Best Restaurants Where To Eat Truffle In Barcelona Near Me

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1. Disfrutar

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Address: C. de Villarroel, 163, 08036 Barcelona, Spain

Schedule: Closed

Telephone: +34 933 48 68 96

Business type: Fine dining restaurant

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Disfrutar: what do users think?

Karl-A Skjæringrud: The food is good, but not that amazing as the hype says. But what really was a let down was the service. They could just have prerecorded it and hit the play button each time they delivered food. It is so many techniques involved in making this food and we learned nothing about that. I tried to comment on one of the dishes and what I got back was a waiter that was shocked that I could criticize the food. And this place have two rooms, one large and open nice with a lot of light and the one we ended up in dark small in the hallway.

Mike Sem: It’s an experience …that makes you say wow. Definitely a 5+ star impeccable service, very different food presentation, it will be impressive to even the most experienced palate, it’s not food , rather art at its finest! full course is extremely well portioned to the point you will not be hungry while driving back home. Our 11 year old boy was very impressed with his special kids menu ( attached 3 pictures).

M L: One of the most wonderful dining experiences I have ever had and I am thankful for that. So much respect for chef owners who still physically helmed the kitchen despite its successful presence in the ever competitive world of fine dining scene, (I had the pleasure of meeting and chatting with chef Oriol Castro). Food was great, service crew was impeccable. Highly recommend!

Димитър Курдов: Unforgetable experience! We had the Disfrutar classic menu with wine pairing. The food was delicious except the pigeon. However, some of the wine choices were not good at all. The service was extraordinary, like a well choreographed performance. The ambience is a bit sterile, all white and lacking character.

Mike Sadowski: An impeccable experience. The food presented looked like art and tasted amazing. The service was outstanding. The sommelier suggested wine pairings were perfect. Highly recommended!

Nunzia S.: It was an amazing experience and I would definitely recommend going to Disfrutar. I have to say, though, that a couple of dishes were more focused on the visual wow elements and less on taste

Laura Cepukaite: It was an amazing gastronomic experience where food is an art! We chose the classic menu. We took about 4 hours, but time passed very quickly. Our compliments to the chefs and service staff 👏The food was innovative, creative, well balanced and delicious. I totally recommend being in Barcelona💯 But don’t forget to reserve a table in advance✨

José Sanchis: Flawless, just one of the best dinners I have experienced. You leave the place just wondering when will you be back. Thanks for such an extraordinary meal and a such a nice team.

2. Enoteca Paco Pérez

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Enoteca Paco Pérez

Address: Carrer de la Marina, 19, 21, 08005 Barcelona, Spain

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 7:30PM Wed

Telephone: +34 932 21 10 00

Business type: Fine dining restaurant

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Enoteca Paco Pérez: what do users think?

Miroslaw Binecki: As for the Michelin starred place everything was perfect. We had the tasting menu in Jan 2022 and it was delicious, but we would appreciate maybe more variety. Some of the dishes were composed of similar ingredients. All delicious of course. Service was impeccable. Very small and cozy place. We had a chance to stay at the hotel as well so it was a nice perk to eat right at the hotel restaurant. The bottle of wine was an excellent touch. Once they update the tasting menu for the new season we will come back for sure.

Guilherme Toschi: The food menu was really good, not an excessive amount. The experience is good too, you can choose to be attended in different languages too. But their chair is not the most comfortable one. The wines suggested paired for us were good, but the cava was really good!

Tomas Morgado: Amazing experience at all levels, the restaurant is very cozy and has the perfect atmosphere for a gastronomic experience. The service was top, showing the connection between the service team and the kitchen with the perfect timings between each dish. We had the tasting menu and the food is amazing, each moment with its essence, technique and creativity. Flavors and textures that I had never experienced before, simply amazing! The temperatures of each dish are worked to perfection throughout the menu and the ingredients are of excellence. The wine pairing was very well connected during the menu. We’ll comeback for sure, highly recommended!

Nadezda Trickovic: The food was delicious. We had El arroz de Paco. Wine pairing was amazing, too.The employees are very kind and friendly, and explained every dish in detail.For my first day in a Michellin restaurant, it was a lovely experience.It is absolutely worth a visit.Food: 5/5 | Service: 5/5 | Atmosphere: 5/5 …More

kenneth: Overrated restaurant. This was my 15th Michelin restaurant visit and for the first time I am very disappointed. The service is flawless but the food and plating is not Michelin 2 star quality. It feels like a tourist trap for rich clueless people that think a 700 Euro dinner is amazing because of the price tag and service and not because of the quality of the food. The tasting menue should first of all be renamed “16 spoons or 16 bites” or something because the majority of the dishes are so tiny I would not call them a dish. It is like it was plated for dolls in a doll house. For the first dish I am served chicken broth although we been promised a pescatarian menu and no bird / no meat. The best tasting dish the Red Mullet is so small it is not even a mouthful. We got 2 cm of fish. Just ridiculous and cheap. The shrimps lack seasoning and freshness of some acidic element. The shrimp is served with the black “shitstrings” intestines not removed. On a two star restaurant…Come on!!! The rest of the menue is one dimensional cooking. Often under seasoned and bland. Frankly the majority of the dishes don’t taste much. All desserts are boring and lacks freshness. It feels like the chefs fokused all on Umami but forgot the other key elements to a great desserts. It is no fireworks, no explosions of tastes in our mouths. One at the table who is allergic to nuts get the food and desserts with no decorations at all and no crunch or structure. Despite the restaurant Being informed about this when the booking was done. The Autumn is the only dessert with nice decorations. It taste ok. Nothing special. The best dessert is the petit fours. It is 4 cute small cookies only millimeters in size and you feel like a giant eating them. Overall a very disappointed experience. Expect around 350 Euro a minimum per person for a dinner here. Value for money? Not at all. The first time I rather felt robbed after leaving a restaurant and I eat on fine dining restaurants on a regular basis and gladly pay for a great food experience. We shared the restaurant with only 6 other guests on three tables. The rest of the tables were Unbooked. I understand why. Barcelona is one of my favorite cities in Europe with lots of great restaurants so choose wisely and avoid this one. I can’t understand this gets 5/5 from other reviewers. This was far from that. I give this restaurant 2/5 because of the service and staff. They did a great job. But the food should be the hero and it is not.

