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1. Advocate Abroad

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Advocate Abroad

Address: Travessera de Gràcia, 71, 08006 Barcelona, Spain

Telephone: +34 932 20 44 40

Business type: Law firm

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Advocate Abroad: what do users think?

Philippe VERMEEREN: I am an international student and had some issues with my apartment rental company. Oscar provided a very good service, helping me to leave the residence I was staying at and provide me with good advice that gave me a feeling of safety that everything would be okay. His communication is very well and he is also very reachable, he responds within 12h/evenings/weekends. I would definitely recommend him to others that have property rental issues!

Roy Tharakan: Our Lawyer, Tiago has been outstanding in guiding and leading us throughout the entire Visa process and legal support in buying the property. He is responsive, committed, friendly and goes above and beyond to get things done. We are fortunate to have him as our lawyer and a good friend in Portugal.
Response: Dear Roy, thank you for trusting me to assist you and your family with the whole Portuguese residence process in Singapore. It took a bit longer than usual, but we had a successful outcome in the end, so thank you for your patience as well. I'm positive you will have a happy retirement in Portugal! Best Regards, Tiago.

Paul Andrews: Maja did a great job for us handling a difficult service provider. Her approach was appropriately aggressive and achieved the result needed. Communications were excellent and timely. Highly recommended. We are very grateful for her help.
Response: Dear Paul, thank you for your kind words. I'm glad I could help you. I wish you the best of luck Regards Maja.

Rita K: My lawyer Oscar Vaello has provided me with excellent advice and guidance on several occasions in mediation, divorce, and property issues. He is knowledgeable, reliable and always quick to respond - I will not hesitate to turn to him in the future. I am happy to recommend his services.
Response: Thank you very much for your kind words, Rita. It has been a pleasure working with you. Anything else you need, please let me know. Best regards, Oscar.

David B: Very impressed with this service. Having a reliable expert to guide us through the process of owning a house in Spain was invaluable. Even though we never met Consuelo in person, communication was clear and everything went smoothly.
Response: Dear David, thank you for your trust. Your active collaboration was essential for everything to go well, and that was greatly appreciated! Best regards, Consuelo.

Artur Nowak: We were lucky to have our lawyer Tiago assist us with the property purchase in Portugal. He is friendly, committed, meticulous, and patient…. He is just PERFECT! We do not speak a single word of Portuguese or know anything about buying a property in the country. However, with Tiago’s professional help, we had nothing to worry about throughout the process. We would strongly recommend his service to anyone 
Response: Hi Artur, I'm glad I could assist you and your wife with the whole process and make it as smooth as possible for you. I appreciate your feedback. Best Regards, Tiago.

Michelle Sheiman: After bad luck with other law firms, I hired Raffaele at Advocate Abroad to help get my deposit back from a rental agency. He was absolutely fabulous to work with: responsive to communication, professional, knowledgeable, persistent and effective. He helped me get almost all of what I was due returned to me in a very short time with his great negotiation skills. I am prepared to hire him or his firm again when I need help purchasing a property. Thank you, Raffale.
Response: Hi Michelle, thank you so much for your review, we always try to provide the best service to our Clients, and we are really glad you appreciated that. Of course, we are at your disposal to provide advice to you in the purchase of your new home in Spain. Best Regards, Raffaele.

Amar Hadjou: I hired Yasin at Advocate Abroad to help us, me and my wife, to get a police clearance certificate from Turkey. He helped us in every step, including dealing with the Turkish consulate and notary. Besides being responsive and committed, he is friendly and goes above and beyond for his clients. We highly recommend this service. We are grateful for his dedication and excellent service. Thank so mush Yasin
Response: You’re very welcome, Amar. It was a pleasure for me to work with as cooperative client as you. I hope all things work out for you. Sincerely, Yasin.

2. 👨🏿‍⚖️ Immigration Lawyers

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👨🏿‍⚖️ Immigration Lawyers

Address: Rambla de Catalunya, 124, 08008 Barcelona, Spain

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 9AM Wed

Telephone: +34 936 31 51 39

Business type: Immigration attorney

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👨🏿‍⚖️ Immigration Lawyers: what do users think?

Nevine Namir: This lawyer office is really good, I’m very satisfied and I advise anyone who needs an immigration help to go there.Beatriz is a good lawyer. She’s so welcoming and helpful. She’s really a nice person. Thank you for this lovely experience.
Response: Thank you very much Nevine for your positive words, it has been a great pleasure!

Sydney Li: Worst immigration I’ve had. A girl picked up the phone and directly referred me to paid consultation with very rude tones. When I tried to ask for the phone number I told her to speak more politely and she hung up the phone. I really don’t understand how you expect to get clients with this behavior. Please avoid this company.

David Lassov: I called the number they have on the website and some guy said he doesn’t speak in English so hung up the phone. Found this quite strange so called again and same guy began to shout aggressively towards me. And they call themselves an immigration lawyers.
Response: Hi David! We are a bit confused, as 1. everyone from our team speaks English, and 2. all our customer service and phone operators are females, so perhaps you dialed a different phone number and not to our actual office. Here for anything you may need, kind regards!

O O: Good experience working with them. Highly recommended for any immigration related services. Very professional and transparent
Response: Thank you very much for your positive review!

Adriana Carpi: For all your immigration needs as an expat this is your place. The entire team was detail oriented and deployed empathy from the very beginning. Really happy with the service!

Mark Eid: Cristian and Nuria were very helpful and clear throughout the process of our residency applications. Very friendly and professional!
Response: Thank you very much Mark for your positive review, it has been a great pleasure!

dev pratap: Consulted Cristian from the team. The quality of his suggestions was exceptional. Also, he provided me with next steps really fast.
Response: Thanks a lot for your positive words!

