca Becca: It was a great experience with Ole Barcelona Spanish Language. They have friendly and helpful team, started from the frontliner until the teachers. Definitely you could sense this ambiance while you entered the school, very welcome and warm. Most incredible moments for me absolutely were with the amazing teacher, Cristina. In case you could pick her up as your teacher, that would be wonderful. She is a very nice, fun, funny for sure, smart, friendly, relax and easy-going teacher. Probably one of the easy-going teacher I ever dealt with. She knew how to handle the class, even every person with different characteristic. She could perceive in case you need more support or help, and she would try to find the appropriate way to help you. Great and fantastic! I would thank her as well for all support she made to improve my spanish level. Overall, this is a great course to be tried on. Thank you Ole! 😁
Jason Lion: I attended Olé in the summer of 2022. I have since done two other intensive courses at different schools in different cities, and none have come close to Olé! Big thanks to Cristina who brought so much warmth and energy to the class which really helped to drive my passion for the language and culture. She is a gem! I now can proudly say I have got my DELE B2 certification in part thanks to her help.
Annalisa Raja: Ottima scuola di spagnolo. Ottimo metodo, ma mia insegnante, Carmen, bravissima. Gentili e disponibili in generale. Ottimo rapporto qualità prezzo
Luca Campagnari: Magic experience, great teachers and good vibes in class!
Nick K: Olé is a fantastic Spanish language school with great teachers that make learning the language fun, educational and personal. The staff are really friendly and the evening classes have been a great way to learn Spanish. Recommended!
Dylan Greene: I had the pleasure of attending Ole Spanish School in Barcelona for a period of six months, and I can say without a doubt that it was an exceptional experience. The teachers and staff were always accommodating and made me feel at home from the start. I also had the opportunity to meet some wonderful people in my classes, which made the learning experience all the more enjoyable. The quality of teaching was top-notch, and I found myself making significant progress in my Spanish language skills throughout my time at Ole. I would highly recommend this school to anyone looking for a supportive and engaging environment to learn Spanish.
Dina Boshra: I’ve had a wonderful experience learning Spanish at Olé school. My teacher Cristina was the best, she really made sure everyone felt comfortable in class. She helped every single one of us individually before continuing to the next level, ensuring the class was really following the class and everyone was on the same level. Her classes were always filled with humor and lots of talks (en español ofcourse), the best thing is that no one was afraid to talk in Spanish - ecen when we made mistakes, she corrected us. I loved it. Learned a lot. Gracias por todo Cristina. Tu eres la mejor profesora del mundo! ❤️
Gabriela Fajfer: Great teachers but after I paid admin fee and a first month I was told that I won’t be able to continue my course because they don’t check with you if you would like to continue. They just admitted new person and chance to continue the course . However I can tell that after all of it team really tried to help me slot for me and check up on me very frequently. Especially Valerie , she really made an effort to improve my experience after unfortunate start . That’s why I am changing my score from 2to 4
Marius: The teachers are really great, and I enjoyed my classes:)
Виль Абузяров: Великолепная школа с не менее великолепными преподавателями, пришел сюда с нулевым знанием испанского и меньше чем за полгода освоил этот язык до уровня B2. Хочу продолжать обучаться именно в этой школе!
Suzan Skaf: Olé Languages is a professional Spanish school dedicated to teaching Spanish as a foreign language in an open, personal and enjoyable atmosphere.🥇🎖️🏆
Gian Guno: I attended Olé Barcelona Spanish Language School for 4 months. I must say I learnt a lot! There's a big improvement with my Spanish language. The professors and staffs were really nice and friendly!Raquel is an excellent professor! ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐Her personality and teaching style helped us to create a community within the class where we could all learn together and while there was never a boring moment, she also always made sure that all the topic were covered and provide concise and detailed explanations of rules or exceptions.I recommend Olé Barcelona Spanish Language School . The professors and the entire staff of the school are very welcoming.
Nikolaus Walter: I really like languages ​​and learning Spanish was incredibly important to me because now I live here in Barcelona, ​​I have found a good partner with OLÉ languages ​​and the teacher Cristina Bernal is really fabulous and the lessons are very entertaining, you learn a lot and it's fun.Of course there are five stars for this! 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼
Savannah Marie: Excellent
Daniel Daniel: Super top
Christian Hitzl: Been there for couple of months and they started very well untill they change constantly the professors. I would say 50/50 chance that the professor is either great (fun, interactive and interesting) or absolutely not suitable (too young, no experience, to bossy).
Diana Diana: I was looking for a school to improve my Spanish. I have gone through many schools and I can say this is by far the best. Starting with reception and ending with colleagues. I am very happy with everything.I did 2 courses - A2 and B1 with Marcos and Ada, teachers of a very high professional level. The courses are very effective. The classes are very active and interesting. My level of Spanish improved a lot. Now I feel very sure that I will always be able to explain what I want.I highly recommend this school.👏🏼
Annalisa Raja: Excellent Spanish school. Excellent method, but my teacher, Carmen, very good. Kind and helpful in general. Excellent value for money

J Bellamy: I love this school, it is a warm and welcoming community with great teachers, staff and students. I began with no prior Spanish language experience, have been studying there for 5-weeks & I’ve learned a lot. My teachers are incredibly engaging, experienced and supportive and due to the smaller class-sizes they can easily adjust to address the needs of each student. Huge thanks the Olé team, I highly recommend this program!

Andy Bellamy: Olé school is a fantastic place to learn spanish, no matter what your level of experience. The teachers are very kind and enthusiastic, providing a strong basis to build your skills in an informal yet focused environment. The class rooms are comfortable, with digital whiteboards to really enhance each lesson. I highly recommend the intensive course, which provides lessons from 9am until 1pm, Monday through Friday, leaving you time to study as well as explore this wonderful city and practice your Spanish skills!

Antonio Jungsbluth: I had the pleasure visiting the Olé school for 5 months and counting, both for evening classes and an intensive course during summer. The school is great, the classes are super nice and I learned a lot. I had different teachers during my time here, Ivan and Zaida in evening classes and later Cristina and Raquel in my intensive course. All four are simply amazing and helped me improving my Spanish grammar by a lot as well as gaining more confidence in speaking. On top of that, I met great classmates who I enjoyed doing the classes with. Lastly, Noelle is awesome and helped me anytime with facilitating my schedule and all my requests super smooth. Top school, top people.. can only recommend!!

