Best Personal Development Courses Barcelona Near Me

1. Le Wagon Barcelona - Gràcia

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Le Wagon Barcelona
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Address: Carrer de Joaquim Ruyra, 9, 11, 08025 Barcelona, Spain

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 9AM Mon

Telephone: +34 636 19 76 21

Business type: Training centre

Le Wagon Barcelona: what do users think?

Tom Greenwood: is built to allow students to walk away with a vast understanding of the concepts used in building sophisticated web applications.At the end of the 10 week bootcamp I built two very advanced applications

Arbi Velaj: Lewagon Barcelona, how it opened new horizons for my lifeMy name is Arbi Velaj, I am an economics graduate and I did my masters at Bocconi University, in Milan. During my academic path I slowly started to realize that what I was doing was not fitting my intellectual needs, so I began to look for something different.At first, I was considering the idea of doing a bachelor in computer science, but then I heard about Le Wagon in Barcelona. I worked to save enough for the course fee and then applied for the batch, and I managed to get through the selection process. I had very high expectations, and I am very glad to say that what I got exceeded those expectations.In two full-immersion months you can learn not only to code, but also to think as a developer. Le Wagon gives you all the tools and skills necessary to begin learning independently everything related to programming, and its approach prepares you for the challenges of learning in a very dynamic environment.Eventually, one of the aspects that unexpectedly surprised me the most was the final project: during the last two weeks of the bootcamp you start a group project with which you will make your idea become reality. It is incredible that in two months you become able to create something valuable and to experience the start up environment and journey from the very beginning!

camila modena: I attended the web development bootcamp at Le Wagon at the end of 2020 and decided that to write an honest review, I had to wait and see what the long-term outcome of doing this course was.I took the course because all I wanted to do was freelance and have the autonomy to work from wherever I want. Two years on, I’m very glad to say I’ve achieved that goal. The bootcamp is very challenging and there were certainly times where I questioned my own abilities and wondered if I’d get to where I wanted to be, but thankfully I had the support of the amazing teachers and TAs who reassured me that the ‘click’ would eventually happen - and it did!I had never coded before at all, so it was very beneficial that the bootcamp’s curriculum involved a lot of Ruby, as the syntax is easy to get the hang of for a beginner and once you’re comfortable with the logic, you can apply that same logic while learning other languages with more complex syntax.The community aspect of Le Wagon has also been incredibly important in the development of my career, as I have access to a huge network of alumni who are always looking for freelancers to work on projects.

Julia-Marie Trudel: I just finished Le Wagon bootcamp and I had an amazing time. I started the course as a complete beginner but by the end of it I feel ready to get a job in tech. The staff was amazing and super helpful through the 10 weeks and I would highly recommend this bootcamp to anyone that wants to learn about web development in a quick and efficient way. Great experience overall!

Jesse: An amazing learning experience best bootcamp for web development

Patricio Perez Herrero: From cero to building and designing my own web and web apps in nine weeks!
The teachers and the staff are amazing at their jobs and also amazing human beings. 
Would definitely recommend anyone to enrol!

Guillem Roma Lopez: Le Wagon bootcamp was extremely helpful to gain strong fundamentals on software engineering. The key of its success is how it is structured, all the topics are broken-down and ordered in a perfect fashion that allows the student to be fully capable of following the lessons and do not get "too frustrated".For me, a non-coder, it has been the perfect bridge to the software engineering world. I feel very fortunate to have had the opportunity to join it and I will strongly recommend it to anyone who asks!

Diana Barroso: Le Wagon is definitely a Life changing experience I would recommend it to anyone! The quality of teachers and teacher assistants is extraordinary; whenever I had a doubt or I was confused with an exercise, I always received guidance and never felt uncomfortable asking for help. The Barcelona crew was always supportive, helpful, empathetic and kind.It seems impossible going from none coding experience to being able to build an app in just 9 weeks!; But it is indeed possible! At Le Wagon you’ll learn the foundations and you’ll develop a way of thinking in which is easier to learn any other programming language.One of my favorite things about Le Wagon was that it felt as if we were a family, and even though that we were a super diverse group, we all came from different backgrounds and nationalities but among other things we had one special thing in common: We all wanted to change our life through learning to code.Le Wagon is amazing by itself, but having the opportunity to do the bootcamp in a vibrant city such as Barcelona is a great add on!

Erna Hreinsdóttir: I can fully recommend the full time web-dev bootcamp — but be prepared for a wild ride of both fun and intensive learning for 9 weeks. As someone who has no previous experience of coding I was not sure how much I would be able to take from this course. Now 10 weeks later I am fully equipped to further my career and have a deeper understanding of what is needed to develop web applications. Furthermore my network has expanded and my newfound skills have already been put to use.

Lucy Pinker: 9 of the best weeks of my life. Great for making new friends, learning a whole new set of skills and opening the door for new opportunities. A decision I will never regret!

Giovanna Jaramillo-Gutierrez: Le wagon bootcamp was a very exciting challenging experience for me. Beyond the coding itself, I have gained an understanding of full stack web development concepts from product design to MVP, and the skills to collaborate on projects on GitHub with the other developers. The learning environment is fast-paced, exciting and fun. Le wagon staff are incredibly friendly and helpful. I was very impressed by the teachers; they are always patient, accessible and were able to put themselves in the students’ shoes to explain difficult concepts in a clear manner. They have a real passion for sharing their experience and expertise. Moreover, having access to the “Le Wagon global community” beyond the bootcamp is a fantastic resource for networking and meeting interesting new people that entered the tech world coming from untraditional backgrounds across cities. One of the highlights for me was demo day, where we got to present our final team project, put together in less than 2 weeks.

Miquel Espinosa: Before applying to Le Wagon, I used to work as a Bank Clerk coming from an archaeology background. The unprecedented Covid pandemic hit, and I had to find a way of reinventing myself and acquiring a new skill set that would provide me an assured future, a way of settling down. That’s how I discovered Le Wagon’s Web Development bootcamp, an immersive 9-week course that completely changed my life. Not only for the unmeasurable valuable knowledge obtained, but for the equally worth friendships made along the way as well. If you ever decide to take part in the bootcamp - I can assure you that it’s going to be one of the most intense, insightful and fast-paced experiences. But as they say, time flies when you’re having fun, right?

Haji Mammadov: Beyond Amazing Experience! Teachers and staff are wonderful people. They go above and beyond to help you learn code and jumpstart your new career in tech. One of the best decisions of my life.

Filip Persson: Such a great learning experience, the methodology used for learning coding is world-class! From knowing almost nothing about the subject to being able to build complex web-applications in a matter of 10 weeks. The school teaches Ruby on Rails which is a really intuitive language to learn, and gives you all the tools to become a professional developer.

Hayley Ridgwell: Positive:Professionalism,Quality

Ben Asr: Positive:ProfessionalismOne of the best decision I ever made. Extremely inspiring, intense and instructive time. Beni

2. Sandler Training Barcelona - Sarrià - Sant Gervasi

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Sandler Training Barcelona
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Address: Via Augusta, 211, 1-3, 08021 Barcelona, Spain

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 8:30AM Mon

Telephone: +34 678 70 53 37

Business type: Training centre

3. TEFL Barcelona - Gràcia

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TEFL Barcelona
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Address: Pça. Gal•la Placídia, 22, 08006 Barcelona, Spain

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 9AM Mon

Telephone: +34 696 99 64 84

Business type: Language school

TEFL Barcelona: what do users think?

Moya Sands: I completed my TEFL course at TEFL Barcelona in 2009 with Erwin Ebens. From start to finish, the course exceeded all my expectations and provided me with the knowledge and confidence I needed to start my journey as an English teacher. The one month course is intensive but extremely interesting and thoroughly enjoyable. I highly recommend TEFL Barcelona for anyone aspiring to become a qualified TEFL teacher!

Ben Holbrook: I had a fantastic experience studying with TEFL Barcelona and would highly recommend it. Not only are you equipped with the skills and knowledge needed to teach English as a foreign language, but you are also given invaluable career guidance, which proved essential when it came to me starting my job hunt.If you're interested in studying in a great environment, with passionate and experienced teachers, this is the course for you!

Meghan Verberkmoes: TEFL Barcelona is a longstanding teacher training school in Barcelona, providing accredited TEFL certification courses and job guidance. I took the 120 hour TEFL course, and though it was just 4 weeks, it was intensive, comprehensive, and provided enough one-to-one help and guidance that I felt well prepared to start teaching English in language schools in Barcelona. The course included teaching practice sessions with local students, which were a great way to get comfortable teaching before jumping into the real thing! Erwin was an excellent instructor with a wealth of knowledge. This course didn't just give me the certificate I needed to begin applying for teaching jobs, but also the skills and confidence I needed, as well as a supportive network that I stayed connected to throughout my time in Barcelona. I highly recommend TEFL Barcelona for anyone considering getting their TEFL certificate!

Sam Leslie: TEFL Barcelona provided me with excellent instruction. The course instructors were helpful and provided thoughtful insights on the teaching of English language.

Joseph Krutz: I made a last-minute decision to do the TEFL course in December to start in January. I looked for many schools throughout the city and by far I had the best experience right from the beginning with TEFL Barcelona. I had calls with different schools, and this school was the school that made me feel the most comfortable.From the first day of class, I knew I made the right decision. Lisa, the teacher is by far one of my favorite teachers I have ever had. She is so passionate about what she does, and she transmitted that to all of us.From the third day, you are actually teaching real students and get real feedback. It sounds scary, but Lisa makes sure you are very prepared and it goes with ease. She gives you corrections after each class, so you know how to get better for your next class.They are also very good at helping you finding jobs.This was one of my favorite experiences that I have had here in Barcelona. And I am sad that it is already over because I enjoyed it so much.I would definitely recommend anyone looking for a TEFL program to take this course.

Mr. Sardo: one month program. A lot of the concepts and methods I'd learned the hard way were actually explained in detail to me during the program. I also learned new ways to work with students that really helped me in my TEFL career for the next decade. TEFL Barcelona will help you feel prepared and ready on that first day, when the classroom door shuts and it is just you and your students.On top of the wonderful program, I also made lifelong friends with my classmates as we explored the beautiful city of Barcelona together. I highly recommend this course! It will both prepare you for a career as well as give you memories for years to come!