Michael Garvey: I have used the Balcells group for six years now for my first residency card and recently my renewal. They have never failed me. Eduardo Herranz is always courteous and timely in his response. I recommend this team.
Response: Thank you very much Michael for your positive review! It has been a great pleasure.

3. Zimmer Abogados

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86 reviews
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Zimmer Abogados

Address: Carrer del Rosselló, 188, 4A, 08008 Barcelona, Spain

Schedule: Closes soon ⋅ 7PM ⋅ Opens 9AM Wed

Telephone: +34 937 42 00 78

Business type: Immigration attorney

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Zimmer Abogados: what do users think?

Erman Kilincoglu: We worked with Raphael for the immigration and residency permit in Barcelona. It was a very smooth process and from day one, he guided us through every step. I feel so lucky to be able to find him, highly recommended.
Response: Was a pleasure to help you Erman, enjoy Spain!

Fatih Melek: Rafael was very helpful during my relocating process. Everything went smoothly and fast. Very knowledgable in his area. Highly recommended.
Response: Thank you for your time, have a happy time in Spain.

Omar Sameh: Raphael has helped me greatly throughout my residency process in Spain. He is a super informed, patient, and communicative professional. He was extremely flexible with me since our first phone call, explaining the entire process, throughout the process as we had a delay in response he was extremely calm and confident within the information that he gives. Nevertheless responsive to emerging situations and knows how to deal with them efficiently. I highly recommend him for his services.
Response: Thank you for your time Omar, we wish you a happy life in Spain.

J B: Positive: QualityRaphael helped us with our NLV renewal when we ran into a quirky banking issue. He knew the drill, had excellent suggestions and was very responsive. Definitely recommend.

Leonid Romanov: Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, ValueRaphael was assisting us in obtaining arraigo sicial. And though the process itself was long and sometimes difficult, Raphael was always professional, responsive, helpful and supportive. I would deafinitely recommend him as a professional.

Aurélie Gourdain: Very helpful and available lawyer !! Thank you.

Sophia Ellis: Raphael and team were very helpful in successfully getting my residence renewed while I was unable to return due to COVID. They were very responsive and clear. On my end, it only took me maybe 45 mins to gather the docs they said they needed. Such an easy process; everything else was handled for me! I cannot recommend them enough for US citizens living/moving to Spain.

Elizaveta Shalamova: @zimmerabogados I’m so grateful to Raphael for always being in contact with me when I needed it and for quick and professional resolve of all my issues that we worked on together. This summer we were extending my student visa and in less than 1 week we have collected all required documents and very soon I’ve got “favorable” for my visa extension. So, all my Russian Spanish and friends from all over the world - @zimmerabogados muy recomendable 🏻⚖️🔥

Nosipho Dube: I contacted many lawyers but many couldn’t help with my situation because they either had no knowledge about a job seeking visa or they just couldn’t speak English. Zimmer Abogodos can do both and for a GOOD price. Thank you so much. Definitely recommend!

4. Klev & Vera International Law Firm

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122 reviews
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Klev & Vera International Law Firm

Address: C/ de València, 281, 2do, 08009 2da, Barcelona, Spain

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 9AM Wed

Telephone: +34 931 76 01 90

Business type: Attorney

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5. Marfour International Law Firm

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66 reviews
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Marfour International Law Firm

Address: C/ de Bailèn, 36, 4º 2ª Izda, 08010 Barcelona, Spain

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 8:30PM

Telephone: +34 615 69 12 30

Business type: Immigration attorney

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Marfour International Law Firm: what do users think?

Charbel Abi Serhal: We have become clients of Marfour International and in a very short notice all our legal paperwork and processes were already in their right track. Communication was great, follow-up was thorough and the legal advice were spot on. I sincerely thank Maryem and Ainhoa for all their help and I highly recommend their office and their services. Moreover, I personally think that their fees are very fair. Thanks again to Marfour International and we are definitely returning to their offices for continuation of our legal papers.

