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    What is our business analysis based on?

    Our business analysis and reviews are based on a study that we carry out specifically on each of the businesses that we list on our website, this analysis is mainly based on the following points:

    Business history and years of service

    Type of Business

    Specialization, special features and additional services for customers.

    Legal Documents, Licenses and Commercial Properties

    Attention to the public

    Social Networks and Online Presence

    Number of followers and their quality

    Online Business Information

    Contacts through the web (Chat, Forms, Phone, Appointments)

    Accessibility, Navigability and Website Design

    Address Data, Location, Mailing and Phone Numbers

    Copyright and License

    Copyrights, Permissions and Licenses

    Awards and Achievements won

    Opinions, complaints and comments

    Recent Reviews

    Lawsuits and other legal cases

    Pricing, Offers, Promotions

    Comparison of prices vs. competitors

    All of these items do not apply to all of the businesses listed, they only apply in the case that it is logical to perform the analysis.