LF CL: Fine dining at its best. Excellent service.

Saba Khan: Incredible service, really interesting dishes! The lobster and chicken rice, and the Wagyu were definitely the highlight. It is very pricey though.

Lindsay Selland: My husband booked this as our final night in Barcelona with our daughters, one of which is a pescetarian, we gave the restaurant plenty of notice. When we arrived we noticed the room and service didn’t seem to meet the 2 Michelin star standard. The service was clumsy throughout from wine to food, which we were fine to overlook. But the serious frustration came when the restaurant just completely got lazy about having a pescetarian in including just straight up leaving out meat elements of the same dish they were serving us. The last savoury dish we had Wagyu beef, while our daughter was served beet rice?!?! Like are you kidding? When we brought up concerns to staff they boarded between defensive and dismissive and totally failed to address our concerns. Complete amateurs. This place is designed for a overpriced hotel with guests that don’t know better. Tourist trap. Total waste of time and money, so many far more exceptional places in Barcelona. Please skip this.

Paul-Marie Cras-Hatton: We went to Enoteca Paco Perez on a Sunday lunch for their special menu and famous rice. We decided we wanted to try the experience of 2 starred Michelin restaurant in a more relaxed way and enjoying the meal with the views and daylight. From the warm welcome to personalised service every member of the staff made our lunch extraordinary. Jason the chef de cuisine came out to great us, as well as Mariona our waitress attended us with every detail to orchestrate our experience. To punctuate our degustation, Edgar the sommelier, proud of the land and the cuisine of Paco Perez, found a great red wine composed of unknown and rare grapes variety that had a bouquet of aromas that we never experienced before. It was a perfect match. I think the pictures can speak for themselves as this was a true 5 Stars experience. We highly recommend the Sunday lunch, we will definitely be back again.

3. Orvay

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Address: Pg. del Born, 4, 08003 Barcelona, Spain

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 12AM

Telephone: +34 938 32 45 04

Business type: Tapas bar

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Orvay: what do users think?

elvira pons (Mediterranean Spice): Delicious food, great combination of flavours with good wine recommendations.We tasted many dishes and the service Was attentive and fast.I brought guests from USA and were delighted by the combination of flavours.

E. P.: The best place for dinner in Barcelona. We visited you on March 16 this year for a last dinner in Barcelona and it was the vest decission. Great food, kind stuff and very very tasty Sangria! Wish you all the best and we are looking forward to visit you again! ❤️

George Kvaratskhelia: Amazing restaurant with very accommodating staff fantastic local wine selection and delicious food. I would highly recommend. I will note that there are only two veggie options (bravado and burrata) but both were great.

Basse K: Fantastic food! We enjoyed every dish that we ordered with great joy. This place has authentic tapas!

James Pirsch: Easily top 2-3 meals of our trip. Staff were helpful and awesome. We got the braised beef cheek, burata salad, octopus and tuna tataki. Everything was spot on, flavorful and beautiful. Highly recommended! Vegetarian options: Had the burata salad which was amazing!

Chloe M: A shame. The food was good, the service was unpleasant at best. Unfortunately the wait staff is doing the kitchen a big disservice. The food was quite delicious, however, we waited 45 minutes until we had any water on the table, and another 15 until we had our wine. We had the feeling they wanted to avoid our table as much as possible. Once we ordered food, it was on the table within 10 minutes. Everything fresh and tasty.

Alexandre Campos: Very good food and the location is excellent. Give it a 4 stars max because I know that for the prices, which are not cheap, there are other tapas restaurants with better dishes. They didn’t have the octopus which is one of their most famous dishes.

Alex Cron: Everything here is delicious. Bottles of sparking wine are affordable for a restaurant. Beef cheek, and duck cannelloni (pictured) were sublime.

Gloria Li: Loved the creativity in the dishes, very experimental with the flavors, and works wonderfully.Pleasing to the eyes, as well as a joy to taste some really interesting dishes

4. Macchina Pasta Bar

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Macchina Pasta Bar

Address: C. de Balmes, 12, 08007 Barcelona, Spain

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 11PM

Telephone: +34 938 07 20 67

Business type: Italian restaurant

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Macchina Pasta Bar: what do users think?

Jakub Marek: This is more of a street/fast food kind of establishment rather than a classical restaurant to eat at. Pasta was good, but I would not say the best. I had real pasta many times and I would not put this place on the top of my list. For money paid - this is the best, very interesting interior design, bit loud music - (which might not be your taste) and buffet style (first order, pay and then you can go sit). If you are looking for a quick brunch for great money, this is the place.
Response: ¡Thank you!