Jill Moreaux: I see the 5 star reviews and am very confused because my experience with this law firm was the exact opposite. Miriam presented information on the visa application process for a masterclass. Based on the presentation and masterclass recommendation, I met with her, signed the contract and paid my money. And then she didn’t provide any level of service that would help me get my visa. I had started gathering my documents and hired her to help me out. When I sent her questions, she took 5-7 days to respond. Once you start collecting documents, time is ticking so waiting a week for a response, or partial response isn’t going to get that application completed and submitted. When I asked for help with the health insurance, she provided a quote for insurance with deductibles, copays and waiting periods, all of which aren’t acceptable at the consulate I was submitting my application to. I responded with questions about that insurance; she didn’t respond for a week and when she did, she provided another quote with another insurance company with copays and deductibles and waiting periods saying the consulates accepted them. As this was contrary to everything on the consulate website and discussed in the class, and she provided no information or support, I sent an email terminating her services. She would not refund any portion of the $1800 I paid, but she did little to earn, because it would cause financial harm to her company. Buyer beware. If you want to use this firm, be cautious and know all of the requirements for the application process. Stay diligent to get the level of service you deserve and paid for. And while referrals are easy, interview other firms.
Response: Hello Jill, Thank you very much for taking the time to write us a review. We appreciate it a lot when someone leaves us a review. Good or otherwise. Therefore, I wanted to take the time to address the concerns you brought up in your review, so you have a better understanding moving forward on how we operate. 1. You stated you waited 5-7 days for a response to questions you had sent. With all due respect, this is unfair for you to claim. I am always available to answer any questions my clients might have, as evidenced by my many 5-star Google reviews from former clients of mine. Many of whom are repeat clients of mine. With that in mind, if any clients send us a question on a Friday after 5 pm when we are closed (as you did), your question(s) would be answered on Monday morning after 8 am when our office is open. Furthermore, if there is an official Spanish holiday we will be closed, and your question answered when the office is open, the same way any business operates. 2. With regard to the health insurance, the process is what I explained to you. Based on the information provided by you, the health insurance companies each generate one quote with all the relevant details and the client chooses which one they want to hire. We then forward you that quote for you to consider and let us know what you would like to do. Our firm also sent you a second quote, so you have an additional option to consider. When you stated the embassy does not accept what we sent you, this is incorrect. I can assure you that the embassy does, as it is a common practice and in fact, they did accept everything. The manager has more than 10 years dealing with this type of process only providing health care knowing that it will be accepted by the consulate and moreover we have used these health care companies previously, and they were 100% accepted by the Spanish authorities. 3. With regard to the fees paid for retaining our firm to help you with your visa case, we respectfully remind you that it was your decision to terminate our services. We were diligent and transparent in all our interactions with you and provided you with all the necessary guidance to continue and complete your case. We are still open to assist you if you accept our legal guidance, and you follow our steps as we indicate as we are lawyers with expertise in the area. We informed you that the submission should be made by post, and you insisted that the application should be done in person. The firm does not have any problem processing a refund, if the reasons for it are fully founded and reasonable. Our business is built in success and a satisfied customer. In conclusion, our commitment to helping our clients is apparent in our many positive reviews, which even then is only a small fraction of the customers we offer our service to every year successfully. We feel, therefore, that your review does not reflect the service that we provided to you and isn’t an accurate representation of our company, but as stated, we remain willing and available to continue with your case as long as you follow our instructions.

James Gallagher: I am extremely satisfied with the service Marfour Law provided to me regarding advice over a tax issue I was having. Maryem and Alba have been very attentive to my every need and question, they are very reassuring and have provided me with sound legal and immigration advice moving forward. I would highly recommend using Marfour as they offer peace of mind and a great deal of security and confidentiality. I want to thank Maryem, Alba and all the team at Marfour for their hardwork, dedication and commitment to their clients, the professional treatment was exceptional. I can guarantee I will be using their services again for future issues within Spain. Thank you everyone.

Guilherme Medeiros: I reached out to them because I was looking for a company to help me with tax and immigration law, and I cannot thank Alba and Maryem enough for making themselves available so quickly and providing me with all the knowledge I needed to make my decision. They are extremely knowledgeable, speak very good english and are very friendly. I will definitely recommend them to friends and use their services when moving to Spain!!

Seunga Chae: I worked with Marfour to get my EU family permit in Spain. Ainhoa and her team were very attentive and guided me through the process. They were always available to answer any questions and I would recommend them without hesitation to others.

Raphaella Cunha-Abi Serhal: I became a client of Marfour International Law Firm to work on my Spanish NLV and I must say that I couldn’t be any happier with the treatment they provided me, the smoothness of the transactions and the overall facilitation of the process. Maryem and Ainhoa were incredibly supportive and available to answer all my questions and clarifications on short notice and they were never tired of explaining processes that I couldn’t comprehend. I highly recommend their firm and their legal consultation: five-stars all the way. Dear Maryem and Ainhoa, Thank you both for everything, and rest assured that, as a client, I will be returning to your firm for all my future paperwork vis-à-vis my immigration process.

Casandra Campeas: I’m so grateful for Marfour’s services in processing my residency documents. They are super communicative and make the process comprehensive and streamline.

Steve Herman: Someone at Marfour answered a short legal question related to study visas. Surprisingly, I could not find a clear answer to this question anyplace on the internet. The study visa requires a criminal background check if the applicant is of "legal age." My question was "What is the legal age in Spain?" The answer is 18 (some sites and Spanish laws suggest 14, which is the age of "criminal responsibility" in Spain). Thank you Marfour!

Balint Morvai: I reached out to them because I needed help with my NIE number as a student. I am satisfied with the service Marfour Law provided and I can surely recommend them.

6. Lexidy Law Boutique

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309 reviews
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Lexidy Law Boutique

Address: Avinguda Diagonal, 442, 3º 1ª, 08037 Barcelona, Spain

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 9AM Wed

Telephone: +34 938 07 40 56

Business type: Attorney

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Lexidy Law Boutique: what do users think?

Josh Pudner: We use Lexidy for our payroll and accounting services in Spain, and they have provided great service to us for 3 years. They always respond on time, are proactive, and accurate with their work. I would recommend using them. Our contact Isabel Sanchez is great to work with.

RICHARD BRITTON: We contacted Lexidy Law boutique when we recently moved from Cyprus to open a new chapter in our lives to move into a house in Brittany that we had bought 12 years previously. We had underestimated the twists and turns involved in obtaining residency in France - so we contacted Lexidy Law Boutique and were assigned Eleonore, an immigration lawyer well acquainted with French immigration laws. From the very beginning we realised she was determined that we should have a successful outcome and she guided us expertly to avoid all the pitfalls in the process of applying for residency. She even accompanied us to the prefecture and ensured that everything went smoothly - without her presence we might well have not succeeded. We thank and highly recommend Eleonore and Lexidy Law Boutique.
Response: Dear Richard, We really appreciate you taking the time to share your detailed feedback and being so open with us. We’re glad you felt successfully attended and were able to get French residency without too much hassle! Happy to see you in future whenever needed!

