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Address: Avda. de les Roquetes, 41, 08173 Sant Cugat del Vallès, Barcelona, Spain

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 10AM Wed

Telephone: +34 935 90 93 97

Business type: Dog breeder


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DOGKING: what do users think?

Jane Hunter: Fabulous breeders. My puppy is a delight and pure joy. The whole process was really simple and professional and she had been given a great start in life which has made her early stages very easy. Lovely natured do and a lot of fun.
Response: Thanks for your words Jane❤️ We have 0 doubts that Holly's gonna be an amazing and loved partner in your life Also, you'll have us here at your entire disposal to answer any questions you could have with her🐶 Best Regards❤️🐶❤️

Jenna Truong: What an incredible experience at dogking. You can see that they care deeply about informing you of all the responsibilities of caring for your puppy and that the puppy goes to a good home. We loved our time there and the breed is exactly what we were hoping for
Response: Thank you so much for your review Jenna! Without a doubt, Truffles is a lucky dog to have you as a family. Your involvement in giving you all the indications for the care of him and the illusion that you have transmitted is the perfect energy for the home of one of our Cobberdogs. Thank you very much for trusting us to include a new member in your home. We are sure that he will fill your house with love 🤗❤️🐶

Heather Floyd: We had a great experience with DogKing. The quality was high throughout the process of choosing the right dog for us, many updates and photos. The spend time training their puppies, so only maintenance is required after arrival. Our baby is exactly what we wanted, cute, hypoallergenic and loves other people and dogs. He is amazing :)
Response: Thanks so much for your review, Heather! It's great that you already have Fitz at home and you fell in love from the first moment. We are sure that he will be very happy in your home. And if you have any questions, you can contact us and we will be happy to give you guidelines for their education, well-being and answer any questions about their care 🤗❤️🐶

Fiona Hirvonen: Great experience at Dogking! We picked up our puppy, Kofi, from Barcelona at the age of 11 weeks and it was immediately clear how well he had been cared for at the breeder. His personality is energetic, warm and above all sociable. Our flight home to Finland went well, with Kofi sleeping most of the time and all necessary travel documents had been taken care of for us. Kofi has adjusted well to our home and although he, like every dog, needs lots of attention and activities, he is receptive to training and naturally good with people as well as other dogs. Our experience with dogking has been nothing but positive and we can only recommend them!
Response: Thank you so much for your words Fiona! We are so happy to know that Kofi and your experience with us, has been exactly how you could imagine. We are so glad to hear that your travel was perfect and the adaption of Kofi at home has been great Thanks to trust in us! Best regards🐶

Hassan Abdel Salam: My name is Hassan and I live in Cairo, Egypt. I have been in search for a dog lately after my dear Lab , Twix, passed away. I wanted to have a small dog to allow me to travel around more freely. After looking at some breeders, we came along Dogking and it was a pleasant surprise. The whole experience was amazing, the team are so professional and knowledgeable. They are proud of the Cobberdog breed and they should be. Loza is the name of our 5 month miniature puppy, is truly adorable. We flew her back home and she was quite and patient during the trip. We are all captured by her sweet personality, self confidence, and intelligence. I highly recommend Dogking as a breeder and definitely the Australian Cobberdog as a breed. Best of luck guys!
Response: Thank you so much for your words Hassan❤️ All our work and efforts become rewarded when families like yours take care of one of our Australian Cobberdog We are sure that you will live an amazing life alongside Loza and we can not wait to see it😍 Any time you need us, we are completely at you service🤗❤️🤗

Katharina Girod: Our Emma from great breeding Dogking is now for already 5 days with us and our absolutely star ! We met a great team, especially Pol gave us a super assistance ! We are really impressed and super happy to got Emma !The breeding Dogking is excellent !
Response: Thank you very much for your review, Katharina! We love knowing that little Emma has been so well received by her family and we hope the adaptation to the new home is being very good. If you have any questions about her behavior, or need any advice about these first days, do not hesitate to contact us. We are delighted to be able to contribute to Emma's happiness 🤗❤️🐶