Hossien Talebi: Estudié en Ole durante seis meses y fue muy bueno y útil para mí. Todos los profesores enseñan bien y todo el personal es muy amable y tiene una relación cálida y amigable con los estudiantes.

chey x: ¡Seguí 5 semanas de curso intensivo y tuve los mejores y más amables profesores! ¡Gracias Cristina y Marcos!

paolo bernardini: ya todo el personal de Olè Language School.Viví contigo una hermosa y estimulante experiencia.Un saludo y espero poder repetir la experiencia en un futuro próximo.Pablo

Sara Taa: , la gente que trabaja ahí siempre dispuesto a ayudar

6. World Class Barcelona Language School - Eixample

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154 reviews
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World Class Barcelona Language School
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Address: Carrer del Bisbe Laguarda, 4, 08001 Barcelona, Spain

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 9AM Mon

Telephone: +34 656 26 96 95

Business type: Language school

World Class Barcelona Language School: what do users think?
MariaChiara Cuniberti Mighetti: World Class BCN è una scuola di spagnolo incredibile e supera le aspettative. Il personale è professionale e appassionato, le strutture sono moderne e accoglienti e ci sono molte attività extracurriculari. Le lezioni sono divertenti e interattive, grazie a insegnanti che creano un ambiente di apprendimento coinvolgente. Le attività promuovono un network internazionale, favorendo lo scambio culturale. In sintesi, questa scuola offre un'eccezionale didattica, lezioni stimolanti e opportunità per connettersi a livello globale. Consigliatissima per chi desidera imparare lo spagnolo in un ambiente stimolante e autentico!✨
Laura Nichols: My professor was Laura, she is a great teacher taught me the basics very well.❤️The schools activities are very fun and affordable and the people I met became friends ☺️🌞
Manon Muuls: I've just finished my last Spanish course after 8 months at this school, and I have nothing but good memories!The classes are very interesting and well done, I was lucky enough to have teacher Bea for my 8 months and she's really an AMAZING teacher! she's more than a teacher, she's a friend!They also offer activities several times a week at a reasonable price. It's really a great school!if you want to learn spanish and have fun at the same time, this is the school for you!go for it, it's all positive!
Simona Lazarova: Wonderful teachers, wonderful school and atmosphere, highly recommended to everyone who wants to learn Spanish!
Daniek Dreijer: I studied here for 1,5 weeks to learn some basic Spanish and had a great experience. The teacher was very welcoming and had a very positive energy, making it easy to stay focussed while enjoying the classes. The school offers daily activities where you can explore Barcelona and meet people!
Giusy Di Francesco: I attended the course with Maria last year and it was super fun, school has a lot of weekly activities and trips- definitely will join again
Michael Balog: Hola, I have been a student here since 22 February, 2023. Our Profesora Maria has fantastic teaching skills and a great personality to keep you engaged. She pushes you and your skills increase. You have to put in the effort but it is worth it. I feel capable in almost any situation with my language ability. Well worth the investment of time and tuition.
Filip Duran: I practiced Spanish for around 6 months at this school and I evolved from not knowing a single word of Spanish to being able to mostly communicate with locals. The class I was was always super warm and it never seemed like a class, mostly a hanging out that involved learning Spanish as well. I would recommend this school to anyone that wants to learn the language and that wants to also be part of a community.I also really liked the teacher of the class , Alazne, being always ready to answer my questions and always seeming like she actually enjoys teaching us.The prices are also pretty accesible so I wholeheartedly recommend this school. :)
Molly Wright: ¡Un amigo me recomendó esta escuela y estoy muy contenta de haber elegido estudiar aquí! La escuela fue muy complaciente cuando tuve que cambiar mis fechas en el último minuto debido a una emergencia en casa, lo que realmente aprecié. Todo el personal es muy amable y servicial. Los profesores son increíbles y muy bien informados. Recomiendo encarecidamente los recorridos a pie que ofrece la escuela, una forma tan divertida de conocer gente nueva y aprender más sobre Barcelona. No me puedo quejar de mi experiencia aquí un poco! Me hicieron sentir muy bienvenido y me entristeció mucho irme. ¡Definitivamente regresaré! Recomendaría al 100% a cualquier persona que estudie aquí, ¡no se arrepentirá!
teo rizhamadze: Una escuela excepcional con un equipo de profesionales y un ambiente agradable. Definitivamente recomendaría a Joan como profesor, es adorable.La escuela tiene un método de enseñanza moderno lleno de excursiones y actividades que crean relaciones muy especiales, puedes aprender español y hacer amigos. Choca esos cinco de mi parte!
Anton Varnatskii: ¡Te recomiendo esta escuela de español! Pasé aquí 17 semanas y fue un tiempo maravilloso.Profesores profesionales y un ambiente agradable es lo que definitivamente encontrarás aquí. Esta no es solo una escuela de idiomas, sino también un lugar perfecto para socializar.¡Seguramente, volveré aquí para continuar con mi español!Muchas gracias al equipo local, Milena y en especial a mi profesora Laia por su humor y paciencia conmigo!!!
Khlif Manel: Una experiencia inolvidable en la que aprendí español de una manera agradable. Muchas gracias a Carlos y Jana por vuestro esfuerzo y vuestra forma activa de ayudarme a aprender español rápidamente. Gracias también a Silvia por su esfuerzo y colaboración.
Linda Miķelsone: ¡Escuela increíble con un corazón de oro! Terminé mi nivel A1 allí y pude comunicarme con la gente. ¡Muchas gracias a la profesora Marina! No importa si estás en Barcelona a corto o largo plazo, ¡esta escuela se adaptará a tus necesidades!
Xanaé Bove: Disfruté mucho estudiando en esta escuela, dirigida por damas, lo que significa un ambiente muy bueno y amigable. Tuve una gran maestra María. Nos apoyamos mucho mientras nos divertíamos. Te lo recomiendo altamente.
Salem: He intentado durante un par de semanas reservar cursos privados en línea y cursos intensivos en el sitio, pero me tomó semanas obtener respuestas y nunca recibí ningún intervalo de tiempo. Lástima porque tenía muchas ganas de estudiar aquí. Al final reservé en otra escuela de idiomas en Barcelona.
marzieh nazari: Es una escuela fantástica y recomendable. He pasado 5 meses aquí con Julia, Ainhoa, Marina y Andres mis profesores exelentes. Milena también es una mujer fantástica y ayuda mucho. Todos son muy amables y amigable y cada día era un placer verlos. Empecé desde el nivel A2 y ahora estoy terminando el B2. No podía imaginar que un día puedo hablar y entender español tan bueno. Así que quería decir muchas gracias a todos y estoy muy feliz por esta gran experiencia.
Gülşah Narlu: substituted the lessons. I didn’t have any bad surprises with the lessons or teachers.The school gives you the coursebook during the lessons and shares them on Google Classroom if you want to study at home, but you can also buy them if you want. They use “Gente Hoy”, which is a very good book with additional resources, but I think renewing and having a more updated edition can increase the effectiveness of the lessons. To support learning through reading, the school has its own library, so you can borrow books to improve your Spanish. It is not a Cervantes accredited school by the way, so the certificate they give may not be accepted by some official bodies. If you learn the language for pleasure, it isn’t important, but you may need a certificate approved by Cervantes if you have to prove your language proficiency.SOCIAL ACTIVITIES & OTHERSThe school organizes many cultural or social activities including karaoke parties, dance nights, trips, beach volleyball, game days, yoga sessions, and many more. Some of them are free and the others change from 5-35€. I have never participated in social activities, but my friends liked the ones they participated in.Something I liked very much is that the toilets are always clean despite the high number of people using them 😊Overall, I liked the course very much considering the price and performance, teachers, administrators, lessons, attitudes, and facilities. There are always things to improve such as cold classrooms, changing students in the class, the curriculum (looks a little outdated
Jenny Viola Offen Sängerin & Moderatorin: ¡Pasé un tiempo maravilloso en World Class Bcn! Profesores encantadores y un ambiente muy cálido y acogedor. Y una ventaja: actividades geniales durante la semana como yoga en la azotea, Pizza-Date, Voleibol... Volveré. Gracias ♥️
Silvia Caruso: Teacher Nuria is very motivated and prepared. The staff is very friendly and it was a very nice experience!
Fidelia Teufel-Aggar: Pasé dos maravillosas semanas en esta excelente escuela. Aprendí muchísimo en la clase de Vicky. Los otros profesores que he tenido el privilegio de conocer también son muy calificados, creativos y muy amables. Lo especial de la escuela es el ambiente siempre muy agradable. Las directoras Milena y Siliva fueron extremadamente amables y complacientes de principio a fin. La diversidad didáctica también fue muy positiva. También hay un muy buen programa de actividades conjuntas. No experimenté ningún punto negativo. Muchas gracias por todo.
Pierpaolo D'Ambrosio: Escuela extraordinaria, ambiente impecablemente limpio, maestros realmente excelentes, pacientes y altamente preparados. También me lo pasé muy bien con todos los demás estudiantes, hice el curso en 3 semanas y aprendí mucho del idioma español. Volveré en octubre. Gracias a todo el personal de la escuela .