Foysal Miah: It’s been more than two years now, I have known Lexidy and their amazing team. This company peoples are so active and helpful especially Karla. She is very kind and patience. Really appreciate your job and helping us to get a better future.

D Par: My experience was optimal. Each time I sent an email, the response was prompt, the information thorough, and the exchange pleasant. The complimentary consultation was informative, friendly, and professional. My immigration services will be addressed by none other than Lexidy Law Boutique. I thank you for the detailed information, your authenticity, most of all, for making me feel at ease in discussing such a private matter.

Linda Sparling: I worked with Juan Diego de Muñoz for my real estate lawyer. His help was invaluable to me! He worked with the sellers and real estate agents who were reluctant to engage in the due diligence process for the property I bought. He smoothed that over and helped me obtain a thorough check of my flat and the building it’s in, which yielded important information. Juan Diego made sure my every question and concern were addressed the same day that I raised them. Metaphorically, he held my hand through the whole process, but also made sure I was the one making informed decisions. I highly recommend him and Lexidy Law Boutique!

Radostin Denev: Comment from Radostin and Kaloyan Bulgaria: We could recommend working with Lexidy and especially with Juan Diego Muñoz to everyone. Our assessment is defenitely 10 out of 10! Strict professional who cover full end-to-end journey in buying real estate and successful relocation to Spain in our case. We highly appreciate efficient and effective approach and providing us and supporting us in each step of the journey in buying property in Spain. Without support of Juan Diego we would be lost, he provides us with daily support in most critical days before finalization of the deal and also there was not even a single question to which he could not provide us details in most structured way. Thank you Juan Diego Muñoz, thank you Lexidy we will be happy working together in the future. We wish you lots of success in your innovative and trustful approach in supporting your customers in a holistic way. Radostin and Kaloyan

Sarah Taylor: Lexidy did an amazing job setting up our company in Spain, which was a complicated and lengthy affair which they handled with patience and professionalism. Their ongoing tax, accounting and payroll services have been greatly appreciated. Friendly and professional team with perfect English. Highly recommended!
Response: Hello Sarah, Thank you for the wonderful review and for taking the time to share your feedback about our lawyer. Our priority is customer service and we are happy that we met that mark! You make our job a pleasure.

7. Carbray International

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191 reviews
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Carbray International

Address: C/ de Bailèn, 20, 08010 Barcelona, Spain

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 9AM Wed

Telephone: +34 934 88 09 72

Business type: Attorney

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Carbray International: what do users think?

Lina Eze: From my experience, Carbray International is a highly professional organization. I was relieved that I did not suffer, given my low Spanish language proficiency, because the officers handling my case were considerate enough to communicate with me purely in English. I also got a good discount for my children. Most importantly, the outcome of the service I got is positive. Before I came to Carbray International, I had been ignored/discriminated against by several similar firms, maybe because of my country of origin, but that was not a problem for Carbray International. So, I recommend them to anyone.
Response: Lina, thank you so much for your kind words. It was a pleasure to assist you and your family and we're delighted that you received a positive outcome. That's what matters most at the end of the day but indeed, having a good relationship with the firm who is helping you makes everything smoother and stress free. Thank you once again and hope to have you back as a client again in the future. Kind regards, Elaine

Nick Amado: I have been working with Carbray for several years, since they assisted with the initial visa application for my life in Spain. All of the attorneys that have worked with me for the last four years have been professional, forthright and prompt in their replies. If you are looking for knowledgeable and professional people to help guide you through the daunting process of dealing with a new government to process your immigration, I can recommend Carbray International with the highest degree of confidence!
Response: Good morning Nick! I can't express how grateful we are to receive this wonderful review of your experience with Carbray. It has been a pleasure assisting you over the past few years and you know where to find us should you need any assistance in the future. Have a great week! Kind regards, Elaine :-)

Allison Moore: Wonderful firm! I have been working with them for the past year and they have been nothing but exceptional. Extremely professional and communicative but above all else, kind and knowledgeable. I used them for assistance in my citizenship process and they were experts about the entire process and guided me through everything, taking much of the stress out of a very long and difficult process. I want to thank Annie especially who went above and beyond, she was an absolute pleasure to work with and I would recommend her to anyone.
Response: Hey Allison, thanks a million for your amazing review. It means a lot to our company and of course to Annie. She said that it is an absolute pleasure working with you :-) You know where to find us should you ever need help with anything. Wishing you a wonderful fin de semana. Kind regards, Elaine

Sara Niego: We have received an exceptional help and advise on purchasing a property in southern Spain from Sandra and Julia. The entire process can be quite complicated however the Carbray personnel made it easy and smooth. We would recommend their services to our friends and family.
Response: Hi Sara, thank you so much for your review, for taking the time out of your day to share your positive experience. The ladies are delighted to have had the opportunity to assist you and they are both very happy to know that you were pleased with their services :-) Thank you in advance for future recommendations, it means a lot. Kind regards, Elaine

Wendy Kirkby: Carbray provided us with a first class service and spectacular efficiency, engaging and supporting us through the difficult process of the non lucrative visa. Laura Iruarrizaga can only be termed as a true professional with her commitment to us throughout. Providing us with a high standard of communication and speedy replies to all queries and emails. You do not usually find service as good as Carbray and we would certainly recommend this company to anyone.
Response: Good morning Wendy! Thank you so so much for taking the time out of your day to share such a wonderful review. Laura is indeed a true professional, very dedicated and always has her clients best interests in mind. She was delighted to be of assistance throughout your visa process :-) Once again, GRACIAS. Have a great start to the week. Kind regards, Elaine