Joshua Levene: This course was literally the foundation for over three wonderful years teaching English all over the world!In terms of course content, the units were super helpful! I particularly remember learning Czech from scratch, to give us the perspective of learning a language from the student perspective. The course also included valuable practical experience, which I know some online TEFL courses don't! Super worth it to have that practical experience included in the course.In terms of staff/other students, I remember well how friendly and helpful everyone was, and over 10 years since I did the course I'm still in touch with the people I met! Patience and enthusiasm are what I particularly remember about the staff!Thanks very much to everyone at TEFL Barcelona for the wonderful memories, experiences and skills I gained thanks to you!

Amanda Delgado: Had the best experience at TEFL Barcelona and Erwin was such an amazing teacher! He gave me the tools I needed to succeed and confidence to put myself out there looking for work!

Ahd Emad: Best language school I’ve been to so far. Very professional, in a matter of 3 months i am capable of communicating in Spanish. The teachers are top quality.

Gül Arslan: It was a pleasure to do my CertTesol course! I am now confident in my teaching and knowledgeable of the langugae thanks to my amazing tutors. The application process was great, had a smooth transition to Barcelona. Thanks for your support along the way. Highly recommend!

Hana Bajric: Had a great experience getting my TEFL certificate at this school! The owner and teachers were all very professional while also creating a very welcoming and comfortable school/classroom environment. They also took great care of us students even after we had obtained our certificates, leaving their door open for those of us who stayed on to live and work in Barcelona and always being willing to help/guide us in our teaching jobs and everything else you encounter when living in a new country. The school’s owner is exceptional and the teachers are wonderful... I have such great memories of this school and I’m very glad this is where I chose to do my TEFL! I felt so taken care of!

Liza Takahashi: When I first joined TEFL Barcelona I didn't have a proper knowledge about teaching adults and young adults. I'm really grateful to my teacher trainers for teaching us everything from scratch and guiding us in each and every way they could. It was a wonderful experience for me.

christina nico: . I learned so much, not just from the training and coursework etc, but also from the teachers. Erwin and Stephen were so professional and thoughtful, and helped us achieve our goals as teachers. Thank you! 5 stars!

Brad: I gained my first TEFL certification studying with the founder of this company many years ago in Barcelona, and I can attest to the high quality of his approach. The training I received was exceptional, providing a strong foundation in both academic theory and practical classroom skills. Feedback was detailed, honest, empathetic, and constructive, and extra instruction and assistance were provided on how to turn my new certification into an actual job. After I finished the program, he was helpful in providing the documents and references I needed to complete applications for jobs, and over the years he has continued to offer assistance on occasion. In summary, the program prepared me well to begin my career in TEFL and helped me get a job — it's a professional, high quality company run by a good person who will do what's necessary to help you succeed.

EVA: Fantastic school! I took my TEFL certificate there for becoming in an English teacher. Great teachers, big support, excellent trading and the manager a very good person and an experienced teacher. I highly recommend it

jose cunha: I have just finished my TEFL course. I can highly recommend this course to anyone interested. Well located and easy to access.

Kat Pro: I am happy to recommend Erwin as a teacher trainer. I studied with him and his colleague Jeff more than 10 years ago and this training proved invaluable to me. I think there was good balance of theory and practice and homeworks were really useful. Both trainers were professional and diplomatic at the same time. I also loved that the group was small and international, I think I improved my English, French and Spanish then.My TEFL certificate has helped me a lot as I could build a career as an English teacher instead of working in an office which I hated. I also was able to earn my degree in Psychology.From Russia with gratitude,Kate

Özlem KARAKUŞ: Positive:ProfessionalismMy experience at TEFL Barcelona was very precious. The training was perfect in addition to good food and Spain!

4. Shine Coaching - Horta-Guinardó

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Shine Coaching
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Address: Av. de la Mare de Déu de Montserrat, 137, 08041 Barcelona, Spain

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 9AM Mon

Telephone: +34 649 35 57 52

Business type: Coaching center

5. British Council - Sarrià - Sant Gervasi

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British Council
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Address: Carrer del Vendrell, 1, 08022 Barcelona, Spain