Molly Wright: I was recommended this school by a friend and I am so glad I chose to study here! The school were so accommodating when I had to change my dates last minute due to an emergency at home, which I really appreciated. All the staff are so friendly and helpful. The teachers are amazing and so knowledgeable. Highly recommend the walking tours provided by the school, such a fun way to meet new people and learn more about Barcelona. Could not fault my experience here one bit! I was made to feel so welcome and was very sad to leave - I will definitely be back! Would 100% recommend to anyone to study here, you will not regret it!

teo rizhamadze: An exceptional school with a team of professionals and a friendly environment. I would definitely recommend Joan as a teacher, he is adorable.The school has a modern teaching method full of excursions and activities that create very special relationships, you can learn Spanish and make friends. High five from me!

Anton Varnatskii: I highly recommend you this Spanish school! I spent here 17 weeks and that was wonderful time.Professional teachers and friendly atmosphere is what is what you will definitely find here. This is not just a language school, but also a perfect spot for socializing.Surely, I will come back here to proceed with my Spanish!Many thanks to the local team, Milena and especially to my teacher Laia for her humor and patience with me!!!

Linda Miķelsone: Amazing school with a heart of gold! Finished my A1 level there and was actually able to communicate with people. Huge thanks to the teacher Marina! It doesn`t matter if you are in Barcelona for a long or short term, this school will accommodate to your needs!

Xanaé Bove: I enjoyed a lot studying in this school, run by ladies, which means a very good and friendly atmosphere. I had a great teacher Maria. We leaned a lot while having fun. I highly recommend it to you.

Salem: I have tried for a couple of weeks to book private online courses and onsite intensive courses, but it took weeks to get replies and I have never received any timeslots. Too bad as i was really keen to study here. In the end I booked at another language school in Barcelona.

Gülşah Narlu: substituted the lessons. I didn’t have any bad surprises with the lessons or teachers.The school gives you the coursebook during the lessons and shares them on Google Classroom if you want to study at home, but you can also buy them if you want. They use “Gente Hoy”, which is a very good book with additional resources, but I think renewing and having a more updated edition can increase the effectiveness of the lessons. To support learning through reading, the school has its own library, so you can borrow books to improve your Spanish. It is not a Cervantes accredited school by the way, so the certificate they give may not be accepted by some official bodies. If you learn the language for pleasure, it isn’t important, but you may need a certificate approved by Cervantes if you have to prove your language proficiency.SOCIAL ACTIVITIES & OTHERSThe school organizes many cultural or social activities including karaoke parties, dance nights, trips, beach volleyball, game days, yoga sessions, and many more. Some of them are free and the others change from 5-35€. I have never participated in social activities, but my friends liked the ones they participated in.Something I liked very much is that the toilets are always clean despite the high number of people using them 😊Overall, I liked the course very much considering the price and performance, teachers, administrators, lessons, attitudes, and facilities. There are always things to improve such as cold classrooms, changing students in the class, the curriculum

Jenny Viola Offen Sängerin & Moderatorin: I had a wonderful time at World Class Bcn! Lovely teachers and a very warm and welcome athmosphere. AND a plus: cool activities during the week like rooftop yoga, Pizza-Date, Volleyball.... I will be back. Gracias ♥️

Raquel Borba: He tenido una experiencia fantástica estudiando en World Class BCN. La calidad de la instrucción es excepcional y los profesores no sólo tienen conocimientos sino que también les apasiona enseñar español. ¡Mis profesoras fueron Bea y Alazne y son fantásticas! La escuela crea un ambiente acogedor e inclusivo que hace que el aprendizaje sea agradable. Recomiendo ampliamente World Class BCN a cualquiera que quiera mejorar sus habilidades de español en Barcelona."