Kim Majetic: We picked up our dog when he was 4 months old. Everything before and after went perfect. Bobby is a super sweet and a very social dog. We hardly needed to do any training ourselves, he was almost fully potty trained and extremely well behaving. He never ate any furniture or shoes etc. and already after a few weeks, no small accidents in the house happened anymore. Bobby is not losing any hairs, has the most beautiful coat, he’s very stress resistant, very well balanced and loves to play with children. Our contact, Poll, has offered us great support and guidance throughout the entire process. As a first time “dog family” we sometimes are insecure about what and how to do and in these cases Poll is always there to give advice. This has been very helpful to us. We are totally in love with our dog and it has been an amazing experience. Thank you so much! We strongly recommend Dogking to everyone!!
Response: Thank you so much for telling your experience with us Kim❤️ We're so happy to hear that Bobby has this excellent behavior at home, and how much love you're giving him, it's just amazing😍 All the DOGKING's team want to thank you for such words, and remind you that you have us at your disposal anytime you need it Best regards🐶

Suet Ling Chin: Alfie is 5 months old now, we picked him up in September and we couldn’t be any happier! He brings so much joy to our family and our home. Alfie is such a great addition and I cannot imagine our lives without him. All thanks to Dogking, a wonderful breeder and Pol whose service was perfect from the start. Pol was really professional and all our questions were promptly answered. I can only recommend Dogking, I have full trust and Pol who supported us all the way! Thank you!
Response: Dear Suet thank you very much for your comments, the whole team appreciates it and especially Pol who has been so attentive that you receive all the information before and after the delivery so that Alfie adapts to his family as soon as possible. Alfie is a beautiful Australian Cobberdog and we are very happy to know that he is now fully integrated into the family and that he makes you very happy. We will keep in touch for anything you may need. Best regards Translated with (free version)

lotta edenhammar: Dogking is the best! They have done a tremendous job with our puppy who arrived in Sweden confident, curious, happy and just beautiful. They really care about where their dogs end up and are professional all the way from the first contact to the point where they follow up and even provide online dog trainers to support the new owners. Their dogs are healthy and they are extremely committed to what they do. Truly a 5 star breeder with a personal touch. I can really recommend them and the breed Cobberdog. Thank you Dogking for our amazing puppy.
Response: Dear Lotta❤️ We can't be more grateful to hear your words. It's amazing to know that our dogs will live with magnificent people just like you. Read words like your make all our effort worthy, and we just can't thank you enough Our best regards and cuddles for Stella, you and your family❤️

2. El Jardín de Dama

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217 reviews
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El Jardín de Dama

Address: Carrer de Simancas, 102, 08042 Barcelona, Spain

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 8:30PM

Telephone: +34 931 26 17 46

Business type: Pet store

Near El Jardín de Dama:

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El Jardín de Dama: what do users think?

Ingrid Garrido: They serve you very well, on top of that they give you a gift for the purchase of feed. What has caught my attention is that they make home deliveries, which makes the purchase easier.
Response: Delighted to be able to serve you both in our pet shop and through home delivery, Thank you very much for giving your opinion Ingrid!

Ainhoa Abrines: Very good service!! The girl a love, also explains everything great. We have used your shower service, but you do it yourself and it is super good. They give you soap, towels, brushes, a hairdryer... AND SWEETS. great prices.

Pilar Mur: They have all kinds of products for animals, and they serve you with kindness
Response: Thank you very much for your evaluation Pilar :)

Nuur Nuur: They have enchanted me!! Great assortment for all the furry ones!!!!
Response: Nuur, thank you very much for your words! A pleasure that you have visited our pet shop :D

javier soriano rodriguez: Our regular store staff friendly and very attentive
Response: Thank you very much Xavier! A pleasure to be able to give you that service :D

Eduard Skar: Super nice treatment !! The best pet store in the neighborhood! Dogs always come out happy and with their little gifts!
Response: Thanks Edward! It is very important to us that you value our work: D

3. Amadeu Vidal - Botiga d'animals

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355 reviews
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Amadeu Vidal - Botiga d'animals

Address: C. de Santa Anna, 14, 08002 Barcelona, Spain

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 8:30PM

Telephone: +34 933 02 52 93

Business type: Pet store

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Amadeu Vidal - Botiga d'animals: what do users think?