Schedule: Temporarily closed

Telephone: +34 932 41 97 00

Business type: English language school

British Council: what do users think?
Alex Vajrayana: Empecé con ellos el curso de inglés general C1 online en febrero y esta semana pasada realicé y superé el exámen Aptis Advanced con la nota global de C1. No puedo estar más contento con esta academia. Un 10 en atención, profesionales y muy atentos. Especial mención al que ha sido mi profesor Joseph Stewart, un auténtico fenómeno y uno de los mejores profesores que he tenido en mi vida. Mención especial también para Marta Belda quien me ayudó y orientó durante todo el proceso previo y fue quién me recomendó preparar el exámen Aptis. Academia y equipo humano ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Xavi: Em van modificar l'horari del examen de Speaking de IELTS 2 dies abans... I el mateix dia, em van atrassar l'examen de Writing/Listening/Reading 1 hora...
Verónica Martín Aranda: Estoy terriblemente DESCONTENTA y DECEPCIONADA del servicio prestado por British Council. El curso de preparación para el examen C2 Proficiency no me preparó para dicho examen y tuve que contratar a un profesor externo a British Council para que realmente me ayudara con dicho examen. Gracias a dicho profesor aprobé el examen, y no gracias a los cursos de British Council.El curso mencionado está organizado de forma que en cada clase se revisan determinadas partes del examen, y cada clase es impartida por un/a profesor/a distinto/a. Para asistir a una clase debes apuntarte de forma online.A continuación mis motivos de queja y descontento:1.) Las clases están organizadas de forma que ni yendo a todas las clases durante 3 meses se terminan de ver todas las partes del examen, sólo se imparten clases de algunas partes del examen en esos 3 meses, pero no de todas.2.) En cada clase se revisan determinadas partes del examen de forma rápida y breve, sin profundizar en ello. Por ejemplo la parte oral se hace muy rápidamente en clase y te dan breves instrucciones sobre cómo profundizar en casa, en clase no practicas realmente ni tampoco te corrigen...3.) Si quieres escribir una redacción y que un/a profesor/a te la corrija, debes esperar a la próxima clase que trate dicha parte del examen. Si le pides a un/a profesor/a si puedes escribir una redacción y que te la corrija, te dirá que no, que debes esperar a dicha clase. El problema es que hasta que haya otra clase sobre la parte escrita del examen puede pasar más de un mes... Con lo cual pasarás bastante tiempo sin practicar esa parte del examen.4.) El horario de clases cambia constantemente, sobre todo durante el verano que es cuando suprimen clases. Cuando vas a inscribirte al curso nadie te informa de ello, ni de los horarios cambiantes ni de que en verano quitarán clases. Además las clases son siempre impartidas durante horario de oficina como a las 10 de la mañana o a las 16h.5.) El equipo administrativo no proporciona la información correcta sobre los cursos y exámenes. Al inscribirme al curso nunca me informaron de que durante los meses de agosto y septiembre no habrían clases para el nivel C2. Tampoco me dijeron que el examen Proficiency sólo se realiza en los meses de mayo, junio, julio, noviembre, diciembre y enero; sino que me dijeron que había un examen cada mes.6.) Para asistir a una clase debes apuntarte previamente a través de una web, las clases suelen llenarse muy rápidamente, por lo que debes apuntarte a cada clase con aproximadamente un mes de antelación, sino no podrás asistir a ellas.7.) Estás obligado/a a comprar un mínimo de 20 créditos, que realmente no van a prepararte para el examen Proficiency de Cambridge.Me gustaría decir que el problema del curso no radica en lxs profesorxs, ya que ellxs imparten bien sus clases, el problema es la mala organización y la incorrecta información que provee el equipo administrativo. El curso está diseñado para que los alumnxs paguen un precio alto por un servicio rápido y de poca calidad.
Antonio Eliav: El mejor centro para realizar el IELTS. Antes de acudir al British Council, hice un primer intento en IDP, que en Barcelona está en otro local... y mi experiencia fue negativa.Aquí, dos semanas después, volví a realizar el mismo examen y mi nota aumentó considerablemente y considero que refleja de manera más adecuada mi nivel de inglés. La ética profesional es mucho más elevada, no son una máquina de hacer dinero... al menos no con el IELTS.Sinceramente, lo recomiendo y si tuviese que volver a hacer mi examen, lo volvería a hacer en este mismo sitio.
Fernando Fernández Mihaltan: Te incluye material de preparación para el propio examen. El proceso ha sido tal como lo decían y ha habido seriedad. Ha sido un honor sacar el B2 con vosotros.
Alberto Denia Cerezo: Tenía mejor aspecto por dentro que por fuera. 🙂
Monica Villegas: Antiga alumna amb bons molt recors fa 20 anys. No ho dubto: inscric a la meva filla per aprendre Anglès per complementar 2on de carrera ara, al 2022. Decepcionant. Truques per demanar nformacio i no en tenen NI IDEA. Atenció telefònica completament inepte. Sense saber de que parlen. Et maregen amb els horaris i la inscripció. Confies. Pagues 580€ per 20 credits. Et REGALEN un mes i resulten ser hores de classes sense rellevància. Després, quan comencen les classes pagades, resulten ser amb horaris poc flexibles. Professora correcte, però sense llibre. T'envien apunts de classe 20 minuts abans i no pots preparar-t'ho. Festius perds la classe. Etc... GENS RECOMANABLEUna pressa de pel aprofitant-se del seu renom.
Xavi Doze: Tienes clase a las 19:15 i el segurata no te deja entrar hasta la hora aun que hayas llegado 10 minutos antes. porque dice que el manda es Flipante. Penoso que como alumno solo puedas llegar o tarde o al minuto. De las clases nada a comentar están bien planteadas.
Nhan Ngo: Un completo caos a la hora de enviar informes adicionales. Enviándoles un correo electrónico el 25/11, tengo que llamar el 29/11 para pedir esto, finalmente respondo el 30/11, acepto enviar mi puntuación el 3/12. Uso mensajería urgente, lo pago y me dieron número de seguimiento el 3/12. Una semana después, el 12/10, llamé a FedEx y FedEx dijo que el British Council no envió nada. Pasando todo el dia el 10/12 trate de llegar a ellos, dijeron que enviaran el 13/12. Ahora mi puntaje está oficialmente atrasado para mi admisión debido a esto. Mi amigo que probó en International House ha enviado la puntuación de una manera mucho más rápida. Trate de evitar aquí tanto como pueda.
Albert Parera Peris: Excelentes instalaciones. El examen computer based está muy bien montado. Siguen al pie de la letra el protocolo anticovid. Personal muy amable y profesional.
_ Juan: Muy bien.Buena educación, control, y amabilidad.
Paula Vega: pongo dos estrellas por la atención telefónica del personal, que es lo único que se salva. Me han cambiado el plan, sigo sin poder acceder a la plataforma. ya he señalado que desisto, porque no puedo perder el tiempo con esa clase de cuestiones. No tengo un seguimiento real por parte de mis profesores, porque van rotando y cambiando, cada clase es totalmente distinta y no veo progresión alguna
Juan Manuel Sánchez Vargas: Es un buen centro pero no me he apuntado nunca, solo he pasado algunas pruebas de nivel tres internar apuntarme. Me gustó mucho la idea. Puede que algún día lo haga
Janeth Stella Suarez Rojas: Positivos:Profesionalidad
sonia de Prado vega: Positivos:Calidad,Comunicación,Profesionalidad
IVAN MONTANI: Me maravilló el lugar. Muy buenas instalaciones. Excelente atención tanto en la entrada como en la recepción.
silvia garcia: 9099poopp0o8oo8989i9
Skull _Reaper: Good security measures, kind personal and nice examiners. No complaints.
Lorenzo Bonferroni: Estaba buscando curso presencial y me dijeron que si que tenían ese servicio disponible.luego de pagar la matrícula de 500 euros por 22 o 24 clases resulta que sólo son clases online!Y que no me devolverán mi dinero ya que estaba todo en el alguien me dice y me confirma que sera presencial, espero que sea presencial.Y no solo eso sino que los tickets solo duran 3 meses, y lo se porque hoy me intente conectar a mi cuenta y dice que esta expirada, ni un aviso ni una llamada ni nada, así que mi dinero lo he tirado a la basura, porque me niego a pagar 140 euros mas para tener otros 3 meses en este sitio donde las clases son hacer ejercicios de el libro y esperar a que todos tengan sus camaras encendidas durante 15 minutos... compraros el libro y hacerlo solos, os ahorrareis mucho dinero
M.Gloria Miranda Sánchez-Porro: Positivos:Valor
Alex Vajrayana: I started the C1 online general English course with them in February and this past week I took and passed the Aptis Advanced exam with the overall grade of C1. I cannot be happier with this academy. A 10 in attention, professional and very attentive. Special mention to my teacher Joseph Stewart, a true phenomenon and one of the best teachers I've had in my life. Special mention also goes to Marta Belda who helped and guided me throughout the entire process and who recommended me to prepare for the Aptis exam. Academy and human team ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Verónica Martín Aranda: Las clases están organizadas de forma que ni yendo a todas las clases durante 3 meses se terminan de ver todas las partes del examen, sólo se imparten clases de algunas partes del examen en esos 3 meses, pero no de todas.2.
Antonio Eliav: The best center to do the IELTS. Before going to the British Council, I made my first attempt at IDP, which is in another location in Barcelona... and my experience was negative.Here, two weeks later, I took the same exam again and my grade increased considerably and I think it more accurately reflects my level of English. Professional ethics is much higher, they are not a money making machine... at least not with the IELTS.I honestly recommend it and if I had to do my exam again, I would do it again on this same site.
Fernando Fernández Mihaltan: It includes preparation material for the exam itself. The process has been as they said and there has been seriousness. It has been an honor to release the B2 with you.
Alberto Denia Cerezo: It looked better on the inside than on the outside. 🙂
Xavi Doze: You have class at 7:15 p.m. and the security guard won't let you in until the hour, even if you arrived 10 minutes earlier. because he says that the boss is amazing. I'm sorry that as a student you can only arrive late or on the minute. Nothing to comment on the classes are well planned.
Nhan Ngo: A complete chaos when sending additional reports. Sending them an email on 25/11, have to call on 29/11 to ask for this, finally reply on 30/11, accept to send my score on 3/12. I use urgent courier, pay for it and they gave me tracking number on 3/12. One week later on 10/12, I call FedEx and FedEx said British Council did not send anything. Spending all day on 10/12 try to reach them, they said they will send on 13/12. Now my score is officially late for my admission because of this. My friend who tested at International House has score sent in a much quicker manner. Try to avoid here as much as you can.
Albert Parera Peris: Excellent facilities. The computer based exam is very well put together. They follow the anticovid protocol to the letter. Staff very friendly and professional.
_ Juan: Very good.Good education, control, and kindness.
Paula Vega: I put two stars for the telephone attention of the staff, which is the only thing that saves. My plan has been changed, I still can't access the platform. I have already indicated that I give up, because I cannot waste time with that kind of issues. I don't have a real follow-up from my teachers, because they rotate and change, each class is totally different and I don't see any progression
Janeth Stella Suarez Rojas: Positive:Professionalism
sonia de Prado vega: Positive:Communication,Professionalism,Quality
Lorenzo Bonferroni: I was looking for a face-to-face course and they told me that they did have that service available.After paying the registration fee of 500 euros for 22 or 24 classes, it turns out that they are only online classes!And that they will not return my money since everything was in the contract.If someone tells me and confirms that it will be in person, I hope it will be in person.And not only that, but the tickets only last 3 months, and I know it because today I tried to connect to my account and it says that it has expired, not a notice or a call or anything, so I have thrown my money away, because I refuse to pay 140 euros more to have another 3 months in this place where the classes are to do exercises from the book and wait for everyone to have their cameras on for 15 minutes... buy the book and do it alone, you will save a lot money
M.Gloria Miranda Sánchez-Porro: Positive:Value

Mariana González: Mi experiencia fue buena, buenos profesores y buen ambiente

6. Linguaschools Spanish courses in Barcelona - Eixample

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Linguaschools Spanish courses in Barcelona
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Address: Passatge Permanyer, 17, 08009 Barcelona, Spain

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 9AM Mon

Telephone: +34 931 76 15 36

Business type: Language school

Linguaschools Spanish courses in Barcelona: what do users think?
Mikhail Mololkin: Overall I've enjoyed the whole study period there, and I might recommend this school to my friends and anyone willing to improve their Spanish skills. The teachers I had are all very kind and knowledgeable people that operate with various useful techniques and methodologies throughout the classes (shoutout to Naná, Anna, Ana Maria, Mari, Arturo). I want also highlight the diversity of nationalities my group consisted of which, in my view, is a huge competitive advantage of the school in comparison with other language centers in Barcelona.
Naji Naffah: Amazing school with wonderful teachers & with great customer service by the receptionists 👍🏻Thank you for everything 🙏🏻
Fergal Slattery: Loved it - spent 3 weeks here and booked in for 4 more immediately afterwards!
Juliana Martínez: Very good language school with great teachers and a nice English style.
Aziz Mira: Une expérience magnifique, Je ne parlais pas un mot d’espagnol en arrivant mais après 8 mois j'ai commencé à travailler avec des espagnoles sans aucun problème, une administration serviable avec des professeurs très sympathiques et professionnels ; Mark, sara, cristina, Elena, Manel. Muchas gracias ♥️
Barkin Tavukcuoglu: This is an amazing school. I learned a lot from here. I got almost fluent in Spanish.
Ghassan Diab: It was useful & they help me much , specially one woman there name Janine
elodie boin: Après avoir suivi un trimestre de cours à l’école Linguaschool, j’ai beaucoup amélioré mon niveau d’espagnol.Les professeurs de l’école sont très sympas et très pédagogiques. Les cours sont bien structurés et faciles à suivre. Il est facile de s’exprimer pendant le cours car il y a 10 étudiants au maximum dans la classe.Je recommande vivement cette école.
Дмитрий Угарофф: Отличная школа, отличные преподаватели!
Noel Liang: Best place to learn Spanish in Barcelona!I have been studying here for almost 8 months, the learning environment here is perfect.They have the best and most experienced teachers in the whole of Barcelona.Highly recommend!!!!You will get all the most unforgettable memories here!Peace ✌🏻
Deniz A: I followed a language course at Linguaschools during 2 months and improved my Spanish immensely. I really like their method of teaching and all the teachers I have had were amazing, especially (Anne-Mari, Mayka, Marc and Alvaro). I am considering to return to Linguaschools in January for a few more weeks so that I can improve my Spanish even more. Hope to see you soon!
Sebastian: Ich war 3 Monate in der Schule und habe mein Spanish um Welten verbessert und obendrein viele neue Freunde gemacht! Die Lehrer sind alle sehr nett und gehen sehr viel auf die Schüler ein. Jede Woche hat es viele Events an denen man Spanisch sprechen üben kann und die Stadt einfach genießen kann. Persönlich war es einer der besten Entscheidungen hier herzukommen.
Chohdi: One of the best experieces in my life. A year to never forget I've spent with you in Barcelona, I enjoyed meeting people and making new friends. I enjoyed the school activities with Lena, and classes with Irena, Ana, Laura, Maica, Arturo and all the friendly staff at the school. Thank you infinitely Linguaschools for all the bright memories and bonds to last for years to come. I will surely come back just for the fun of it ❤️
lillian flores: The trip I made to Spain to study at Linguaschool in Barcelona to study a spanish course was fantastic it has been one of the highlights of my life, for reals. Since I always wanted to go to Spain to study Spanish and Linguaschools helped me to make it happen it was smooth planning with their help. I can’t say enough of the class settings, faculty, and my room accommodations I stayed with a wonderful family the hostess was Anna till this day I am friends on Facebook and remember them dearly. They made me feel like family. I would highly recommend Linguaschools. The teachers and accommodations are extraordinary 🤗💕
Kery Benedek: Nice school, also they sell drinks for only 1 Euro. That is a nice touch.The teachers are professional and funny as well, very important for a good ambience.Worth it.
Katie Ugland: I spent 6 months at Linguaschools and had the best experience. The school itself is super cute, the professors are great, and I met such great people through the school! They also had fun activities planned each week which I really enjoyed!
Ola: I spent an amazing month in Barcelona in July 2021 with Linguaschools. I was living with host family, which was fine option. I really enjoyed lessons which were funny and the staffwas always helpful. I loved evening acctivities. I reccomend this school to everyone!
Paul Tempest: I found the experience at Linguaschool transformational.The teachers and staff are superb. I never felt self conscious in class and felt confident the staff would do their best for me.Beyond that, the sense of learning and community here changed my whole Barcelona experience from being an outside tourist to feeling a sense of belonging which impacted my whole stay.The friends will stay with me long after I return.Highly recommend taking as many classes as you can for as long as you can.
Jooho Brian Lee: Great school to learn Spanish. Good spanish classes and especially the activities that the school offers are superb. I truly enjoyed the activities. Thanks to Lena.
Karoline Riedl: Definitely the best place to study Spanish in Barcelona. The school is beautiful and I could increase my skills from absolute beginner in a few weeks a lot!
Marianna Barańska: I went to Lingua school only for a week this summer (my level is around A2/B1) and just this week I felt like I improved massively. The course was well designed for learning the grammar/vocab basis and I would also HIGHLY recommend the conversation classes, these were done in a very fun way and greatly improved my confidence. Linguaschool also offers activities after class like walks around the city with a local teacher, yoga classes on the beach, bike rides. Overall it's super cool and I wish I could have stayed for longer!