Dean White: Carbray was the third law firm we contacted with regard to getting help with our Spanish visa. The first two were not very responsive, but Magdalena at Carbray answered us immediately. Because we were American citizens living in Mexico and did not speak much Spanish, the process was difficult for us, and we had complications, even though we met the requirements for a visa. I do not think we would have been able to navigate the process without her. She "held our hand" every step of the way and was always in contact with us. I would very highly recommend Carbray and Magdalena if you are in need of immigration attorneys.
Response: Dean, good afternoon. Thanks so much for this 5 star review! Magdalena definitely deserves these stars as she does go the extra mile for her clients :-) She was super happy to read your review and says a big 'GRACIAS'. We really appreciate you recommending our company to others so thanks again. Have a great weekend. Kind regards, Elaine

Sue Santilhano: I am very pleased with all the work Laura has done to acheive my successful application for nationality. My emails were always answered promptly and efficiently throughout the process. I was also met in person, by a member of the team, when I travelled to Spain from UK, this was very useful. Laura provided me with checklists of all the documentation required for each stage of my application. She assisted me to secure my appointments with the Consulate of Spain in London. I am most grateful for service provided, I would recommend this organisation for the high quality of their communication and professionalism.
Response: Hi Sue, thanks a million for your kind words. We are delighted to hear that you were satisfied with our services. Laura does tend to go above and beyond for her clients and it's always nice to be praised for that :-) She says it was a pleasure to assist you during the process. We are very grateful for your recommendation of our firm. We look forward to working with you again in the future. Have a wonderful weekend! Kind regards, Elaine

Detra: Our experience with Cabray International and their support team of experts made the process seamless and effortless for us. Their focus to detail was amazing. In particular, our assigned attorney, Evelyn and her assistant, Andrea exceeded all of our expectations in every way. We deeply appreciate their time and effort!! Keep up the great work. We STRONGLY recommend Cabray International!!
Response: Hello there, I've just seen that my reply to your review wasn't published. Sorry about that. Thank you so so much for taking the time to share such kind words about our team, especially Evelyn and Andrea! They make an excellent team :-) We are delighted to have been able to assist you and should you need further help, you know where to find us. Wishing you a wonderful weekend. Kind regards, Elaine

Barry Cooper: I had decided I wanted to live in Spain for an extended period of time, a matter of years. To experience the culture and, most of all, to challenge myself with a second language. As an Englishman, after Brexit, I would have to apply for a long term visa. Immediate I realised the application process was beyond me. It had to be precise, detailed, and translated into Spanish. I needed professional Spanish help. Making such contact online can have its pitfalls, some serious. This is where I was extremely fortunate, I contacted the Carbray International Law Firm, in Barcelona. Communication was soon established, via e-mail and phone calls. The process and costs set out clearly. The representative I worked with, Magdalena Barrueto, guided me through every step. She had a complete understanding of what was required and when. Above all, the impression I had was that the success of my application was important to her. She quickly gained my confidence and trust. Both were well founded. The initial contact took place on May 19; on Thursday, October 7, I collected the visa, at the Spanish Consulate, in London. I would recommend this company, Carbray International, to anyone. In fact, I intend to.
Response: Good morning Barry! What a wonderful review to receive! You've definitely put a smile on all of our faces, especially Magdalena's! She's told me that it was an absolute pleasure assisting you and you're so right when you say that the success of your application mattered to her. It really did :-) Thank you for taking the time to share your feedback and we are most appreciative of the fact that you are going to recommend us to friends, family and colleagues! Have a wonderful day!

8. Legalcity

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246 reviews
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Address: Rambla de Catalunya, 66, 2B, 08007 Barcelona, Spain

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 8:30AM Wed

Telephone: +34 934 87 09 73

Business type: Attorney

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Legalcity: what do users think?

Sofia Al Asfoor: The worst possible experience of my life. I was advised to pardon my domestic violence case by the lawyer Jorge. He took a verbal agreement with my abuser in exchange for pardoning him, he would issue my newborn sons passport so we could return home to my country. As soon as we left the court house the guy went and filed me for kidnapping and reported me to social services. Jorge did not take a written agreement and we lost legal protection. He did nothing to protect us. Because of this me and my child have been left fighting for our safety and protection for over a year with the justice system and Jorge has not done anything to find a way to help us out of this mistake he did. Nor will he cooperate on giving any evidence of his verbal agreement to try and defend ourselves from his reckless legal mistakes. He ignores calls and doesn’t respond to emails. We have been alone in a foreign country left with nothing for over a year fighting ourselves out of this mess and he doesn’t give a care in the world for the well-being of a mother and baby. Basically he doesn’t give a **** about his clients. Worst mistake of my life.

Charlie Worrall: I contracted their subscription for help with a legal issue, afterwards I called reception 3 times to finally get an answer and they told me the lawyers are busy 6 days! And can only call me after that!! Not a great service AT ALL.
Response: Dear sir, first of all thank you for your words although we do not understand the reason for your anger. You became a client of our office two hours ago, you called us and it coincided that all the lines were busy, something normal in a company like this. Today is Thursday and we have proposed an appointment with one of our lawyers specialized in the area you are requesting for Tuesday, since everything is busy before then. It takes less than three days, something normal in a law firm with a minimum of quality service.

Lidiya B: LegalCity specializes in providing legal services to foreigners and they are very good at what they do. Highly recommend! The information Jorge provided me helped me a lot in getting my NIE and saved me a lot of headache. I wish I found them sooner :-)
Response: Lidiya, thank you very much for your review. See you soon!