Альбина Садыкова: When you buy puppy from crate like this you should remember that you buying dog with psychological disorders from young ages. Human babies at this ages are not left alone, and same story with dogs. The puppy is not yet ready to be separated from mom due to age. Puppies don’t know how to be alone. This is not included in THEIR basic settings, because in past they needed to stick together in order to survive. So if you don’t want in future your dog being destroying all the house every time being at home alone and every time when you closing toilet door, you shouldn’t buy dogs from crate. They already have psychological issues and usually it’s very hard to fix even for professionals. Without systematic classes of teaching to be alone, the dog will think that his/her owner, (who has gone for even five minutes), is leaving forever. And it will always be experience of existential horror. Because of this, up to 3.5 months, it still impossible to leave puppy alone for more than an hour. Puppies in this shop are much younger. Don’t buy anything here in order to stop supporting this seller

Anna Rakoczy: Shocking! They keep puppies in scandalous conditions - glass cages with some straw. Dogs up to 3 months must spend time with their mother and in the herd, where they learn correct behaviors, otherwise they can be mentally distorted, fearful and aggressive!!! Anyone - make them stop!
Response: Dear Mrs Anna Rakoczy, We are sorry to hear your negative opinion, but our puppies are in perfect conditions. We keep them safe and healthy because it is our priority. We fulfill all the legal measurements in our shop, including the space where they are kept during the short stay they have here. Moreover, we need to explain, that our puppies spend 2-3 months with their mother, and just a short period in our facilities, were we still keep a strong control on them, including socialization plans, as part of our professional Vet advice and our strong and proved experience in the business. It is strong proved by our customers, our puppies later have a perfect and healthy life.

E. A.: if you love animals DO NOT BUY THERE! They keep puppies in glass boxes and guineapigs alone in a cage - they should never be alone and the puppies are too young to be away from the mother.

Ma Nu: Rude staff and keep animals in a cage behind a glass. DONT SHOP HERE !!! NEVER I HOPE THEY SHUT YOU DOWN !!!

Anna Bilych: They are selling puppies and keep them in the aquariums - looks so horrible :((((

Fran Gavilan: They tend to cut and paste the same reply to negative comments that people leave. Anyone who loves animals should not buy in this shop. Dogs kept in a glass cages, you wouldn’t keep your pets like this so why would you tolerate others doing it? Don’t support the business of this shop
Response: Hello Fran. Our replies are always diferent, for each case, like this to your negative comment: We don't have glass cages in our shop. We fullfill all the Law requirements (Generalitat de Catalunya + Ajuntament de Barcelona), and we keep our animals short stay in our facilities in legal spaces that are daily cleaned, climatic controlled, they have human interaction +3 times per day, suppervised by our Vet all the time, etc. We have been in this business since 1880 in Barcelona, that is 140 years now, and 4 generations of our family. We love animals, and this why we are good at what we do, as can be seen on all the other positive comments left also here, plus all our experience in the business. We offer also a big range of products and accessories for animals, and we have a good indidualized customer service, and that is the reason why people who loves animals as we do, trust us.

4. Prínceps de Casa

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128 reviews
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Prínceps de Casa

Address: Carrer de Cartellà, 80, 08031 Barcelona, Spain

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 9PM

Telephone: +34 934 29 39 35

Business type: Pet store

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Prínceps de Casa: what do users think?

MeiLing Chow: Awesome pet store with all services a pet might need, including vet, residence (day and night), hairdresser, even self-serve dog wash station. The owners are incredibly friendly and helpful and you can find anything you look for. Not expensive at all. Also, they organize, every once in a while, long walks to the mountain where you can bring your dog and also learn English! Super good store, highly recommended!
Response: Thank you so much for this. We look forward to seeing you soon and maybe on a walk too.

Sam Gutiérrez: Great pet shop where you can find excellent food for your fluffy friends, all kinds of toys and vet service. Mireia and her team are extremely professional and passionate about their work, and that shows. Our favourite pet shop and vet
Response: Thanks for the review Sam. Were are delighted you like our shop and we look forward to seeing you again soon.

Andrea Garnett: Both the shop and the vet service are great. The vet is super nice and speaks perfect English. The shop is amazing and stocks loads of good treats and toys. Very friendly and knowledgeable owner.
Response: Thank you for this Andrea. Glad to have you and Chispas as part of our family.