7. British Council - Sarrià - Sant Gervasi

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158 reviews
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British Council
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Address: Carrer d'Amigó, 83, 08021 Barcelona, Spain

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 9:45AM Mon

Telephone: +34 911 21 80 00

Business type: English language school

8. British Council - Gràcia

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British Council
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Address: Carrer Gran de Gràcia, 236, 08012 Barcelona, Spain

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 8AM Mon

Telephone: +34 911 21 80 00

Business type: English language school

9. TEFL Iberia Barcelona - Eixample

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TEFL Iberia Barcelona
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Address: 3º, Carrer de València, 275, 08009 Barcelona, Spain

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 9:30AM Mon

Telephone: +34 934 87 51 16

Business type: English language school

TEFL Iberia Barcelona: what do users think?

Julio Recio: Coming to TEFL Iberia was a dream come true personally based on I wanted to live in Barcelona for a long time and couldn’t figure out how So when I found out that this school was a way for me to live there and also become certified as a TEFL instructor, I had to jump on it. My time at the school was enlightening, joyful, hard working which I enjoyed being busy and a goal in mind, and one of the best moments in my life. All the instructors that helped me along the way were THEE best especially at moments when I was stuck on an assignment or lesson planning. Before coming to the school they helped me with my accommodations, what to expect when joining the program, and how to find a job after the course was over. The day of graduation was such an experience as all the instructors gave us a celebration at the end with drinks and cake haha and with my class turned out to be one of their best classes they’ve had! If I can do this experience again I would absolutely do it and recommend anyone who has the same aspirations to do so also!! Love this school and everyone in it!!

marta izu: , you feel at home!The receptionist + teacher, Mirna, alwayssaid “good morning “ with the mostbeautiful smile and she’s was really supportive and helpful through the course!Juliana, the School Manager is, such anamazing person too! She has an eye fordetail, very empathetic, always with thislovely smile and such a professionalperson !, just to name a few as reallyeveryone is wonderful and that's whatmakes this school so unique!I have really enjoyed my time there, itwas such a rewarding experience that will never forget!I have also made lifetime friends with my colleagues!I have learnt so many teaching skills.I can only say a big THANK YOU toeveryone at TEFL Iberia!

cdpp: I had the most amazing time at TEFL Iberia thanks to the highly knowledgeable and qualified teaching staff. The coordination staff were also equally amazing and supportive, and always there to answer any questions related to life and jobs in the Spanish-speaking world. The course was fun, dynamic and gave a real taste of life as an English language teacher! The provided accommodation was also fantastic - I couldn’t have been happier with it. 5 stars for TEFL Iberia!

Dorita Abecasis: Excellent level of teaching and a warm and inclusive human group

Garcia Laura: I've just completed the Trinity CertTESOL teacher training course at TEFL Iberia and I want to say it was definitely one of the most extraordinary experiences of my life. The tutors and staff were super professional, friendly and supportive. They provided a helpful and encouraging environment throughout the 4 weeks which made the course much more enjoyable.They also helped me get settled in Barcelona and I got a job right after the course thanks to Mira's and Jayde's guidance. I highly recommend TEFL Iberia and the Trinity CertTESOL course. I'm from Argentina and It has always been my dream to live in Spain. At the moment I'm taking the Developing teacher course, which gave me a chance to continue developing my teaching while working as a teacher in Barcelona.

Marina Sanchez: I´m more than grateful to TEFL Iberia for the invaluable experience I had while doing the Trinity CertTESOL with them in February. The staff in general is really helpful, Jayde's guidance with the visa process was amazing, accommodation was niceIy set up and Mirna at reception made my days much nicer with her smile. I want to thank all my tutors: Sasha, Juli, JayG and Ian for their support, patience and constant encouragement: they made me love teaching the way they love it! I definitely recommend TEFL Iberia to anyone who wants to develop their teaching skills and have a great experience in Barcelona!

Karl Juvanon: . Leading by example with exceptional passion, knowledge, and guidance from day one.I would also like to thank the coordination team for their support and encouragement throughout.Very friendly and professional atmosphere.Highly recommend!

rachel punter: I've been a mature student in many courses, ranging from Master's degrees to more practical cheffing qualifications. The Trinity CertTESOL with TEFL Iberia was by far the most rewarding course I have ever taken. The teaching team were outstanding. They each shared their passion and expertise in unique and engaging ways. It was truly a pleasure and a privilege to learn from them. One crazy month of hard work and lots of fun led straight to employment for me. Highly recommended!

David Murray: Completing the CertTESOL course at TEFL Iberia was an incredible experience. The coordination staff provided excellent support for obtaining a student visa and helped to simplify the process. The course was well-structured and taught by experienced instructors who provided useful feedback every day. The teaching practice was a highlight, and I really appreciated all the instruction we got from the tutors. I highly recommend this TEFL course!

Lauren Hodkiewicz: .Unfortunately, there has been a recent change in Spanish law regarding student visas, and schools that are not accredited with either a Cervantes Institute certificate or appear on a list of accredited non-university schools do NOT qualify for student visas here in Spain. A few months into my time

Clayton Myers: The school is located in the heart of Barcelona and close to public transportation, they assisted me with accommodation and also finding jobs in the city. I've met amazing people from all around the world during the course! The school also has awesome tutors and friendly staff, would definitely recommend.

Mery Chapler: Giving a review of TEFL IBERIA is exposing all its characteristics. Since everything is positive, the classes are interactive, the teachers are the best and most prepared, the school is the neatest, the environment is the best, the result of your learning is guaranteed. Very good school if you want to learn English dynamically... 100% recommended

ketty alfaro: This is my second time using Global to work and travel. My first experience was back in 2015 when I went to Korea. I used their support this time around as well because my first experience was a pleasant one. Supportive group of teachers and guidance throughout the journey.

Keke: was very engaging and meaningful

Marisa Femia: in the US for 4 years. I was worried that the program might not be as useful for me as it would for a new teacher, but that feeling quickly faded. Not only did I gain experience teaching adults, but I learned so much about the English language in a few short weeks. The program coordinators and tutors are incredibly knowledgeable, accessible, and understanding. The facilities are beautifully maintained and host a comfortable working/learning environment. I was so thankful to have been setup with a host and living accommodations. Finally, the friendships that I have made with other participants in the program are those that will last a lifetime. Barcelona is magical, and I would do the program all over again in a heartbeat!

Katelyn Krzemien: This course was a great challenge, even as a teacher. The staff is friendly, and the tutors bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to the course. I had a great time learning from them and my peers in Barcelona!

Sha Nismal: I had a very good learning experience with TEFL Iberia. The tutors and staff were very accommodating. They gave us motivation and guidance during our course. Since it was a one-month course, everything that needs do to be done was crammed into those four weeks but pacing-wise, it was done systematically. The facilities in the academy were conducive to our learning. Cheers!

Katie Love: I completed the Trinity CertTESOL course in August 2022 and loved it! The location of the school is perfect - in the heart of Barcelona, you can try lots of new restaurants in the area, see the beautiful sights the city has to offer and the weather is a bonus too. The school is modern, clean, bright, and fully equipped with everything you need. The library has all materials and books you need for preparing classes and developing your skills as a teacher. The staff are SO friendly and helpful, they are always on hand to guide you through the course and create a relaxing atmosphere for you to learn. The course has a mix of input tutorials and teaching practice. What I loved about the course is that you practice your teaching skills from week 1. Although this was daunting at first, you are fully supported by the tutors and this boosted my confidence in teaching massively. By the end of the 4-week course, I felt I had learned so much and was confident to teach English. The tutors continued to support me in making my CV and helped me apply for English teaching jobs in Barcelona.The school really does offer everything you would want in a TEFL school. I am so glad I decided to move here and complete the course with TEFL Iberia. I am now studying here on the developing teacher course to hone my teaching abilities.Massive thank you to everyone at TEFL Iberia, you are all amazing!

Sydney Amell: TEFLIberia was a super incredible institute to learn from. They have such a supportive and encouraging environment to learn and grow in. Their staff were very welcoming and were very helpful throughout the course. The staff want you to learn and engage with the material and be successful during and after the course. I highly recommend this company if you are looking to gain your English Teaching Certification in a foreign place!

10. British Council - Sarrià - Sant Gervasi

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2 reviews
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British Council
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Address: carrer de Jesús i Maria, 25, 08022 Barcelona, Spain

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 8AM Mon

Telephone: +34 911 21 80 00

Business type: English language school

11. Dale Carnegie - Eixample

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5 reviews
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Dale Carnegie
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Address: C/ d'Aragó, 336, 08009 Barcelona, Spain

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 9AM Mon

Telephone: +34 934 96 00 00

Business type: Training centre

12. Ebylife | Personal Training in Barcelona - Gràcia

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69 reviews
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Ebylife | Personal Training in Barcelona
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Address: Carrer d'Homer, 46, 08023 Barcelona, Spain

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 8AM Mon

Telephone: +34 636 59 70 84

Business type: Personal trainer

Ebylife | Personal Training in Barcelona: what do users think?