Adeel Khan Yousufzai: Good Legal office in Barcelona. They charge 70 Euros for whole year consultation.
Response: Dear Adeel, thanks for your comments. See you soon!

Kay Nelson: They were all very helpful and professional, supportive to the details. Thank you!
Response: Dear Kay, thank your for your comments. See you!

sadeek salih: I found very kind , cooperative with very friendly skill expert persons in the way of communication and clarification of the concerned subject
Response: Thank you very much for your review Sadeek, see you soon!

Joao P: Very helpful! With their help everything perfect!
Response: Dear Joao thank you for your comments. See you soon.

Isabel Gómez: good service in general
Response: Thank you very much for your review Isabel, see you soon!

9. Foreign Affairs Club

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40 reviews
new review
Foreign Affairs Club

Schedule: Closes soon ⋅ 7PM ⋅ Opens 9AM Wed

Business type: Immigration attorney

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Foreign Affairs Club: what do users think?

Jen Sissons: Blanca had been absolutely fantastic helping with my TIE renewal process. She helped the whole way and was super professional. I would absolutely use her services again and highly recommend her as efficient, responsive and value for money

Felipe Riumallo: Blanca was amazing. Her service was very efficient. She was very clear about every aspect. If you need help with any immigration paperwork i would definitely recommend her.

zena khalil: I was relocating to Spain and I had a very short time window of 3 weeks to get my NIE. A friend recommended hiring Blanca to help me with the process and his recommendation was the best thing. All our communication happened through email (no calls, video calls nor WhatsApp) and i was surprised with the level of reliability you get. Very responsive, clear communication and on time she even manager to get an appointment in BCN in a weeks time!! I have already referred Blanca to a friend and will definitely hire her again for my partner’s process. She is highly recommended!!

Matt Brown: I needed four appointments to get Authorisation de Regresos as I travel a lot for work. Blanca helped me secure all of them and made this process so easy. Thanks Blanca!

Gregory McGAIR: Blanca Martí is a first-rate lawyer with considerable experience in dealing with immigration matters. She accompanied me throughout the entire process to obtain my NIE card as a permanent EU resident in Spain. Mine was a complicated case as I started out as a UK citizen before my French nationality was confirmed. Blanca made all the necessary adjustments and painstakingly arranged appointments in advance to save time, several of which had to be cancelled because of delays in obtaining the appropriate paperwork from French authorities and Spanish social security. Over the intervening months, she was regularly in contact by email to check on progress. She was highly responsive and always available to answer my questions and provide valuable advice on the best way forward. On the day, she accompanied me to the Comisaría to present the completed application and deal with the awkward questions from the police officer. Blanca is not only extremely efficient professionally, but also a very open and accessible person on a personal level. I would have no hesitation in calling on her services again and would highly recommend her to anyone needing help with residency in Spain.
Response: Thank you very much for your kind words, Gregory. It has been a pleasure helping you and I'll be more than happy to help you again with anything you need!

Daugailė Syrusaitė: Blanca from Foreign Affairs Club helped me in getting the NIE number in Barcelona. Throughout the whole process Blanca was there for me answering all the questions I and my company had, she was very responsive and professional. The process was not easy from my side, but Blanca was always keeping me up to date and consulted me on different matters. She knows the processes really well and understands the system, which is very important to get the NIE number in the most efficient way. Blanca would go an extra mile for you to go through this process as seamless as possible. She is also a very nice and trustworthy person. I would highly recommend using Foreign Affairs Club services as you will get professional services and a good value.
Response: Many thanks for your words Daugailė! Here to help you :-)

Sue Grainger: Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, ValueBlanca was brilliant at every stage of our residency process. We would have struggled to complete this process without her. She is friendly and very patient and incredibly efficient. We have no hesitation in recommending Blanca and the Foreign Affairs Club.
Response: Many thanks Sue! It has been a pleasure! :-)

10. Strong Abogados

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108 reviews
new review
Strong Abogados

Address: C. de Balmes, 173, 4, 2, 08006 Barcelona, Spain

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 8:30AM Wed

Telephone: +34 932 15 53 93

Business type: Attorney

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Strong Abogados: what do users think?

Ekaterina Ishchenko: It has been an absolute pleasure working with Paula Toledo from Strong Abogados on my first purchase of property in Spain. Paula helped me a lot with reviewing the contracts, making sure they reflected my interests and kept me updated regularly so I knew at any point what was happening. Thanks to Paula the transaction was completed much earlier than I expected, which was great. Absolutely recommend!
Response: Thank you Ekaterina, buying a house is always hard. It's such an honor that you are happy with the way that Paula help you with the process, the legal support is important, yes, but for us having clients like yourself makes our work meaningful, thank you so much for your words.

Maayan Stavans: Monica from Strong Abogados had helped me with tax related processes (obtaining a Digital Certificate and applying successfully for the Beckham taxation scheme), and I have been very pleased. Her clear instructions about forms and processes, and her close attention and updates made these processes a seamless experience. I highly recommend. Thank you!!!
Response: Thank you for your kind response. Monica and all the team truly appreciate clients like you. Here we are if you need anything. Thanks 🙏

Amanda Wilford: Strong Abogados, and in particular Paula, was amazing in helping me coordinate some appointments and in answering my questions upon moving back to Spain. Paula was very attentive to my concerns and had a quick response time. Highly reccommed!
Response: Thank you Amanda, we are glad and honored to have clients like you, we truly appreciate your kind words, and we are ready to help with any issues that you may have, thanks!

Ali Al-Ebrahim: Neus has been fantastic in helping oversee my property purchase and organisation of my will in Spain. I highly recommend working with the company.
Response: Thank you Ali, for your kind words, we are very happy and proud to have clients like you.