Megan Nijboer: Great veterinarian! Excellent customer service. Really friendly and helpful. Pefrect English. Would definitely use again. Great value.

Rob James: Brilliant shop. Understood English and my deadful Catalan/Spanish. Could not have been more helpful.

Adam M Smith: Excellent. Pets, supplies, grooming and a vet, all in one place.

Martin Schofield: Excellent attention. Very friendly staff

Maloy Torres: Top
Response: Thank you very much Maloy! All the House Princes team are very grateful for your rating, it's a pleasure to serve our customers and help the furry Princes!

María Eugenia Ossott: They are very nice. The Veterinarian is very affectionate with pets and denotes experience. They have a wide range of dry and wet food, as well as toys and necklaces. In addition, they offer childcare service. Highly recommended.
Response: Thank you very much Ms. Ossott for your review, it is a pleasure to know that our clients can always count on us.

Nicolas Blanquez: Very professional. They have treated us very well based on the needs of my pet.
Response: Hello good afternoon Nicolas, thank you very much for your 5 stars, it is always a pleasure to serve our veterinary clients with insurance. The entire Princeps de Casa team thanks you for your score. Greetings and see you soon!

5. MUM'S DOGS Peluqueria Canina

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72 reviews
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MUM'S DOGS Peluqueria Canina

Address: Carrer de Bori i Fontestà, 35, 08021 Barcelona, Spain

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 7:30PM

Telephone: +34 938 55 39 29

Business type: Pet groomer

Near MUM'S DOGS Peluqueria Canina:

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MUM'S DOGS Peluqueria Canina: what do users think?

olga didenko: Terrible place! I took my dog there to get a trim and come back to her bleeding. They had been trimming around her face and carelessly snipped a piece of my dog’s tongue off. The did not apologize once and made it seem as if it was nothing. I had to take my poor dog to the vet and have a surgery. DO NOT RECOMMEND!

Purnima Trifonova: Firstly, we have never posted a bad review about any business. We are busy people and don’t have time for that. But this was SO bad that it feels immoral not to share our experience so that others don’t have to go through it. We just moved to Barcelona and found Mums Dogs. We checked out the Google reviews and they seemed decent so we booked our 7-month old Chow Chow for a trim. When we picked him up we couldn’t believe that anyone could do what Monica did to our puppy. His neck/back area was half shaven (we never asked for this) and the rest of the fur on his body was unevenly trimmed throughout. There were random streaks of shaved fur throughout his back—totally uneven and all of the place. As we walked outside, neighbors started asking us whether our puppy had gone through an accident. That is how bad it looked. When we approached Monica for an explanation as to what happened she had no answers. All she did was deny the obvious. She complained that it took her all morning and said it was impossible that she did anything wrong (lol, what?). Meanwhile, we posted on Instagram and tagged her business asking our followers to stay away from Mums Dogs. She immediately called us and YELLED AT THE TOP OF HER LUNGS at my husband — again, denying everything. Shortly afterwards we went back to her shop and requested a €80 refund (which she initially was refusing to give us). As we arrived, more yelling ensued and she would not acknowledge the damage she did to our poor puppy. What we still don’t understand is whether she is proud of her work? As far as we could tell, she is not since she was livid that we posted a photo of her finished product on Instagram. After some time, she reluctantly refunded the money but still would not acknowledge any wrongdoing. She seemed to care more about being right in the argument than about her reputation as a businesswoman. Anyways, we took our Chow to another groomer immediately afterwards. As we walked in the door the groomer asked whether our Chow had a skin disease. He told us that the work done by Monica was horrific and that any educated groomer should know that the neck of a Chow Chow should never be shaved because it does permanent damage and the hair may never grow back in the same way. He also said the puppy’s butt was trimmed incorrectly given the structure of a Chow’s butt. The main advice he gave was to wait it out until the hair starts to grow back because so much damage done to our poor baby’s fur. Anyways, all we hope for now is that our baby Chow recovers from his visit to Mums Dogs. We aren’t sure but we are hopeful. We will go out of our way to inform dog owners in the neighborhood about our awful experience at Mums Dogs.