Arpitha Srinivas: , while creating a very nurturing environment. It was a perfect mix. And let’s not forget he was my trainer and therapist. I’ve had a lot of personal trainers prior to him, and very few, if any, genuinely cared about my well-being.If you’re in Barcelona, and you need help achieving your health goals, I definitely recommend checking out Ebylife services.

Bruno Tourme: training with Martin has been a fabulous experience, not only because he always customised the training with my needs but also because he is a super friendly and interesting chap !!!

Margaux Bastid: . Whatever your training or goal is, I’m sure anyone will benefit from workout sessions with Martin 🏃🏽‍♀️💪🏋🏽

Rob Dobson: I knew Martin was the right personal trainer for me from the very first session. Because it was all about posture. Doing the exercises the right way. I’ve had trainers before and they weren’t so focussed on the correct posture for the exercises. Do an exercise the right way and you can feel the difference. Do it the wrong way, like most of us without guidance, and you're wasting time. It's simple. You pay for expertise. That's what you get with Martin.

Katherine Furlonge: Having had twins last November, I was nervous about getting back into exercise. Martin is very motivational and has built my confidence by creating sessions to help build strength in areas that I want to focus on and need focusing on. He’s also a delight to talk to and we have a right laugh, even when I’m a sweaty and dying mess. Top guy. Top results.

Roberto Lopez: so you don't miss the gym.It's actually much better to train with the light of the sun!

Tina Bassis: .This decision was the best gift I gave my self this year. Looking forward to continuing in 2022!

Daniel Probala: and I leave every workout feeling like i've given it my all.At first I was a little hesitant about spending the money but it's been the best and most rewarding investment i've made in myself. I've learnt so much, not only about training, goal setting and how to exercise most effectively for my body type but also about how to eat properly to support my health and fitness goals. Martin takes the time to understand how I'm feeling on any given day and somehow always seems to get the most out of me. Even after long and stressful work days when the last thing I want to do is exercise.Martin's forever positive attitude and patience for my moaning

Lisette van de Graaf: I have been training with Ebylife for 7 months, after too many years in which I did not exercise, and I am delighted with the evident signs of progress that my body is making: greater flexibility, range of motion and balance. In addition, sessions are very enjoyable. So much so that now instead of being lazy, I love to exercise!

Jamie Armstrong: Before I started training with Martin, I was feeling frustrated by not seeing the results I wanted from the gym. I’d actually been following Martin for a while on Instagram and was impressed with his workout tips and nutrition advice, so plucked up the courage to reach out to him.Martin is well-experienced, professional and results driven and has a genuine passion and interest in helping others achieve their fitness goals. My training routine is 100% customised to me and I like how Martin checks in with how I’m feeling before each training session, tracks the progress of my workouts and explains what each new exercise is and why we’re advancing. It’s all very supportive, positive and encouraging.I had never trained outside before, however I’m now a convert! Martin’s got all the kit you need and is very supportive and gives you clear instructions when working on each exercise.In just the short 13 weeks I’ve been training with Martin, I’m definitely seeing the results and other people are noticing as well, which is a huge confidence booster!Thanks to Martin, I don’t dread exercise anymore and look forward to our training sessions every week. I cannot recommend him enough, there’s no better Personal Trainer in Barcelona.

Justin Howard: he knows just how hard to push to get the most benefit out of each session.I also love his straightforward no-thrills approach. Training can sometimes feel so complicated with all the different methods but Martin always makes it feel really rewarding without over-complicating things. This way I can relax and just enjoy the workouts knowing i'm in good hards.Side note: Training outside in the park has been an absolute game-changer for me. It's such a great way to end the day. I can't recommend Martin enough!

Gabriella Rhodes: I started training with Martin whilst being in Barcelona for a few months due to work. Before training with him I had lack of motivation due to recovering from an injury in my shin and ankle. Martin was great at tailor making my program, starting with low impact movements for injury and building them up as I felt stronger.We really worked on my weak points of training which only came apparent due to the time and effort he put into my training program. With weights, resistance and body weight training I noticed an improvement in my movements each week. I found I really looked forward to my sessions with Martin 3/4 times a week and felt highly motivated each session due to his great energy.Highly recommend Martin, top quality trainer for all fitness levels and always brings 100% energy every training session!

Leonardo Galvão: before planning the sessions. Knowing exactly when to push me hard but also when to cut me some slack allows me to always look forward to the sessions.If you're in need of some help with your fitness goals, I couldn't recommend him highly enough!!

Marc F: Trained with Martin whilst in Barcelona for a month this Summer. It was a great experience from the beginning. Martin replied to my email enquiry straight away and was 100% reliable. He knew just how hard to push me, had some really good pointers on technique and got me back on the road to fitness after too many weeks of lockdown laziness. Many thanks!

Anna Blaivas: I started personal training sessions with Martin a few months before the Coronavirus lockdown went into effect in Spain and i'm so pleased that I did. In the months leading up to the quarantine, we were able to establish a workout routine that complimented my hectic and demanding work schedule, something that i'd always struggled with in the past.During Quarantine, I continued with my twice weekly sessions online via Skype. Admittedly, some of which I wasn't overly enthusiastic about but I found that by having a standing appointment and Martin at the other side of the screen to guide me through the workouts was motivation enough for me to stick with it.As somebody that works a lot, Martin's approach of quality over quantity is perfect for me. He always takes the time to ask me how i'm feeling before the workouts and adapts the sessions to meet my energy levels, enthusiasm and goals.If you're looking for a fun English speaking personal trainer in Barcelona to help get you in shape and cut through all the BS, Martin's your man!

Stefan Neacsu: When I first started training with Martin from Ebylife, I was really unfit and not doing particularly well in general. I had a lot of doubts from failed past experiences regarding the sort exercise I should be doing for my body type and goals.After expressing my concerns to Martin, he instantly put me at ease and made me feel that I was in great hands. 6 Months of training later, I feel stronger, fitter and have a much better understanding of how best to workout for my specific goals and also how to eat to compliment our workouts.The sessions are always dynamic and Martin seems to know just how hard to push me on any given day. Even when i'm knackered after work!I highly recommend him for anyone looking for a great Personal training in Barcelona!

Paul Brody: . Great communications, planning and scheduling as well, which is important when you're trying to plan a complicated business trip and get your work-outs in as well.

Nicola Ferracin: Had a few sessions with Martin during my stay in BCN and can only recommend him! He's very professional and fun to train with. In the first session I wasn't able to push through 30 minutes of training but by the 7th session I already gained enough strength for a full session. Martin explains each exercise in detail giving you all the tools to perform it correctly. I felt always safe and comfortable as Martin makes sure you don't push yourself over the limit. Sessions are varied and never dull.

Jessica McCahon: The best personal trainer I’ve had - Martin is awesome. He somehow manages to make sessions extremely challenging AND enjoyable and I’ve really noticed an improvement in my fitness and tone. Martin has also been very flexible with dates and times, which makes it easy to work out with an unpredictable travel schedule. I would highly recommend Ebylife to anyone.

13. Apium Academy - Eixample

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6 reviews
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Apium Academy
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Address: Plaza Urquinaona 1, Entresuelo Derecha, B, 08010 Barcelona, Spain

Schedule: Temporarily closed

Telephone: +34 934 81 50 85

Business type: Training centre

14. Oxford TEFL - Teacher Training - Eixample

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136 reviews
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Oxford TEFL - Teacher Training
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Address: Carrer de la Diputació, 279, 08007 Barcelona, Spain

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 8AM Mon

Telephone: +34 931 74 00 62

Business type: Training centre

Oxford TEFL - Teacher Training: what do users think?

Ammar Al Rufaye: I've just finished the teaching Business English course, It was really helpful and enjoyable for teachers with or without experience, the content is rich with materials and subjects, Teacher Charlotte is a great instructor accompanied me during the course and guided my journey with useful information, feedback, advice and hints with a high level of communication and time management/arrangement.Thanks for her efforts and I really recommend the course with Oxford tefl.

Malay Patel: It’s a great centre, the instructors are amazing. I got to learn a lot under them. They provide immediate feedback and always maintain a personal touch to help.I apologise for missing on the email's response. It was in the spam for reason.Thank you so much.

Alphonse Maria Abraham: I have recently completed online TEFL Starter course from Oxford TEFL. The course content is extremely good and I have gained confidence in pursuing an advanced TEFL certification. So, I am taking up online CELTA course soon. My mentor Hada Latim has been very supportive. She has given me invaluable feedback in all the tutorial sessions.

Csaba Hornyák: I've just completed the online CELTA course, one of the most extraordinary experiences of my life that I'll never forget. The tutors and staff were incredibly professional and supportive, providing a friendly, helpful and encouraging environment throughout the course, which I'm genuinely grateful for. All necessary materials were provided, making the learning process seamless. I highly recommend this centre and the CELTA course.

Lisa Wrynn: Charlotte was an incredibly supportive mentor and tutor. I learned so much for her and never felt like I couldn’t ask her anything. The course itself was interesting and relevant for me, I enjoyed the fact that there were practical options for assignments that I could apply in my own teaching.

Angela Carrillo: The program was in a flexible online format that I could do alongside my regular work without traveling. The content was interesting and touched on multiple points relevant to teaching Business English. The tutor gave valuable feedback and encouragement. Overall happy to have taken the course!

Amr Essam: I highly recommend this school for spanish courses, the teacher was organized, experienced, and very patient. She conducts classes super prepared with different activities to make learning spanish easier. I learnt alot of things and I improved my spanish.

Jason Miller: I took the Online Starter Course in mid-2022. It was great and really helped prepare me for when I took the full CELTA course in person that same year!As far as the full CELTA course goes, the tutors were attentive, knowledgeable, and approachable. The workload was intense, but not overwhelming if you can manage your time well. Most importantly, if you put in the work, you can definitely see the results as the course progresses. I couldn't be happier with the whole experience!