Alexandra Nowakowski: He estudiado muchos idiomas en mi vida debido a mi trabajo, pero nunca he tenido una experiencia de aprendizaje tan buena como la que tuve en World Class Bcn. Sus profesores son extremadamente profesionales y comienzan a hablar en español contigo desde el principio, lo que ayuda MUCHO en la adquisición del idioma. Son personas minuciosas e inteligentes, y también muy amables. También me encantan los eventos que organizan: hace que sea fácil y divertido conocer gente nueva. En general, ¡recomiendo esta escuela!

Anna Kyrylenko: hace 8 meses y estoy muy contento con mi decisión. ¡Todos los maestros no solo son profesionales, sino también amigables y divertidos! ¡Un saludo especial a la encantadora María! ❤ ¡Mi maestra favorita! Sin embargo, tuve clases con otros

Timothy Demoulin: A mi me gusta los clases y lo gentes. Tiene mucho actividad

OjaS VaidyA: Es un buen lugar para comunicarse en español porque te ayuda a generar confianza y coraje para comunicarte con tus compañeros de clase.

olivia micillo: están atentos a tus necesidades e incluso se aseguraron de que siempre tuviera leche de avena para mi café ☕️ 😊 Experiencia muy muy muy positiva! Si estás buscando una escuela de español, ¡no pierdas la oportunidad de registrarte!

Милена Степанова: ¡La mejor escuela de idiomas en España! Personas y profesores increíbles y abiertos. Adoro este lugar, las clases fueron perfectas. ¡También las actividades escolares son tan interesantes y variadas! ¡Lo recomiendo 💯%! ❤️

Abhishek sharma: Experiencia increíble, clases interactivas y un ambiente muy amigable y muchas actividades.

Anna Hbl: Acabo de terminar dos semanas del curso B2 con María y ya estoy pensando en volver el año que viene! Me hubiera gustado quedarme más tiempo, pero por motivos personales no fue posible. El curso consiste en ejercicios de gramática, pero también puedes hablar y practicar mucho el español hablado, ¡o incluso jugar! Todos en la escuela son muy amables, cálidos y acogedores, y lo recomendaría 100% a personas con cualquier nivel de español para tomar un curso allí. Además, ¡también ofrecen muchas actividades diferentes fuera de los cursos! Gracias a todos por el gran momento y espero volver pronto 😊

Valentine Eynaud: Me lo pasé muy bien aprendiendo español durante 4 meses en la clase mundial de Barcelona. El ambiente es muy relajado, dinámico y hogareño. ¡Creas relaciones reales con tu profesor y tus peras en un ambiente muy divertido! Gracias por todo.

Matthew: ¡Un gran lugar para aprender español! Disfruté estudiar en World Class BCN gracias a su ambiente acogedor y amigable, clases pequeñas y una amplia gama de opciones en cuanto a duración/horarios de clase, intensidad y nivel de idioma.Los eventos casi diarios que se llevan a cabo y organizan en la escuela son una excelente manera de hacer amigos dentro de la comunidad escolar y de conocer Barcelona, ​​¡en los que recomendaría a cualquiera que participe!

Julianna Baran: World Class es la mejor escuela de español en Barcelona. No solo tiene una excelente ubicación, lo que fue una gran ventaja para mí, sino que los maestros y la gente de la escuela son muy amables y serviciales, lo que me hace sentir como en casa. También me encantó que organizan muchos eventos donde, además de pasar un buen rato, puedes practicar español. Las clases son atractivas y no se llevan a cabo de manera aburrida; en cambio, se enfocan en aprender a través de actividades divertidas y mucha práctica oral.¡Te lo recomiendo mucho!

Kaisar Kushibar: . La enseñanza de Laia está súper bien estructurada, ¡siempre llega temprano a la clase con un material

Karolína Daňková: ¡Recomiendo encarecidamente esta escuela de español!Llevo dos meses estudiando aquí y me voy a perder las clases cuando terminen. He estado inscrito en el curso intensivo e incluso con 20 horas por semana, las clases nunca son aburridas ya que la escuela utiliza diferentes métodos de enseñanza divertidos. Giulia es la mejor profesora de idiomas que he tenido. La escuela también organiza muchos eventos para socializar donde puedes conocer gente nueva. Bien merecidas 5 estrellas 😊

Nika Yazepava: ¡Disfruté mucho estudiando en la escuela de idiomas World Class Barcelona! ¡La oficina de administración y los maestros son increíbles, y me gustaría destacar a la maestra Beatriz, quien enseñó la clase de manera muy profesional y aportó diversión y emoción a cada lección!¡Muchas gracias!

Maya Lababidi: El ambiente en la escuela es muy acogedor y amigable y siempre puedes conocer gente nueva allí. Lo que más me gusta es que puedes practicar el idioma mientras haces amigos y te diviertes durante las diferentes actividades que organiza la escuela todos los días.Los precios son realmente buenos para la calidad que obtienes y también obtienes una clase de prueba gratuita al principio. ¡Sin duda lo recomendaría a cualquiera!

Sve Marinov: Una escuela muy buena! La gente es increíble y siempre lista para ayudar! Los clases son muy personales y los profesores son muy profesionales! Te recomiendo! Estuve aquí por dos meses y me encanté!