Amy P: I know you shouldn’t expect great things when you order delivery, but delivery from this place was outstanding. Way better than any other food I’ve gotten delivered whilst in Barcelona. The pasta was piping hot with good flavor. The burrata salad was also fresh, although I would have liked more greens. The additional Parmesan packets were a nice touch. I recommend this place if you’re having a quiet nice in your hotel room and are craving some pasta!

Luciana Segura: The pasta here is delicious. Me and my friends visited it for the first time 2 months ago and since then we haven’t been able to choose another pasta restaurant/bar to go to. Definitely worth the visit
Response: Thank you so much Luciana :)

Matthias Janeck: Been here 3 years ago and now again. Fresh past which you can put together the way you want it. Friendly staff and good drinks as well… but be aware you quickly slip into an expensive pasta ordering this and that on top…

laetitia lutfallah: Loved the experience and simplicity of the order. Limited choices which is a huge + not to get confused about what to order. The setting and interior design is so cute. Highly recommend and would definitely try to pass another time for a different dish as they all looked yummy.

Karen Ho: Still thinking of the meal that i had here at Macchina Pasta Bar! It is definitely an affordable options considering it’s at Placa d Catalunya. You can either order an item on their menu or customise your pizza order. While the toppings may appear pricey, the portions are big and worth your money! I had the pesto pasta. Although it was nice, it was a bit too oily for my liking. Will likely try other sauces in the future. The staff was also extremely friendly & welcoming to us.

Alexandra Rybka: It’s a nice place to eat some Asian cuisine in the heart of Barcelona. I love how fast these guys are. They are making stuff very fast and every time it’s absolutely delicious! The meat (ternera) here is good and I love the amount of it that they put to the dish. It’s not too small, but not too big, just a perfect ratio. The portions are pretty big here, it’s enough to feel full for quite some hours The interior is very cute, I love their big tables where you can seat in a big company and small round tables too. The chairs are also nice and very comfortable. I would definitely recommend this place to anyone who wants to eat good for nice price
Response: Thank you Alexandra :)

Chlo C: It was our first day in Barcelona and needed something highly fulfilling to eat after a long day of travelling from Girona. We were on the look out for good pasta and found this place. The customer service was good and food was good also, there was quite a bit of options to chose from. It’s very similar to Vapianos. I got the carbonara and enjoyed it.

TC Tsang: Price is more than reasonable! Really like mixing and matching my own pasta! Generous amount of chicken breast!Long queue but serving is efficient.

5. Musiu

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Address: C/ de Pau Claris, 112, 08009 Barcelona, Spain

Schedule: Closed

Telephone: +34 931 37 14 84

Business type: Restaurant

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Musiu: what do users think?

Samantha Smith: First and foremost, make a reservation! We used the fork to make our reservation. The staff were very polite and dealt with my poor but kind hearted attempt at Spanish. The food….every single thing we order was amazing and would highly recommend! We order the caprese and musiu salad, elegante, bolognese, mocha chino but cold version (can’t remember the name) and an espresso. So dang good and the bolognese is a mother’s recipe ! We will be going here again. Highly recommend!
Response: Hi Samantha, first of all we want to thank you for taking the time to write such a great review, we really appreciate it and it helps us to grow and improve and secondly your Spanish is pretty good :D, we are glad you liked everything and that you enjoyed our special coffee (Moca Nutella), we hope to see you back very soon to continue improving your Spanish :)

Borja Berastegui: I was really excited about trying this place, but unfortunately wasn’t up to expectations at all. Focaccia was re-heated and cold in the center, the pesto pasta was really good but topped with balsamic vinegar (???). It’s not bad, but just…
Response: Hi Borja, thank you for taking the time to write a review, we take the time to review each one and respond one by one each case, our focaccias are made freshly so in no case would it be reheated, in what you mention regarding the pasta our pesto does not have balsamic, the dish that does have balsamic is a fiocchi with a rucula pesto and besides being different in taste, it is well advertised on the menu, so you probably knew before ordering it, we are sorry that your experience was not entirely satisfactory and we would love you to come back to improve your impression: )

manj kaur: This has been one of the best places we have ate at whilst visiting Spain. Excellent fast service, friendly staff and delicious food. Reasonably priced too. Would defo recommend and will be visiting again soon. 😀
Response: Hi Manj, thanks for coming and for your nice review, hope to see you again soon :)

E: Perfectly al dente pasta, but made from dried. Not over-seasoned, and sauce had a nice variety of vegetables. Some vegan options. Moderately priced. A little “basic” but well done. Loved the balsamic glaze. Good service as well.
Response: Hi E, thanks for coming and for your comments :), next time we invite you to try the variety of fresh pasta we have and the more than 20 types of sauce we also have (some of them very complex). See you soon

Andrea Garcia: Cozy place. Good food and good music. The service was ok. We went without a reservation and just had to wait 5 minutes or so. Pasta was really nice and the desserts were good.
Response: Hi Andrea, thanks for coming and for your comments, (OUR SERVICE IS NOT OK, IT'S SUUUUPER GOOD :O), now joking aside we look forward to seeing you again soon. :)

Joanne: Recommend getting a reservation as this is a small restaurant with about 6-8 tables. A very affordable restaurant with good service. The food was very good. The passionfruit and curry mayonesa dressing gave the veranito salad a very unique taste. We ordered the bolognese and verduras, which were delicious. Highly recommend if you want a more casual experience with good food.

