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Welcome to Catalonia on the hill of Tibidabo that stands out on the wonderful Barcelona. A breathtaking view (it is the highest point in Barcelona at 512 meters) the one that can be enjoyed from this hill, which refers to that passage of the Gospel in which Satan takes Jesus to the top of a mountain (the mountain of temptation) and offers him everything he wants (in fact, "tibi dabo" in Latin means "I'll give you") ... a truly unmissable panorama for a place also known for the fact of host a playground, the oldest in Spain (having been built more than a century ago) and among the most historic in Europe together with the Prater in Vienna.

Tibidabo playground

The Tibidabo amusement park is certainly worth a visit, to reach which, among other things, you can take a very suggestive itinerary by tram and funicular. The blue tramway was built in 1901 and is the old tramway of Barcelona. A very representative place of Barcelona, ​​suitable for young and old: the Tibidado Amusement Park it is a timeless place of fun where traditional attractions (the Ferris wheel and ancient rides) coexist, in a perfect balance - between tradition and innovation - with modern attractions.

Here then happily coexist here (and this is precisely its originality) - in a deliberately vintage atmosphere - the historic attractions (the carousel, the rocking horse, the Ferris wheel, the bumper car) with new games inspired by modern technologies and interactive fun. Don't miss a ride on the Ferris wheel(Giradabo) from which to marvel at the singular presence of many Art Nouveau buildings still well preserved in the Avenida del Tibidabo district, considered since the early twentieth century as the residence of the upper class of Barcelona and on the rollercoaster. Still among the various attractions, we cannot forget the Miramiralss, a very original and bizarre hall of mirrors.

Among the various attractions, do not miss the Museum of Automata, (museum of automata) which contains a vast collection of mechanical toys from the 1909th and XNUMXth centuries, models and a scale model of the park. A very suggestive museum, used in an old theater of XNUMX, which will appeal to young and old.

In the park they are present several refreshment points but there is no lack of bars and restaurants also outside the park, in the immediate vicinity of the entrance.

Still not to be missed, on the Tibidabo mountain, a visit to Expiatory Temple of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, a majestic and imposing church that remembers, for having been erected on a mountain, the Basilica of Montmartre in Paris and a visit to the Collserola Tower, modern telecommunications antenna, built on the occasion of the 1992 Barcelona Olympics.

How to reach the Tibidabo park

From the center of Barcelona, ​​or from Plaza Catalunya, take the underground (Line L7) getting off at the terminus Avinguda del Tibidabo. Leaving the subway just in front of the road, you get on the "tramvia blu" tram (the ticket is valid for the outward and return journey). From here you go down and take the funicular. This is a very suggestive and scenic route but also a bit expensive. Another way is to take the subway - Line S1 or S2 to the “Peu del Funicular” stop which leads to the foot of the Vallvidrera funicular. Here you can either continue with bus number 111 or walk for about 20 minutes. It is still possible to take the Tibibus (T2A) at Plaça Catalunya and ends at Plaça del Tibidabo without intermediate stops.

Entrance to the Park (cost and tickets)

As for access to the park, tickets can be purchased online (10% discount). Admission to all attractions costs € 28,50 but there are discounts for children under 120 cm tall and people with disabilities. Children under 90 centimeters high enter for free. To enter the Camì del cel area, the ticket (which allows you to get on the attractions such as the plane, the museum of automata, the Pony Rodeo, the Carrusel, etc,) costs 12,70 and here too there are discounts for children under a certain height. The park is open every day except Mondays, January 1st, December 25th and 26th.

Hotel in Tibidabo

The Tibidabo area is very quiet and well served by accommodation facilities. The choice between different hotels that offer courtesy, quality of reception service and hospitality is very wide and diversified. For a luxurious stay we recommend the five-star Grand Hotel La Florida (Ctra. De Vallvidrera) which offers highly qualified services and from which you can enjoy a panoramic view without equal to hotels and the ABC Restaurant & Hotel (Av. del Tibidabo, 1) offering top-class five-star services.

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