7. Expanish - Spanish School in Barcelona - Eixample

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499 reviews
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Expanish - Spanish School in Barcelona
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Address: 2nd Floor, Carrer de Pau Claris, 186, 08037 Barcelona, Spain

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 8AM Mon

Telephone: +34 932 20 13 06

Business type: Language school

Expanish - Spanish School in Barcelona: what do users think?
PDrover2805: had a nice experience with all the people from school and I learned a lot. Gracias a todos
Brid Dunne: Lovely school and excellent teacher Monser who encouraged constant use of espańol and thought was put into the age group/ level etc .Iwould definitely recommend the initial accommodation was not great but Anna and school were extremely helpful and found excellent alternative accommodation for the final 2 nights of my stay!
Duygu Oral: My daughter Ela participated Expanish for 4 weeks in June. I have reached out Expanish through google search, so would like to write our experience in Barcelona with them as well. The administration is professional and responsive. We paid for 2 weeks was not sure if she will be happy to continue or not then she wanted to continue for 2 more weeks. She was happy with the effort of teachers, the lessons and she would like to go for next year again to Expanish. I would like to thank you Expanish Team on behalf of Ela!
Марина Чернюк: I got B2.1 level for 7 months intensive studying from 0 level. I am happy for my experience with Expanish, i can easily speak and understand native Spanish speaking people. I liked all the stuff, teachers were very professional and friendly, the atmosphere was great, it was pleasant to get acquainted with new people from all over the world there. Also can add that the location is perfect, exactly in the center of BCN. Highly recommend!!!
TAMMI SILVA: escola maravilhosa, conheci pessoas incríveis, pratiquei o espanhol com maestria. além disso, a escola proporciona diversos passeios!! recomendo muito para brasileiros hehe
Heike Fiedler: Super Unterricht mit Fokus auf das sprechen der Sprache und nicht nur die Grammatik. Sehr abwechslungsreich und sehr kompetente Lehrer!
dilara: good organisation.
Ruth O'Donnell: Very happy with my Expanish experience - I will be back!
Alice Lee: Text book is good. For teacher who just speaks Spanish in class, please make use of the board more in order to let students understand better.
Moshay Turner: I loved learning at the Expanish school. I took the B2 independent study in the summer of 2023 and was able to improve my spanish within just three weeks. I would have preferred more excursions and change of classroom setting but overall it was good!
JJ from Tucson AZ: I registered my daughter to this school for a 1 month beginner's course in Spanish. She was completely satisfied with it ! The school is smack in the area of Barcelona you want to be, i.e. steps away from Passeo de Gracia and Diagonal. The school has a very nice, fresh and welcoming atmosphere and is of human size.Definitely recommend it to anyone considering learning Spanish in Barcelona !
Maher Ayadi: I really liked the experience and how the teacher are giving their best, I would totally recommend it !!
Kanij Sabrina Rahman: I had been here from January to June for about 5 months.I had a fun time making new friends and interacting with some fantastic teachers like Eugenia and Patricia, the staff have always been super welcoming and helpful as well regarding many things, also the evening activities had been quite refreshing for my mental health as well as knowing some history of Barcelona. And with these intense classes, I understood deeply how my Spanish improved. Being dyslexic and despite having learning difficulties and being slow to catch on, many teachers taught me with empathy and kindness without making me feel embarrassed but also a few teachers missed out on the interaction needed to teach me properly.Regardless the only issue that did not favor me was the books that I did not expect to be used for such a short amount of time and the policies for it not being returned or exchanged despite it not having any marks or writings inside it. Not only were they heavy to carry everywhere but not enough of a wise investment either despite having the budget of a student. Spending about €20 on a book to be used for only 2 weeks more or less did not cater to me, I've got to know many students just throw them out after leveling up so it seems like quite a waste of money and space.Hope the school considers a change in the policies so we can all be resourceful with everything we spend for the course and not waste the materials we learn from but respect it instead. Otherwise for the long run and DELE exam preparations, people will look for more convenient options like CFA or private tutors.I am truly grateful for the opportunity, the space and community. I hope we all can do better.
Welten Bummler: Hatte bereits vor 3 Jahren bei einer anderen Sprachschule in Barcelona ein zwei Wochen Programm gemacht. Wollte jetzt, auch aufgrund der guten Bewertungen, eine andere Schule testen. War für eine Woche da. Fazit: nette Lehrer aber das war es auch. Hatte den Intensivkurs. Die Schule trennt ‚junge‘ u30 und ü30 in ihren Kursen auf. Ich bin Mitte 30 und war zuerst im ü30 Kurs. Habe mich sehr wohl dort gefühlt. Wurde dann schon in der ersten Stunde in den u30 Kurs gesteckt, aufgrund meines Alters. In meinem Kurs waren hauptsächlich u20 Leute, die teilweise nicht so richtig Lust hatten. Habe das bei dem Feedback bemängelt,dass ich allein Aus Altersgründen in den anderen Lurs gesteckt wurde.Auch der Nachmittags Kirs war nicht hilfreich. Es wurden nur Spiele gespielt aber kaum spanisch gesprochen.Die anderen Schule hat mir persönlich besser gefallen, sodass ich diese bei meinem nächsten Besuch wieder buchen werde.
Kathleen Hoehn: Super Erfahrung! So macht Spanisch lernen Spass.
Kathrin Schoetz: Ich war nur eine Woche dort aber diese Woche war top. Gute Organisation, schöne, saubere Räume und Marta unsere Lehrerin war super. Es hat großen Spaß gemacht dort zu lernen.
Ruth Lamont: Fabulous teacher, knowledgeable, encouraging and a good sense of humour!
Eunice Tan: Friendly staff and enthusiastic teachers. Great learning environment even for complete beginners to the language.
Ella Israelsson: I had a really good time at Expanish. Most teachers were really devoted and made classes super fun! It was a blast being a part of the school and I really developed my spanish.
Kira Wulfers: Tolle Sprachschule mit sehr freundlichem Personal. Ich habe zwei Wochen lang an einem 30 Stunden Expanish Intensivkurs teilgenommen und hatte in der zweiten Woche noch zwei zusätzliche Privatstunden. Da ich erste Grundkenntnisse aus der Schulzeit hatte, war das für mich der perfekte Weg, um diese wieder aufzufrischen und vor allem Konversationen zu üben. Sehr hilfreich für die Lernatmosphäre war die Tatsache, dass die Kurse nach Alter eingeteilt wurden. An einem Campus hatten Teilnehmende unter 30 Jahren ihre Kurse, an einem anderen Campus (der nur zwei Minuten entfernt ist) fanden die Kurse für Teilnehme über 30 Jahren statt. Ein schöner Zusatz war, dass montags bis donnerstags von der Sprachschule organisierte Aktivitäten angeboten wurden, an denen die Sprachschüler:innen kostenlos teilnehmen konnten: Walking Tours durch bestimmte Barrios, sonstige Führungen (z.B. durch ein altes Gefängnis) oder andere sprachbezogene Kurse. Das Personal, zu dem ich Kontakt hatte, war jederzeit super nett und hilfsbereit. Ich komme gerne wieder!
Olga W.: Lehrer und Lokation waren topp. Ich fand es toll, dass es Klassen für ü 30 Jährige gibt.