Manuel Rojas: Very nice and close. Super happy with the service, I have become a recurring customer

alex castells espino: Describing the owner as unpresentable, arrogant and rude is an understatement. Writing the appropriate qualifiers would be lowering yourself and putting yourself at their height. I told him what I wanted him to do to my dog ​​and he literally did whatever he wanted.
Response: Hello, it is not true that I did not follow the instructions of the owner. I fixed the dog in order to preserve her well-being, because she came in a sorry state, close to abuse. I only defended myself against the false accusations and the client's rudeness.

Florana Rodriguez: I have been taking my French bulldog for two years and they really take care of him and treat him wonderfully. He stays and comes out happy! The owner and the staff are good people, attentive and love the furry

6. Ocelleria Vilaplana

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62 reviews
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Ocelleria Vilaplana

Address: C/ de Torrijos, 4, Local, 08012 Barcelona, Spain

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 8:15PM

Telephone: +34 932 13 59 21

Business type: Pet supply store

Near Ocelleria Vilaplana:

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Ocelleria Vilaplana: what do users think?

Jozua Barkhuizen: Extremely friendly

Cristian Alecu: Highly reccomended

Verinha De Freitas: My pets are very grateful... you can find pretty much everything from toys, food and even veterinary products. The attention is incredible, they listen to you, they advise you, they have experience with pets!!! And there are products for a wide variety of them!

Rakel M.: It is a lifelong store in the Gracia neighborhood and it is cheaper and more pleasant than buying on Amazon.

A. G.: Neighborhood store with all the necessary products for pets. Very friendly staff. Every time we pass the dog wants to go in to buy :)

Anna Esteve: very good deal, products and price!

Rafael H. García: Store where you can find everything for your pet at a good price. Pleasent treatment.

J. R. R.: Good establishment. It is closed until August 22. Price increase

7. Pet Shop Girls

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96 reviews
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Pet Shop Girls

Address: C/ de Ramón y Cajal, 29, 08012 Barcelona, Spain

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 8:30PM

Telephone: +34 930 13 05 07

Business type: Pet supply store

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Pet Shop Girls: what do users think?

Cristian Alecu: Fantastic place. I highly reccomend it as the owner is one of the nicest people i have meet.
Response: Thank you very much for your kindness, I am very lucky that my clients are a charm

Adil Dani Kohen: very attentive, friendly people working there, sharing treats with your pet
Response: Thank you very much Adil, they deserve it all

Fredrik Johansson: Nice accessory shop for your pets! Friendly staff & dog! 😄

Evaristo Vazquez: All you need for a doggy dog
Response: Thank you very much Evaristo

miguel morcillo: Ok

Miguel Angel Sanchez Hernandez: My super trusted store!! I no longer consider buying anywhere else. They guide you with any questions and recommend the best for your needs.
Response: Thank you very much Michelangelo.

Natalia Batalla: My dog ​​and I love to visit this store. Here we bought beautiful and delicious things and also give you the bathroom. All 10 points. The attention can not be better. We always go back.
Response: Thank you very much Natalia, it is a pleasure with clients like you

Magda Bes Rubio: Good products and above all to highlight the friendliness and know-how of the clerk.
Response: Thank you very much Magda for your kindness

Cécile P: Thank you very much Esther for your advice. Milka feels super good in her new bed. ♥ ️
Response: Thanks to you, Milka has the bed she deserves❤️

8. La Font del Bou

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18 reviews
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La Font del Bou

Address: Disseminat, 19, 08329 Teià, Barcelona, Spain

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 8PM

Telephone: +34 679 23 23 89

Business type: Dog breeder

Near La Font del Bou:

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La Font del Bou: what do users think?

Pablo: Some very good breeders, the dogs are excellently cared for and the treatment with the clients is very good. Always a lot of transparency, which is appreciated, they inform you of everything and are even available for questions with your puppy once you have it at home. There is nothing bad I can say about them. 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

M R: It is the perfect place to buy a golden. Dolors is a very attentive person. The facilities are impeccable where you can go to meet her without haste and with everything very well organized. It shows how the dogs love her and how she pampers them. He personally gives you confidence and advises you like no one else. You can go calmly without rushing without worrying about parking. a 10

Òscar Romero Jiménez: Great monitoring of the evolution of the puppies. You can tell they love their job and their animals.

