The Dandy of Barcelona died?

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At March 2020when we were all confined by the coronavirus pandemic, the Barcelona Dandy appeared. Dandy from Barcelona. The videos of this man from La Verneda whistling in a very curious way began to circulate faster and faster until the Dandy of Barcelona became viral. Now it's been a long time since then, but what has become of this Dandy?what is this Dandy?

The most repulsive character of the neighborhood of La Verneda is called Claudio Vermejo and is 50 years old. He is a regular customer of the bar "Las Palmeras" and earned his nickname for the elegance he has when it comes to dress. Some people think that this nickname is actually loaded with irony, because in his videos he was always badly dressed.

The right-wing Dandy

One of the favorite things of the Dandy from Barcelona is to say and repeat that he is a Spaniard, follower of Real Madrid. that he is Spanish, a Real Madrid supporter and a right-winger. In one of his videos he even declared that he is a VOX voter. He has also often been the spokesman for the far-right party against the government of Pedro S谩nchez, whom he calls a communist and a "disgrace to the nation".

His videos had an ever greater impact on social networks, especially those in which he recited hate-filled speeches against the government. He then found himself with the strength to take a step further into the world of influence and wanted to try his hand at musical discipline.

His success, called El Dandycurrently has more than three million plays on YouTube. So this man is no small thing.

Survivor made him an offer?

Each time the fame rose more and more and the Dandy from Barcelona seemed to have no ceiling. At the end of 2020, this man from La Verneda, announced that he had been selected to participate in the. TV show of Survivor. Then he began to hype about this news on Social Networks, where you could follow, even his "bikini operation" to get in shape and give the size on the medium screen.

Finally, the Dude admitted that it had all been a joke for his followers and that for the moment, he had not received any invitation from Mediaset.

Suddenly, the Dandy from Barcelona disappeared from the social networks, without anyone expecting it. For a long time he gave no sign of life on the internet and some of his followers began to think that something serious had happened to him. But when everyone had given up hope of ever seeing the Dude again, this man reappeared in their lives. reappeared in their livesunder the slogan "He wasn't dead, he was on a spree". He said he had taken a virtual break, due to the overwhelming life of being an influencer.

The Dude from Barcelona is back on Instagram.

The Dude had shut down, even his social networks and no one knew anything about him. Until a while ago, since Bermejo wasn't used to being away from his fans. So he created a new new Instagram account and TikTok, with the user @yosoy.eldandy. Both profiles accumulate a total of more than 100,000 followers.

El Dandy already has more than 40 new publications among which we can see his Christmas speech imitating the King, images of him as a child and as a young man, speeches about his point of view on the Ukrainian war, etc.

In shortthe Dandy from Barcelona is back to stay, that's why he is stomping on his social networks, so that his followers do not stop rising.

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