8. Enforex - Eixample

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40 reviews
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Address: Carrer de la Diputació, 92, 08015 Barcelona, Spain

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 9AM Mon

Telephone: +34 934 88 13 31

Business type: Language school

Enforex: what do users think?

Léa Secorro Moracchini: et de douche.- service désagréableSi j'ai un conseil à vous donner, c'est de trouver une autre école car la qualité n'est pas du tout à la hauteur du prix, et surtout de ne jamais prendre un appartement sous-loué par cette école.

Jennifer Onçu: Best school ever! Great teachers and great staff

Yasmin Mizrak: , no incence sticks😆 they are absolutely insane.Yesterday, they took photos of my primate stuffin my room which as a spanish citizen gives me the right to Sue them. DONT EVER COME HERE ITS JUST A SCAM!

Petr Syrovatko: WARNING! Scammers, booked a course for my sister in Spain and it got cancelled because of COVID - they didn't refund me and stole the money...

Kaiyue Wang: super rating!!! 🌟🌟🌟🌟 🌟I love Enforex! The teachers are very professional, and they helped me a lot. They always help me when I need it. They did many excursions, I managed to get the Dele C1!!!!!I really liked the apartment where I lived!! Thank you!!!

Maria José Valaer: In a congress they raffled a Scholarship and I got it. They said they were going to give me a course and I'm still waiting.

Monaliza Mirtes Dantas da Costa: Excelente escola. Retornarei para concluir meu curso.

Martin Boschetti: Completely crazy prices......they ask for 1200 euros PER WEEK just for a share accommodation plus spanish classes......It seems they live in another planet......those are the rates per month in the best neighborhood of London......keep looking for other spanish school, this one is completely out of line with the prices.

焦味儿荷包蛋: 在这里读了一年的语言对我的帮助很大,老师也特别特别好!每天上课很开心~

刘腾昊: , y no hay ni invitados. Una vez pagado, no te devuelven el dinero aunque no estés satisfecho y no obtengas los resultados deseados

LiliyaXavi Khachikyan: Tomorrow I have a Give A 2 exam in this school I hope I pass, hopefully after the exam I will comment on more information as it was

Elena Fomchenko: Positive:ProfessionalismHighly professional staff both teachers and administration along with nice facilities.

Carmen Moore: and you can’t even have guests over. Once you pay, even if you are not satisfied and are not getting what you expected, you don’t get your money back

Carlos Andrés Gutierrez: Very kind and very professional

Maryna Sokyrko: I enjoyed studying at this school. I liked that they have different teachers for different subjects: gramma, speaking etc. I liked school location, and inside the school it was really nice and comfortable. If you feel that you need to change a level you can do it, it is not prohibited.A few comments:- it may be nice to provide pen and notebook for students. At least have them ob demand. I needed to go to the supermarket on the break to buy a notebook.- it would be cool to have free water. Speaking about coffee, it is possible to pay with coins only, which is not very comfortable.

Alexey Тikhonov: .In general - good to go. Maybe a bit overpriced.

9. Dinamo language academy - Ciutat Vella

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95 reviews
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Dinamo language academy
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Address: Carrer de Lluís el Piadós, 9, 08003 Barcelona, Spain

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 10AM Mon

Telephone: +34 932 77 76 48

Business type: Language school

Dinamo language academy: what do users think?

Cameron Rosenbrock: I studied at Dinamo for a few months doing both the intensive and the part-time classes. I have improved my language skills, really enjoyed my classes and have found all the staff to be friendly and committed to helping students improve.

Daisy Hanahoe: Great language school. Dimitri is a brilliant teacher and there was a fun atmosphere in our class. I’d highly recommend it. I’m about to start my second course

Aidan Murphy: , and the teaching is great! I hadn't learnt Spanish before arriving in Barcelona but after 6 months of classes

Philip Mackewitz: Very affordable & flexible payment plan. Lots of fun while learning helps me to be engaged & stay consistent. In 2.5 months I've progressed a lot and I feel so much more confident speaking Spanish!

Thore Ihlenburg-Kremendahl: I took the evening course with two weekly classes for 4 weeks. Even after a full day of work, Laura made it easy to follow the class and have fun while learning Spanish! Very satisfied with the value I got for the money.

Joe Dizon: We’ve recently had online classes with Dolors. She’s been fantastic! We’ve also done in person classes at the academy over the last few years. Its a really great place! Both my wife and I would recommend it as a place to learn a new language!

Yolanda Cernuda: Both myself and my children have taken private English classes several times at Dinamo Academy. We have always received friendly and professional treatment. The different teachers we have had have been excellent and it is also a very charming space. We recommend 100%

Charlotte Chhum: I've been taking classes for over a month now and love the experience. The classes are structured and well-organized, but in small groups that allow for lots of conversation practice. I'm excited to continue in the new year to keep making progress.

Kristín María Kristinsdóttir: speaking. I also really like that you pay a month at a time and that there is NO nonrefundable registration fee

Oliver Schmid: Dinamo's one of the best language academies I have attended. Not only is it reasonably priced, the school also boasts an incredibly talented and personable instructor, Dmitrii, whose enthusiasm and humour make the learning process a joy. In the short amount of time I've been taking lessons, I'm already seeing drastic improvement in my Spanish skills can't wait for the journey ahead!