Julie Ceunen: Musiu… This little pasta joint is perfect. In the heart of downtown Barcelona. Local and a family owned business. The flavour was amazing. The staff was super friendly and fast. And the best part was the price of our meal. You wont be disappointed.
Response: Thank you for your kind words and we are glad that you found everything amazing :)

Angelina Chernova: If I could leave 10 stars, I would! Absolutely delicious food, once we tried Musiu, we came here for 4 days straight for lunch. The staff is so friendly and welcoming, super fast, attentive and just amazing. The food is exceptional, but eat a salad is out of this world, setas pasta is so good too! Highly recommend to all the foodies who love quality food. I prefer to eat at different places when traveling but Musiu is an exception!!! Thank you ❤️
Response: Angelina, we were delighted to have you so many times during your stay in Barcelona, we loved reading that you enjoyed our food and we are looking forward to seeing you guys again in the future :)

6. Casa Lolea Barcelona

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Casa Lolea Barcelona

Address: Carrer de Sant Pere Més Alt, 49, 08003 Barcelona, Spain

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 12AM

Telephone: +34 936 24 10 16

Business type: Tapas restaurant

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Casa Lolea Barcelona: what do users think?

Justina Varghese: We had visited this quaint little restaurant the night prior and it was packed so we couldn’t get in! We walked away and immediately made reservations for the next day and loved the experience! The staff is so kind and the ambience is great. Sangrias are a must here! Truffle risotto was perfectly creamy and indulgent. And we topped it off with the French toast for dessert as recommended by the staff, which we were more than pleased with! Will definitely be back when we are able to next.

S Z: We did not have a reservation, but were sat down quite quickly. The food was amazing! And their own house drinks are very delicious. I later saw them sold at the Barcelona airport, which is quite nice. Can’t wait to go back to this restaurant once I’m back in Barcelona
Response: Thank you very much SZ for yours nice words! Wait for you when u came back to Barcelona!

Michael C: Very nice staff! They were really kind and attentive. Food were great too. There are different kinds of sangria, should try them all. A bit pricey but it is a beautiful place.
Response: Thank you very much Michael, hope to see you again soon!!

Fuzz Azni: Reservation is highly recommended during peak hours (8-10). Great tapas. The montaditos are pack full of unique flavor combinations. The chef really knows how to play around with sweet and savory in his creation. Dishes are beautifully presented. The famous sangrias are excellent - go for red if you like bolder flavor and white for subtler one. Food comes out quick but not too quick where your dishes overlap. Servers are friendly and comfortable with English. A customer next to us left their mask when they left and the waitress literally ran out the door trying to chase them to give them their mask. It was one of those flimsy throwaway mask that I’m pretty sure the customer didn’t even care for. That’s great customer service right there.
Response: Thank you very very much for your kind review! Our staff is our strength and we are really proud of them! Hope to see you again soon at Casa Lolea!

Jordan Spence: Food and atmosphere was fantastic. The dishes were not large but they were priced appropriately, and it was all unique and flavorful. The waitress was a little impatient/short/unfriendly, which is why this isn’t 5 stars.

Axxley: Quaint place for tapas and sangria. We had a bottle of the No 1 sangria and enjoyed it. The tapas were hit or miss. The patatas bravas, Iberian ham and tomato bread were delicious; the other stuff we weren’t fans of. I’d have their sangria again but there’s better food options in the city. If you plan on going I recommend making reservations because the place is small inside.
Response: THANK YOU VERY MUCH Axxley for your review. Very sorry you didn't enjoy 100% our food. Hope to see you again to give us a chace to make you change your opinion!

Karim Senoun: A nice busy cosy restaurant, different feel than typical Barcelona spots! All their tapas come with a twist and great presentation! Awesome Sangria! Service is slow, It felt they’re understaffed mostly (hence not 5 stars)!
Response: THANK YOU VERY MUCH Karim for your review! Unfortunately Covid has affected, as the 70% of world population, a big part of our staff. So, some days we were actually under staff. We are now perfectly recovered and now stronger than ever!

Bridgette G: We loved our dinner here. Make sure to book ahead. The orzo truffle pasta was amazing, and so were the tapas. The sangria was great as well (we chose no 3 and no 5). Also, be careful outside if you stay in line for your table as pick pocketers operate on bikes around the area.
Response: Thank you for the feedback Bridgette G! Great to hear you enjoyed Casa Lolea and it´s gastronomy and Sangria! Maybe we will see you back soon and you can try the other sangrias as well! Kind regards, Team Casa Lolea

7. Brugarol Barcelona

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Brugarol Barcelona

Address: C/ de Salomó ben Adret, 10, 08002 Barcelona, Spain

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 7:30PM

Telephone: +34 933 15 89 95

Business type: Restaurant

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Brugarol Barcelona: what do users think?

Anne Baude: A fantastic little restaurant, tucked away in the Gothic area of Barcelona. I’ve very rarely experienced such a flawless organization: two shift, all guests come in more or less at the same time, leave at approximately the same time, the place is cleaned and then the second shift can enter. And what a lovely gastronomic journey the 9 tapas menu takes you on! We were absolutely impressed. To top it all, the service is excellent. Definitely a 5 star experience!