Alejandro Tórtola Salvador: Their puppies are better than bread!

Roberto Feijoo: Good place to walk around Collserola. Beautiful views of Barcelona

gabriel salazar: Correct, respect the animals

Nuri Espigares: Very attentive but they did not have at that time

QK RM-M: We ask for information and very friendly and serious

Elena Tomas: The Goldens mes macos del mon

9. Caninetto sastrería de mascotas

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198 reviews
new review
Caninetto sastrería de mascotas

Address: C. de Viladomat, 57, 08015 Barcelona, Spain

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 7:30PM

Telephone: +34 932 50 61 63

Business type: Pet supply store

Near Caninetto sastrería de mascotas:

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Caninetto sastrería de mascotas: what do users think?

Yahel Halamish: They adapt the collars exactly to the dog’s needs and size. High quality with the best service!!
Response: Thank you Yahel for your review.

GUSTAV: Great products!

Ricardo Amorim: This Is the place to go if you look to give some stylish leash to your puppy. The owners have a great taste and can recommend and access you in everything.
Response: Thank you Ricardo!

Om Yoli: Great collection for dogs

Raquel Perez: Unbeatable care at this establishment. I wanted a harness for my cat, since having adopted her and being street, she is curious about the outside. They made her a custom harness to make it safer and more comfortable for her. Very happy with the purchase and the attention. Without a doubt if I need something else for Mina I will return to Caninetto.
Response: Thank you very much Raquel for your evaluation!

alicia melgarejo: Nepik is a frequent customer of Caninetto. They treat him like a king, they are very patient and friendly no matter what happens (once again he has left a pee in the store ) You will find clothing and accessories for any season of the year. They are flexible to meet special requests for sizes, color combinations and have even made me a hidden pocket in a coat to put a locator (AirTag). It is quality clothing, comfortable and very stylish. 100% recommendable

Rubén Sánchez: This morning we visited with our little dachshund DANA (@danateckel), the store and tailors for dogs Caninetto, in search of a harness. The deal has been 10, they even have testers to test the different models and sizes. Where the owners themselves teach you how to put it on and give you great advice. If there is something that they do not have, you can order it and they will do it themselves. Due to lack of a harness, we have come out with 2☺️😍. Without a doubt, we will repeat.
Response: Thank you Rubén for your review, greetings to Dana!

Sofia Del Rio: The clothes are of super good quality! The excellent service. Definitely worth the price and round. They can do custom too.
Response: Thank you Sofia for your review!

10. AquaNatura

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1121 reviews
new review

Address: Carrer de Roger de Flor, 45, 08013 Barcelona, Spain

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 8:30PM

Telephone: +34 933 09 59 77

Business type: Pet store

Near AquaNatura:

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11. Barcelona Dogs Designer Accessories , Klea Levin Designer Accessories

not verifiedThis business has not been claimed. Owners who claim their businesses can update their profile details, add photos, respond to reviews, and more.

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13 reviews
new review
Barcelona Dogs Designer Accessories , Klea Levin Designer Accessories

Address: Carrer dels Banys Vells, 13, 08003 Barcelona, Spain

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 9:30PM

Telephone: +34 606 38 16 16

Business type: Store

Near Barcelona Dogs Designer Accessories , Klea Levin Designer Accessories:

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Barcelona Dogs Designer Accessories , Klea Levin Designer Accessories: what do users think?

ChihYu Smith: Absolutely gorgeous and one of a kind designs, accessories, and clothing for your beloved furry friends. Gorgeous necklace (collars), leash, and harness for your dogs, particularly Italian greyhound. The owner is very very nice, too. Highly recommend you stop by to take a look!
Response: A million thanks to you. Thanks for sharing lovely video. Love Klea

Sofia Eng: Their dog and cat collar is to die for. Both my dog and cats been wearing them for years. So happy there is a store now where I can get them instead of online. And what a store... a palace. Only that is worth checking out if you are in Barcelona. My pets gets stopped all the time wondering where I got my super cool one of a kind collars from. I love the snake patterns together with the high end jewelry. Also very good price point for something hand made like that. Check it out... you will thank my afterwards!