Cindy Ybarra: Monica Sevillano, a lawyer from Strong Abogados, assisted me, a resident of the United States of America, in the purchase of a property in Spain. I have to say that it was one of the best experiences I’ve ever had with a legal professional. She was completely competent, knowledgeable and responsive to my every request. She helped make a potentially bewildering process accessible and successful. I highly recommend her.
Response: Thanks for giving us your feedback, Cindy. Monica's a great lawyer. I'll pass on your kind words to her. I hope you're enjoying your property in Ronda and if you need anything else, just let us know.

Amministrazione HR GM sl: Good service, effectively provided through a professional team.Also recommended for companies and professionals working in a international context.

Katherine Reyes: Excellent legal advice provided by Monica Sevillano. Her collegue Neus Vila i Bustamente was also very helpful. I was impressed with the high level of attention to details and great support provided. Thank you.
Response: Thank you for your feedback about our real estate conveyancing service, Katherine. We are here for you for any other other legal or tax work that you need.

Peter Gagnon: Incwell, what can I say only that they are the most kind yet professional company I have had the extreme pleasure to work with. They are very helpful in explaining things so that anyone can understand and they work diligently to make sure that their clientele is looked out for.
Response: Thank you Peter, we are very honored that you have chosen to work with us, and thank you so much to read this kind words.

11. Gestexpert Consulting-Abogados/Asesores

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60 reviews
new review
Gestexpert Consulting-Abogados/Asesores

Address: Avinguda Diagonal, 468, Planta 8, 08006 Barcelona, Spain

Schedule: Closes soon ⋅ 7PM ⋅ Opens 9AM Wed

Telephone: +34 698 25 90 48

Business type: Immigration attorney

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12. Abogados Extranjería Barcelona

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235 reviews
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Abogados Extranjería Barcelona

Address: Avinguda Diagonal, 325, 2º Primera, 08009 Barcelona, Spain

Schedule: Closes soon ⋅ 7PM ⋅ Opens 9AM Wed

Telephone: +34 936 40 47 33

Business type: Immigration attorney

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Abogados Extranjería Barcelona: what do users think?

Jennifer Donovan: Dr. Ciriano and his amazing team are wonderful to work with. They are committed and dedicated to working toward the best possible outcomes for their clients. I am so grateful for their assistance and support. Muchas gracias, Cesar y equipo.
Response: Thanks a lot for your kindness, Jennifer, and we are very proud you are our client

Isac Noel: I have had a wonderful experience with Dr. David Cesar Ciriano and his assistant Fernando! We are in the process of obtaining our Spanish citizenship via descendent of Sephardic Jewish lineage! He and Fernando have been extremely helpful in helping me obtain the correct documents in order to start the process! Fernando has also been kind enough to answer all my questions, knowing he is extremely busy. As soon as we see get our citizenship approved I will make sure to post here our success! Bezrat HaShem!
Response: Thanks a lot for your kind comment, Isac, and we are proud you are involved in this such emotive and wonderful process of coming back to your ancestros, your roots, to the Patria of all the sephardic people, Sefarad, Spain. Baruch Hashem

Mauricio Navarro: Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, ValueExcellent service, extremely committed, great service and amazing team.Without any doubts will recommend him and his firm in Barcelona as well as in Zaragoza
Response: Thanks a lot for your comment, Mr. Navarro, and we are proud to have you and your family as our clients in the spanish sephardic citizenship process

Maria Isabel Cordova: I highly recommend the services of Cesar Ciriano and their team. I just completed the process to become a Spanish citizen through the Sephardic law and they helped to make the process seamless. I’m so happy!
Response: Thanks a lot María Isabel, and we are very proud to have you and your family and friends from USA as our clients. God bless you

Carolina Garcia Ferrer: They are not responsible for their big mistakes. They have being hiring not professionals to run the business in Barcelona. The owner never available. Do not expect your money back even though it was their fault. People that I know had really bad experience with them. Good luck.
Response: We do not have any client called "Carolina García Ferrer" in any of our databases, and we ask you to identify yourself, before carrying out the appropriate investigations to take legal action in your case for defamation, since you have never addressed my. We give you 24 hours to withdraw your insulting comment, before taking action on the matter. We do not like this "anonymous" way of proceeding, with the intention of discrediting.

Pablo Rosales: Cesar and his tem have offered tremendous help to my whole family as we navigate through the process of obtaining the Spanish citizenship as descendants of sephardic Jews.
Response: Thanks a lot for your comment Pablo and it has been a pleasure to help you and your family in the spanish sephardic citizenship process

Yahya Irshaid: Very good services , always ready to support.
Response: Thanks a lot Yahya and anything you need, you can tell us. Kind regards

13. Desahucios Barcelona

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74 reviews
new review
Desahucios Barcelona

Address: C/ de Muntaner, 320, principal, 2º, 08021 Barcelona, Spain

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 8PM

Telephone: +34 935 12 91 71

Business type: Real estate attorney

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Desahucios Barcelona: what do users think?

Nuria CS: 100% recommendable. Javier has been very attentive and kind. He has advised us very well and helped us with the rental problem we had. We definitely recommend their services.

Daniel Mas: Xavier Torrent is a totally recommendable lawyer given his rigor and his professionalism. Thanks to him I was able to recover a property in a very short time and to my complete satisfaction. I repeat: Thank you very much Xavier, Daniel Mas Clanxet.
Response: Dear Mr. But. Thank you very much for your review. In the end we solved it faster than expected thanks to the negotiations we went through to hand over the keys with the tenant on a voluntary basis.