Isa Hiltunen: Everything was great! We had the tasting menus, oysters to start and wine pairing. The food was delicious with really fresh ingredients. The menu it self is 50€ for 9tapas. Absolutely worth it. The service was very attentive and professional. We were fully able to enjoy the evening when everything went so smooth and the atmosphere at the restaurant was friendly. They have gorgeous winery in Palamos. Would recommend that as well!

Justina Varghese: I’ll start by saying, I expected this to go much differently. My husband and I made reservations for our anniversary dinner here. We showed up 20 minutes early and we’re told to wait, which we absolutely understood. Jump to the time of our reservation, the waitress told us we weren’t in the system. Despite us showing her the reservation, she said that the most she could do is clear up room at the bar if we were to stay. We chose to leave…and soon after received a phone call to return. We expressed on the phone that we weren’t planning on returning and how upset we were that it spoiled our anniversary dinner. The waitress repeatedly request that we return and so we gave it another chance. And….we were so glad we did! The food was phenomenal and all of the pairings of ingredients in each course were so unique and yet so complementary to each other. If you asked for a favorite we couldn’t even give you one. The staff was very sweet as well in turning things around for us. Despite my not too happy demeanor. I truly could not give this any less than a 5 star even with the initial mishap.

EightNine (EightNine): Great Japanese style 9 course tasting menu. There were a few standout dishes including the tuna tartar and truffle and shiitake mushroom egg custard. Attentive and kind service. Great value for money!

Elske vdv: Amazing place!! We came across here by chance and were so happy that we did. The service was great and they told us about all the dishes that they served us. The food was delicious and unique. All for a fair price, would definitely recommend

Jean: Unbeatable 9 course experience - affordable price, super warm servers, and local products. Really appreciated all the attention to details and having each dish explained by staff who genuinely love what they do. It felt like we were welcomed into a family, and thank you for letting us stay! Fortunately we LOVE fish bc the meal was sashimi forward.

F. Gonçalves: Amazing dinner. Strongly recommend the Tasting menu. All dishes are loaded with great flavor. Experience to repeat!Place is small but cozy and staff is friendly and helpful.

Julie Kim: One of the best meals we had on our Europe trip. 9-course tasting menu is a must-try. Great service and excellent food. Will remember this one for a long time!

8. Luigi Ristorante

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Luigi Ristorante

Address: C/ de Roger de Llúria, 50, 08009 Barcelona, Spain

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 12AM

Telephone: +34 934 67 32 24

Business type: Italian restaurant

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Luigi Ristorante: what do users think?

Mehdi Karamnejad: Simply everything is tasty here. drinks, appetizers, main course, deserts, and staff take their work very seriously while being super friendly. things are also reasonably priced. if you are in Barcelona and you have Italian food munchies this place is a no brainer.
Response: Thanks Mehdi!! :)

Öykü Ece: Being able to book a table through google is definitely something! Staff has been so kind, food is amazing. I had the pasta with asparagus, very delicious. They also served treats and limoncello which made us even more pleased. :) would definitely recommend!
Response: Thank you so much!! :)

Nigel Vaughan: My wife and I just ate at this awesome restaurant. The meal was fantastic. Our first time at the restaurant so we took direction from our server Vadim who was firstly very helpful (his English was impeccable) but also his suggestions were spot on. The vibe in this place is modern, relaxed and cool. The food is definitely Italian with a modern twist, but well done. Food served quick but not rushed. The quality....I will remember the moment the cloche was lifted from the grilled octopus and the smell of the smoke hit me well into the night. Would I go back the...yup, probably tomorrow.
Response: Thank you very much, Nigel!! We are glad that you liked Luigi Francesc Macià! :)

Shawn Lee: I had their €15 menu of the day for lunch, and it came with 2 main courses, dessert, drinks, coffee and more dessert. Super worth it. The food was absolutely delicious (both pasta and pizza), and the service is commendable.
Response: Thank u so much Shawn!!!

Tiffany Moonsammy: Typical tourist trap that should be avoided. The food looks great but it is actually bland with no flavour and isn’t worth the prices. The place also smells like fish which is a great turn off. The only reason it has two stars is because of the presentation and the nice atmosphere.
Response: Hello Tiffany, we are sorry for your comment. It is not the opinion of our clients and we seek the best for everyone. I hope you can come back to check it out. Greetings.

Michael Williams: Great place and reasonably price. Great selection of food for anyone. Would recommend and go back too when we visit Barcelona again. Mario our server was Superman. Went above and beyond when my daughter spilled wine on her dress, he supplied us with cleaning solution. Who does that! What a great person.
Response: Michael, we are very happy about your comment, thank you! We hope you come back very soon!

Daniel Tüte: Very forthcoming staff. It is rare in Barcelona to find service which is 100 % focused on the customer. Food was really good even when the portions could have been a little bit bigger.
Response: Hello, Daniel. Thank you very much for your visit and your comment. We take note of your comments. See you soon!

elvira pons (Mediterranean Spice): We have come several times with no expectations and always leave satisfied. This time we took pizza and risotto from the chef’s recommendations and are great, the portions are big. The aubergine pizza is a white pizza so tasty!! The service is always attentive, the complementary olives and limoncello are the cherry on the pie! Thank you!
Response: Hello Elvira! Your comment makes us very happy, thank you! We hope to see you soon back here. All the best

9. Gourmet Sensi

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1130 reviews
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Gourmet Sensi

Address: Carrer de Milans, 4, 08002 Barcelona, Spain

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 11:30PM

Telephone: +34 936 73 62 65

Business type: Tapas restaurant

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Gourmet Sensi: what do users think?