Elsa Stille: Beautiful location - in itself well worth a visit! Very exclusive designer collars, but I also liked the simpler less expensive textile type. As owner of two cats a bit disappointed that there was not more to chose from for cats.
Response: Thank you Elsa, we are working on it! Next time there will be more cat collars for your little beauties. Klea

Arne Thor: Absolutely stunning dog palace with Arabian touch. I really recommend a visit if your shopping for boutique dog collars. I always pays Klea a visit when in town.
Response: Thank you Arne! Hope to see you and Mike again next time. Im sure I will!😆 He looked beautiful in the collars.

Javi Benito Peris: Loved this place and the staff is very nice and helpfull
Response: Thanks so much and welcome back.

Milad Moghaddam: Hello i wonder to know what is your working times ??
Response: Dear Milad we are closed in August, in September you can make an appointment to visit our showroom again. Best regards Klea

Mel Espinas: It is magical, it gives off Arab aromas, confined with the refined Nordic essence of Klea, it makes a visit to the showroom an exquisite experience. And the company of his great herd and multitude of birds, an exotic place in the Catalan capital.
Response: Thanks Mel, you know we love greyhounds! I hope to see you again soon and to improve the gauge. Klea

12. The Flaneurs in Barcelona

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The Flaneurs in Barcelona

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 8PM

Telephone: +34 722 15 54 74

Business type: Dog trainer

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The Flaneurs in Barcelona: what do users think?

Nikki Jacobse: My dog and I have done a few group classes with Richard. He’s a very skilled and knowledgeable dog trainer, he really looks at your dog and your personal situation gives you specific advice. I would highly recommend him, wether you need specific advice or just want to socialize your puppy and build a stronger connection together.
Response: Thank you Nikki for your kind words and your outstanding determination to raise Disco as the most stable pup, ready to face the world! See you soon! 🎉🙌🏾❤️

Jeroen Flaton: Working with Richard has been great. From the first session he listened and understood our situation. With some tweaks in our behaviour and simple exercises we had quick results. Our dog has been relaxter, listens better and is more comfortable in all environments. Especially outside we’ve made big improvements as our chihuahua went from being extremely scared to being quite comfortable on our walks. Overall the experience of working with Richard been very good. From the communication, the sessions and follow ups, all very professional.
Response: Thank you so much Jeroen for your hard work and your understanding when there came the moments to change I am so amazingly glad that you managed to reach your overall goals in such a short period of time! 💯🙌🏾

Andrea Forero: We attended a group class about recall training that Richard so nicely put together. It was a lot of fun, well organized and thought out. Richard provided some treats to help with the session and we all got to work. This was a wonderful and necessary foundation for our dog to learn the basics of recall. We noticed an insane amount of improvement after this group session and every day after that our dog became much more confident and reliable when recalled. I highly recommend Richard’s group sessions to every dog owner looking for a way to reconnect with your beloved fur friend and learn valuable lessons along the way. We look forward to the next one! Thank you Richard ❤️✌🏼
Response: Thank you Andrea for your remarkable dedication! I am so glad to see the development you are making with Tokyo ✨🙌🏾

SOTIRIA KALTSOUNI: Amazing knowledge amd care for dogs and their ownersWe immediately saw a shift into our dogs reactivity and got some very useful tips on how to get her feel more confident.I would definitely recommend Richard to everyone.
Response: Thank you so much for your gorgeous devotion! Being motivated and determined will help us throughout the journey, no matter the obstacles! 🙌🏾✨

Chloe Rood: I had a one on one session with my 5 1/2 month old puppy. Richard, really took the time and care with ensuring the advice was tailored towards my dog, the breed and its developmental level. He has a thorough, caring, appraoch and I now feel much more knowledgeable and equipped with skills to train my first dog. I would highly recommend the Flaneurs
Response: Thank you for your lovely words Chloé! I hope to see you and Donny soon 🙌🏾❤️

Ivar Teunissen: I highly recommend the Flaneurs if you want to become even better at living together with your dog and learn how to be the best partner for them. We started training the concept of checking in with each other before decisions were made to help set better expectations of what the best behavior is in whatever situation we find us in. For me that meant realizing that my dog was already doing that and for my dog that meant giving me a bit more time to realize that he was checking in with me. The first exercise was very straight forward — I would take a treat in my hand and extend it to him but he could not take it until he looked me in the eye and I gave him the ok. We both picked up on this within the first 1.5 hours session and have started using it ever since. For food, for pigeons, for encounters with other dogs, etc. The photo is my dog today when he found a piece of bread on the street.
Response: Thank you Ivar! The world would truely need more guys than you 2!