Ibrahim Ibrahim: Dinamo is an invaluable resource for students looking to learn Spanish in Barcelona. With Dmitrii as your instructor, you'll be in for a great learning experience - his enthusiasm, knowledge, and passion for teaching are sure to bring out the best in you.I was able to learn so much in a short period of time; their semi-intensive course structure is designed to make the most of your time and ensure you get the most out of your lessons. Not to forget that their competitive pricing makes them one of the more affordable language academies in the city.I'm excited to eventually be fluent with their help!

Marina Dmukhovskaya: . I will continue learning my Spanish there when I get back to Barcelona

Alisa Taj: Me gusta mucho mi escuela!I can write this in Spanish 😅😊 really nice school, flexible schedule, many ppl from all over the world 🌍

Sam Carlton: Great classes. Great fun.

Megumi Miyata: Estudié español en Dinamo academy el año pasado por primera vez y disfruté mucho estudiar aquí. La gente aquí es siempre muy maja. Tenía muchas ganas de ir todos los días. Cuando volví a Barcelona otra vez, aunque vivía un poco lejos, regrese a Dinamo academy. Estoy segura de que volveré aquí la próxima vez!

Karen O' Mahony: Absolutely loving my intensive Spanish class, Dimitri my teacher is really easy to understand and the classes are fun. I really feel like I’m learning. Thank you!

10. don Quijote - Eixample

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41 reviews
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don Quijote
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Address: Carrer de la Diputació, 92, 08015 Barcelona, Spain