Robert Metz: We had a great dinner evening at Gourmet Sensi! I was invited by friends for a birthday dinner and without a doubt it was a great culinary experience! We made it pretty easy and ordered at first the fish tapas, then the meat tapas and had a selection of veggie tapas. My favorite was the pulpo, but it was a hard decision since they were all delicious! Big thank you to the stuff - in the kitchen and also the waiters, we really enjoyed our visit at Gourmet Sensi!
Response: Thank you very much Robert! We are very happy to read you enjoyed the birthday celebration at Gourmet Sensi. Big thank you to you for this lovely review! Sensi Team

Peri M. K.: The best tapas we had in Spain! Make a reservation well in advance to ensure that you can enjoy a meal here, as we saw many people turned away at the door during our meal. Very cute ambiance, every dish we ordered was excellent, and the cocktails were amazing.

LP: The food was really good and you could tell that they source high quality fish and meat. I would highly recommend the Octopus and the Tuna Tataki. On the downside, the service was not the friendliest. No one came to see us to explain the menu when we initially sat down for instance. Overall I recommend the place if you are looking for a trendy spot in the Gothic Quarter to have Tapas.

Nac VB: Nice restaurant. The service was great but you could sit only 1.45 hours but they told beforehand so it was fine. The food was good but we had a feeling that most of the food was prepared quite a while in advance and not quite freshly cooked since a few dishes had a room temperature and not warm like freshly cooked. The taste was good but not outstanding.

Tia Tablada: We are so thankful to have stumbled upon this gem on our first night in Barcelona!! The service was amazing, food was beautiful and every tapas we had literally had us jaw dropped. Such a great experience!
Response: Thank you so much Tia for this lovely review! We are very happy to read we were part of a great first night in Barcelona! Regards, Sensi Team

Wendy de Bert: Great restaurant! The food is amazing, best tapas I’ve had. Lots of tapas to choose from: fish, meat, vegetarian but also vegan! On top of that great service, friendly people and just a nice place to sit, drink and eat. Favorite restaurant in Barcelona.
Response: Thank you so much Wendy for this lovely comment! We are very happy to read you enjoyed our tapas and all the Sensi experience. We hope to welcome you back very soon! Sensi Team

Marlene Liu: Loved the food and ambience at Gourmet Sensi!! Reservations are a MUST - its a smaller restaurant and fills up quickly. I highly doubt they have the capacity to accept walk-ins. I sat at the bar which was lovely, my server/bartender was really friendly and gave me food suggestions. I ordered the prawn croquettes, patatas bravas, fish of the day and truffle ravioli in cream sauce (this tapas dish is a MUST). The price was really good, and I left extremely full. I tried to book a second reservation but there were none available for the week. Make sure to give this place a try, you will not be disappointed!!

Miri Malkin: We enjoyed our experience. The staff was super helpful and helped us make some adjustments to accommodate my vegan diet. The food was delicious! I had padron peppers, Crocketts, aubergine, and potatoes.
Response: Thank you very much Miri, we are glad to read you enjoyed your dinner and our vegan tapas. Sensi Team

Elizabeth Collins: Our top meal in Barcelona - beautiful food, lovely location and friendly staff. Really enjoyed both the sangria and cocktails that we tried. Top dish was their chicken with corn, but everything we ordered was excellent.

10. Gusto Restaurant

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1790 reviews
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Gusto Restaurant

Address: Carrer del Rosselló, 108, 08036 Barcelona, Spain

Schedule: Opens soon ⋅ 7PM

Telephone: +34 933 23 65 75

Business type: Pizza restaurant

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Gusto Restaurant: what do users think?

Josefine Danielsson: Good pizza, friendly staff and nice terrace. On pricier side but you could taste the quality.

Andrei Patza: The food was great, the plate with tempura seafood was amazing, the portions are big. I will definitely come back!

Gamar Naamneh: This Italian restaurant is absolutely the best in Barcelona. All the ingredients are fresh and that translates into the food. You feel as though you are eating in an authentic local restaurant in Italy. Every single dish is perfect. The pizza is fresh out of the oven. Italian being one of my favourite cuisines, I have been on a hunt of a good Italian restaurant since moving to Barcelona and I can say that this restaurant is the only true Italian restaurant. The waiter Agui is extremely attentive and speaks 4 languages. Overall perfect restaurant for a family outing, date and quick lunch. Highly recommended. Vegetarian options: They have the most delicious and freshest aubergine parmigiana.

Rowan T: The staff was very friendly and tended to us the whole evening. This was the best pasta dish we had in during our visit.

Kenneth Lundström: Super good food, nice cocktails and energetic service. Big portion sizes.

Joe Upjohn: Phenomenal. The service was really helpful, kind. Run by Nápoles with very authentic and delicious napolitana pizzas. We had also the lasagna, eggplant parmigiana, burrata and bruschetta. All delicious and fresh!

11. Restaurante Glaciar

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1176 reviews
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Restaurante Glaciar

Address: Pl. Reial, 3, 08002 Barcelona, Spain

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 2AM

Telephone: +34 933 42 51 18

Business type: Restaurant

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Restaurante Glaciar: what do users think?