Katie Smith - Anderton: Richard has such a deep understanding of dogs; their thoughts and feelings. Already, after just a few sessions of working with him, we can see a big change in the behaviour of our young border collie after practicing new techniques to retrain some of his learned reactivity. We decided to start training before things developed too far, and we’re so glad that we did. Would 100% recommend!
Response: Love you Katie (all the 3 of you) for your motivation, drive and devotion for each other. I am so happy we started our process together!

Anya @ My Barcelona School: We started working with Richard some months back after adopting a 2-year-old dog. He has been a very patient and empathetic teacher and has helped us understand and enjoy our dog better. I would highly recommend getting in touch with him if you are looking for a supportive and knowledgeable professional.
Response: Thank you so much Anya for you kind words and even more importantly your dedication! You are on your best way! 🙌🏾❤️

13. CRU Barf

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CRU Barf

Address: Carrer de Tordera, 44, 08012 Barcelona, Spain

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 10AM Wed

Telephone: +34 654 50 26 39

Business type: Pet supply store

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14. Centre d'Acollida d'Animals de Companyia de Barcelona

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Centre d'Acollida d'Animals de Companyia de Barcelona

Address: Carretera de l' Arrabassada, 250, 08035 Barcelona, Spain

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 11AM Wed

Telephone: +34 934 13 21 99

Business type: Animal rescue service

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Centre d'Acollida d'Animals de Companyia de Barcelona: what do users think?

S Zez: Amazing and clean place. The dogs look very happy 😃. I gave a puppy that was found on the streets. Spoke with Imma. Imma was very polite and professional with me. There are volunteers that walk the dogs 2 times per day in the forest. I wish all the shelters to be like this. In addition i wish people to have hearts ♥️ like dogs. My puppy adopted within 2 weeks!! Now is with a new family. The shelter shared my email with them and now we are in touch! I can see the puppy and even meet them as well. Recommend it place.

Sarah Mebarki: Amazing and dedicated staff, you guys there deserve the world, thank you so much 🙏🏼

IRENE MORA: I like to adopt. I have sent them e mail as requested by phone, but they have not come back to me

William Orr: They do an excellent job of caring for abandoned dogs and cats, and finding good homes for them.

Dan Morris: Really kind helpful staff

Henny Zijlstra: Amazing team of volunteers!!

David Kavanagh: Staff are amazing. So many beautiful dogs ready for adoption!!

Tony E: A lot of dogs, a lot of people and a lot of bureaucracy. Sunday morning appears to be rush hour.

15. Paradís Mascotes

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Paradís Mascotes

Address: C. de Huelva, 110, 08020 Barcelona, Spain

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 8PM

Business type: Pet supply store

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Paradís Mascotes: what do users think?

ABC-Computers-Repair: If you are on a trip with you Mascot and gets a little bit seek with the food or water :-( and you are in Barcelona looking for a Veterinaria, or Veterinari in Catalan .... with a small Español we was able to have help ... this place was a good solution, we got a good experience with the service, and the best we found the food to prevent more accidents :-) Dr. Carlos was very professional and very careful with our baby thank you again and we will visit you on our next trip just in case :-)
Response: Thank you for the visit we do our best to help every client :-) (ëspero la traducción estaba buena ) Servicios: We have heard very good things about this home service, it still feels strange that the Veterinarian comes to our house or home... we must have confidence, since sometimes there is no time left for our pets and the truth... If they need to be attended and checked by a professional, good time!!!
Response: Thank you for your comment, we specialize in customer service first and it is a pleasure to work for each of them

Margarita Nutricion Club: I want to thank Veterinarian Carlos, for the help given to my children who are in Barcelona, ​​with the attention to our Siberian Wolf "Ojitos", Not knowing how to help since I am in the USA, I found this home service that they provide and despite the time difference they responded very quickly and attentively, the process of the service we received was tremendously excellent thank you very much and congratulations keep it up
Response: thank you for the trust

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