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 9AM Mon

Telephone: +34 934 12 48 49

Business type: Language school

don Quijote: what do users think?
Christine Liz Moeller: Optei por fazer um curso intensivo de espanhol de 25 horas nessa escola, já que em 2011 estudei lá por três semanas, e a experiência foi positiva.Paguei antecipadamente e fiz o teste on line de nivelamento.Acontece que na 2a feira quando ia iniciar o curso fui acometida por um forte resfriado por conta da diferença de temperatura. No Brasil estava acima dos 30 graus e em Barcelona em média 10 graus, o que me impediu de comparecer ao primeiro dia de aula.Enviei e-mail para o responsável e o mesmo já respondeu que eu não poderia recuperar essas aulas.Meu estado geral só piorou: consegui chegar a uma farmácia para a compra de medicação e um funcionário comentou ser COVID, o que posteriormente foi descartado por meus médicos do Brasil de modo on line.Assim se sucedeu pelo resto da semana. Fiquei acamada, sem condições de procurar ajuda médica ou comparecer à escola, já que não possuía condução própria e para chegar à mesma no mínimo levaria uma hora em transporte público.Fiz contato com a responsável pela venda do curso no Brasil e ela me disse que nessas condições não teria como refazer as aulas e nem receber meu dinheiro de volta.Considerei injusta tal postura, já que em nenhum momento das tratativas iniciais essa condição me foi explicada.E no meu país as escolas consideram as condições de saúde do aluno, proporcionando-lhe todo apoio e possibilidade de no mínimo repor as aulas.Muita decepção com você, Don Quijote, logo eu que a tinha em altíssimo conceito.Em tempo: sou cardíaca e por conta disso, cuido muito do meu bem estar.
Matias Lopez: Un lugar súper desorganizado. Tenia cita para mi examen desde hacia meses, me la cambiaron una semana antes, llame para que me conserven la fecha solicitada y pagada y cuando llego el hombre encargado de recibirnos de muy malas maneras me dice que mi cita era para el di anterior, cuando le digo que llame para rectificarlo de manera jocosa se rió de mi acento, cuando le muestro el correo con el cambio me dice “tu estas mal, pero no tanto” siento que este lugar es un chiste de mal gusto.
Mohsin Girona: En 2018 he hecho unas pruebas de DELE A2 , todo ha ido bien he aprobado las pruebas, los profesores me trataron bien , me enviaron el certidicado por email
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Zineb: Une honte pour une école qui se dit prestigieuse elle devrait se dire arnaqueuse !!! J’ai annulé mon séjour plus de 6 semaines avant le début à cause du confinement du au Covid 19 soit au mois de mars dernier. J’ai demandé le remboursement intégral mais sans aucun scrupule l’école a profité de la situation en déduisant 300 euros. Pire encore, je n’ai toujours pas été remboursée malgré mes relances et aucune réponse. Cela fait plus de 6 mois!!! C’est une honte!!!! À fuir vraiment
Simbatrails: The school is good! But the student residence in carrer de la diputacio is the worst you could think of.. unfriendly employees, bad service, no privacy and for adults just unrecomendable! They impose rules upon adults after arrival, if i pay money for my stay i dont want to be treated like a kid and be informed about rules before i book the residence, so it was my worst stay ever!! Being charged a fine without being told due to not comitting to the rules is not the way guest should be treated, i just hated that place and was glad when i moved out. DONT BOOK THE STUDENT RESIDENCE!
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Chou Jay: Estudié aquí durante medio año, luego me trasladé a Málaga. Los profesores aquí están bien. Pero todavía no recomiendo a todos que estudien aquí, especialmente a los estudiantes chinos, porque el director y una recepcionista rubia son muy hostiles con los estudiantes chinos y reciben un trato diferente al de los estudiantes europeos. Muchos estudiantes chinos los odian. Además, no vivas en un apartamento de la escuela, es caro y está deteriorado, y irás a redadas para verificar la higiene cuando los estudiantes están en clase, y te amenazarán con retener depósitos y cosas por el estilo. Yo también fui engañado por el intermediario. Hay muchas escuelas de idiomas de alta calidad en España. No hay necesidad de venir a este lugar.
Daniel Yusty: Thanks a lot! It was a unique experience! I loved all teachers and staff! We will came back!
Marly 22: Really a great school to learn spanish! the teachers are amazing. I had a great time here and I can assure you that you learn a lot and can get around the town with no problem after the classes.
Pierre Mirmont: Recibí en esa escuela una rica instrucción de la idioma español.
Dragana B: Ha pasado 9 meses desde mi fecha del examen, que resulto aprobado. Todavía esta escuela, que es responsable de enviarme mi certificado (diploma DELE), no lo ha hecho. Profesionalidad ??
Laura Repko: I've spent 2 weeks at Don Quijote for an "intense" language school (20h of classes, 5h of conversation classes, 5h of "extra" classes - in my case Business Spanish.The classes were excellent; small groups, a variety of teachers, the ability to move around higher or lower levels more suitable to your level. We had some homework (rarely more than an hour a day, usually much less) and in class we focused on a combination of grammar / writing / reading / listening / speaking.The school looks and feels new, with a big backyard where you can hang out during the break, and a library where rarely anyone ever sits. It's located quite centrally so you can easily hop out and grab a coffee around during the break.The only thing to note is that the shared apartment, which I rented through the school, was rather basic in furniture / facilities (oven didn't work, washing machine didn't work, but fortunately the wifi was great) and although in a central location, located just on top of a bar, so there was quite some noise outside the window. Pricing of the apartment was in line with Airbnb given the location.
Mike Beltracchi: I just completed two weeks of Spanish classes at Don Quijote's facility in Barcelona. The classes were excellent due to a combination of good professors and students (variety of ages) who wanted to learn.I had signed up for a homestay in Barcelona, as I had done with Don Quijote in Granada two years ago. The stay in Granada was great, but unfortunately it did not work out so well in Barcelona and I was able to move to the Casa de Lenquas on Diputació which worked out fine. I spoke to a number of other students and many of them had made their own housing arrangements. Some were made via Airbnb which seems to have a lot of very reasonably priced rentals that are within walking distance of Don Quijote's facility. If I go back, I'll probably book my own unit.
Esther Glez.: Mi amigo Suizo vino aquí a estudiar y contrató también habitación (que proporcionaban en la misma academia) desde Suiza. Pagaba unos 700 euros al mes (cuando lo normal son 350-400 eur), por una habitación vergonzosa y enana donde apenas cabía la cama en un piso compartido de 5 personas.Además estaba lejos del centro y todo fallaba (ducha, lavadora..), teniendo que ser repuesto. Lo había pagado por adelantado y se sintió muy estafado. Me dijo que escribiera yo por él una reseña para que la gente supiera sobre su alojamiento.Eso sí, dice que la academia de idiomas estaba muy bien y moderna, nada que ver con el otro "engaño" paralelo.En mi opinión, comopasa con el alquiler en Barcelona, se aprovechan del turista.
Luisa Pérez: Sin lugar a dudas es la mejor academia que he conocido, recomendable !!!
John Wing: I studied at the School for three weeks in July 2015. I was initially sceptical about the school due to a number of previous bad reviews but thoroughly enjoyed my time there and highly recommend it. An important consideration of when to study is the time of year you go - it was the middle of summer when I went so it was very hot and the school had a lot of uni students. I am sure that at other times the weather would be more pleasant (it was 35 degrees so nice but a little hot) and there would be a lot less students (a bad thing). The school is air conditioned and has a lot of class rooms so it was well established to manage the summer period but be prepared to sweat anytime you are outside and most accommodation (other than hotel) will most likely not have airconditioning.I stayed in host family accommodation for one week and then a student flat for the second two weeks so have some perspective on both. I wanted to stay in a flat for the entire period but as it was summer there wasnt a room available until the second week. For the host family accommodation I was staying with an old lady and one other student in Poble Sec which was about a 20 min walk. The accommodation was small but had everything I needed. I couldnt speak any Spanish at the beginning of my stay and the lady couldnt speak a word of English so it was an interesting experience. I would recommend homestay for people who have some level of spanish proficiency or who were staying for a longer period of time so that they could have a more engaging stay with their host family. The student flat was quite large and well furnished. I enjoyed staying there and getting to know the other students I lived with. However, some of the other student flats were not as large or nice and I heard that a couple of people were in rooms which didnt have windows. Regardless, if students were not happy with their accommodation they could easily speak to the school and change rooms / accommodation type (if available).There is a test during the morning of the first day and this is used by the school to assess your ability to place you in a class. This is obviously also influenced by the ability of the other students and how to best group students. There were a lot of people there whilst I was there (at least 150+) so it was easier for the school to group people. I was initially placed in a class which was above my ability but you can engage with the admin staff and change classes quite easily. The teachers were very good, the syllabus was well structured and thorough and I learnt a lot whilst I was there.The facilities within the school were very good. There were 25+ classrooms over three floors with a large central common area and outdoor area. There were also food and drink machines.Finally, Barcelona is a great city to study in. Whilst Barcelona is within Catalonia the fact that the people spoke Catalan as well as Castilian did not detract from my ability to learn or engage with them - in fact I found it very interesting learning about the different regions, particularly as there are ongoing political debates about Catalan trying to gain independence. There is a lot to do in and around Barcelona and whether you see the sights through school tours or by yourself it will take a long time to see it all. I think that if you are planning on staying for a short or extended period of time (+1 month) then Barcelona would be a great location.I only wish I was able to stay for longer and see my spanish improve even more. I would love to study through the school again.

Matias Lopez: A super disorganized place. I had an appointment for my exam for months, they changed it a week before, I called to keep the requested and paid date and when the man in charge of receiving us arrived in a very bad manner, he told me that my appointment was for the previous day, when I tell him to call to rectify it in a humorous way he laughed at my accent, when I show him the email with the change he tells me "you're bad, but not that bad" I feel that this place is a bad joke.

Mohsin Girona: In 2018 I took some DELE A2 tests, everything went well, I passed the tests, the teachers treated me well, they sent me the certificate by email

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Chou Jay: 我在这里学习了半年,之后转校去了马拉加。这里的老师还可以。但还是我非常不推荐大家来这里学习,尤其是中国学生,因为校长和一个金头发的前台对中国学生非常不友好,和欧洲学生明显区别对待,很多中国学生都很讨厌他们。还有千万不要住学校公寓,又贵又破,还动不动就趁着学生上课的时候去突袭检查卫生,威胁你扣押金之类的。我当初也是被中介骗来的。西班牙高质量的语言学校很多。没有必要来这种地方。

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