Marina V.: This centre refused to process my application for CELTA based on my nationality, explaining that it is Cambridge who does not accept applications from Russia.Then how come two other centres are ready to take me on board?Very humiliated and disappointed.

Denys Hab: Oxford TEFL has provided me with all the tools I need to successfully teach ESL. The staff has been wonderful and they go above and beyond to provide assistance to students who need more support. I definitely recommend their courses as they will greatly contribute to your professional development.

Valeria Kulikovich: Positive:ProfessionalismIf you are taking any courses I can say that there are good mentors and materials are delivered in a pretty explicit way. But I think some updates are needed

Brendan Quinn: Fantastic school providing high quality teacher training and development. I completed the Leadership in ELT course and it was really worthwhile for me as a teacher and a leader. Thoroughly recommend it. I rated it that highly that I am now studying my DipTESOL here. Really, a top quality course provider.

Ayesha Abdul Aleem: I was there to check it out and started my CELTA training with them its a very good center and I'm glad to say that I chose this center for my training

С С: Teaching IELTS is the first course I have taken with OxfordTEFL and I think I have made a really lucky shot. Lots of very useful information and practical advice, many tips to take away and implement in my own lessons. I particularly appreciated the information about Reading and Listening, it helped me a lot. The course gives a deep insight into the exam itself and gives a very clear idea about the skills tested, the way they are tested and how you can prepare your students for this exam. Thank you, OxfordTefl!Special thanks to the tutor, Hada Litim. A top professional and a very friendly and charming person. She doesn’t think for you, she stimulates your thought and this is invaluable.I am looking forward to my next course with OxfordTEFL!!!

15. Know-how Strategies Formación y Gestión SLU - Sant Martí

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37 reviews
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Know-how Strategies Formación y Gestión SLU
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Address: Carrer de Bac de Roda, 63, 08005 Barcelona, Spain

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 9AM Mon

Telephone: +34 934 31 32 85

Business type: Training centre

Know-how Strategies Formación y Gestión SLU: what do users think?

Esther López: My experience with Know-how is very positive, great professionals, very enjoyable classes. I recommend it!!!!

Kris Phalen: I've worked as an autonomous teacher with other companies in the past, but Know-How Strategies has proven to be the best to date.It's been the first company to actually provide learning material and games! As a teacher, I feel as if my opinion is important. I would whole heartedly recommend this company to anyone who is interested, it's very professional.I would de

Amos: Very good at everything with professionalism and good communication.

Sonia Rosat: ja fa més d'un any que col·laboro amb Know-how i la recomano a tothom que vulgui tenir cursos competents.

Neil Lynch: I'm an autónomo English teacher, I've worked with quite a few different companies in Spain. This is probably the only one where i feel that the teachers are valued as much as the clients.

Luis Soria: For me it is always a pleasure to collaborate with Know-how Strategies, I feel supported and supported at all times. I think they offer quality training and I look forward to working with them in the future.

Alexandra Kerr: I have been working with Know-how Strategies for the past two years and my experience with them has been great. They are very teacher-friendly and the staff are professional, helpful, and organised.

Eva Martínez: They pay very little for the level of demand of both the students and the head of the company. They do not take into account the qualification of the professional. It doesn't make up for it at all.

Jade Bickerstaffe: A great company to work for, very professional, good contact levels between staff and clients, happy students.

16. Ubiqum Code Academy - Ciutat Vella

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Ubiqum Code Academy
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Address: Carrer de Rivadeneyra, 4, 08002 Barcelona, Spain

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 9AM Mon

Telephone: +34 605 99 15 23

Business type: Computer training school

Ubiqum Code Academy: what do users think?
Mario José Tuppia Martinez: Hace unos meses finalice el bootcamp de Data Analytics y Machine Learning, fue un verdadero acierto: La metodología leanring bei doing, el seguimiento del mentor y los proyectos reales me ayudaron a meterme de lleno en el mundo de los datos. Lo recomiendo 100% si buscas un cambio en tu carrera. Encontre trabajo antes de acabar el bootcamp.
Daniela Witteveen: During the COVID crisis, they claimed bankruptcy, disappeared from a sudden and abandoned us. Of course they didn't give any explanation nor returned any money. Now there are no COVID restriction they opened again without communicating with the students that were affected.During the course, all they gave us were some youtube links of free resources and even the softwares we used were a trial.Basically a scam.
arnau simó muñoz: És una estafa.
Alexandra Florea: I pursued the Data Analytics and Machine Learning Program (online) offered by Ubiqum, with a scholarship from Santander Universidades. I feel like I learned a lot in a short time, and I benefited greatly from the support of my mentor.
Georgina Tarrés Madrid: I've just finished the Bootcamp in Data Analytics and Machine learning and i couldn't be more satisfied with the results.The learning-by-doing method makes you learn things forever, since you learn the most of it from your own mistakes. The online version is very personalized since the mentor is supervising your work through all the process and guiding you by giving you hints but, at the same time, keeping your freedom to use your own approach and ideas. This makes you adopt an active role and motivates you to work hard and achieve the results. What's more, the mentors are so talented.When you finish you feel confident enough to face real problems of data analytics.They also help you to boost your career by a program that empowers you through the process of finding a job.
Shanaka Davidson: Data Analytics & Machine Learning program @ Ubiqum Code Academy was absolutely fantastic. I learned so much more than I thought I would. Program has real world projects that students work on which give you real insight to the world of Data Analytics and Machine Learning.Special shout out to my mentor @Alessandro Arnone for his support throughout the program. Alessandro has a natural gift to explain complex topics in a most simpler way for anyone to understand. Can’t recommend this enough if you want to get into Data Analytics and Machine Learning.
Xavi Paneque: The bootcamp was a really intense and gratifying experience.The bootcamp was demanding but it worths every single second you invest in it. The premise in Ubiqum is learning by doing. At the begining it can be even frustrating: you are lost, you do not know how to handle the problem, etc. In that moment you must keep calm, organize your ideas and being willing to dedicate huge amounts of effort and time.After the first few weeks you start realizing you are evolving faster than you could ever imagine before and that frustration turns into satisfaction. You are not just growing as a data scientist, you are developing new skills whose value in the world of work is highly appreciated.I did not have any previous experience in data science but, in the final stage, I had the feeling of being already prepared to give a good performance from day one in any related job. Additionally, the program "boosting my career" helps you to face the job interview, optimize your CV and even introduce you to companies interested on learned topics.To sum up, I strongly recommend the bootcamp to those who are interested in data science, are willing to work hard to get their professional goals and want to make a step forward in their career as quickly and efficiently as possible.
Muhammad Waqar: This is a great place to learn. The time I spent there was awesome.
Meriç Akgül: Ubiqum is a bootcamp for those who are willing to learn coding by doing it. This is a good way since you are learning how to research some certain subjects. The mentors help you when you have a block or when there is something to improve in your code. It is easy to approach to the mentors and ask any question. They still need to increase the quality of the documentation they are using though. It has pretty nice approach and structure but they need to keep them up to date all the time.
Nicole Macy: Completé el Bootcamap de ciencia de datos y lo disfruté mucho: se ajustaba a mi estilo de aprendizaje de aprender haciendo. Mi mentor estuvo accesible durante todo el programa a través de mensajes instantáneos junto con 121 semanales.Es un campo de entrenamiento sobre la aplicación práctica de la habilidad. Hay algunas clases, pero se trata principalmente de darlas y aprender a través de prueba y error con comentarios constructivos específicos.Habiendo estado alejado del campo de las matemáticas durante varios años y nunca antes había escrito una línea de código en R o Python, este estilo de aprendizaje era perfecto para mí. Altamente recomendado
Sergi Marse: Muy recomendable. La metodologia de learning by doing te ayuda mucho a entender realmente bien todo. Desde mi punto de vista los mentores son lo mejor de la experiencia. Tienen un muy buen nivel, te guian, te explican todo lo que es necesario y estan a tu disposición en todo momento.
Andrei: Tuve una mala experiencia en 2020, donde me dieron 3 proyectos para trabajar y 3 clases de 1 hora en 3 meses, y se suponía que debía aprender desarrollo web. Entiendo que necesita buscar el desbordamiento de la pila y ser autónomo, pero esto lo está llevando al siguiente nivel. Para ser 100% honesto, ponen a tu disposición algunos tutores para que puedas programar un horario y hacer algunas preguntas, lo cual es bueno. Al final aprendí, pero gasté 5000 euros en lugar de 20 en un curso en línea (excepto que no tendría acceso a tutores, pero por 800 euros ciertamente obtendría 1-1 tiempo). Algunos de mis compañeros tuvieron que estudiar en otro bootcamp y otros incluso dejaron de programar. Si planea gastar tanto dinero, vaya a IronHack, Skylab o alguna otra escuela.
Pablo i: Ya que veo que por aquí contestan voy a explicar mi opinión mejor, de hecho voy a escribir un artículo en un par sitios para que llegue a más gente y contar mi experiencia sin que la solapen con votos comprados de gente que ni ha pisado o son o han sido trabajadores. Cómo bien dicen es una estafa yo no disfrute del último mes por el tema del covid, además que la dirección permitió a unos alumnos viajar a Italia cuando estaban confinados y días después de estar por clase los mandaron para casa, cosas de la vida me puse enfermo y cerraron, la única forma de acabar el curso fue online con medios ninguno y en el plazo que en teoría era presencial, sin ninguna ayuda por su parte, ni ampliación de plazos ni nada, con lo que me quede con una formación pagada y sin hacer.Por otro lado como bien dicen otros comentarios, se escudan en el learning by doing, que es simplemente te pagamos un coworking bonito y chulo y te damos café gratis. La primera semana ya me pareció raro ninguna explicación, como mucho una introducción a la semana de una persona que no controla la tecnología en media hora y mejor no preguntes mucho por qué todo esta Google, obviamente pagas una formación no barata porque te mande a buscarlo en google. Sé bien como funciona el Learning by doing mi pareja es profesora y aplican ese método en la enseñanza actual y tiene un seguimiento y no se parece en nada a lo que propone está supuesta "Academia". El resto búscate la vida por tu cuenta viendo videos de YouTube que el canal del ninja es muy buen y se aprende bien, además de reutilizando material de otros haciéndolo pasar por propio, por lo menos podrías dar los créditos al autor.Básicamente se han subido a la ola de vender humo con la programación y sacar el máximo beneficio posible. Los profesores son exalumnos sin ningún tipo de formación pedagógica ni de IT. La dirección solo está interesa en que pagues una vez pagado es tu problema.Suerte a los que haya hecho el curso ahí y crean que el título que dan vale de algo más que para limpiarse cuando vas al baño.Cualquier curso del paro, de la Generalitat, de Udemy es mejor tienen a profesores con la titulación adecuada, vas a aprender la forma correcta de hacer las porque no todo vale como dicen si funciona, un sistema tiene protocolos y tiene que ser eficiente, y encima bolsa de trabajo que un Ubiqum como mucho el único trabajo que tendrás limpiar la cafetera del coworking.SUMMARY STAY AWAY JUST SCAM, THE BEST PLACE EVER TO LEARN NOTHING, YOU ARE GONNA TO LEARN NOTHING
Mitro Vyka: Un engaño enorme. Usan el learn by doing para no dar ninguna clase. Vas a la academia a mirar videos y tutoriales por tu cuenta, algo que se puede hacer on-line.Pagas por pagar el alquiler del local parece ser. Ni una mísera clase, lo que conlleva que no te acabes formando y salgas de allí siendo aún menos que un programador junior. Si te quejas a dirección no te hacen ni caso o se ofenden.No la escojáis como academia, es nula. Tenéis en Barcelona muchísimas mas y mejores, y mas baratas, donde te enseñan y aprendes y no sientes que has tirado tu dinero en ver tutoriales y sacarte las castañas del fuego tú solo. No te aseguran trabajo ya que no tienen ningún tipo de bolsa de trabajo ni similares, y el título que te dan no sirve para nada, a lo que si añadimos que no sales formado... UNA RUINA.
RJ Macasaet: Trabajar en Ubiqum es excelente porque ayudas a las personas a aprender a codificar y, finalmente, consiguen un empleo en el sector tecnológico. Es muy divertido trabajar con la gente aquí porque tienen un gran corazón y siempre quieren ayudar a los demás.
Pol Benedito: Una vez que empiezo a codificar no podía parar.Solía ​​trabajar en ventas en una pequeña empresa familiar, estaba muy molesto con mi trabajo, así que decidí cambiar y me lancé a este mundo. Ubiqum me ayudó a hacer esta transición, apoyándome en los malos momentos, son personas muy amables y muy amables. Pero para mí el punto principal es el ambiente y la filosofía de trabajo, ya que el primer día parece que estás en una empresa de tecnología con reuniones diarias, fechas límite y proyectos en los que trabajar.
Paco Foret: La metodología "Learn by Doing" es un acierto. En 5 meses aprendes a programar y el sexto te consiguen trabajo. Sin duda una excelente oportunidad para cambiar de carrera y profesión.
D'jibes: ambiente perfecto y excelentes tutores
Laura Esteve Tomàs: El curso en Ubiqum está siendo una muy buena experiencia. El hecho de tener buenos profesores y una metodología centrada en el alumno (flexible, adaptada a las necesidades y circunstancias de cada persona) convierten Ubiqum en un buen entorno para aprender disfrutando.
raphaelalucas: Estaba buscando un sistema para aprender desarrollo web, pero nunca tuve el tiempo, las herramientas adecuadas y el plan de ataque para comenzar a estudiar por mi cuenta/plataformas en línea. Ubiqum me ofreció las condiciones ideales y pude empezar de cero, con temas básicos e importantes como HTML5, CSS y JavaScript entre otros en el bootcamp de desarrollo web front-end. Diría que Ubiqum es una gran academia de código para aquellos que buscan aprender haciendo experiencia, buen ambiente y orientación para dar los primeros pasos en esta carrera.
Pablo Romero Caceres: Una formacion muy completa a cargo de professionales. La metodologia Learning by doing es un acierto! Al principio te frustra un poco, pero es la mejor manera de aprender! Html, css, bootstrap, UI/UX , Javascript, Jquery, Json, Apis, media queries!Satisfecho con el contenido, satisfecho con los mentores y satisfecho con las oportunidades que la Academy te facilita!Muy recomendable para entrar en un ambito que no para de crecer! Donde seguro encontraras oportunidades laborales!