Jose Maria Bello: Professional, efficient, absolute seriousness and correct treatment. With so much clarity. fantastic
Response: Very kind Mr. Bello for your review. We are glad we were able to help you get your home back.

Carlos Montilla Delgado: Based on my personal experience, I am very grateful to them for the treatment received, which has been very good and, furthermore, I have always been kept informed and well attended to, and with respect to my case, the price is economical for me. I recommend them one hundred percent
Response: Thank you very much for your opinion and we are glad that we were able to quickly solve the recovery of your home.

GRAM A GRAM Granollers: We had some tenants to evict and thanks to Javier Torrent evictions Barcelona we have been able to remove him from the apartment, at all times he has kept us informed of how the case was going, he has always answered our calls as briefly as possible and explained our doubts. If we have a problem like this again we will call them. Totally recommendable

Rosario Mañes: My lawyer Javier Torrent has proven to be a very good professional. From the first moment his attention and interest has been 10, he has always answered my emails on the same day and has kept me informed of the entire procedure. For me without a doubt 100% recommended and also offering different solution possibilities. Point out the empathy and the good stuff received in addition to an exquisite education. I would not hesitate to hire your services again without a doubt.
Response: Thank you Rosario for your opinion and we appreciate your trust in us. We are glad that we have been able to solve your case in a satisfactory way.

Carlos Alforja: My experience with them has been unbeatable, they have taken a lot of interest in the eviction of a flat that I own, I have called them several times and they have always treated me with the utmost kindness and have explained to me how progress was being made. Without hesitation I recommend them.

Susana Perez: We had tenants with children (4 minors) who neither paid nor wanted to leave the property, so we had been in contact with Evictions Barcelona from the beginning, Javier Torrent told us how the process was going to be and what we could meet along the way, since, among other things, social services would act. At all times we have been informed of how the process was going, any doubt has been resolved or answered in absolute brevity either by phone or wassap (as I would have done it) all documentation presented or received has been duly sent to me by email. For my profession (social graduate) I have read and reread all writing, statements, applications, competitions, terms ... presented by him, impeccable work and professionalism. I have attended the hearing and I have seen the way of acting and the resolution of Javier Torrent. I must say that my process was underway when the pandemic entered, so the judicial state slowed down, we received a close treatment, a lot of empathy and also a lot of reality. And finally !!!! I can say that just today, they are already out !! Thank you very much because without you it would not have been possible. Thank you.
Response: Hello Susana, thanks for the review and for the explanations. We are glad that you have already recovered the apartment after fighting so much against the court and the opposite party. It is true that with the pandemic there have been generalized delays and that has delayed the eviction for a few months. In any case we are at your disposal whenever you need it, hoping that you will not have any more problems with the new tenants.

14. DiG Abogados Barcelona

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473 reviews
new review
DiG Abogados Barcelona

Address: C/ de la Diputació, 260, 08007 Barcelona, Spain

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 7:30PM

Telephone: +34 933 18 44 00

Business type: Barrister

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DiG Abogados Barcelona: what do users think?

Andrea Kelham: Excellent professional service. I contacted DiG Abogados (DiG) to assist with the special expatriate tax regime (Beckham Law) for myself and DTA tax advice for my husband. By the next morning, I had received all the information I needed from Alejandro and within 5 days (time needed for my employer to complete the necessary forms) the submission for the regime was done. DiG will also be handling all of our tax (DTA tax complications included) when the tax season opens next year. To find professionals that assisted us in English and were so incredibly responsive has been a relief. A big thank you to Alejandro and DiG Abogados.
Response: Thanks Andrea for the score. A hug.

Marta Higuera: Fast and efficient service: high quality concise sharp answers to complex questions. Alejandro delivered over and above
Response: Thank you very much Martha for your review. Greetings.

whiskey salt: I can highly recommend DiG Abogados Barcelona and Francisco José Vinaches particularly. He is extremely knowledgeable on the complex tax situation in Catalonia and he explained everything clearly and patiently in native level English.
Response: Thank you for the review, it has been such a pleasure. Best regards.

Nathalie Rasing: Romà Bosch helped us in an exceptional way with buying a house. He realised time was not our friend and did everything in his power to help us promptly and adequate in a roller coaster process. Very professional, skilled, accurately and thorough. Extremely high service level and on top of that amiable too.

Vincent Vernooij: I had a great experience working with DiG abogados and with Paloma specifically. She was incredibly helpful, competent and professional. She ensured we achieved the best possible outcome. Highly recommended

J C: DiG has been great and Alejandro Guayta Pujol is very helpful, has speedy response times, communicates in English, and knows confidently the accounting matters that can advise expats like myself needing to navigate U.S. and Spanish tax laws. Highly recommended

Mihaela C: If I ever need a lawyer again I know where to go. Marcos was very helpful and professional, always answered our (many) questions. Gracias por todo Marcos!

Matt Jowett: We have used DiG for a number of years now, first to manage our piso purchase, and since then to advise and submit tax returns. They are also extremely helpful on a range of issues and our go-to place for any legal advice. Fully merit the "Excellent responsive service" and "Highly recommended" rating.
Response: Thank you very much Matt, for leaving us this fantastic comment. We hope to see you soon!

Anna Zhitnyuk: I am truly overwhelmed with the quality of service I was provided. I have faced such responsiveness & diligence just several times in the past in my entire life. Btw, I have been expat in Barcelona for 2 years and (!) do not speak a word of Spanish. Obviously, I would recommend DiG Abogados to everyone, but stressing this in case you are an expat - you would not find better! Thanks to Alejandro my life is so much easier, thank you!

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