Qihua M: Not easy to find a rating over 4.0 near the town center, maybe the area is too touristy. I sat at the corner of the plaza and enjoyed the views of the hustle and bustle of the weekend! Cheers!
Response: Qihua, we are very happy to know that the bistro in Plaça Reial, composed of a well-done classic gastronomy with French touches, wines, cocktails and a unique location, has met your expectations. When will we repeat?

Muhannad AbuMilhah: To be honest, the food quality is less than mediocre. The seafood was so salty and literally tasted like seawater Service was fast and waiters were polite although we had difficulties communicating in English Location is superb
Response: Hello, Muhannad. First of all, thank you for visiting Glacier. We are sorry that your experience did not turn out as you expected. We would like to tell you that our gastronomic offer with French cuisine nuances has the best raw material. We would have liked, however, that you commented it in the restaurant, so that we could have offered you a solution. We hope you can give us a chance again. We are waiting for you.

Zena Goldrick: The tapas here was exceptional. You have to try the cod fritters - not what I would describe as a fritter, you just have to give them a go they are amazing! All the good was excellent and service was also very good.
Response: Thank you very much for your kind review, Zena! We are glad to know you enjoyed the Glaciar experience in Plaça Reial.

james p: Me and my wife had a really nice time at this restaurant, the food was very different and amazing, the staff were fantastic and took very good care of us. We were greeted and really looked after by a lady called Julietta (I hope that I have spelt her name correct) who was such an amazing host, and a real asset to the business. She always approached our table with a big smile on her face and it was an absolute delight to meet her. She took time with us to explain that this year it’s the 100 year birthday of the building, which is a very beautiful building, and we couldn’t have been happier to be a part of the lead up to the 100 years anniversary of the building. If you’re looking for amazing food where they have amazing staff then this is the place for you. The business is in its first 12 months of opening and we really recommend anyone to go there. I wish the business the best of luck in the future and I would like to say a big thank you to Julietta for being so kind hearted and genuine, she is someone who will help this business become even more successful. See you again before we leave, it would be rude not to go back before we have to say goodbye to Barcelona for now :) well done to the whole team and keep up the good work. James and Simona (Manchester, UK)
Response: James, millions and millions and millions of thanks! It's an honor and a real pleasure to have clients like yourselves. It will be a pleasure to welcome you again in this emblematic space in Plaza Real before you leave the city and every time you visit it again. See you soon!

Henry Winterton: We had a fantastic meal here. Lambert was a great server and tended to all our needs. Delicious food and very reasonably priced, in a beautiful square
Response: We had a fantastic meal here. Lambert was a great server and he attended to our every need. Delicious food and very reasonably priced, in a beautiful square.

Justina Gatineau: Great spot ! The waiter Lambert was very friendly and professional. We had an amazing time. We got a beet with tapas for 5 €. I recommend to everyone!
Response: Thank you very much, Justina. It is a pleasure to receive you in Glaciar. Whenever you want, we continue to discover our menu.

Diego Quintes: Fantastic service from lambert we are very much impressed by him. One of our friends (76 year old) had a nasty fall in the steps to the toilet and his level off care and help was inmaculate. Good food too
Response: Diego, thank you very much for coming to Glaciar. We sincerely hope his friend is doing better! Our team always gives you the attention you deserve. See you soon?

12. Sensi Bistro (Tapes)

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989 reviews
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Sensi Bistro (Tapes)

Address: Carrer del Regomir, 4, 08002 Barcelona, Spain

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 11:30PM

Telephone: +34 932 50 61 49

Business type: Tapas restaurant

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13. Galú Restaurante Italiano

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493 reviews
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Galú Restaurante Italiano

Address: Carrer del Rosselló, 290, 08037 Barcelona, Spain

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 1PM Wed

Telephone: +34 931 15 02 75

Business type: Restaurant

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Galú Restaurante Italiano: what do users think?

Reid Helfrich: This is one of the best restaurants in Barcelona! I have been here 4 times because my friends and I are obsessed with it. The service is amazing and Chef Nico makes sure everyone always has an amazing evening. I would recommend this restaurant to anyone who wants authentic Italian food!
Response: Thank you Raid.

Mimi F: We overheard a woman in our hotel talking about how good this restaurant was and immediately made a reservation. Every single thing we ordered was absolutely delicious. The owner is adorable and so nice. The pasta is made by hand and every single dish is thoughtful and cooked fresh. You must try the artichokes! Also highly recommend the truffle tagliatelle, the eggplant parmigiana (the owner recommended this) and finishing with the granita! We were also shocked at how inexpensive it was. If I lived here I’d eat / drink here often. The owner is super cute as well and it’s clear he cares a lot about his restaurant and the food! Be sure to make a reservation!
Response: Thank you so much for your review. We are glad that you have chosen us as an option and have had a good experience.

Colette Rees: My friend and I made reservations for 8pm, opening time here. Definitely worth while being early as we got the opportunity to talk to the server and bar tender, lovely people who made perfect suggestions regarding portions and pairings. Everything we had was absolutely delicious but the standout was the Artichoke antipasto, incredibly simple, seared with a bed of pesto sauce & sprinkled with Parmigiano-Reggiano and served with cherry tomatoes. It was exquisite!
Response: Thank you very much for your review and recommendations.

ment93: Great spot close to the center. Very friendly staff, waiter recommended exactly fitted bottle of wine to our meal. I’ve tried for first time black spaghetti with shrimps and can truly recommend. Taste was a lil bit surprising but worth trying for sure. 5/5
Response: Thank you so much for your review. We are glad you have chosen us as an option and have had a good experience.