arnau simó muñoz: It's a scam.

Alexandra Florea: offered by Ubiqum, with a scholarship from Santander Universidades. I feel like I learned a lot in a short time, and I benefited greatly from the support of my mentor.

Nicole Macy: Completed the Data Science Bootcamap and thoroughly enjoyed it - it fit my learning style of learning by doing. My mentor was accessible throughout the programme via instant message along with weekly 121s.It is a boot camp about the practical application of the skill. There are some classes but it is mostly about giving it ago and learning through trial and error with specific constructive feedback.Having been away from the field of mathematics for several years and never written a line of code in R or Python before, this learning style was perfect for me. Highly recommend

Sergi Marse: Highly recommended. The learning by doing methodology helps you a lot to understand everything really well. From my point of view, the mentors are the best part of the experience. They have a very good level, they guide you, they explain everything that is necessary and they are at your disposal at all times.

Andrei: . Some of my classmates had to study at another bootcamp and others even gave up coding. If you plan to spend this much money, go to IronHack, Skylab, or some other school.

Pablo i: Since I see that here they answer, I am going to explain my opinion better, in fact I am going to write an article in a couple of places so that it reaches more people and tell my experience without overlapping with votes bought from people who have not even stepped foot or are or have been workers. How well they say it is a scam I did not enjoy the last month due to the covid issue, in addition to the fact that the management allowed some students to travel to Italy when they were confined and days after being in class they sent them home, things in life I put on sick and they closed, the only way to finish the course was online with no means and in the term that in theory was face-to-face, without any help from them, or extension of deadlines or anything, with which I was left with a paid training and without doing.On the other hand, as other comments say, they hide behind learning by doing, which is simply, we pay you for a nice and cool coworking and we give you free coffee. The first week no explanation seemed strange to me, at most an introduction to the week of a person who does not control technology in half an hour and better not ask too much why everything is Google, obviously you pay for training that is not cheap because I send you to look for it in Google. I know very well how Learning by doing works, my partner is a teacher and they apply this method in current teaching and it has a follow-up and it is not at all like what this supposed "Academy" proposes. The rest find a life on your own by watching YouTube videos that the ninja channel is very good and you can learn well, in addition to reusing material from others, passing it off as your own, at least you could give the credits to the author.They have basically ridden the wave of selling smoke with programming and making as much profit as possible. The teachers are former students without any kind of pedagogical or IT training. The address is only interested in you paying once paid is your problem.Good luck to those who have taken the course there and believe that the title they give is worth more than just cleaning yourself when you go to the bathroom.Any unemployment course, from the Generalitat, from Udemy is better if they have teachers with the appropriate qualifications, you will learn the correct way to do things because not everything goes as they say if it works, a system has protocols and has to be efficient, and On top of that, a job market than a Ubiqum, at best, the only job you'll have is cleaning the coworking coffee maker.SUMMARY STAY AWAY JUST SCAM, THE BEST PLACE EVER TO LEARN NOTHING, YOU ARE GONNA TO LEARN NOTHING

Mitro Vyka: A huge hoax. They use learn by doing to not give any class. You go to the academy to watch videos and tutorials on your own, something that can be done online.You pay to pay the rent of the premises it seems to be. Not a measly class, which means that you don't end up training and come out of there being even less than a junior programmer. If you complain to the management, they don't pay any attention to you or they get offended.Do not choose it as an academy, it is null. You have in Barcelona many more and better, and cheaper, where they teach you and learn and you don't feel like you've wasted your money watching tutorials and getting your chestnuts out of the fire by yourself. They don't assure you a job since they don't have any type of job bank or similar, and the title they give you is useless, to which if we add that you don't come out trained... A RUIN.

RJ Macasaet: Working at Ubiqum is great because you help people learn how to code and then eventually they get employed in the tech sector. The people here are really fun to work with because they have big hearts and always want to help others.

Pol Benedito: Once I start coding I couldn't stop.I use to work in sales in a small familiar company, I was really upset with my job, so I decided to change and I jump into this world. Ubiqum helped me to make this transition, supporting me during bad moments, they are very lovely people and very friendly. But for me the main point is the work environment and philosophy, since the first day looks like you are in a technology company with daily meetings, limit dates and projects to work on.

Paco Foret: The "Learn by Doing" methodology is a success. In 5 months you learn to program and the sixth they get you a job. Without a doubt, an excellent opportunity to change careers and professions.

17. CactusBcn Spanish Language School - Ciutat Vella

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124 reviews
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CactusBcn Spanish Language School
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Address: Carrer de l'Hospital, 34, 08001 Barcelona, Spain

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 10AM Mon

Telephone: +34 616 79 71 60

Business type: Language school

CactusBcn Spanish Language School: what do users think?

Lillie Wooff: Marta makes learning Spanish fun and is always very patient with me. I have done over 40 hours with Marta and can’t recommend her enough!

Bridget Corcoran: Marta is a great teacher and also really fun to talk to.

Justin Tallon: Great experience with both group classes and one to one! Greatly improved my spanish!

Ilaria Redaelli: I really enjoyed learning spanish here. Best way to learn a language because the classes are mainly conversations with the teachers: interesting and funny conversations. Really recommended.

Katie Richardson: Very positive and swift communication, flexible to personal requirements, clear and confident teaching style with lots of resources to aid learning. Really enjoying my classes so far!

Florent Cohard: I am happy, clear guidance and professional

Edward Moore: Totally recommend CactusBcn Spanish classes! Marta is a great teacher and makes you feel very comfortable from the first moment. The classes are super interesting and engaging and I am always looking forward to the next one!

Simeone Vesci: Raccomando davvero i corsi di cactus! Ho trovato tanta competenza, affabilità e organizzazione. Con il valore aggiunto di avere un contesto classe sempre inserito in un ambiente molto accogliente e umano.