Wadad Lahad: The place is nice, cozy. the place is looking fresh and just added his new menu. The staff is helpful and nice. Food is fresh and tasty, Prices are affordable and the place worth a trial.
Response: Thank you so much for your review!

Daniel Zarzar: Accurate homemade dishes. Super delicious. Very recommended. Loved the vibe of the restaurant and enjoyed the excellent service.
Response: Thank you Daniel.

Emiro Mendoza: This is a delicious hidden gem in Barcelona! Their food is AMAZING and the service is EXCELLENT. We went there for dinner and the experience was very good. The waiters know everything about the dishes, delicious wine, everything is freshly made. Highly recommend this place if you want an authentic Italian food experience Restaurante súper recomendado si quieres comer comida Italiana. Es buenísimo!
Response: Thank you so much for your review and your recommendation.

Milad Kouchek: Great place if you craving Italian food in a little bit more chic ambiance. The carpaccio is delicious and so is the pasta. The staff is very friendly and attentive. Will definitely pay more visits here when feeling for some Italian food in a very calm atmosphere. Highly recommended!
Response: Thank you

14. Besta Barcelona

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355 reviews
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Besta Barcelona

Address: Carrer d'Aribau, 106, 08036 Barcelona, Spain

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 8PM Thu

Telephone: +34 930 19 82 94

Business type: Restaurant

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Besta Barcelona: what do users think?

Nac VB: Excellent food, service and atmosphere!!! The service was very good. The food was very interesting- nice combination with surprises. The ingredients are super fresh and the taste was amazing. Go there! Ps: The only small critic for improvement would be that they served food a bit too fast. We are almost finishing the dish but the waiters already came with next tapas dish and cleared the table up a bit. So we had a bit of a ‘rush’ feeling. But it is totally a small point.
Response: Thank you very much, We really love your message, sorry about if we make you rush a little bit. We hope see you soon again Gràcies

Alice Yagolnitser: Amazing experience especially if you are seafood lover, they say it’s surf n turf oriented but I feel it’s mostly seafood. All the dishes were very well balanced and the menu changes every day. Nice wine selection as well.
Response: Thank you

Natalie C: Favorite place for a fancier dinner/celebration. Seafood dishes are unmatched in creativity and execution. Service could be better, but overall experience, vibes, and food are well worth five stars
Response: Thank you very much Natalie. We will take seriosly your comment on what to improve at our place. Really appreciate it! Gràcies

Alan Billyeald: A great evening working our way through the menu. Many exotic tastes and presentations. Very attentive waiters that were knowledgeable, alert and friendly. Nice to see an innovative approach to a culinary experience!
Response: Alan, Thank you very much. We are very happy that you enjoyed it Gràcies

Janel Loi: What a treat! This space is known for seafood, and the day’s dishes were so delightful. Clams with callos sauce were finger licking good, tomatoes were juicy and flavourful, navajas with citrus mayonnaise were like no others we’ve tried before, so exquisite. Desserts were good too & wine menu is good. Loved the vibrant flavors in this cozy space, will be back! They have menus in Spanish, English and Catalan (and maybe more, who knows!) make a reservation on their website before you go.
Response: Thank you very much Janel for this fantastic review that you have left us. We hope to see you again soon! Thank you

Su Lin Y: Absolutely wonderful. So thankful we were able to make a reservation here. My favorite was the octopus in a lettuce cup. Fresh crisp lettuce and perfectly cooked octopus with a delectable (and very generous) dollop of mayo/sour cream. The tartare was also great. The small bites were my favorite and honestly I wish I had ordered a second serving of the octopus/beef tartare because they were so delicious. Everything else was also great. I personally was not that huge a fan of the paella because the baby squid weren’t cleaned out (guts and everything) and that personally just wasn’t what I was used to. Whole fish was huge though!
Response: Thank you

Robert Dahlström: An amazing restaurant experience! Both the waiters and the sommelier were terrific and the food was of very high quality. The courses we tried all had some kind of twist that made them both unusual and tasty. One example was a dessert that was a mushroom flan with a goat cheese mousse and hazelnuts. It might sound a bit strange, but we really loved it. The pricing is reasonable and you get good value for money.
Response: Thank you

Clemens Jungmair: Really delicious tapas restaurant of top-notch quality. We really enjoyed every single dish! Small note on the side: we ordered a meat dish with gnocchis, and were highly disappointed when the dish was served with vegetables instead (without informing us that they ran out of gnocchis)
Response: Hi, Thank you very much. Sorry about the dish changes... and really sorry if we did not tell you before. Sorry Gràcies

Virginia Borruso: Great experience and delicious food! Their menu changes almost daily - we went with some recommendations by the staff. Personal favorite was for sure the pumpkin and the roast beef
Response: Thank you Virgina, We love that you enjoyed it and you like our place. We hope see you again Gràcies

15. Caelis

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779 reviews
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Address: Via Laietana, 49, 08003 Barcelona, Spain

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 1:30PM Wed

Telephone: +34 935 10 12 05

Business type: Fine dining restaurant

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