Vreni Scz: Marta makes the classes fun and personal, she is very knowledgeable and explained the grammar points well. It never actually feels like hard work, and I really learned a lot quickly! Would definitely recommend!

Victoria A: CactusBCN Spanish is a great language school, very organised & friendly service. Marta is a fantastic teacher, providing clear grammar & vocabulary lessons along with lots of opportunity to practice speaking. Highly recommended!

Lauris Weber: I enjoyed the private classes with Marta. The topics were varied and questions were asked which required the use of different verb tenses. There were some minor issues with the internet quality but overall, a good learning experience. I will enrol for more classes.

Zulfiya Seuret: The school is really good, especially for those who would like to enhance their Spanish knowledge. I want to compliment Marta, who is currently my teacher. She is an amazing teacher who makes the lessons very interesting and explains well the grammar. I was before in another school from Barcelona and I can say honestly that the teaching quality including implemented tools and materials are here way much better than in other school. So, do not hesitate, start learning Spanish with Marta and you will notice definitely the subsequent progress !

Chloe Thomas: I’m so glad I chose Cactus to start my Spanish learning journey. From total beginner who could barely say “Hola!”, after a few short months I was able to converse with more ease with locals in the town where I live in Spain. I cannot recommend my teacher, Marta, enough! She was amazing and I talk about how great a teacher she is to all of my friends. I’ve got a lot of compliments from my Spanish friends and colleagues on how fast my Spanish improved, and it’s all thanks to Cactus!I would definitely recommend this as a place to learn Spanish. It’s more than what you learn in traditional exam class settings - you learn to actually communicate and have real conversations with people. I always looked forward to my lessons and really enjoyed speaking Spanish with Marta and my classmates for the entire duration of the classes. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Jackie | Andorra Travel Service: Marta is an excellent teacher and the classes are tailored to the students needs. Small class sizes with an easy going atmosphere. Have tried lots of language schools and different lessons but this one is the best so far😀😀

Mirela Angelova: I really like the friendly and in the same time personal approach of our teacher Irene as we are a beginner group and it is crucial to keep us motivated but also keep up with well balanced material for each class. She is very kind and understanding and makes learning a language really fun!

Philip Mackewitz: Big Love !

Maahi Sharma: Positive:Communication,Quality,Value

Steffi P.: . Thank you so much, I will register for the next round once I can coordinate it with my work schedule!

Franc González: . I know personally one of the school founders, and I can honestly say they will do their best to help you fit in, understand your concerns, and give you a hand in anything both course or life-related

18. CodeOp - Gràcia

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30 reviews
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Address: Carrer d'en Grassot, 101, 08025 Barcelona, Spain

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 9AM Mon

Telephone: +34 648 49 15 91

Business type: Technical school

CodeOp: what do users think?

Mercedes Vazquez: He realizado dos cursos en CodeOp, uno de desarrollo web Front End y otro de Big Data y además de haber aprendido muchas cosas destaco el buen ambiente que ha habido siempre y la comunidad que crean.

Constanza Zappala: Desde el minuto cero están acompañándote en todo el proceso de aprendizaje. Los profesores son expertos en la materia y ponen el corazón para que el traspaso de conocimiento sea de la mejor manera posible. En esta oportunidad he acabado el curso de ADA Big Data y ha sido realmente interesante. Hemos visto Tableau, Carto, Power BI, realizamos modelos de análisis de datos, discutimos sobre la ética en la aplicación de AI, entre otras cosas. Incluso aprendimos a utilizar correctamente chat GPT!Recomiendo la escuela con los ojos cerrados.Dan soporte de documentación de cada clase y hay acceso a los videos de las clases también. Los profesores están abiertos a consultas...Qué más decir, no? Eso no se consigue en otras escuelas.

sara gomez: Muy contenta de haber hecho el curso de Big Data!! Muchas gracias Elsa y docentes!!!

Isabelle Matte: I would recommend CodeOp from any other bootcamp, it was a magical experience for me. I did the full-time full-stack development cursus and everything went beyond my expectations. Even thought I did the course remotely, there was an extreme clear cursus structure and organization, the instructor and Teacher assistants created a very good technical and emotional support atmosphere. Everything at CodeOp breath and transmits passion for coding. Also, the main plus of the school is based on their choice to be specialized for women and trans persons, it is very much empowering and liberating to be able to grow in such a safe environment. I did not know, before taking this course, that it was possible to simply be heard, feel supported, recognized and valued for my true self.

Natalia Almaraz: Recently graduated from the full stack bootcamp, I am so excited to start this new path thanks to CodeOp.Changing career is not easy at all but they gave us support at all levels. Instructors and TAs were very committed to our progression and results, from the beginning. The atmosphere on campus is so welcoming and motivating, that I'm going to miss it for a long time.I think what makes the difference is THEIR VALUES. Everything they do has a social effect and a very important main objective: eradicating the gender gap in tech. Being part of a small group of women with the same goals and concerns made me feel really supported.When I decided to enrol, I was unemployed, so they also provided me with financial support, thanks for that!Once the bootcamp is over, you become part of their community, where you share resources, network and job offers.Now it's time to enjoy this exciting new career!!!!

Ting Waymouth: CodeOp's data science bootcamp was a great experience. It was welcoming and provided a safe space to learn and make mistakes. I connected with people from all over the world who were excited to learn and take risks. CodeOp offered a supportive and inclusive environment for personal and professional growth. Highly recommend to anyone interested in data science and seeking a community of like-minded individuals.

Maya Tripathy: CodeOp was the perfect school for me to start my transition into tech. The whole staff is incredibly welcoming and inclusive, making a safe environment to learn and ask questions. I'm amazed with how much I learned in my 11 weeks with the full time full stack bootcamp. Before starting I had only done free basic javascript courses online, and my classmates had a wide range of experience. By the end of the class we were all able to create multiple full stack apps. It was so much fun to come to class each day largely due to a great teacher and TAs. I would 100% recommend the bootcamp to anyone hoping to start a career in tech.I'd like to add that throughout the experience they asked for our feedback, and mine was always as positive as this review without prompting or encouragement to be complimentary.

Karen Gallegos: and I am very happy with this decision.

Shandy Roque: CodeOp is not just a coding a school. It is a community that truly supports women++ who are transitioning to tech and even those who have already transitioned to tech.As a double bootcamp graduate, having done both the Full Stack Development Course and Data Science Course with CodeOp, and a teaching assistant, I have to say that this coding school is true to its mission in eradicating the gender gap in tech.As a student, I was fully supported from the very beginning. I do not think that I would have afforded these courses without any financial assistance and the school has a big list of financial support providers to choose from. And, even when I had issues with paying my deposit, I still felt welcome.As a student and teaching assistant, I saw that they are really committed to giving high-quality courses as developments and improvements to the curriculum are never-ending. With each iteration, we discuss how we can make the concepts more accessible and how we can improve student experience. And, I have seen a lot of developments since my first course and this was only last year.As a teaching assistant, I am impressed by the way we make our services personal. We always have our doors open for anyone who needs assistance, whether it is a tech issue or an emotional one. We understand and respect the courage that it takes to make the transition to tech and we are always there to give encouragement, pep talks and advice.This is probably what is missing from online, self-paced courses where the only forms of interaction are videos, forums and simulations — The human touch that makes the transition less scary and more memorable. And, I found that in this community.Hence, now that I have a full time job as a junior developer / data scientist at a large tech consulting company, I continue my work with them as a teaching assistant as I am very happy and thankful to be part of this community.

Fabiana Quiles: HELLO! CodeOp graduated here! This Bootcamp is one of the best decision I've made. I'm from Venezuela but took the course in Barcelona. It was 3 months of INTENSE learning process. The community is the best and also the other students were amazing! If you are looking for an express way to improve your skills in TI, full stack development and programming in general you should come aboard! This has changed my game forever! It's pretty cool, I hope people have the possibility to get into it!

Sylvia Monalisa Engmann: I had the most amazing learning experience at CodeOp! Curriculum is on point, and I periodically review what I've learnt! The team is also ever ready to assist, even when you've graduated with career related resources and there's an amazing community of graduates that you can ping for assistance, whenever! Highly recommend!

Pilar Rius: you are ready to tackle any question with Data Science.The course is well structured, very hands on and well taught by a variaty of strong beautiful and empowered females.The community, their advice and follow up goes beyond the course and you feel the support is there for whenever you need it.If you are commited to bridge the gap of women in tech this is your place!

Ariana C: . And last but not least they help you to get a job after the bootcamp is over. I finished mid December and I just signed my first contract as a software engineer. During this month I’ve worked with a career coach on my cv and on how to approach the job search and it all played out extremely well. They also have a lot of programs to help you financially to be able to access the programs. It’s definitely the best decision I’ve ever made! Totally and absolutely recommend it to anyone who wants to change to a tech career.

Bermet Alibekova: I joined CodeOp full-stack development course in October 2020. As I was combining it with my full-time job it was challenging but with the help of instructors who are very supportive I was able to continue and work on an amazing final project. TAs and CodeOp staff were also always friendly and happy to help us anytime. I want to express my gratitude to this unique school with a great mission and the best community.

Sharada Swaroop: Moving from a different background, Initially I was skeptical about how the experience will be but it really surpassed my expectation and Iam glad that I did full stack developement course. The entire team of Codeop are very cooperative, always there to give guidance and a helping hand. The curriculum is tailor-made and whenever I felt little difficult to follow, Mentors helped me in every stage. What I like most was the way the mentors encouraged us to approach the problems and develop a problem solving mindset. It was challenging, with roller coaster of emotions, but I trusted the process and felt supported by everyone. I highly recommend Codeop to anyone who is looking for a professional transition to tech!

Jing Xu: . ALL content is useful: from theory leaning to different project phases, every session is designed to help us to build the knowledge system. Also the tutors are very experienced, patient, and always eager to help sometimes even out of office hour. I started the course with 0 coding knowledge and finished it by creating 2 full-stack projects!!As a women community, I have also met girls that share similar goals and interests with me :

19. Tom Peers Personal Training - Eixample

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Tom Peers Personal Training
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Address: Carrer de la Diputació, 27, 37, 08015 Barcelona, Spain

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 6AM Mon

Telephone: +34 673 13 21 69

Business type: Personal trainer

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